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  1. skidmarks

    XBOX360 out Roku IN!

    Bought my Roku 3 a few weeks ago for christmas. wife made me wait until today to "get it"... The Media Browser Channel is not too bad! Simple and easy to get to your media collections! Great job! I just want to report that ALL of the movies i was having issues playing on XBOX360 work perfect thru the Roku! I just had a very small handful that stuttered or kicked you out to the XBOX main menu. But they drove me crazy and i tried to encode them 3 different ways to get them to play. Roku and no more issues with this handful of movies. The ONLY reason why i bought this was for media browser... All my TV's in the house are "smart". And Roku basically is a device that makes a TV "smart". For the $89 it is well worth it for a Media Browser channel! I couldn't find a search feature built into the Media Browser Channel (thats how Roku works via "channels"), so i hope that is something that is being worked on (or maybe its already incorporated and i just havent found it yet). I wiil be changing out my other two xbox360's for Roku 3's shortly... As always GREAT job guys!
  2. Netbug

    Which Version of Roku?

    I'm looking to extend my MB experience beyond the HTPC for the first time and the Roku looks promising. Is there any reason I would want to get the Roku 3 over the Roku 2 if I intend to use it only for MB? Would any other "extender" be recommended over the Roku (Apple TV, etc.)?
  3. gcw07

    Roku interface support?

    Unfortunately what you get is what you see as far as options. Short of someone writing an entire new Roku app there aren't themes available. Sorry there is a reason why the majority of Roku channels look pretty similar and that is because there aren't a lot of different display options.
  4. super67

    MB Nextpvr Roku

    I just wrote a nice long post then I hit the wrong button and lost it all, thus saving everyone the aggravation of reading it. Will the following attached document work? Want to have Live TV, Recorded TV and Netflix? Looking at Media Browser, NextPVR and Roku. Thanks MBNPVRROKU.xml
  5. I have a file path to an adult collection but it won't stream on the roku client, everything plays fine? The folder structure is off so not much metadata shows but nothing can be played? is there a control setting or something simple being missed? Update: Issue is fixed with changing content type
  6. Zero_Kool

    Help! Roku MB3 client not working?

    I just added the MB3 roku client channel and I am tying to get items to play but they just try to play and flash back to the play menu? I can connect back to the server fine and view my collection, etc, I just can't seem to play anything?
  7. NobodyAtAll

    iOS & Roku - Remote Play

    Hello, I have MB3 server running on a dedicated server in the attic which I access from a Macbook Air using the Web Client to get to the dashboard. I also have MB3 clients running on my iPhone 5 and on a Roku 3 that is connected to my TV in the lounge. I can see both my Roku and iPhone connection under Active Connections on the MB3 server dashboard via the Web Client. When I hit Remote Play on the iPhone client I can see and initiate media play on Safari on my Macbook air within the MB3 Server dashboard window. What I can't seem to see on the iPhone is the Roku connection (even though it shows up under Active Connections on the server) and hence I cannot initiate a remote play from the Iphone to the Roku for media held on the server. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it? If it's not possible, any chance of having it in a future update to the iOS and/or Roku app? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help. NobodyAtAll
  8. lja

    ROKU - MBIntros

    Now that MBIntros may soon be entering the Beta stage, would love if Roku could work with it.
  9. Jasoon

    Roku Issue...

    Im finding that when I try and access my Music Video collection I can access down to artist level then to song level but that's it im unable to play as it wont go to song level e.g:- ACDC/Hells Bells/ and that's it where it should be ACDC/Hells Bells/video info. Other collections seem to work fine.... Also I just seem to have a place holder images for my collections, what image do I need to have in place? background?
  10. Hello all, It seems the only view available on the Roku is cover Flow. I would like to be able to view my collections in Poster View. It really helps when you have a lot of titles. Thanks in advance. Great work on the Roku channel Cheers Jason
  11. NobodyAtAll

    Roku - Display Collections (Not Views)

    Hi, I've just received a shiny new Roku 3 and installed MB3. It's my first Roku so I may well be missing something. It appears to show the 'Views' as automatically defined on the MB3 Server and not the user defined 'Collections'. Is it possible to have both 'Views" and 'Collections' show up on the Roku or even just 'Collections'? I'm hoping that someone will tell me its just a matter of configuring something on the Roku but suspect not. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above will be appreciated. NobodyAtAll
  12. NobodyAtAll

    Views Missing

    Hi, I've been through the excellent set up guides and I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. As I understand it, MB3 Server produces Views based on the collection type selected when adding a media collection under the Default Media Library menu. Hence Views for general or mixed content, adult videos, books, box sets, games, home videos, movies, music, music videos, photos, trailers and TV shows should become available as long as one or more media collection has been tagged as such. I have Views for 'Movies', 'TV' and 'Music' (even though none of my collections are tagged as Music) but am missing Views for 'General or Mixed Content' and 'Adult Videos' even though some of my media collections are tagged as such. Any idea how I get them to show up? Also the Roku client appears to list Views and not Collections. Is it possible to have it do both or just Collections? I'll post this question in the Roku section as well. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above questions. NobodyAtAll
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