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Found 10 results

  1. pettergulbra

    UI and Options

    HI Some questions about the UI for Android TV (ATV) app, and the lack of options that are there in the Android app. 1: Why isn't it possible to add movies to Collections on ATV, this is there in Android? 2: When viewing Collections, why can’t it show “all items” as standard, or have this as choice to be the standard viewing? Collections should not act as Playlists…. 3: SUB sync should be there. +/- in milliseconds would be nice. 4: Sound sync should also be there, as in SUB sync, milliseconds. I really like the Emby app for ATV, but there should be some more choices for the UI. I like to push buttons, but less is more. That’s why I recommend point “2”. And I think that most of the choices we have in the Android app could also work on ATV app? I run Verson 2.0.84g Registered and Server version ( on Windows 10. Kindly, Petter
  2. I am trying to query for watched episodes and have the results returned based on series first, then season, followed by episode. Series 1, Season 1, Episode 1 Series 1, Season 1, Episode 2 Series 1, Season 1, Episode 3 Series 1, Season 2, Episode 1 Series 1, Season 2, Episode 2 Series 1, Season 2, Episode 3 Series 2, Season 1, Episode 1 Series 2, Season 1, Episode 2 Series 2, Season 1, Episode 3 Series 2, Season 2, Episode 1 Series 2, Season 2, Episode 2 Series 2, Season 2, Episode 3 etc... Are these all of the SortBy options for the Items Service? Or are the keys returned also valid SortBy options? &SortBy=SeriesName,ParentIndexNumber,IndexNumber,Name,ParentIndexNumber,IndexNumber,Name&SortOrder=Ascending&EnableImages=False&EnableUserData=True&api_key=2a876b15231021aa2746109d05ff2931
  3. It would be nice to be able to specify default options for library creation. I have to add a lot of libraries and on every single library, I have to manually set all the checkbox. This could either be solved by: Globally defined default options for new libraries Template libraries which could be used to clone from
  4. I like to have My Media at the top of the home screen in the web client, but at the bottom of the home screen in the Android TV( ATV) app. This isn't currently possible, so is there any chance of having client-side options please. Thanks.
  5. Just like the title and my question recently, having this option would be great from a privacy standpoint. You can see this feature in the basic Synology Media server where you can specify witch devices are allowed to view your DLNA server. Hope you guys want it too Thanks!
  6. yarez0

    LG TV App

    Hi Guys, If I go to a tv show, I see all episodes the "netflix" style but I can't go the episode page, maybe it's just me but I think the options on the right (like the web UI) disapeared on LG app. I can't choose options (subs, audio) before starting playback. Had to start playing and then change my options. But, on the starting page, if I go to CONTINUE WATCHING, I land to the episode page with options Is there a way to go to the episode page on the season page ? hope this is comprehensible, thanks
  7. Hi is there a way to configure a set of options to be the defaults for all users ? I want all my users to have same DISPLAY and HOME SCREEN options. ther is a standard when users are created but this is not mine and I want to know if ther is way to change that. thanks
  8. Hi there so I was noticing whenever I use poster view it is alot easier to "remember" what movies I have backed up and see all of them BUT it does not have details of the movie when hovering over it. I enjoy uaing coverflow view for this reason BUT then you have to scroll by a single row. My suggestion is to add an option to add details with poster view. I know it then basically makes coverflow view useless or just a copy of poster view but it would be a nice thing to have.
  9. Hi Team, I had a look through the forums to see if anyone had posted this yet and I was unable to find it, so I'm posting here. Apologies if it's already been suggested and rejected etc. As I'm working with files from multiple sources, each file has different audio stream and subtitle configurations. Whilst I have configured the default codec preferences to cater to the majority of films, one little first world problem annoyance is having to leave MBT to change the audio stream or to adjust subtitles. You can change these media options in the web-app version of MB, but the same functionality seems to be missing (or not yet added to) MBT itself. Thank you for your consideration mattispantone81
  10. We should have the ability to remove Exit, Restart and Shutdown from non-admin profiles within media browser. If you want the system to behave like a home theater PC you probably don't want kids and others shutting down or restarting the machine. Exiting the application to the desktop can also cause problems in a controlled environment.
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