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Found 2 results

  1. adwuk

    Emby and TVHeadend play nicely

    Thanks to all the contributions in this community, I have finally been able to get a setup of Emby, TVHeadend and our LG Smart TVs that works really well for me. I had a false start with the Emby TVHeadend plugin, which I am sure is working fine for others - unfortunately for me I couldn't get the TV schedule to update reliably, and sometimes it just went blank. When searching for a fix to these issues I saw a comment from Luke suggesting the use of the M3U tuner option. So here is where I have ended up: 1) Latest version of TVHeadend 4.3 tuned to Freesat UK with a DVB-S2 USB tuner on ubuntu 18.04 - TVH 4.3 required because I make use of the MPEG-TS/Spawn streaming profile 2) Hardware/VAAPI encoding streaming profile with FFMPEG - this makes use of the QuickSync encoding available on an Intel NUC with i3-7100 processor 3) Emby server connects to TVH via the M3U tuner options in Emby Live TV 4) A post recording script quickly converts the recorded MPEG-TS files to MP4 Details of the setup: 1) You can follow the install instructions for TVHeadend. The key is to install version 4.3 (it is named unstable, but seems pretty stable to me) as I wanted to make use of the Intel's VAAPI/QuickSync hardware encoder. Once installed, I created a MPEG-TS/Spawn streaming profile called 'mp4-h264-aac' with the following properties: 2) Create a bash script in /home/hts/scripts called h264aac.sh. Don't forget to make it executable with 'chmod +x h264aac.sh'. This script uses VAAPI and takes the video stream and english audio stream and converts to H264, Level 4.1, AAC audio, deinterlaces keeping the source frame rate and reasonable quality at the highest compression. The output container is MPEG-TS which is fed to the Emby server. It uses VAAPI hardware encoding which is pretty quick, and the CPU rarely gets above 10% usage while it is running. #!/bin/bash ffmpeg -loglevel info \ -hwaccel vaapi -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD128 -hwaccel_output_format vaapi \ -i pipe:0 -map 0:v -map 0:m:language:eng -sn \ -c:v h264_vaapi \ -quality 0 -compression_level 1 -qp 25 -level 41 \ -vf 'format=nv12|vaapi,hwupload,deinterlace_vaapi=rate=frame:auto=1' \ -c:a aac \ -f mpegts pipe:1 3) In your Emby server, using the Live TV options, add a M3U tuner with the following URL: http://user:password@server:9981/playlist/channels.m3u?profile=mp4-h264-aac This will load all the channels from your TVHeadend server using the newly created streaming profile. You will also need to add a TV guide provider, and I find that the new Emby one for the UK works well for me. 4) Finally you will need to convert the MPEG-TS files after they are recorded. MPEG-TS isn't seekable and so if you want to fast-forward or rewind during play, MP4 is more appropriate. In the DVR section on your Emby server you can define a post processing script. I set mine to "/var/lib/emby/video/convert.sh", and here is the script: #!/bin/bash # break up the input file name file=$(basename "$1") base=$(basename "$1" .ts) dir=$(dirname "$1") # transcode the file ffmpeg -y -i "$1" -map 0 -c copy "${dir}/${base}.mp4" # get the error code RC=$? if [ "${RC}" -ne "0" ]; then # had an error, so check if the output file exists # if so, remove the output file if [ -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" ]; then rm -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" fi else # all OK, so check if the output file exists # if so, remove the input file if [ -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" ]; then rm -f "$1" fi fi The post-processing script runs in a few seconds after the recording has completed. It now means that the whole process from selecting the programme to record, to it being listed and ready to play in Emby anywhere, is fully automated and simple enough for anyone to use. Hopefully this lot will prove useful to someone.
  2. Hey guys great progress with mb3. i have a couple of question.. 1. I have never used next pvr.. does it work with UK freesat? i.e does it get the tv guide properly unlike wmc no guide malarky? 2. would i be able to stream live tv to roku box's? it would be a great help cheers just before i fork out on few roku box's and get rid of my massive htpc ! thanks for all your hard work guys..
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