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  1. Hey everybody, I want to use my emby server when not at home and wanted to use it with ssl encryption. I use the standard 8096 port for non-secured access, and port 8920 for https. When I am in my local network, http://ip-of-emby-sever:8096 in the browser sends me to emby, however, https://ip-of-emby-sever:8920 doesn't, Chrome prints out that the connection is not private and does not connect to emby. In the settings of the emby server, the external WAN port is set both local and public to 8920, "Report https as external address" is checked. Am I missing something?
  2. So I am a happy convert from plex. Then install was smooth despite coming in where the service start command isnt working. I set up everything in less that a couple hours and I was off. Then I made user accounts and started making sure the externally facing site was routed correctly and so on. Then I realized as I confirmed that the externally facing site was up, anyone could stumble upon my server and use the accounts. I confirmed this by manually connecting to my server using the android application and selecting a user. So my question here is can we add a separation between internal and external accounts? Perhaps we could force users to create a password or pin(better than nothing) when they first connect to the server?
  3. Hello, I'd like to know if i need to forward the ports to have Emby Connect work ? I further explain my issue: - my server is at location A - i can't connect to my server, even using app.emby.media from a location B - however app.emby.media does work when i'm in location A. I've tried to open the port 8096, and indeed, it is then working, even from location B. However, it is also possible to access the server dirrectly from http://My_WAN_IP:8096 ... hence i don't understand the interest of app.emby.media.. Thank you for your feedback
  4. Hello, not sure when it happened, but all movie folders are available to all users for my library after a recent upgrade. Looking at the users, they are all set to have access to all libraries (even though I had changed this several months ago). Why would a server upgrade override previous settings? Thanks.
  5. I have Kodi set up as a test front end with the Titan skin. I have two users set up, one kids and one parents. The child account will at the very least see one or two folders that should not be seen (but cannot access the movies), or at the worst, see all the movies in the folders, and actually play them. The MB Server log shows they have indeed been able to launch the movie The movies are not restricted in that they are adult or "R" rated, but I have limitations set so that the kids don't need to see folders that are irrelevant to them. Perhaps I am setting the Kodi user profiles up incorrectly. The "Master User" has full access and logs in to the MB Server with an account and password that exists on the server. For the child, I set up another profile and then in the MB3 add-on, I put my son's name and no password (because he doesn't have one). That was the only way I could figure to have two users log in with access to two different libraries. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. The reason for this request is because i have many users that connect to my mediabrowser from outside. When you create a new account for a user you can set there library access before they access the request. Now what i have noticed is that this is a hit and miss. I invited a guess, gave them only TV and movie access but once the account was created, they had access to all the content of the library. I only figured this out because the user let me know. Now maybe this is a bug or maybe i did something wrong but now i need to go through each user to make sure they dont have access to content they shouldnt. There is also the fact that when you add a new library item (like i added photo to my MB) every user gets access to it and then you have to go and remove it for each user. I have almost 15 account and having to modify each one, one by one is time consuming. So i propose that under Library there is a new tab that shows who access to what and allow you to modify access by means of checkbox next to there name. This would give a quick and clear view of who access which resource. This could also apply to the Channels, LiveTv ...Basically every section in the user property. It could even be a redesign of the user section For example: Tv Shows: User 1 X User 2 X User 3 ... Music: User 1 X User 2 User 3 X
  7. As per the subject line, my son's account canaccess all the movie folders that are not intended for him when he is on the iPad Mini. On the web and TV client, all is good... He has identical settings to my daughter, but her profile is just fine. The issue only started after I gave them acess to the adult TV folder (so they could watch The Simpsons....) and changed their access levels to TV-14 from TV-PG/PG. Her's is fine, she can now see all the TV sereis that are TV-14 and under. He can see all sorts of folders and I have confirmed he can play R-rated movies. I have: Rebooted the server Rebooted the iPad Logged him in and out several times Checked the access levels and tried re-applying them again. Short of deleting and recreating his account, is there anything else I can do?
  8. I have two users. One is admin with password access. The other is passwordless for general use but has access schedule restrictions as shown below. The client was left open for some time as we watched other terrestrial TV. I went back to it after the 20:00 restriction and MBC crashed. I would expect the normal behaviour should be logout of that user once the restriction is reached. I would also expect a timer so that if admin is left open a timer can be set to logout just in case. Server log showing crash is attached. I could not find an MBC log. Server version is 3.0.5448.13879 MBC version is Current theme in use for that user is Chocolate. server-63553101303.txt MBClassic-21220146c12f47fa9da4f23a73698842970e581.log
  9. Hello. I am trying to access my library on my Kindle Fire. I want to access the http://localhost:......web/index.html page with all the visual elements. I attempted to access the URL on my Kindle & I received an error message stating: I wasn't sure if I was missing something. All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I have was wondering a way to easily access the MB3 server from the web without a <ip wan address>:8096/mediabrowser I could do a no-ip or register a domain or something. Just wondering what works for others or if the server could help generate a url for users, etc.... Looking for advice?
  11. kingy444

    Restricting Remote Access

    Curious if i'm missing something or this should maybe be moved to the feature requests area. Basically I only want to allow certain users to access content from outside the LAN. I want all to be able to access content when at home but only allow remote access for some. Is this already available or can we move this to feature requests ?
  12. Hi, I have my kids set up with limited accounts so they cannot see most of the movies I have, Also, they are set up to not be able to remotely control anything. The parental account has a password, and his does not. However, when my son has the app running on the iPad (it works, even though it's the iPhone app), he can see what the parents are watching and also remotely edit that. The dashboard session showed him logged in as "parents" but the app clearly showed he was logged in as himself. When I logged him out and in, the dashboard updated to show his name, but he could still see what we were watching. Any ideas why this would happen? I take it that this is not intentional behaviour?
  13. I'd really like to see a feature that would allow us to restrict users to certain hours. For example, I'd like to set hours that our kids are allowed to watch MB3 in their rooms, like 7am - 10pm during school nights or 7am - 12pm on weekend nights. I have a "work around" now where I set tasks using Windows to make their computers sleep, but they can just turn them back on. If it was limited by MBServer, then they wouldn't be able to do this. Thanks!
  14. tired dad

    Server cannot find path

    Hello, I have a problem that seems similar to: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/2810-scan-media-library-hangsnever-completes/ I had the library hang on me, and stopping the server had no effect (it would say "stopping" but just hang there). Manually stopping the server service on the actual server seemed to work except that when the Media Server started up again, it could not find the path, or said access was denied. Removing and adding the path manually or by browsing to the UNC path did not work. Rebooting did not help the first couple of times, until I rebooted both the server and all client machines. At all times I was able to see the remote paths as shares and access the file, even creating and deleting dummy files within. The dashboard then allowed for browsing to the UNC path and I was able to re-add the library. Now, the scan is stuck at 93.9% and pressing “stop” is the same as above, but at least there are no other error messages. Restarting the server did not help, and the log file shows that some items are not found (see below for example). Any assistance would be appreciated. I'd reboot all machines again, but my son is watching something downstairs.
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