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Found 7 results

  1. mauriciomaurente

    Renomeando Arquivos - Outras Considerações

    @@cayars @@Happy2Play Na Wiki do Emby está que podemos ter várias versões do mesmo arquivo, basta que suas nomenclaturas estejam corretas para o Emby compreender. Se houver um filme: movie - 720p movie - 1080p Porém, não fica muito claro que se houver estes filmes acima o arquivo de trailer deve ter um para cada? movie - 720p - trailer? movie - 1080p - trailer? Eu acho que o trailer pertence aos dois arquivos, portanto: "movie - trailer" seria a opção mais correta. Estou certo? E se houver mais um tipo de classificação no mesmo arquivo, como: "movie - 1080p - 3D", isto estará cor
  2. cyberrep


    Dear guys, Is it possible to add an option to auto organize Movie name %mn Movie name Origina Movie name %mno Original Movie name Because I would like to save translated name and original name like Guerra nas estralas (Star wars) (1983) Acctually Movie name rename to imdb pt-br (in my case)
  3. cyberrep

    TV Series

    I dont know why my emby stop to rename tv series, after download to the folder monitored by auto-organize it move but dont rename to selected options. still with the same download filename.
  4. Original source Unix.stackexchange.com Thx to Adrian for this amazing script Since Emby doesnt have a proper scraper this will help to "fix" that Files to be renamed are all of the form [<tag>] <name> - <serial> [<quality>].mkv. Each anime has a lookup file called <name>.lst, listing the episodes in serial order, e.g. One Piece.lst contains: S01E01 S01E02 ... S01E08 S02E01 ... You use a bash shell at version 4 (minimum). #!/bin/bash # USAGE: canon_vids <dir> ... # Canonicalize the filenames of all MKV vids in each <dir> # All the ani
  5. I Use Win10 Why different movie sizes do not group in the same location as the wemby catalog? The patch directory is this: H:\Meu Drive\fm_originais_01_mp4\02_40\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206)\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206) - dublagem_01_plex008.mp4 H:\Meu Drive\fm_originais_01_mp4\02_40\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206)\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206) - dublagem_02_plex008.mp4 H:\Meu Drive\fm_originais_01_mp4\02_40\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206)\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206) - dublagem_02_plex008 d.mp4 H:\Meu Drive\fm_originais_01_mp4\02_40\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206)\SuperGirl (1984) (tt0088206) - dubla
  6. I'm wondering if anybody has made their own simple script to go through (recursively) sub-directories and remove x in filnames with y. I've looked online (python) and found some pretty long winded solutions, but I feel like this could be done simply in a nested for loop with only 1 or 2 modules. for filename in dir: if filename contains ['list', 'of', 'items', 'easily', 'enumerated'] newname = filename.replace(x,y) os.rename(filename,newname) That is non recursive, but has been working for regular txt files for me, but not folders. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, I've fairly recently stopped using meta</browser> for my metadata fetching purposes, and started using MBServer for everything. One feature, however, that I do miss from metabrowser is the auto-renaming feature. I suppose I'm a little OCD when it comes to how tidy my collection is, so I liked the fact that I could just add something to my collection, (i.e. a television episode) and it would automatically be given a nice, tidy file name. Example: "Breaking Bad S03E02 - Caballo Sin Nombre (2010).mkv" looks much nicer than: "Breaking.Bad.S05E15.720p.HDTV.x264.mkv". Same goes f
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