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Found 12 results

  1. To report a minor display issue. In Emby Theater (view set to Auto/TV), when the rating description is too long to fit onto a single line, the box around it gets out of alignment. Ie it doesn't adjust for the new line of text. See screenshot attached. It seems to display fine via the web interface, but not at the larger text scale of the TV view. Thank you, AD
  2. Hi everyone, Currently using Version (had to revert back from Beta's that were doing weird stuff with rendering the dashboard) Not sure if anyone else has had this by Emby seem to no longer be interested in reading my MetaBrowser .xml files that are in my Movie and TV directories, I reckon one of the last Beta's may have had a funny turn but I have some content that was all fine before but now no longer have any details and because they are not on IMDB etc... there's no online content to pick up. Is Emby no longer reading xml's by design? Do I need to switch to .nfo's or do I need to take some drastic action with the database? Any help muchly appreciated. Andy.
  3. Has anyone seen @@fatal? Or does anyone know how to contact him. MetaBrowser sorely needs some TLC to fix the SortTitle issue currently affecting Next Up. He was last active on this forum in Sept 2015 so prob a lost cause. Still you never know
  4. DarkKniyt (John)

    MeteData Format Changed When?

    Can anyone tell me when the format of the series.xml, movie.xml changed? I recently found that these xml's that were created by MetaBrowser are formatted differently than those saved via the Emby MetaData application.
  5. DarkKniyt (John)

    MetaBrowser & 3D Format Metadata

    Can anyone tell me if the "3D Format" metadata field in the MetaData-Manager is the equivalent to MetaBrowser's "3D Format" field? I am trying to update all of my 3D Movies to the correct "3D Format" using MetaBrowser but the changes are not showing up when I look in the MetaData-Manager. Also, when I make the change in the MetaData-Manager, it is not changed in MetaBrowser or the movie.xml file. Thanks!
  6. wonder_lander

    Metadata folder.jpg not movie cover

    I'm moving from meta browser to the inbuilt metadata but the folder.jpg which has traditionally been the DVD / BluRay cover is now showing as a scene screenshot. Is there a setting I can tweak somewhere?
  7. Hi there, I've searched through the forum, but could not find a post that definitively answers with for MB3 Server. Are there any plans to synchronise the Watched Status of Metabrowser with Mediabrowser? Metabrowser saves the watched status in the Movies.xml file as follows: <Watched>True/False</Watched> Even a manual synchronisation would feature would be useful, as it is much easier to manage watched status within Metabroswer. Anyway, keep up the great work on MediaBrowser, I've been a long time user of MB2.6 and only recently upgraded to MB3, and am absolutely loving it. Cheers.
  8. Hi all, I've been a long time user of both MediaBrowser and MetaBrowser over the years in various versions and now wondering if there is still a need for both. With all the metadata capability available with MediaBrowser would I lose anything by moving away from MetaBrowser? Thanks.
  9. I still use metabrowser for my metadata and images fetching. In MBS I have: Download artwork and metadata from the internet: OFF Save artwork and metadata into media folders: ON Image saving convention: Standard MB2/MB3 If I change a backdrop or a show / season poster image in metabrowser - the folder.jpg or backdrop.jpg (backdrop1.jpg, etc) is replaced (and the date modified is updated). But, the original image(s) still show in MBS. That's reasonable as they're probably cached somewhere - but even after running a "Scan Media Library" the old images still show up in MBS (and in MBC). If I change the images via the MBS interface then the new ones show up in both MBS/MBC and metabrowser - but I'd prefer to continue to use metabrowser if possible.
  10. Hi All Have had a hunt on here for anyone else having this issue, with no luck so here goes. I have an upcoming trailers collection of locally downloaded trailers,(not collected by the any MB plugins, only using Metabrowser to collect). My issue is that this collection is no longer even visible in MBC and while the collection is visible through the MBS web client, MB theater or the android client, the individual items are not visible/playable, which makes me suspect the server is not recognising the media files, perhaps due to them only being up to 150Mb.... only a guess tho. I used to be able to see the collection and play via MBC, although I must confess I'm not sure when this changed. Hopefully some pics will help ... Server Library Config Web Client Collection view Clicking on a trailer show this.. with no playable file The MB Theater Views of the same MBC EHS Screen Web Client home screen for sort order comparison, as you can see the Upcoming trailers collection is not even visible between Movies and TV Shows where its sort order should show. With the recent improvements to audio/subtitles playback in MBT, I'm really keen to start using this as my primary media client on my HTPC's but as we often 'surf' through upcoming trailers, this is proving annoying at present, having to open MBC just to do this. Have tried server restarts and rebuilding the db cache, but neither have made a difference I'm just wondering if I've missed a minimum file size setting, or whether something changed on the server side, that no longer allows this type of collection to work?? More Details Server Version 3.0.5171.19958 MB Classic -, MBC Themes tested - Chocolate and Subdued Look forward to any suggestions or confirmation of this being an issue. Regards Brainfryd
  11. I have a quick question. I use metabrowser to sort files to the proper locations automatically. It also downloads all of the metadata and images. Is there a recommended way to use these two programs together to ensure that everything will work well? Cheers,
  12. Luke worked very hard on MB server new image convention "Compatible - MB3/XBMC/Plex" and the XBMC saver. The good thing now about it for users that needs also XBMC structure is that they don't need to have duplicate files to match each environment standards (posters, backdrops, etc...). MB3 will read perfectly XBMC (Frodo) new file structure. That simplifies A LOT the movie and TV show folders. After this was done, Fatal handled my features requests on some needs I had to work perfectly with MB3. The most important one, IMO, that was completed is the Media Browser saver plugin Boxset feature. The first time I started to configure the boxsets for MB3, I actually had to manually create in my boxsets monitored folder each boxset folder (with [boxset]) and create all movie folder shorcuts in it for MB Server to start fetching the metadata and images. This process might have taken approx. 2 hours (more than 100 boxsets and fooling around to match exactly TMDB collection name, etc...). With MetaBrowser, now, I did the same in 5 minutes. (not actively, just watching it and waiting). And it actually found some I missed (27 more in my case). It basically creates the boxsets folders and the movie shortcuts based on the "set" value (which is filled by fetching TMDB collection name). The "set" field was more for XBMC movie set before but now is also used for MB3 boxsets. And also, it has an option not to create it when use has only one movie of the collection (so user won't have collections with one movie): Once it's created, MB3 server will do the rest for user, still automatically without any interaction (metadata and images). I also tested adding a new movie (part of a collection that I only had one, so no boxset created) and it did everything right... Created the boxset main folder (named using TMDB colection name), created shortcuts for both movies in it, and MB server finished up with metadata and images... Here is a quick guide on how to configure MetaBrowser XBMC and Media Browser savers to have the perfect and simplest structure for both environments: ***Remember that MB3 server will read perfectly XBMC naming convention, so make sure you disable Media Browser images AND local trailers. Configure the rest as needed (IBN\people, etc...) It will basically just do the "movie.xml". Next, for the XBMC saver, configure everything you need for both XBMC and MB3 (including local trailers, etc...) Make sure the naming is like this: Leave the first one unchecked (second one if you have configured to get all local trailers). Here is the movie folder after MetaBrowser is done: The extrafanart folder has all extra backdrops (again, MB3 and XBMC will read then perfectly). In MB3: So, users can now do some major clean up in their movie folders if they were using MetaBrowser for Media Browser and XBMC (Backdrop.jpg, etc...). TV shows structure example: *srt files are not from MetaBrowser. Hope it might help some of you...
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