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Found 8 results

  1. Cross-post from other topic I have some buffering problem in the app, even when transcoding is not needed. I have done some research. Buffering occurs most likely in the LG App because the server is almost idle when done with the "transcoding". After a couple of minutes, it starts buffering / stuttering, mostly within 2 minutes. When I skip through the movie, buffering is gone (even on the scenes where it first buffered, so it is not TS related), but re-appears within minutes. Pressing pause and play doesn't resolve it. At this moment I understand why there is some transcoding. The MKV is "transcoded" into a TS stream and the TS stream is used by the player in the LG. I'm at WebOS version 05.30.10, type LG UH850V
  2. Hi, i bought a new LG TV (LG TV OLED65C7D). This TV is able to play as good as everything (h264,x265,wmv,divx,xvid) without the need of encoding anything. I managed to adjust the DLNA Profile LG SMART TV so that all content is now played without encoding. BUT... playing the same files via Emby LG Smart TV App the files are still being encoded altough thats not necessary :-/ Is there a config file analog to ...\config\dlna\user\LG Smart TV.xml that tells the app whether a file has to be encoded or not? Thx & greetz
  3. bored_n_2003

    HEVC not direct playing in new LG app

    HEVC is being transcoded to the LG app
  4. Hi there, I've set up my old PC as a standalone server running Emby, along with Windows AD, DHCP and DNS Services. Specs are an i5-7400, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 120GB SATA boot drive, and a Storage Space with 2x4TB HDDs and a 500GB NVMe SSD for cache. I've mostly been using the server for streaming my music collection (which I'm still building on!) However, I've been trying streaming films/TV Shows from my server, and I've started to have a few problems. The issues I've been having mainly relate to my LG Smart TV (43UN8100), but also my Xbox One S. When I stream video on the Smart TV, it usually stutters and results in me not being able to comfortably watch the video. This seems to happen regardless of the resolution of the video/whether I'm direct-playing or transcoding. When I'm playing the videos on the Xbox, they start off playing fine, but then the Xbox will start dropping frames like a madman while still playing the audio. This has been tested using the Emby Theater apps and the native DLNA apps on both the Xbox and the LG TV. This perplexes me as the videos play fine on my Windows 11 PC, my Samsung Tab S7+, and also on my Note20 Ultra (I've even tested this over 5G and it plays fine). With regards to my network setup, the LG TV, Windows 11 PC and the Xbox are connected via Ethernet. My Note20 and Tab S7 are both on Wi-Fi or 5G. It seems like the issue could be device-related, but I'm unable to work out where the issue would lie. I've also taken a look at my Task Manager on the server while streaming, and the server doesn't seem to be overloaded or stressed at all. I've noticed that the network speed on the NIC fluctuates while streaming, but I'd assume this is normal? The videos themselves are encoded as H.264 with the highest bitrate being 44Mbps. Some of the videos are 1080p/30fps, others are 4K/24fps. I genuinely can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here, so I'm hoping someone can set me on the right path. Thank you! embyserver.txt
  5. ffilou6

    Stuck at the PIN screen

    Edit.: Problem solved?!, but I don't know what was wrong, what went wrong. Hello Sir or Madam, I received an invitation for a private Emby server. On a laptop computer, easy , I go to https://app.emby.media then I enter my username and password, I click on the icon or logo of the private Emby server, and that's it. On the LG tv, I went to the app section, I typed emby in the search, found Emby app and installed it. When I launched the app, there are 2 options: 1)copy a PIN number to https://emby.media/pin or click a button to generate new PIN number. 2)second option is manual connection, asking for IP address or URL of host and port number is set at 8096. The owner or sender of the invitation to private Emby server won't give me IP address or URL, said I only need to copy the PIN number to https://emby.media/pin . I turned on the laptop computer, went to https://emby.media/pin then enter the PIN number. I exited the LG app then launched the LG app again. Still the same screen with the 2 options, PIN number or manual connection. I uninstalled the app then reinstalled and launched, same screen. I tried with the internal web browser of the LG tv, I typed https://app.emby.media , it redirected to https://tv.emby.media , and it had the same text as the app = 2 options, PIN number or manual connection. I typed https://emby.media/pin in the internal web browser of the LG tv, I entered the PIN number. I refreshed the https://tv.emby.media webpage, still the same text with the 2 options. I launched the app, also same text. What to do? Edit.: I uninstalled for the 2nd time the LG app then reinstalled it, launched it, copy the PIN number, opened the internal web browser of the LG tv, typed the PIN number on https://app.emby.media , then went back to the LG app, the screen of the app reloaded itself , a new screen appeared with the logo/icon of the private server, I could finally access the private server .
  6. MarkLeeNoel

    No Sound.......

    If i run a film through the Fire stick 4K app i get no sound, but if i then try and watch the same film via LG tv app its fine. Any ideas why this is happening?
  7. yarez0

    LG TV App

    Hi Guys, If I go to a tv show, I see all episodes the "netflix" style but I can't go the episode page, maybe it's just me but I think the options on the right (like the web UI) disapeared on LG app. I can't choose options (subs, audio) before starting playback. Had to start playing and then change my options. But, on the starting page, if I go to CONTINUE WATCHING, I land to the episode page with options Is there a way to go to the episode page on the season page ? hope this is comprehensible, thanks
  8. nanuk

    Search Icon not shown

    Hi, my Emby LG TV App is not showing an Search Icon (magnifying glass) next to the Profile Icon. Is the a Premiere Feature or an Option that I have to enable? Thx & greets
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