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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I currently have 5 ShieldTV's hooked up on various TV's around the house. They're all logged in as the same user profile in Emby and all running Kodi 17.6 and the Titan Skin. Since Version 3.1.08a, or so it seems, I've been having an issue where the menu shortcuts on different Shields will disable and rearrange themselves to be different than what I have set. All of the TV's are different in what shortcuts they show. i.e. in my Kids room it does not show the adult TV and Movies but it does show Kids TV and Kids Movies. In the Family Room it shows everything, etc. I was under the impression, and maybe I'm wrong, that the individual configurations for menu shortcuts and such were self contained in each install of Kodi rather than being synced back to the Emby server. Is that correct or am I just wrong? It got so bad that I deleted Kodi on each Shield and reinstalled and re-setup Kodi/Emby on each one. The problem came back. I've also noticed that I'm still seeing that bug where it slows down after a while as well but I figured I'd tackle one problem at a time. I can post logs but I wasn't sure if logs would help with the menu shortcuts. Just let me know. Thanks for the help
  2. planetvision.emby

    serveur dédié + kodi+emby

    Salut, j'ai un serveur dedie chez ovh :Serveur FS-48T-L - Xeon E5-2620v3 - 64GB - SoftRaid 12x4To SAS2 1- J'aimerai savoir si avec plusieurs centaine de user connecter en même temps sa peut poser problème a la lecture des vidéos? 2- Y'a t' il une config précise pour éviter des ralentissements sur les lectures de vidéos? 3- J'ai configurer emby + kodi + skin titan mais quand je ne trouve pas d'option ''RECHERCHE'' pour chercher un films (pareil pour series tv etc...) j'ai vu qu'il y'a FILTRE mais je voulais savoir si c’était possible d'afficher l'option recherche car quand on a énormément de films c'est pas simple sans ''Recherche''. Merci .
  3. I'm having the hardest time trying to fix something here and I can't figure out why. I have several Nvidia ShieldTV units at home and I've installed them all the same: Install Kodi Add the Kodi Emby Beta Repo from http://kodi.emby.media Install Emby Install and Enable the Titan for Krypton skin For some reason the Titan for Krypton Skin just blanks out my home screen in Kodi. I don't even need Emby installed for this to happen. All of my other ShieldTV's work but for some reason on this new one I cannot enable it. Has anyone else had this problem, or gotten it to work, that has done an install lately? Thanks, Josh
  4. I'm using the Titan skin and when I go into Settings -> Skin Settings -> General Skin Settings -> Use Custom Image instead of Kodi Logo it then dumps me out to search for the file. It pops up what looks like a Network Share (see attached pic) for Emby and then under that is Public Testing and Dependencies. I assumed it would let me go out and search for the file but I can't get out of this tree. Ideas? (My goal is to upload a blank transparent image and remove the Kodi logo). Thanks
  5. Hello, It may have been reported somewhere else in this forum but i am having difficulty describing the problem accurately. so i cannot find what i want using tags. my problem is the following: i am using emby server in combination with kodi for my htpc setup with The titan beta skin. and i am very happy with how this works in general. i have made my own folder structure where i stroe my movies according to genre. i have made all different entries for the seperate folders in emby library and use smart shortcuts in the titan skin in kodi to acces these "folders"through a submenu under movies in Kodi. this works beautifully except for the one exception and that is that the movie tron legacy shows up in the the sub category thrillers? even if it is actually located in the folder sci fi. when i aproach the library entry sci fi trhough emby it does show up in the correct place. i have tried various things to remedy this problem but so far have not been able to. i have deleted and reloaded the movie from the folder scanned the libray again and repaired nodes in kodi etc. this problem has been going on for a while now and its a minor anoyance so i have not reported it before but does anybody have an idea?
  6. shaefurr

    Modding Titan for kodi

    So, im still using Kodi with he Titan skin which is just awesome, and since its somewhat similar to steams big picture mode I use the same sound files for the navigation sounds, a custom overlay to match steams, and now im thinking of making wallpapers to match. Just figured id show how it looks. I'd need to make an action if I make any more to keep them all uniform. Anyone else interested in something like this? and in use, it looks a bit zoomed in since I have the animated wallpapers turned on so they move around, obviously not in the exact way they do in steam but close enough.
  7. Disturbd1

    Ongoing Issue w/ Emby for Kodi

    I'm posting this here because frankly I'm unsure who the culprit is; Emby or Kodi. All signs point to the add-on, specifically, but I can't be certain. Here's what's happening: ~3 weeks ago, I began to notice that despite no changes made by myself (updates have always applied automatically for add-ons for me), even though Kodi was displaying my existing movie library, it was notupdating it when a new movie was added in Emby. For the life of me, I could not figure out what to reconfigure, toggle, or otherwise reset to get Kodi to see Emby and update accordingly. No settings were changed within the Emby server. Long story short: I ripped out all things Kodi, renamed the folder for it in App Data, reinstalled Kodi Isengard, and confirmed it created a new folder. Reconfigured everything from scratch, and finally was able to get Kodi to sync with Emby. As of last night, after one of MANY recent crashes of the Titan browser for Kodi, it failed to recover (this is normal when Titan crashes, at least for me), so I had to force-quit Kodi altogether.Relaunched, went to the section where I've got my TV shows...0 are displayed. No folders, no episodes...just a blank screen where they used to be. Went into the add-on settings for the skin to make sure it is pointing to the right place, no changes were made. Here's my big question: is there some sort of magical, convoluted method by which Kodi will consistently sync with Emby, and allow the use of Titan? I had zero problems with the pair coexisting until about a month or so ago, and began to get crashes from Titan almost once per session. I realize my question is broad, and probably provokes more questions that answers....but surely I can't be the only person having these issues. I'm more than happy to attach any type of log files, screenshots, whatever is useful for troubleshooting
  8. reluctantflux

    "Sort by" greyed out

    I apologize if I'm just being stupid, but I can't sort any of my mediabrowser lists. The "Sort by" and "Descending" are greyed out. I tried searching the forums/google, but couldn't find anything. I went through a ton of settings, but didn't find anything that would lock down those view settings. Using Kodi 14.0 with most up to date MBS and Titan Mediabrowser theme. I've attached a screen shot showing the greyed out-ness. I'd really prefer to be able to sort my TV Shows by most recently added. Thanks!
  9. I have Kodi set up as a test front end with the Titan skin. I have two users set up, one kids and one parents. The child account will at the very least see one or two folders that should not be seen (but cannot access the movies), or at the worst, see all the movies in the folders, and actually play them. The MB Server log shows they have indeed been able to launch the movie The movies are not restricted in that they are adult or "R" rated, but I have limitations set so that the kids don't need to see folders that are irrelevant to them. Perhaps I am setting the Kodi user profiles up incorrectly. The "Master User" has full access and logs in to the MB Server with an account and password that exists on the server. For the child, I set up another profile and then in the MB3 add-on, I put my son's name and no password (because he doesn't have one). That was the only way I could figure to have two users log in with access to two different libraries. Has anyone else experienced this?
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