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  1. Hi Guys, For the last few days the manual override feature in auto-organise seems to have stopped working for me. I can go into it and select the show, the season and episode number, but when I click OK nothing happens. The screen doesn't close, the episode doesn't get sorted. The button just lights up as if it's been clicked, but then goes back to green again. I couldn't find any other topics about this, but I'm sorry if this has been already reported. Love the product guys. Cheers Server Version 3.0.5895.0
  2. Seeing the Poster (Screenshot) helps me see what episode I am up to at a glance from the home screen for any given TV Show. The new ET defaults to the Thumb view for the season (or show) which doesn't give this detail until you navigate into the next level down for the TV Show. Also not all shows have Thumb views, which results in a mixed bag of Thumbs and Poster views on the home screen which looks a little messy. I would like to see an option added to change your default preference between Thumbs and Poster views for areas on the TV home screen like latest episodes or next up episodes (perhaps an independent option for each?). This would allow me to customise it to my personal preference and get more information directly from the home screen. Many Thanks!
  3. tarnalcock

    Mixed Folder Conundrum

    Hi Guys, I am struggling a little with something. Previously I had a catch-all folder for documentaries (movies & series). I would just have a "movie Title (year)" folder for each movie and a "series title" folder for each series in said folder. Suddenly it would not add series anymore, nor recognize episodes in my auto organize folder. This was mixed content. So I tried emptying the folder, removing it from the library, re-scanning and adding all the stuff again. Once again all of the movie-type documentaries were recognised and scraped automatically, but the series were not. In order to remedy this, I have created two separate folders: Documovies/ Movie 1 (year)/ Movie 2 (year)/ etc.. TV Documentaries/ TEDTalks/ BBC Documentaries/ etc.. Instead of using mixed content, I now have each set to the relevant type (Movies/TV). However this is really messing with my OCD as I now have two sections in the emby web frontend containing documentaries. SO, can I group these somehow and only display "Documentaries" as the "folder"? Also another issue I have is that with BBC Documentaries, for instance, I only have a few interesting episodes but the display shows every single season and every single episode. That equates to thousands of episodes clogging up my front-end when I maybe only have 10 or so. For my normal TV series I have set it to show me missing and unaired episodes so that I can keep track of such, but it really isn't necessary for the documentaries. Is there any way that I can enable/disable this at the folder level?
  4. Hello and many thanks in advance for any support, I reinstalled Emby Server a few months ago and recently noticed after reinstalling Emby for WMC (this IS a server question, I promise) and browsing that my episode thumbnails for new additions are not consistently auto-downloading and many old shows are now missing the thumbnails (episode thumbs for Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm are now completely gone and I specifically remember seeing these when browsing clients in the past). This behavior is visible in the web client and other clients (WMC, Android). I have all of the expected server settings activated (download artwork from internet, save artwork in folders, all metadata services checked, download chapter images, etc.). I do have a custom metadata path, but that has not conflicted with the save artwork in folders for movies and *some* tv episode new additions, thus I don't believe this is a permissions issue. I have also tried to manually download thumbs with very limited success. First, trying to update an entire tv show at the series level (not season or episode) rarely works. Even when get all the way into a specific episode and manually attempt to download that image, after clicking the download icon, no image shows up (even though there is no longer a red "missing image" indicator next to the episode in the explorer tree) and Windows Explorer shows nothing has been downloaded or saved. The only way I can get thumbs to show up is if I literally save each individual image online and drag and drop into the season folder--but this requires matching the naming convention and is ridiculously time consuming. I have searched all the other forum topics and even attempted to remove a series, scan library, re-add series, re-scan, etc. to no avail. I've also read about turning off the realtime monitor, but this doesn't seem applicable and also seems burdensome to have to modify the timestamp on every episode missing thumbnails. I do believe, however, that part of the issue stems from Emby only auto-downloading new additions on scans, however (and not generating thumbs for missing, albeit old items, even with manual attempts at series, season or even episode level). I also prefer not to use MCM or another scraper/server frontend when Emby already has these capabilities and they DID work for me prior to the most recent reinstall. I've included photos of my approach, but it's pretty straightforward. Please help! P.S. I'm happy to add log files if requested/appropriate

    Add new TV show to upcoming

    Hi, Is there any way to add a new TV show (Legends of Tomorrow - to premiere in Jan) to the 'Upcoming' list? Is it a feature I am unaware of so far or is it something that could be added. This way I could see when all my shows I am waiting to see that haven't aired yet in the Upcoming section. Thanks and keep up the great work. Kianiji
  6. Hi, since the last updates (3.0.5768.7 and 5781) my library is acting strange. All my TV content type folders have stopped displaying content. By reading other threads I discovered that a grouping option had been enabled and affected the way my folders were being displayed. I unchecked those and now I can see again the list of TV shows in my library. Unfortunately, it only shows me subfolders and not individual episodes that are located at top level folder anymore. Before I could see both. If you look at attachments, any episode contained in a folder (per tv show) will appear if I browse to that show. But any new episode that hasn't been classified yet in a sub folder doesn't appear anymore in the list of available episodes. Therefore Heroes reborn episodes won't appear at all in my library. Is there an option I can set to have a view again with folders and individual files? Thanks, Tony
  7. Hello all, I currently have 50 recorded shows saved. I am able to view any of them locally from Emby within WMC, but 3 of the recordings are not listed when viewing recorded shows from the web interface, and ServerWMC only lists 47 recorded shows. There doesn't appear to be anything different about the 3 that aren't listed - all recorded to the same directory as the others and I have had shows recorded after those which are available from the Internet. All software is up to date. Any idea what I can check? I'm at work right now but can try any suggestions tonight. Thanks! Les
  8. I had been worrying myself about being able to record live TV but actually it seems I have a bigger problem. I am really struggling to get the EPG to fill with data. I keep trying the Fire TV app, going to Live TV and it finds nothing, no channels, no program guide nothing. Sometimes it finds just Channels. Even if it does find the program guide it shows me a list of the channels with no data in both FTV and web. I can fix this by going into the server and telling it to run the Guide scheduled event. Then both the web and FTV applications find programs and work okay...until the next time. Couple this with the situation where recording from the guide causes NPVR to do the recording despite having no NPVR app loaded and I start to wonder if my installation is a little mucked up. Any ideas would help. I've still not got it to a point where I am comfortable enough to let my wife use it ;-)
  9. Nick's MCE

    Upcoming TV

    Hi Just wondering what happened to the upcoming TV. I used to have an option in the control settings to select "show missing episodes" and "show future episodes. Seems to gone??? Nick
  10. As far as bugs go, this is probably one of the smallest ones possible, so it's super-low priority. Description: When you have a TV show with more than 999 unseen episodes, it stops centering the number and starts running off the green circle to the right. Screenshots are included. Errors: None. Screenshot here: http://d.pr/i/OqP9 You can see the 4-digit episode count on the left, a working 2-digit episode count next to it, and a working 3-digit episode count next to that. Version: Emby Server 3.0.5724.6 Logs: I must have disabled debug logging at some point and forgot, so I have no logs. I've enabled it and can create them if necessary. Other Notes: This is super minor. Like, really minor. I just wanted to bring it to your collective attention, since you probably don't run into too many single collections with more than a thousand episodes.
  11. I currently have the MB Classic client installed on a windows PC connected directly to my TV using a media center remote, which works great. I am now looking for an alternative to using a PC connected to my TV, any suggestions? I have tried chromecast and Xbox One which work great, but streaming to my TV is not what I am after. I would like the full MB Classic experience on the TV as you have when using MB Classic on a PC. I know the Samsung TV app is in testing at the moment and will be the answer to my issue, just not sure if there are any other alternatives that I am not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. spicypixel

    Filtering in Emby

    So Radio DVB stations don't work on emby but they work on NextPVR on my desktop so I'd like to keep them in the channel list but hide them in Emby. By extension I'd like to tag channels as HD and hide them in emby too, they're too CPU intensive to transcode. If I made a group in NextPVR called Emby or similar would it be possible to only show those?
  13. hoopes4908

    TV shows

    Hello, just installed Emby on my windows 10 machine, and setup my library with movies and tv but only the movies are showing up in the library, nothing for TV shows?? They work fine with Plex?
  14. I'm really just throwing out some ideas/concerns here, I really hope someone like to share their experience. So I'm looking to replace my living room TV, currently it's setup to use Kodi with emby plugin, I also use Kodi for Live-tv/PVR (tvheadend). But here is the dilemma, what brand to bet on for best client support. Looking at this forum Samsung seems to be the safe bet, but then there's the kicker, and it's called Tizen. All models now has Tizen OS. Tizen uses some awsome tech (wayland), but it's new, so hard to find information and app support. And does Tizen playback video at native refresh rate ? Also Luke said in android thread "We're working on something new that will eventually work for tizen" whatever that means, I'm not holding my breath. So I went on to look at Android (Philips and Sony) but I've read some people claiming android tv is buggy and it seems android does not allow changing refresh rate to match video, allways playing 60hz (really bad for us europeans). That's a big no no for me. LG has it's WebOS, no Emby plugin on the horizon ? And on the sideline, FirefoxOS, didn't see that one comming, and tbh I don't see myself betting on that one. It looks like 2005 compared to Tizen. Then there's also the DLNA route, I guess this might give best playback quality (but can I start a video with my windows phone, and remote play it via dlna ?) If anything it's a failsafe, but I really want a integrated solution with the tv remote. Also, do tv's come with SMB browsing support these days ? Can I access my files via filesharing ?
  15. ape_owl

    TV data is not showing up

    I apologize if this is a repeat thread, but I searched all the others and didn't seem to find my exact problem and no other solutions worked. So I have TV content (ripped on my computer from DVDs) I named them per the 'help' section of the library ie. D:\TV\Happy Endings\Season 1\Happy Endings S01E01.mkv. When they were recognized through the Emby server, they showed up under latest, but now that they are no longer the latest thing added, they are gone. The TV portion of the server is blank and has no content. When I went to set up the separate files on the server, I also did path substitution, so I would have all my bases covered. I even removed and readded the content numerous times under both, mixed content and TV. They are even unsearchable in the Emby library. I am lost and any help would be appreciated.

    Need help setting up Live TV

    Hi, I just updated to the new server update (v3.0.5713.0) and I am trying to set up Live TV. When trying to set it up it asks for either HD HomeRun or M3U. I am a bit of a noob at this but I am not using HD HomeRun and I am unsure what M3U is. I am currently using a Kaiser Baas Digital Radio TVStick. I am unsure how to set this up to work with Emby Live TV. Any instructions or a nod to an article with the instructions would be much appreciated. Also I notice that the 'Upcoming' TV episodes tab still only shows particular shows and not others. Is this something that's going to take a bit to correct on my side due to meta files? (Like the actors issue recently)
  17. gillmacca

    TV Trailer support?

    Is there support for TV trailers, same as movie trailers. If so, does it also support for trailers at season level? i.e. trailer for season 1, trailer for season 2, etc
  18. Hi, I have number of TV series on my server and they pretty much all have more than 100 episodes each. Since I do not see any other way to do this, I import the videos with no Genre (so they do not screw up Genre listings), and then import them into a collection. I give the collection a Genre Tag (Drama etc.) and then they show up in Genres. Unfortunately all episodes still show up in the movie list, and that is a problem, since there are literally thousands of them. So: · Is there a way not to show individual videos in the movies, but still show the collection of them in the Genres and Movie list? · Is it possible to somehow add a way to drag and drop movies into the Collection? Using the search is very problematic. · There is a BUG when searching a large number of Movies. For example, Magnum PI has couple of hundred episodes, but the search only returns 30-ish. If you select the ones that do show up, no more is available. My workaround is to split them by Seasons, and start video names Magnum1, Magnum2 etc, and then do multiple searches, one for each season. That works. · Is it possible to contain Collections within Collections? Finally, it occurs to me that having another entity similar to Collection would be a really great idea, and would solve all these woes. Let’s call it “Series”. It would help to bridge a gap between something like the “Alien Collection” and the 258 episodes of Hawaii Five-O. Ideally it should be File Name oriented, as often the episodes have cryptic names, with no actual title (S03E14). Some simple way of selecting number of differently named files to add to the “Series” would also be essential. I am running Server Version 3.0.5675.1 Thanks for all your help in advance! Regards, Chris
  19. first, I have looked for this for some time and have not been able to find an answer. Now then, I am a Plex user and have been since 2010. I like the latest Emby build and am running it alongside to get a feel for it and see if I want to switch over. I became a supporter to ensure I got the full functionality. However, I seem to be having a tough time on the web interface. I saw some posts online about users creating "smart views" which allowed them to have filtered views built and setup so they were always readily available without having to do it every time and I could not seem to find any documentation on it or see any option in the server or client interface to set it up. Is this possible or could it be a custom code they ran to create it? The other problem is the suggestions view. I see people talking about movies or series being suggested by the server based on what they have watched. My suggestions tab however only shows any resumable item and latest items added. I do not get any option of "because you watched..." or based on genre or anything like that. Is there a special feature or third party add-on that enables this function? This is where I am stuck now and these features seemed amazing and what drew me to Emby. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance. ** I deleted all the files and reinstalled the server and went to the dev build. I noticed after the reinstall that suggestions was working and presenting different options, however, as soon as I restarted the server, they all went away and now again just shows the latest media.
  20. Latchmor

    FR: LiveTV Web Guide

    Hi, when viewing the tv guide in the web browser would it be possible to set a recording straight from the show info popup? This would be on the basis that you are going to accept your defaults for padding. It would be so quick to just hover then click record. Cheers Latchmor
  21. Yotengrit

    Direct Play to WD TV Live

    Greetings! I recently swtiched from Plex to Emby because of some technical problems and I really satisfied with the software! However, I have a small problem with one of the media players in our house. We have two Asus O!Play and one WD TV Live players. And the WD one wont play .mkv files from the server, only .avis. If I try to play a .mkv files, it loads a bit, than its says that is cannot be played, etc. I checked around in the forum for some information about it, and I found this one. So I edited my WD TV Live .xml file according to this topic but my problem still persist. Can somebody please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance. PS: I attached the server log file. server-63567557812.txt
  22. Yotengrit

    WDLXTV and Emby

    Dear forum! I'm planning to upgrade my WDTV Live with a custom firmware for extra features and possibilities. But before I do it, I wish to ask around if anyone tried to use it with Emby server at all? Will it cooperate with DLNA DirectPlay? Since even the official firmware is also act out with DirectPlay sometimes. Thanks in advance!
  23. jamvids

    How do I fix my TV DB

    Hi, I am actually gonna have to own up to watching Ancient aliens here, but I can never find it as it isn't seeing the root folder for this series as a series, just a folder, then looks at each season as a series. Is there any way I can get into the DB to fix this or is anyone else having the same issue? I have tried everything to fix it but can't, I know what it was that caused it...... ALIENS
  24. Hello, Can somebody advise me of any websites where I can get ratings, airdate and network information for TV series in Australia (not specifically Australian TV series)?
  25. Sure its a quick fix, using emby inside windows media center 7. New to this but got most of it working, woundering once I have watched one of my recorded tv episodes how do I delete it ? Searched round, found something about the xml file, so edited that but still cant find a delete option within emby / windows media center. Any ideas ?
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