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  1. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/System%20requirements
  2. Tester

    DLNA Guide ?

    I am starting to mess with DLNA but having all sorts of issues.. Since I am a newbie at it, I have to assume I am doing almost everything wrong. Having said that, before I start posting issues/questions, it sure would be nice to follow a DLNA startup guide to start with. Anyone ?
  3. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup
  4. To try and make Live TV simpler for the wife we've always sorted the guide in Media Center by channel name. This enables us to place the 'main' channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.) at the top by placing a space at the start of each of these channel names. All other channels are alphabetical. This makes it easier for us to find our channels as we move often and the channel numbers are always changing. Here's an example of how it looks in Media Center: It would be great to be able to sort the Guide as well as Channels pages by channel name instead of by channel number as it simplifies finding what you're interested in as it's logically organized instead of semi-randomly via channel numbers.
  5. RedStripe

    Cannot set Refresh Guide trigger

    Tried to add weekly task trigger for for Refresh Guide Entered time in following formats: 1) 3:00AM 2) 3:00 AM 3) 0300 Get the message/error "VALUE CANNOT BE NULL." server-63531369135.log
  6. I found this nice post that fully explains how to install MB3 in french for those looking for it https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Quick-start
  7. Latchmor

    TV Guide Height

    Hi, just noticed something that is a bit quirky, for want of a better way of describing it! See images below, first one shows guide page with the Bookmarks Bar in chrome showing, notice how much padding/margin there is at the bottom of the page. Second image shows Bookmarks Bar off and the guide extends further down the page, further than the height of the removed Bookmarks Bar . You can see the same thing if you go full screen. Anyway, whatever screen height calculation is happening can the margin between the bottom of the guide and the bottom of the screen be smaller to allow more channels to show? Almost to the bottom would be great. Thanks Latchmor
  8. I wrote this guide up to try and help @@t^2 understand the images and their place(s) and thought it might also be helpful to anyone new to this and scratching their head. So here we go: Movies Movie Art - are images of a movie logo/name including characters of the movie with a transparent background Movie Backdrops – are high quality backdrops of the Movie Movie Banner - are images containing the movie characters including the movie logo/title Movie Disc - are original movie disc images with a transparent background Movie Logo – are images of a movie logo/name with a transparent background Movie Thumb - are images containing the movie characters including the movie logo/title TV TV Art- are images of a TV show logo/name including characters of the TV show with a transparent background TV Backdrops – are high quality backdrops of the TV show TV Banner - are images containing the TV show characters including the TV show logo/title TV Logo – are images of a TV show logo/name with a transparent background TV Thumb - are images containing the TV show characters including the TV show logo/title TV Seasons TV Seasons Backdrops – are high quality backdrops of the season, usually displayed in the background when the related season is selected TV Seasons Banner - are images containing the TV show characters including the TV show logo/title and season number TV Seasons Thumb - are images containing the TV show characters including the TV show season number Music Artists Music Artist Thumb - are high quality thumbnail images of an artist or band Music Artist Backdrops - are high quality backdrops containing the artist/band Music Artist Logo - are images of an artist or bands logo/name with a transparent background Music Artist Banner - are images containing the artists including their logo/name Music Albums Music Album Cover - are images of the original album Music Album Backdrops - are high quality backdrops containing the artist/band Music Album Disc - are original music disc images with a transparent background What Do They Do? Firstly you will notice that covers for TV and Movies are not listed, this seems to be a given that you want them and they are fetched providing an image does not already exist in the folder (folder.jpg or folder.png) When changing/adding cover images using they WebUI they are referred to as ‘primary’ but will be saved as a folder.jpg Music Albums cover fetch can be enabled and disabled along with the options listed above, cover images for music will be extracted from tags if it exists, if it does not and there is no folder image then providing it is enabled MBS will download one when available. Please bear in mind most of the artwork is subject to what client and skin you are using and can vary as to how it is implemented, this is just a general idea for those new to MB and the world of Home Theatre. Art - used while browsing your media centre library to show next to the poster/banner or as a recognizable navigation item. Backdrops - used as a background while browsing your library and as a background slide show on skins that support this feature Banner - used while browsing your media centre library as a recognizable navigation item Disc - used while browsing your media centre library to show the original disc next to the cover also used while playing the movie in a media centre for skins that support it. Logo - used while browsing your media center library as a recognizable navigation item Thumb - used while browsing your media center library as a recognizable navigation item All of the above images are stored locally in the folder containing the media by default, making them easy to find and replace/delete or edit or you can browse for and replace/delete images via the MBS WebUI > http://YOURSERVERNAME:PORT/mediabrowser/dashboard/edititemmetadata.html You can also enable/disable which of the above images are fetched via your MBS Dashboard > Metadata > Image Downloading. But wait there’s more…. Collections - Collections in essence are navigation menu defined by you the user and created as you desire when you add your media. They can also have an image associated with them, these images are usually created by users and can found here on the forums or you can make your own. The easiest way by far to add/change these is using the WebUI > http://YOURSERVERNAME:PORT/mediabrowser/dashboard/index.html …click on one of you collections > edit > upload your image Box Sets – We all know what these are and yes they can have images as well, MB is just that cool Most Box Set images are easily obtained from TMDb, although MB doesn’t find it so easy at the moment and the manual process is the best option, so the easiest way for that, again go to your WebUI > http://YOURSERVERNAME:PORT/mediabrowser/dashboard/boxsets.html > select one your boxsets > edit > now scroll down and look for the TheMovieDB Id: in the field beside it add the collection number from TMDb > click save > click refresh and all your metadata and images (including any fanart.tv images) should be populated. C’MON! How do I get the tmdb id? Head over to TMDb.org and search for your movie(s), on the left menu select collections, select and click the right collection if more then one, now look at the URL in your browser (eg. http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/2326-underworld-collection), so for our Underworld Collection the TMDb id needed is 2326. Media Browser also makes use of images for Artists, People, Studios, Genres (TV/Movie, Music and Game), Years and even General for those they couldn’t think of, they are however stored deeper inside the MBS folders on your server. More info on those and their location can be found here ... got all that? feel like having a go at making your own? ....well i'll even give you a hand there, here is a list of recommended resolutions and formats, they are not set in concrete for personal use, although if you wish to share your creations they are, and if you wish to share on fanart.tv i would suggest you head over there and read their guidelines, they have a very strict criteria to make sure only the best quality art appears on your tv screens. Art - Resolution: Hi 1000x562 or Low 500x281 / Format: png or jpg Backdrops - Resolution: 1920x1080 / Format jpg Banner - Resolution: 1000x185 / Format jpg Disc - Resolution: 1000x1000 / Format: png Logo - Resolution: Hi 800x310 or Low 400x155 / Format: png Thumb - Resolution: 500x281 / Format: jpg Movie / TV Covers - Resolution: 1000x1426 / Format: jpg Music Album Covers - Resolution: 1000x1000 / Format jpg For Disc art a template can be found here and a tutorial for using it with GIMP here Hope that helps some to get their head around all the pretty pictures and terms used for them. Thank you to fanart.tv for their general descriptions and awesome artwork and of course to the Media Browser team cos they rock
  9. Luke worked very hard on MB server new image convention "Compatible - MB3/XBMC/Plex" and the XBMC saver. The good thing now about it for users that needs also XBMC structure is that they don't need to have duplicate files to match each environment standards (posters, backdrops, etc...). MB3 will read perfectly XBMC (Frodo) new file structure. That simplifies A LOT the movie and TV show folders. After this was done, Fatal handled my features requests on some needs I had to work perfectly with MB3. The most important one, IMO, that was completed is the Media Browser saver plugin Boxset feature. The first time I started to configure the boxsets for MB3, I actually had to manually create in my boxsets monitored folder each boxset folder (with [boxset]) and create all movie folder shorcuts in it for MB Server to start fetching the metadata and images. This process might have taken approx. 2 hours (more than 100 boxsets and fooling around to match exactly TMDB collection name, etc...). With MetaBrowser, now, I did the same in 5 minutes. (not actively, just watching it and waiting). And it actually found some I missed (27 more in my case). It basically creates the boxsets folders and the movie shortcuts based on the "set" value (which is filled by fetching TMDB collection name). The "set" field was more for XBMC movie set before but now is also used for MB3 boxsets. And also, it has an option not to create it when use has only one movie of the collection (so user won't have collections with one movie): Once it's created, MB3 server will do the rest for user, still automatically without any interaction (metadata and images). I also tested adding a new movie (part of a collection that I only had one, so no boxset created) and it did everything right... Created the boxset main folder (named using TMDB colection name), created shortcuts for both movies in it, and MB server finished up with metadata and images... Here is a quick guide on how to configure MetaBrowser XBMC and Media Browser savers to have the perfect and simplest structure for both environments: ***Remember that MB3 server will read perfectly XBMC naming convention, so make sure you disable Media Browser images AND local trailers. Configure the rest as needed (IBN\people, etc...) It will basically just do the "movie.xml". Next, for the XBMC saver, configure everything you need for both XBMC and MB3 (including local trailers, etc...) Make sure the naming is like this: Leave the first one unchecked (second one if you have configured to get all local trailers). Here is the movie folder after MetaBrowser is done: The extrafanart folder has all extra backdrops (again, MB3 and XBMC will read then perfectly). In MB3: So, users can now do some major clean up in their movie folders if they were using MetaBrowser for Media Browser and XBMC (Backdrop.jpg, etc...). TV shows structure example: *srt files are not from MetaBrowser. Hope it might help some of you...
  10. Using the Web Client Original Author: Abobaber Accessing the Web Client, Login, & Overview Customize your media collections Browsing your media Item detail page Remote Control from the item detail page Editing - Metadata and People Editing - Images Views - Movies Views - TV & Music Remote Control from the main Web Client interface Offline Shares Next Steps This thread will explain some of the Media Browser 3 Web Client features and options. You can edit your titles (metadata and images), play your titles, remotely browse and play titles to selected clients, search your titles, etc. Access your MB3 server dashboard by opening your internet browser and by providing the following: - The *hostname* or *IP* for the windows server/PC where the server is installed. - The MB3 server *port* number. - Then the word *mediabrowser* for the link address. So it will be like this if your mb3 server run at the same pc: http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser If at another Server/PC on the same network as your MB3 server, then something like this: ... using IP address, or http://ayajone:8096/mediabrowser ...using hostname (as my server host name is "ayajone"). So in this example, I am accessing my mb3 server on the server (ayajone) and I am using the port number (8096) as I setup this port in the server tools at the advanced menu. For this and how to setup your mb3 server, please see this thread: MB3 Server Setup and Configuration Please note: You need to open the MB3 server port (TCP) to the local network if you are using a third party firewall. Normally the MB3 server will do that for you if you are using the Windows firewall. If you want to also access the MB3 server over the internet (WAN), then you need as well to forward the port number MB3 server use (TCP) in your router settings. If this the first time you've accessed the web client, then you will see a window with all the user profiles (the mb3 server remembers your last log in): If the profile you select has a password, then type that password and click on *Sign in*: Now we are at the main screen of the web client, let's explain the main items there: - No 1: To return to this main screen. - No 2: Access the mb3 server tools menu. - No 3: View/Edit your profile (3A), or log out (3B). - No 4: Global search across all your collections. It will search for all titles or people containing the search term, like in our example "Home", we can see any items have that word in it, movie, tv show, music, person, etc: - No 5: View menu items. - No 6: Your collection items. Based on your internet browser or/and the screen size, the View menu could be as icons as you see: Also, the "View" menu items depend on your collection type (movies, tv series, music, etc) as well on plug-ins installed on the mb3 server as in this example, the GameBrowser3 plugin, so the items in these images may be different from what you have. But what is "View" items menu (no. 5) and "Media Collections" ? Views Well, in "View" menu, will display all the items based on it category type, let say the "Movies", no matter where it is in all of your collections, if it is a movie, then it will display it. This is based on the content type you specified when creating your collections. To make it more clear, let say I have movies in my collections "Movies", "Old Movies", and "Offline", then in the View menu for movies, I will see them all. "TV Shows" will display any tv series that I have in any media collections I have, as I have them in the collections: Animation, Doc, TV series, etc. Please note: At this time, the media types supported by Views are Movies, TV Shows, and Music items (which includes both Music and Music Videos), as determined by the Collection types you choose and the use of proper file structure as explained here. Plugins may add additional View types (for ex, GameBrowser). Media Collections These are the Collections that you set up in the server tools. So here I simply if I want to browse "Old Movie" only, I can access that media collection.
  11. UNC - "Universal Naming Convention" is the recommended network share type for the new Media Browser 3 server. I will explain it step by step in this thread by creating a new folder and sharing it, then add the folder share to the MB3 server. First go to one of your media folders, right click and choose: Properties. In this example I will be using a folder named: MB3ShareUNC_Example Now click on the "Share" tab - then "Advanced Sharing". Enable the option "share this folder". Best to leave the share name as it is for easy remembering, now before you click on "Permissions", this share in your network will be seen to everyone when browsing by the explorer. If you are okay with that, then just click "Apply" then "Permissions". If not, and you want to make it "Hidden" then simply add "$" to the end of share name, as in my example. The share name will be "MB3ShareUNC_Example$". Click on "Apply" then "Permissions". Now we will see the group "Everyone" has "Read" permissions only,. Let's keep it this way, and let's add the Windows user account that the MB3 server is (or will be) installed with. If you do not use domain as part for your network, then main location as it is for that user, simply type some part of the user name then click on "Check Names", then add that user by clicking on "OK" If your computer is part of a domain "Active Directory" then click on "Locations" and chose the AD path and click on "OK" then as always, type part of the user name then click on "Check Names" and chose your user name, then "OK" Now let give our admin full control (Read/Write) of that share folder: Then click on "Apply" then "OK" then "Close" to close this. Your folder is now shared.
  12. The ImagesByName folder contains artwork that is used by MediaBrowser to enhance the overall look of Media Browser. The ImagesByName folder is often abbreviated as IBN. The server will create an ImagesByName (IBN) folder within it's program data folder, located at: C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName Tip: To go directly to the logged-in user's roaming folder type %appdata% in a Windows Explorer address bar and hit Enter. Inside this folder will be several sub-folders, including: Artist Genre MusicGenre GameGenre People Studio Year General MediaInfo As the server scans media it will create folders for genres, people, etc in these locations. You are then able to add images as desired using the conventions discussed in library structure. Note: If you place new images within the Genre or Studios folders, they will not show up until you restart the server. Predefined Folders Artist This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops for the Music Artists Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser Genre This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops like Action, Comedy, Thriller, Horror, etc. Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser if filtering by Genre MusicGenre This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops like Jazz, Pop, Rock Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser GameGenre This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops like Action, Shooter, Adventure Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser People This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops for Actors, Directors, etc. It is organized with subfolders by first letter, then within those are individual subfolders for each person. Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser if filtering by Actor or when viewing the Actors tab on a Movie or TV episode details screen Studio This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops for Studios, TV Networks, etc. Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser if filtering by Studio or they will be displayed on a Movie or Tv Series details screen if the active theme supports showing them. Year This folder houses subfolders with icons and backdrops for Years. Subfolders with folder.jpg files in here will show up in Media Browser if filtering by Year General This folder is used to specify icons for items / views that aren't editable in the web client, such as the Favorites or Movies by Genre items in MB Classic or other clients. If your IBN folder doesn't have a General folder, create one. To use it, create new folders inside named exactly the same as the items to want to assign icons to. Favorites are a special case in that Favorite subcategories go on the same folder level as Favorites: MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorites MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorite Books MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorite Games MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorite Movies MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorite Music MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General\Favorite TV MediaInfo This folder is used to specify custom media info (audio, video, rating, resolution, etc.) icons for use by some front-end clients (primarily MB Classic). Under this folder you would create a folder with the name of the theme you are using (or 'All' for use by all themes without a specific folder). Inside this folder you would put custom media info icons named in the following way: codec_dts.png codec_aac.png codec_h264.png hdtype_1080.png aspect_235.png rated_pg_13.png channels_1.png A final directory structure would look like this: C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Artist C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Genre C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\MusicGenre C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\GameGenre C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\People C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Studio C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Year C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\General C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\MediaInfo\All C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\MediaInfo\Chocolate Example IBN Folder Here is an example ImagesByName folder with some contents to get a better idea: C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Artist The Beatles\folder.jpg Led Zeppelin\folder.jpg Kiss\folder.jpg C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Genre Action\folder.jpg Drama\folder.jpg Thriller\folder.png C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\MusicGenre Jazz\folder.jpg Pop\folder.jjpg Rock\folder.jpg C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\GameGenre Action\folder.jpg Shooter\folder.jpg Adventure\folder.jpg C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\People A\Adam Sandler\folder.jpg D\Dennis Quaid\folder.jpg J\Julia Roberts\folder.png C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Studio BBC\folder.jpg Universal Studios\folder.png C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Year 2009\folder.jpg 2010\folder.jpg
  13. Our KB is located at https://support.emby.media For articles related to media files & folder structure: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/folders/44000764515
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