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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone i would like to know when emby will be available on the European country Tizen Store? I can't get the Emby Tizen App on my French Country Samsung App and I have some configurations that I won't reset to change the country can please emby tell me when it was available across the other country like French, Spain, Portugal or also China? Kind regards
  2. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this .
  3. Ayer instales emby me ha gustado mucho pero tengo el problema siguiente: Al verlo en el explorador no tengo problemas conecta y por ello pienso que esta bien configurado lel puerto abierto y si puedo ver las peliculas y series pero al bajar la app en diferentes aparatos dos celulares uno viejito con android 4.4 otro con android 9 y una tvbox con android 5 no puede localizar el servidor, no se que pueda ser me pueden ayudar?
  4. Hi, today Emby on my Tizen TV (installed via USB) told me that a new version of the app has been released. I downloaded it from https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/tree/master/tizen, put it on the usual USB key, but a security error occurred (please see the photo below, "invalid app package for security check failed"). I haven't previously cancelled the old version of the app. Help, thanks! Samsung model: UE43NU7190 Samsung firmware: T-KTSUDEUC-1270.6 Emby App in use: Emby Theater 1.0.63 New Emby App: 1.0.64 (released aug 31, 2019)
  5. Olá, primeiro parabéns por todo esse trabalho. Excelente! Estou com um problema, legendas funcionam bem na versão Web como podes vê abaixo Porém, na versão Android não funcionam. Desde já agradeço.
  6. I have had Emby for quite a time now and recently bought Emby Premiere so I could use it on more platforms. I have my Emby server running locally on Debian and can connect remotely through my domain (assume my.domain.com). Emby works fine (with SSL) on following the devices I tested: Android app iOS app Windows Store app Xbox One app Most PCs web interface However, I could not get it working with SSL on my LG TV with WebOS 3.5 (LG OLED55B6V if it matters). It did work on a non-secure connection, but when I try to add the server as SSL connection, it simply denies connection like it doesn
  7. fettsack_joe

    TS453a cant find the emby-Server app ?

    Hi guys, please hit me if this isn´t a reason for opening a new thread - i am quite new to this Theme, but long sotry short - i am using a qnap (ts453a - fw: with smb for my Kodi-player (Nvidia-Shield-TV). As i am now on the way to improve my whole system (adding a sencond, mayb a third Kodi player ), i am looking for a solution to sync my databases (my whole ripped DVD/BR collection) and get a little more comfy than diy-kodi-qnap-biotope (watched, marks, artwork (sd/br boxes) etc.. ) i came to emby Server for Kodi (i think lifetime premium is THE way for my needed features, supp
  8. A client has reported several types of errors when accessing my emby server, using the emby app on their Fire Tv. Among the most common errors is the lock after 5 minutes of playback and yesterday he was trying to watch a movie and this message came up: "Too many errors. Giving up" Thank you in advance for your attention, I have found that 6 clients use the emby application on Fire Tv. Note: Using the same Fire Tv with the SILK BROWSER web browser does not occur any problem to watch the emby server.
  9. Akilian

    Fire TV APP ID?

    Anyone know the app id for Emby on FireTV? I have B00VVJKTW8 and 1504272751. But I think it's a 4 digit code. I want to launch into it directly with Control4.
  10. Hello I am using emby app on minix u1. While playing on the web client creates no problems with lip sync, the emby app has problems syncing with sound. Could you help Heinrichxx
  11. Bernie V

    Cannot play transcoded media

    Hi guys, I'm still using the old windows Emy app on my phone (Windows phone 8.1). I can't play music files witch has to be transcoded to play on my phone. As far as I can see, the transcoding went fine but the phone doesn't start with playing the media and on my phone screen I see the || (pause) of the track without starting. I have test it with flac files and m4a files. Normally it has to be transcoded to mp3 to play on my phone. See attachements for the logs. Thanks in advance for helping me. ffmpeg-transcode-0b8093ce-6d60-4279-afb0-5930fa08be16.txt server-63618947885.
  12. redaktorn

    Emby App in Winphone

    Hi, I am a Premiere member and I have set up Emby Server mainly in order to use it with my (several) Kodi installations. It works just fine with my over 4.000 Movies and 20.000 TV episodes. (Even though setup process took several days in order to get it perfectly working and understand all parts of the Emby Server system) Now I have tried to setup Emby in my Windows phones and must say that I am extremly disappointed with the "Emby App". It has several huge problems desribed below. Optional there is also Emby Theater but it is mainly intended for use on TV or Home monitors that are bi
  13. I remember reading this somewhere in the community but can't find it. For some reason, the Google PlayStore keeps showing me that there's an update to the Emby App, but the version number is always 3.8. Does this make sense? Is it because whenever the newly released Emby App has a new version, I'm notified while never getting that update? I'm on version Version 3.0.6400.0. I've attached the Server and Emby App logs. Log.txt logs.zip
  14. Hi, I am modifying the custom CSS in a server and i can see these changes in the web browser. But, the emby app for android doesn't respect the custom CSS which I had modified in a server. There any way to modify the custom css for the android app? Thanks.
  15. PittPilot

    Problem playing Live TV

    I'm having trouble playing live TV on any of the apps. I don't have a problem with movie which are MKV containers, but only 480p. I'm using a HDHR tuner attached to a Gigabit network and I've tried both the Emby Server for windows and the freenas plugin just to see if that had an effect. Using the Emby app for window 10 I get this video failed to play most of the time (I tried two different windows 10 PCs). Using Microsoft Edge and Firefox also do not let me watch live TV. If I look on the server, it has a few FFmpeg proccess hanging out even after the video failed to play. Any ideas o
  16. I am running the latest version of Emby Server on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine. It works fine, both on my LAN and from remote locations. I recently took an Asus Transformer T100TA tablet on vacation and used it to connect to the Emby Server by logging in and connecting remotely. The T100TA is running Windows 10 Home and it works fine when used in this way. I noticed an Emby App on the Windows store that is described as an Emby Browser App (by 7illusions.) I paid the $4.99 and attempted to download/install the App on the Asus computer. The Emby logo flashes briefly when the download star
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