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Found 14 results

  1. Emby server running on Windows Server 2012 R2, Roku streamer. After watching a show, upon exiting to Emby home screen, Latest TV Series now at top of screen. Folder views all missing, so have no way to see anything but latest... Emby web app on server exactly the same. Have restarted Emby apps, Roku, and Emby server.
  2. Can someone help me clear up a point of confusion about Collections, Libraries, and Views? Are the following statements correct? 1. There is currently no way in Emby, using Collections or metadata, to create a new "group" of media and have that "group" show up on the Home screen. The only way to do this is to setup the folder structure on the server accordingly and then create a new Library. 2. In the screenshot posted by Happy2Play (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23419-folder-views/&do=findComment&comment=228742), the "Kids" group is actually a separate Library that points to a separate folder on his server with all the kids movies in it (i.e. /Kids Movies). If you were to create a Collection called "Kids" and add movies to it from your existing movie Library, then the only way to see them in a group would be to navigate into the Collections folder/view on the Home screen ("display a collection view" setting) and/or see them grouped within the Movies folder/view ("group movies into collections" setting). For me, I would really like the option to create groups or categories of media and have them show up alongside my Libraries on the Home screen without having to physically group the media in separate folders on the server. For example, I have a Library called "All Movies" pointed to the /Movies folder with all my movies in it. It would be really nice to create a couple of groups called "Kids Movies", "Martial Arts Movies" and "Wife's Movies." These groups would contain all the movies that I designate from the "All Movies" Library, using metadata or otherwise, and each group would show up separately next to "All Movies" on the Home screen. You could do this without having to create a new folder for each group on the server and then manually movie all the movie files/folders I want into the new group folders. This would allow all the media to be organized in a simple folder structure (/Movies or /TV), provide an easy way to create and navigate to a customized subset of that media (Kids Movies / Kids TV) in the Emby clients, and give complete control of the media organization/navigation to Emby Server. I could imagine myself creating new groups all the time. Say, I am on a "Comic Book Movie" kick or a "Movies about Sports" binge. It would be very nice to be able to easily group movies together and have that group show up on the home screen, without having to manually restructure my media folders on the server and create separate Libraries. Groups could be add/removed without having any impact on the server's folder structure. I could even expand on that further by imaging having Collections inside my group, or having a group that would contain a mix of media types (Movies, TV, Music, etc.). For example, my "Star Wars" group could contain the two separate movie Collections (original trilogy and the new trilogy), The Clone Wars movie, The Clone Wars TV series, the Star Wars Rebels TV series, the movie soundtrack albums, etc. The group would be easily accessible right next to my "All Movies" Library on the Home screen. Perhaps this can already be accomplished, but I have yet to get it to work in my testing, or see it explained in detail on the forums or the wiki. Any insight or thoughts on how to do this would be appreciated.
  3. nuahsocramid

    Kid Friendly View

    Good Day All, I'm looking for a "kid friendly" view to fit my child's profile where they can login, see the "Kids Movies" folder i've created, click said folder, see said movies (or just see said movies to begin with and skip the top level folder view), and then simply do a "Click to Play" function. My 4yr old doesn't really have the desire, yet, to read about reviews, plots, see what actors are in it. She just wants to watch her movies. Also, is there a way to eliminate the scrolling tabs at the top that call out Home/Next Up/Favorites/Upcoming? another feature that i'd love to eliminate for simplicity purposes. Thank you all for your time and thoughts, sd
  4. I have tvo game folders, which used to be grouped together before so only one entry, "Games", was shown on the home screen. Now they both show. I don't see the option to group games in home screen settings -> my views anymore either.
  5. Hi All, Upgraded to the new Emby Theater, running 1.0.23 (I think), and have found a small issue with the new home screen view sections under movies where it has the new "Because you watched (or liked) ...". I have 2 movie collections/views in my Emby, one with 'fictional' movies and a second one with 'non-fictional' documentary movies. I like to keep them separate. I have excluded the documentaries collection under the Home Screen settings menu from grouping this content into the Movies view which works for things like the latest section, or the All Movies section (as it did in the previous ET version), but doesn't seem to be work for the new "Because you watched/liked ..." feature. What I am seeing is some documentary recommendations in the movies section and some movie recommendations in the documentary section. They do not seem to filter and just apply on both. I'm not sure if logs or screenshots will help with this one, but please let me know if you need anything more from me to help to troubleshoot. Also on a small note, it would be great to be able to rename the 'All Movies' and 'Latest Movies' titles/labels on the main view page to 'All Docos' and 'Latest Docos' for the secondary documentary view if it could be accommodated. PS - Great work on the new ET, I am liking it a lot overall!! Thank you
  6. Windows Server: Version 3.0.5781.8 Hi Forum - I have been looking at Settings>Home Page>My Views to solve a "wish list" item that I brought up quite a while ago. Historically, I have organized my TV Series collections by container format, for example: TV Series (AVI) \Series A \Season 01 \Season 02 TV Series (MKV) \Series A \Season 03 \Season 04 When I add both of these folder paths to a library I get a duplication of the series rather than merging/displaying all seasons under the single series. I thought by selecting TV Series in My Views (Automatically group content from the following folders into views such as Movies, Music and TV:) that this would be negated. Have I misunderstood the setting or is there another way to avoid the duplication other than mixing season container formats under the same "Series A" folder? Thanks, @Tanamur
  7. ravinsinnasami

    Media Grouping

    Hi, Accidentally posted in the wrong forum earlier. I would like to know if there is a way to group my medias as shown in the first picture to that of the fourth picture [i obtained that using a setting in emby which is in picture 2]? However, when i click the "TV" folder, it shows every media labelled as TV as a whole [picture 5]. Is there a way to make it appear as below: When i click "TV" Make it appear as "English Series" "Japanese Series" "Anime" Like making those three appear as a subfolder. The first picture does this though but i would like to have it more organised. Thanks.
  8. first, I have looked for this for some time and have not been able to find an answer. Now then, I am a Plex user and have been since 2010. I like the latest Emby build and am running it alongside to get a feel for it and see if I want to switch over. I became a supporter to ensure I got the full functionality. However, I seem to be having a tough time on the web interface. I saw some posts online about users creating "smart views" which allowed them to have filtered views built and setup so they were always readily available without having to do it every time and I could not seem to find any documentation on it or see any option in the server or client interface to set it up. Is this possible or could it be a custom code they ran to create it? The other problem is the suggestions view. I see people talking about movies or series being suggested by the server based on what they have watched. My suggestions tab however only shows any resumable item and latest items added. I do not get any option of "because you watched..." or based on genre or anything like that. Is there a special feature or third party add-on that enables this function? This is where I am stuck now and these features seemed amazing and what drew me to Emby. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance. ** I deleted all the files and reinstalled the server and went to the dev build. I noticed after the reinstall that suggestions was working and presenting different options, however, as soon as I restarted the server, they all went away and now again just shows the latest media.
  9. Hi all and thanks for reading my question. I would like to be able to completely turn off the 'Cast & Crew' functionality. I'm not interested in this information and find it clotting my views. Also it creates another click that is not needed as movies are now in folders whereas I would like them to be just the movie file. How can I turn this feature off? Currently I have: - Movies --- MovieX --- --- MovieX.mkv --- --- Cast & Crew --- --- --- ActorA --- --- --- ActorB --- --- --- etc. I would like: - Movies --- MovieX.mkv --- MovieY.mkv --- etc.
  10. Hi there so I was noticing whenever I use poster view it is alot easier to "remember" what movies I have backed up and see all of them BUT it does not have details of the movie when hovering over it. I enjoy uaing coverflow view for this reason BUT then you have to scroll by a single row. My suggestion is to add an option to add details with poster view. I know it then basically makes coverflow view useless or just a copy of poster view but it would be a nice thing to have.
  11. I recently started building a music video collection, and for the artists that would not automatically identify, I manually put in the audiodb id in the appropriate field. However, now in the recent beta build the external id fields no longer display, and all of the artist metadata seems to be gone. Also, in the web client, when I click on Music, and then on the music video tab, none of my videos display. I have to click on the folders view, then music videos, to get them to display. This worked in the official(I recently updated to beta) I browsed the KB on file structure and it isn't very specific for music videos. My file structure is as: /Music Videos /Hollywood Undead /Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell.mp4 /Hollywood Undead - Comin' In Hot.mp4 If changing the file structure will help, I'll be more than glad to do it as I don't have TOO many music videos as of yet. NOTE: I have no "regular" music collection, only music videos.
  12. For mixed folders, is it still possible to have tabs for latest, genres, people, and studios? For example, I have a mixed media folder for documentaries that contains TV series and Movies. It would be nice to be able to still have tabs for genres so that I could select content that I've labeled 'Animals', 'Space', or 'History' for example. At the same time, it would be good to be able to goto the studios tab and see all the NatGeo or HBO docos all in one place. I understand that mixed folders are tricky because you don't know what media types are in the folder, but I still think that all the content would contain genres, people, and studios etc, and if it doesn't, then maybe just could just be excluded while viewing that tab.
  13. NobodyAtAll

    Roku - Display Collections (Not Views)

    Hi, I've just received a shiny new Roku 3 and installed MB3. It's my first Roku so I may well be missing something. It appears to show the 'Views' as automatically defined on the MB3 Server and not the user defined 'Collections'. Is it possible to have both 'Views" and 'Collections' show up on the Roku or even just 'Collections'? I'm hoping that someone will tell me its just a matter of configuring something on the Roku but suspect not. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above will be appreciated. NobodyAtAll
  14. NobodyAtAll

    Views Missing

    Hi, I've been through the excellent set up guides and I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. As I understand it, MB3 Server produces Views based on the collection type selected when adding a media collection under the Default Media Library menu. Hence Views for general or mixed content, adult videos, books, box sets, games, home videos, movies, music, music videos, photos, trailers and TV shows should become available as long as one or more media collection has been tagged as such. I have Views for 'Movies', 'TV' and 'Music' (even though none of my collections are tagged as Music) but am missing Views for 'General or Mixed Content' and 'Adult Videos' even though some of my media collections are tagged as such. Any idea how I get them to show up? Also the Roku client appears to list Views and not Collections. Is it possible to have it do both or just Collections? I'll post this question in the Roku section as well. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above questions. NobodyAtAll
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