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  1. I recently forced to changedMyCloudPR4100 from OS 3 to OS 5 (grrrr) and now my Emby Server does not want to work correctly, I keep getting “Playback Error. No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details.” I have looked through a lot of sites and see that others are having “Playback Error. …”, but haven’t quite found the fix for me. I had previously set up an Emby Server on a Win10 PC were I was working with ‘stuff in process’. I disconnected the HD’s connected on that Win10 PC Emby Server and connected the HD’s from the MyCloudPR4100 Server so the family would have access to most of the library. Emby works just fine when it is using the PC Emby Server, but will not play videos when I us the MyCloudPR4100 Server. I have rebooted both the MyCloudPR4100 Server & Win10 PC systems with no change. I also tried Emby Theater and it didn’t work. I have Emby Premiere so I tried the mobile app but it didn’t work either. But they all work off the Win10 PC Emby Server J. My wife wants the MyCloudPR4100 Server back because it is much smaller that the full sized Win10 PC desktop computer!! Can someone point me in the right direction, I am only slightly above a newbie. Thank you. embyserver (1).txt
  2. Model: Pixel 3a - Google/google ---> Official ROM Android 11 Hardware: sargo/sargo/sargo/sargo CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/data/user/0/com.emby.embyserver/files/ffmpeg/ffmpeg": cannot locate symbol "__trunctfdf2" referenced by "/data/user/0/com.emby.embyserver/files/ffmpeg/ffmpeg"... i cant watch videos With Emby server for android App version beta and LOG.zipLOG.zip
  3. Bbelll33t

    Resume From not playing

    If a show has been started and I pause on android and either minimize or close Emby out, next time I try to come back and continue watching the loading circle spins and never actually plays. In the Continue Watching window I select the show/video to watch, it takes me to that episode or movie. Then I either press play or rotate my screen and the option for resume from appears and push that. Then the screen rotates horizontal (if not already there for play back) and the loading circle just spins. Afterwards I cannot rotate the screen back to vertical even after I return to the home page. Some times after I try to resume and look back at the time to resume the episode it has moved forward in the episode with out actually playing anything. This issue has been going on for multiple android devices since at least Thanksgiving. I have tried shutting down emby, restarting my phone and sometimes this fixes the issue but as of late (past few weeks) I have not been able to resume play on android. Trying this today on my device resulted in this error to pop up which I have not previously seen. I cannot find in my settings option where I can turn on debug to send error log as seen in the second screen shot.
  4. So sat down to resume watching a game I was watching yesterday via my Roku Ultra (normal method of watching Emby), and the "Retrieving" bar stops / starts / stop / etc. until I get a red "Playback error - too many errors, moving on". I can resume that in my Chrome browser though. Tried several other games from start, and same thing, with the occasional error complaining that I've exceeded my # of streams, but alas, I am the only one watching anything. Max streams is set to 6. Restarted the server thinking maybe some phantoms / streams that didn't close out, etc, but no help. Tried resuming another show (tv sit-com) and it worked fine. Rebooted Roku, checked for updates on Roku, Server (4.5.3) and the Emby app on Roku, all say they are good. The other odd thing is it appears to be wanting to transcode everything even though historically it was direct-play here within the home. Is this all related to 4.5.3? Does 4.5.3 'uncover' some errant setting that I have? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-0ab3b443-e72d-41ec-8a3c-7f303a989ed5_1.txt NFL_ffmpeg-transcode-a83bae6e-6561-47d1-8665-fca500acff26_1.txt
  5. Hi, I have just switch from Plex and have some issues/problems with Emby 1.When i try to play a movie/tv show sometimes i get this error: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. What can i do? 2.It takes a long time until something plays - like 3x clicks - is this normal, is it my internet, server or tv? Anything i can do about it? It works fine on the computer. Library (Emby is on iMac with Catalina - streaming wirelessly to LG Smart TV (42LB650V-ZN) Emby Theater 1.0.24. IMG_2264.mp4
  6. A library I created for my children can no longer play content when the account has tag limitations in place, and every episode of something I've checked so far has the Version drop down appear (when viewed in a browser), with what I can tell is every other item in the library listed as an alternative version. I am running the official Emby docker, on unRAID. Scenario goes (with tags): Library: Kids TV User account: Parental Control > Restrict Items with Tags > Tag1 (allow only items with these tags) Shows: Only those I've tagged are visible to my child Symptom: any content I view has the "Version" drop down, and if I try to play the episode, it eventually fails with the error "Playback error: No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details" Scenario goes (without tags): Library: Kids TV User account: Parental Control > Restrict Items with Tags > removed all tags Symptom: No version list and the video plays without error. embyserver.zip
  7. Hi, I'm often playing shuffled libs quietly & continuously in the background while working - and annoyingly it stops every now & then. I usually run a browser ( eg chromium / chrome ) as emby client - the server is running in docker. Today I was annoyed enough to take a closer look On this occasion I found it to be reproducible for all songs in an album (all flac). Browsewr UI pops up a window with 'Playback error - No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again or contact your system administrator for details.' Browser console shows 204 & 206 Status with msg: playing url: playbackmanager.js?v= Active player: {"name":"Web Audio Player","id":"htmlaudioplayer","playerName":"Web Audio Player","playableMediaTypes":["Audio"],"isLocalPlayer":true,"supportedCommands":["GoHome","GoToSettings","VolumeUp","VolumeDown","Mute","Unmute","ToggleMute","SetVolume","SetAudioStreamIndex","SetSubtitleStreamIndex","SetMaxStreamingBitrate","DisplayContent","GoToSearch","DisplayMessage","SetRepeatMode","PlayMediaSource","PlayTrailers","ToggleFullscreen"]} playbackmanager.js?v= playbackmanager playback error type: mediadecodeerror I believe this corresponds to the following in the server logs: 2020-04-28 20:30:41.306 Info MediaInfoService: User policy for Fred. EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: True 2020-04-28 20:30:41.387 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/80.0.3987.163 Chrome/80.0.3987.163 Safari/537.36 2020-04-28 20:30:41.389 Info SessionManager: Playback start reported by app Emby Web playing Have You Come To Stay. Started at 0 ms 2020-04-28 20:30:41.390 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 3ms. 2020-04-28 20:30:41.411 Info HttpServer: SocketException: 2020-04-28 20:30:41.411 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 206 to Time: 109ms.,mp3|mp3,mp2,mp3|mp2,aac|aac,m4a|aac,mp4|aac,flac,webma,webm,wav|PCM_S16LE,ogg&TranscodingContainer=aac&TranscodingProtocol=hls&AudioCodec=aac&PlaySessionId=1588098544997&StartTimeTicks=0&EnableRedirection=true Now I started looking closer at the flac file. Using metaflac I saw the file contains 4 blocks: Block#0 STREAMINFO Block#1 PICTURE Block#2 VORBIS_COMMENT Block#3 PADDING Trying various combinations of removing meta data, I found that deletion of the image fixes the issue: metaflac --remove --block-number=1 Test.flac That removes the block without the --dont-use-padding option - ie the image space is padded and the file is the same size before & after the command. I attach Test.flac before block removal. Is this likely a browser issue or something that can be handled in emby? cheers, ff Test.flac.gz embyserver.txt.gz
  8. Hi, To begin, I must say that I am very impressed with Emby so far. I have been a Plex user for years, and just got tired of the lack of flexibility when it comes to music collections. I stumbled on Emby, and it does exactly what it should do. It gives you a simple way to access large libraries of music without making any assumptions about how you have it organized, or forcing you to completely rearrange it. My collection of music is all MP3s, and is organized by genre. I like to have playlists for each genre and listen to them randomly. Emby handles that in spades. It works flawlessly in the web interface and on the Roku. I have run into a small issue that I'm hoping you can easily fix. This happens on both the web interface and Roku 3 (Emby shows it as SG 3.0.193). On the web interface when I'm viewing playlists and select "Instant Mix" option, nothing happens. On the Roku when I open a music playlist, then select the "Instant Mix" button, it pops a "Playback error". This happens on all 5 of my playlists. My workaround is to use Shuffle for now, which is perfectly fine when on the web interface. It just takes a few more steps on the Roku since I have to play the playlist first, then shuffle it. I am running the latest release of Emby Server ( on Windows Server 2019. Let me know if you need anything else. Dan.
  9. when trying to play some of my videos on my roku, it will just say it's retrieving for ever. i have to exit out to the home screen . if i use Chrome i get the error Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. 2019-10-11 17:37:31.057 Emby Server version: App: Roku SG 3.0.175 Family room,mpeg1video,mpeg2video,hevc&AudioCodec=aac,mp2,mp3,flac,opus,vorbis,lpcm&VideoBitrate=109808000&AudioBitrate=192000&MaxFramerate=61&MaxWidth=3840&MaxHeight=2160&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=2&SegmentContainer=ts&SegmentLength=3&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&h264-maxrefframes=16&h264-videobitdepth=8&h264-profile=high,main,baseline,constrainedbaseline&h264-level=51&aac-audiochannels=2&flac-audiochannels=2&lpcm-audiochannels=2&mp3-audiochannels=2&mp2-audiochannels=2&vorbis-audiochannels=2&opus-audiochannels=2&TranscodeReasons=VideoCodecNotSupported {"Protocol":"File","Id":"eb95c82079bb359e2cd2c5c3d77fe82f","Path":"E:\\TV\\Batwoman\\Batwoman.S01E01.iNTERNAL.480p.x264-mSD[eztv].mkv","Type":"Default","Container":"mkv","Size":0,"Name":".S01E01.iNTERNAL.480p.x264-mSD[eztv]","IsRemote":false,"SupportsTranscoding":true,"SupportsDirectStream":true,"SupportsDirectPlay":true,"IsInfiniteStream":false,"RequiresOpening":false,"RequiresClosing":false,"RequiresLooping":false,"SupportsProbing":false,"MediaStreams":[],"Formats":[],"RequiredHttpHeaders":{},"ReadAtNativeFramerate":false} User policy for Kevin: EnablePlaybackRemuxing: True EnableVideoPlaybackTranscoding: True EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: True Affected codecs: >>>>>> libx264 Software Encoder Color Formats: YUV420P, YUVJ420P, YUV422P, YUVJ422P, YUV444P, YUVJ444P, NV12, NV16, NV21, YUV420P10, YUV422P10, YUV444P10, NV20 Profiles: Baseline Profile (Level 6.2), Main Profile (Level 6.2), High Profile (Level 6.2), High 10 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:2:2 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:4:4 Profile (Level 6.2) >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Custom Info FindVideoEncoder - Checking: 'libx264 Software Encoder' (Priority: 0) Info Encoder supports input stream Info FindVideoEncoder - Check successful - selecting 'libx264 Software Encoder' >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Custom Info FindVideoEncoder - Checking: 'libx264 Software Encoder' (Priority: 0) Info Encoder supports input stream Info FindVideoEncoder - Check successful - selecting 'libx264 Software Encoder' C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\ffmpeg.exe -f matroska -i file:"E:\TV\Batwoman\Batwoman.S01E01.iNTERNAL.480p.x264-mSD[eztv].mkv" -map_metadata -1 -map_chapters -1 -threads 1 -sn -c:v:0 libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -maxrate 109808000 -bufsize 219616000 -preset veryfast -profile:v:0 high -level:v:0 4.1 -crf 23 -x264opts:0 subme=0:me_range=4:rc_lookahead=10:me=dia:no_chroma_me:8x8dct=0:partitions=none -force_key_frames "expr:gte(t,n_forced*3)" -vf "scale=trunc(min(max(iw\,ih*dar)\,min(3840\,2160*dar))/2)*2:trunc(min(max(iw/dar\,ih)\,min(3840/dar\,2160))/2)*2" -vsync -1 -codec:a:0 aac -disposition:a:0 default -ac:a:0 2 -ab:a:0 192000 -f segment -max_delay 5000000 -avoid_negative_ts disabled -start_at_zero -segment_time 3 -individual_header_trailer 0 -segment_format mpegts -segment_write_temp 1 -segment_list_entry_prefix "hls/088dc8a1befe5e56a872ad041f99ed63/" -segment_list_type m3u8 -segment_start_number 0 -segment_list "C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\transcoding-temp\088dc8a1befe5e56a872ad041f99ed63.m3u8" -y "C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\transcoding-temp\088dc8a1befe5e56a872ad041f99ed63%d.ts" ffmpeg version 4.0.3-emby_2019_04_09-g5abbb1430d+449 Copyright © 2000-2018 the FFmpeg developers and softworkz for Emby LLC built with gcc 8.3.0 (Rev2, Built by MSYS2 project) Local Time: 17:37:31 T=0.000s T=0.047s file:E:\TV\Batwoman\Batwoman.S01E01.iNTERNAL.480p.x264-mSD[eztv].mkv: Permission denied Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details.Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details.
  10. IOS 13.1 / Emby App 1.8.3 / Emby QNAP-Server When trying to start playing a song nothing happens, When trying to start watching a movie, a message appears "playback error" No compatible stream. No matter AVI or mp4 Within Opera browser, on the same IPad, everything works fine. No problems at all. It has nothing to do with the new IOS 13.1, because it did not work under IOS 12.x either. What may be the problem? It's much nicer using the app instead of Opera Browser.
  11. Milldor

    Live TV playback not working

    Whenever I try to watch live TV through the Emby Theater app I get a spinning circle for a few minutes before the app freezes. The app is from the Emby site, not the Windows store. Live TV will playback on my phone and through the web player on any device. It will not play through androiid TV on an Nvidia Shield. I use an HDhomerun tuner. The tuner will play using NextPVR, and the HDhomerun app. E,by theatre will still not play LiveTV if using the NPVR plugin in Emby server, however I can still use the web player or my phone. In the Emby server log file it shows the stream being accessed then writing to a transcoding file. At the point where the stream is to be played by Emby Theater it seems to try and access the local loopback address rather than the address of the server or tuner. Beyond this problem, opening a TV stream through Emby is hugely slow compared to NextPVR. NPVR takes a second or 2 while emby always takes 10 seconds or more. I have attached the part of the server log from just before trying to watch LiveTV. log..txt
  12. Hi All Hoping for some help with this issue. I've investigated playback errors in the past, but don't seem to get anything helpful from the log this time. FreeNAS 11.2-U3 with Emby server in a jail. Created a new jail and installed Emby following official instructions for here: https://emby.media/freebsd-server.html I can browse to the webUI and play fine in Chrome browser on laptop, but LG TV throws an error on any video: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. [LG] webOS TV OLED55C8PLA - software version 04.10.31 Emby TV app is up to date I can't spot anything in the log - attached. Any help greatly appreciated!
  13. So I just installed Emby and finally was able to get everything configured to the point where I was ready to watch a movie and once I clicked on play i am getting this error " Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. This is happening on both TV Shows and Movies and I am not sure on how to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Not sure how many log files to upload and I am currently on Linux Mint (Latest Version) and I am also running the latest version of Emby Server as well. If you need anymore information please let me know. I also wanted to add that I have my media sources going to a webdav folder as well where all of my tv shows and movies are stored. Those are located in linux under /mnt/dav embyserver.txt embyserver-63690095862.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1cf952ad-845b-44c2-8a2d-916893fe6032_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3db184a5-e8d4-4580-a7bd-8f65d41da01b_1.txt
  14. Hello, I just upgraded to the latest emby-server version and now I am unable to stream any content. This happens with any browser and any operating system (Windows, Edge, Linux, chromium based ...) After hitting the play button of a recording (tvheadend) or any media file (mkv, avi) I receive the following error: I tried rebooting the server and updating all software but nothing helped. I have tried several types of media all of which I know worked in the past. This is with the emby web player. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ffmpeg.txt embyserver.txt
  15. # Portuguese # Prezados, Possuo o EMBY THEATHER (LIFE TIME) porém ao tentar reproduzir uma determinada serie de tv, em alguns episódios. Ao lado do descritivo do episodio, apresenta a mensagem "Missing" e ao tentar reproduzir apresenta a mensagem: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erro na Reprodução Não existem streams compatíveis. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde ou contate o administrador do sistema para mais detalhes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gostaria de saber, como faço para resolver este problema, pois já tentei converter o video de .MKV para .AVI ou .MP4 (o erro persiste). Também, criei e procurei novamente a Biblioteca deletei os arquivos, reinstalei o Emby e persiste. # English # Dear, I own the EMBY THEATER (LIFE TIME) but when trying to play a particular TV series, in some episodes. Next to the descriptive of the episode, it presents the message "Missing" and when trying to reproduce it presents the message: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Playback Error There are no compatible streams. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for more details. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- I would like to know, how do I solve this problem, since I tried to convert the video from .MKV to .AVI or .MP4 (the error persists). Also, I created and searched again for a Library to erase the files, balances or for the EMBY and persists. EMBY-LOG.txt
  16. After trying to troubleshoot why some of my video files wouldn't play I found that the path seems missing. Using the metadata manager to breeze through which are missing I found 7 out of 9 didn't have a pathway. The two that do have a path played fine. In fact the path field is missing for the 7 files that don't play...so I can't even manually change it. The title field is correct though. This occurred with 4.02 and 4.10, I've tried removing them, replace metadata, then add them back with a new name, scan again, and the problem still persist. Another problem is Zombie entries...files removed but still have entries.
  17. I'm new to emby so it's likely I have something configured wrong or misunderstood requirements. But I have this error when attempting to play/shuffle a TV Collection. Each individual show can be played, as well as shuffling within the series. It's only the collection I'm having issues with. The error occurs on android, android tv (local) and the web client. My set-up I'm running emby docker (emby/embyserver:latest) on ubuntu 16.04.5 with an SSL nginx reverse proxy (linuxserver/letsencrypt). With this set up, my public https port number 443, emby is accessible at https://emby.domain.com. I've enabled "Secure connection mode: Handled by reverse proxy" in server settings > advanced as well as the "external url: emby.domain.com". I have no ports exposed directly to emby. The collection name is "Shuffle" - log attached - I see a lot of plain http requests to http://emby.domain.com:8096. BTW if there's an easier way to shuffle a group of shows (using android and android tv clients) I'd be happy to try an alternative. As far as I can tell, all other features appear to be working as intended. Any help or ideas appreciated. thanks - looking forward to becoming a lifetime member if I can get this issue resolved and do some more testing.
  18. System information: I have not been able to run my server for a few months. I booted it back up and attempted to watch something, anything via Roku but it wanted to be updated. So, I came down to the server and discovered it wanted to be updated too. So, I updated it to as per the Linux down load. I used the Debian installer. Then I launched the emby via local:8096 and got the error: I have searched the forums and attempted the fixes I found. None have worked. I cannot play from the emby web site, I cannot play from other computers on my intranet, I cannot play on the Roku. I changed the /etc/emby-server.conf as one had suggested would work. It did not. I can play the movies using VLC so I know I can play it back and the drives are good. I have posted a couple from when I fist started, as well as the last few logs. Let me know what else you need to know. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-0a7df318-923b-4ab7-9359-6774596ed00b.txt ffmpeg-transcode-00bc712d-2371-459e-bb2c-f1ed9a5301e9.txt server-63670289077.txt ffmpeg-transcode-faa99a2d-1f81-41f7-beb7-ef73c3f1b17c.txt
  19. krystianen

    Emby KODI playback Error

    Hi, I've EMBY server on QNAP. I'm using KODI playback on 2 devices. In both i have the same problem. Cant play any movies "EMBY ERROR". I've attached logs below, please help kodi.log kodi_emby.txt
  20. After the first day with premier my app has not worked . I have an xbox one , Ruko and Windows 10 laptop , with the Emby apps installed on all 3 . My media server has mp3’s and Mp4’s and playlists for both . I can see all the media on any device but when I try to play ANYTHING ANYWHERE I get a server error below. MY MEDIA SERVER embyserver.txt
  21. Hi, Today i tried to use Emby on my Qnap NAS but I am struggling with the transcoding. The idea is to use the emby docker container (official) with the container station. The server runs without problems but transcoding does not work. NAS: TS-431XeU with latest versions of QTS and container station. Emby Docker container from docker hub. I have also attached the screenshot of the Log file and the error message.
  22. Hello, I just upgraded to the new version of emby server Version about 2 days ago and ever since then I have not been able to play any content: music, tv shows, or movies. I have tried the web interface on firefox as well as the android app but the error message is the same: Playback Error. No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. I have tried rebooting the server through the admin panel several times as well as restarting the physical server. Below I have attached the server logs and the transcoding logs. I have tried several types of media all of which I know worked in the past. The only thing I saw in the logs that was weird was "Permission denied" but like I said, it all worked before the update so I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ServerLog.txt ffmpeg-transcode_Log.txt
  23. This issue has been happening more and more for me. I will go to start a video that i have had working in the past and it gives me " Playback Error, no compatible streams are currently available". If i were to back out of the video then go back in sometimes the video would fire up after a few attempts. Last week I was out of state on vacation and I went to watch a movie from my hotel and got the error. It would not fire up after several re attempts. So I remotely accessed my network to check on the files. movie is still there and would play outside of the web app on the machine I remoted into. I dragged it out of its sorting folder and EMBY saw it as a new file, and then would play it with no issues. All the files and folders haven't changed over the course of time but now most will not play back unless they had been added recently or i drag them out of their containing folders. Any thoughts or ideas here? I have scanned the library a few times next I'm going to un-sync and re-sync folder. Running on "Version" Is there someone i can just pm the log to? don't want my server login address on display.
  24. Hi, Playback on individual devices works great but I have a problem when using several at once. The video starts as it should and runs smoothly. Any devices that are currently playing is affected. When I start or stop a video on the 2nd or 3rd device all of the other devices screens will go black for a second or 2. It only happens at start or stop, not on pause or seek. I've tried on a mobile phone, 2 desktops, a laptop and a raspberry pi and they all are affected. The problem occurs when using addon mode or direct paths and also occurs when direct playing or transcoding. It does not happen when using an external player like mpc-hc which leads me to believe it's something updating in Kodi to sync with emby's watched list. Any insights would be appreciated.
  25. Using Windows 10 Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 m I get an error " Video Error There was an Error Playing The Video" when selecting an episode on Emby version 3.0.6020.0. This started happening whin I upgraded to 3.0.6000.0. The episode plays fine with VLC. I'm attaching the most recent logs generated when the error happened. Any help is appreciated. server-63605542281.txt remux-f4a18ad3-a2ba-416d-9951-425183925725.txt
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