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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, in LiveTV Section of Emby -> Submenu "Zeitplan" (german -> schedules) the TV Channel logos are shown in wrong aspect ratio (logos are stretched) I attached a screenshot showning the "prob" In the section "Serie" the aspect ratio is shown correct (look at second screenshot) I know this is only a visual bug but would be nice if it could be fixed ;-) thx
  2. Darkstyrm

    Schedule/Series Access

    I gave someone access to Live TV just so they can see the guide. My upload speed is not good enough to allow streaming. I locked down everything I could, but the user can still see Recordings/Series tab and see what has recorded and what is scheduled to be recorded. How can I lock this down further?
  3. Please add a count on each of the series cards to show how many upcoming recordings are in the schedule.
  4. Nodecam

    DVR Scheduling Sports

    I'd like to set up a schedule to record my favorite team, but I don't want to record every episode of "NHL Hockey" that shows up in my listing. Is there some way to manage this without having to go in and manually set up specific episodes to record? Back in my old MythTV days, I had a power schedule set up that recorded all NHL Hockey with subtitle including "Montreal" which worked pretty well for me, and I'd like to do something similar with my Emby DVR setup. How are other people managing this?
  5. ageborn

    Schedule Music Playback

    I would like to be able to play music tracks on schedule. Daily or week or month basis on specific time.
  6. Version 3.0.6060.0 Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 I am seeing some odd behavior when scheduling series recordings. I am using schedules direct for my EPG data and I have had to make use of the new guide mapping feature to get the correct info displayed for each channel. This is all working great. I became a Premiere member as well. What I am having problems with is series recordings actually getting recorded. I am just testing so these recordings not happening is not critical. But what I am seeing is not all the series I have set to record are showing up on the recordings tab (see attached screenshot). Some are, some are not. I had setup a test with MASH, NCIS Los Angeles, Star Trek The Next Generation and Miami Vice and as you can see in the attached screenshot only two of those showed up. Does not seem to be any logic to the missing ones - like a specific channel or what have you. I followed the exact same steps for setting each up. I can say that for the series that do not show up I do not get the red series recording icon when I set them up and for the ones that are working I do get that icon immediately after I complete the setup. I can record these missing programs as individual (non series) recordings. I have duplicated this problem several times using web UI via chrome v51.0.2704.84 and IE v11 and via the android app. So I am at a loss as to what is going on. I have attached the latest log. If I can provide any further info I am happy to do so, Testing I am happy to do that as well. server-63606626166.txt
  7. panamajim

    Clearing the recording schedule

    My series recording schedule has picked up some problems. I deleted a series recording schedule but the series still shows up in the list of scheduled recordings. Checking the logs, there is an entry showing the attempt to delete the series schedule was attempted but could not complete because the root entry was missing. I would like to know how to clear out the entire list of scheduled recordings so I can set up a new list of recordings from a fresh start. A recording schedule "reset button" would be nice but I don't think that's been put in place yet. Log file attached. server-63612035666.txt
  8. So i was using the new Roku thumbnail and since it can be very taxing on server i was force to stop because i had people complaining. So i was thinking it would be great if there was a pause for task so that way if we get stuff like this in the future we arent force to stop the entire process each time it become a bit tasking for the server.
  9. Hi Team, Firstly... love the media browser system (MBC and MBT). Even in Beta I'm enjoying the interface and functionality. Every update brings more fun and exciting toys to play with. Keep up the amazing work! I looked as best I could to see if anyone had already suggested this and wasn't able to find any particular post about it, so I thought I'd create a topic. I was wondering if the following might be a little quick fix tweak which would be useful for others (as well as myself). In the Scan Media Library scheduler, you can choose from Daily, Weekly, At an Interval, Application Start or Event. These are all very useful and I have mine set for nightly at 0200hrs. What I thought would be great (specifically for my schedule and routine), would be if you could have a "Day of the week" option which allowed you to have a different schedule per day of the week. For example: Weekdays: Scan @ 0200hrs + 1500hrs (this would allow you to catch any items which were downloaded post 0200 hours while you're at work) Weekends: Scan @ 0200hrs (this way you would not have the scan running at a time when you might be making use of the sysem) The reason this is would be useful (in my situation) is that my setup is configured for minimal complication and cost, making use of technology which (almost) anyone could set up and comprehend. Which I understand is in line with the overall vision of what Media Browser is all about. I could set up something more advanced and not have to worry about system resources or utilisation, but I'm trying to avoid that. The problem stems from when a library scan runs, it chews up a fair bit of network / modem / router resource which makes multitasking quite cumbersome. Watching a movie or episode when a library scan is in progress is usually not possible. I think the cause is the router struggling with processing the network throughput for high def streaming at the same time as trying to process a media library scan with it's attached network drives. I'm looking into a proper NAS system but thats for future me to worry about. I have read that apparently Media Browser Server should be doing "on the fly" updates as items are added in a "watch folder" kind of way but thus far I've not seen any evidence of this actually happening. If anyone has any suggestions which would explain why it's not I'm open to solutions I might not have looked at. If this is the wrong way to post a feature request or I'm barking up the wrong tree, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!!!
  10. I'd really like to see a feature that would allow us to restrict users to certain hours. For example, I'd like to set hours that our kids are allowed to watch MB3 in their rooms, like 7am - 10pm during school nights or 7am - 12pm on weekend nights. I have a "work around" now where I set tasks using Windows to make their computers sleep, but they can just turn them back on. If it was limited by MBServer, then they wouldn't be able to do this. Thanks!
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