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Found 7 results

  1. naeyaert

    Network share - Please help

    Hello Emby Community - Someone please help as I'm going nuts over this issue... I have Emby Theater setup on my lounge machine with the latest server with 99% of my media on the local drive. However, I have one machine in the house with media that I want to access in my library "tv shows". I have setup "tv shows" library to include the full UNC name of the other computer (i.e. \\anothercomputer\tv shows\) and everything looks to be fine. When I hit "network" on the library, it sees "\\anothercomputer\tv shows" and all is fine. I can also access this remote share from the PC running emby server (in my lounge) via the normal file manager and I can play the media no problem. The issue I have is within Emby Theater, under my "TV Shows", I can see the one library of shows on the remote machine (the show is "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert") but in Emby Theatre I cant play the media. In fact, the list of media on the screen (the show details etc) bares no resemblance to the actual media on the share. I made sure that the naming of the files and the folder names are all accurate and that the show is identified correctly using IMDB ID etc Like I said, I have a tonne of media local on the lounge server and everything works perfectly. It's just this one TV show that is on another machine that is giving me a headache. All the access to the folder is full access (read/write) and the home share is all setup correctly and the machine can see each other fine and access files and play videos outside of Emby Theatre (in the file manager etc) This once worked a while ago but I cant recall what version of Emby server that was as my system auto updates. I get the feeling it's something easy but I have poured over the settings and I cant see anything logical that is causing this issue. I have refreshed my library about 15 times and nothing seems to change on the remote tv show I describe. Can someone please (please) help me? I'm going absolutely bonkers. Thanks Rob
  2. I have read conflicting answers about what is best or if it really matters... UNC paths or path substitution. Is there any advantage or noticeable difference in performance relating to any aspect when using either or? My current setup: Emby Server installed on a Windows 2012 server VM. All media is stored on a separate, physical Windows 2012 server with SMB file sharing. I used UNC paths for the library locations in the Emby Server settings. Is there really any benefit of using path substitution? Any precautions if I switch to path substitutions? If starting a new install would you recommend UNC or substitution?
  3. I see the settings for path substitutions in the Emby server configuration UI. How do I configure the Emby client to use these paths so that my server resources are not used for transcoding?
  4. I'm configuring Emby (Version 3.0.5641.4) and cannot add a media library from UNC shares that point to a NAS. On my Windows 8.1 NUC, I have UNC shares that point to folders on a Synology NAS. I have the UNC shares set up according to the Emby How to Make UNC Folder Shares article. In the Add media folder dialog, I can navigate to my UNC shares (see screenshot). However, when I select a particular UNC share (e.g., NAS_MUSIC) and click OK, I'm incorrectly taken to the main Emby logon screen. I tested adding a test media library from a folder local to my NUC and that worked successfully. For comparison, I use these same UNC shares for media libraries on my Plex server successfully (Plex running on the same NUC as the Emby server). So I believe they are configured correctly. Clicking on NAS_MUSIC takes me back to the logon screen:
  5. mickeyfinn

    Orphaned Collections

    In trying to fix another issue, I removed a movie library and replaced it with the same library using a UNC path rather than a local path, then re-scanning the entire library. However, this caused a problem with existing collections made up of titles from the old library. I now cannot see the original collections and when I try to re-create collections for those titles, I get an error stating the collection already exists. I tried editing the collection.xml files in AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections\ to update the local paths to the UNC location, and re-scanning the libraries, but the collections remain missing. In the server log, I get messages stating it cannot locate content for these collections at the old local path (Warn - BaseItem: Unable to find linked item at path M:\My Movies\...). Metadata manager does not show any of the orphaned collections or content either. If possible, it would be great to be able to restore the original collections, but if that is not possible, I'd be fine with deleting the original orphaned collections and re-adding the titles. Even deleting all collections and starting from scratch would be fine. Any ideas how I might do this?
  6. I am running MB3 server and classic on my desktop PC connected to 2 xbox360's with no issues, I added a HTPC and am getting the UNC warning in MB3 Classic and media won't play on it, although it will play in MB3 Theatre. I have set up my folder using UNC paths. I have also tried using the UNC path with the Drive location as well as the folder location. Any help would be appreciated. Both PC's are fully networked and sharing other files including homegroup.
  7. UNC - "Universal Naming Convention" is the recommended network share type for the new Media Browser 3 server. I will explain it step by step in this thread by creating a new folder and sharing it, then add the folder share to the MB3 server. First go to one of your media folders, right click and choose: Properties. In this example I will be using a folder named: MB3ShareUNC_Example Now click on the "Share" tab - then "Advanced Sharing". Enable the option "share this folder". Best to leave the share name as it is for easy remembering, now before you click on "Permissions", this share in your network will be seen to everyone when browsing by the explorer. If you are okay with that, then just click "Apply" then "Permissions". If not, and you want to make it "Hidden" then simply add "$" to the end of share name, as in my example. The share name will be "MB3ShareUNC_Example$". Click on "Apply" then "Permissions". Now we will see the group "Everyone" has "Read" permissions only,. Let's keep it this way, and let's add the Windows user account that the MB3 server is (or will be) installed with. If you do not use domain as part for your network, then main location as it is for that user, simply type some part of the user name then click on "Check Names", then add that user by clicking on "OK" If your computer is part of a domain "Active Directory" then click on "Locations" and chose the AD path and click on "OK" then as always, type part of the user name then click on "Check Names" and chose your user name, then "OK" Now let give our admin full control (Read/Write) of that share folder: Then click on "Apply" then "OK" then "Close" to close this. Your folder is now shared.
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