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  1. Wann kommt endlich die Emby App für Samsung Tizen TV für Deutschland / Schweiz /Österreich ? Es ist sehr mühsam die App jeden Monat neu zu Installieren!!! Klar ist das eine doofe Restriktion von Samsung für externe Apps wo Emby nichts dafür kann, aber es müsste mit Samsung eine Lösung gefunden werden ! Also, haut hier in die Tasten und schreibt eure Meinung dazu, dammit sich endlich was bewegt........
  2. Hello, I have an issue on my new Samsung QLED QE55Q83B 4K 2022 (Model Code QE55Q83BATXXC) with the tizen app (I tried with latest version and older). I have movies with multiple audio languages but when i launch the video, it use always french audio which is tag as default, whatever language i choose. I can switch subtitles without problems. Do you have a solution ? Thank's
  3. Hello any news to install emby at my Samsung tv ( tizen) I am at Europe any release ?
  4. Hi, in version 1.3.8 it's impossible to select a filter in a library. If you select filter, then click on any selection field, you cannot select an option but the cursor seems to be stuck on the filter selection; just try it and you will understand. Ciao, Alfred
  5. Hi there, Emby Server v4.7.1.0 (I was on v4.6.7.0). At the same time my Samsung Tizen TV apps expired so I've updated them both to v1.2.8. The issue I’ve just noticed is that when I open up an episode, the artwork behind the episode details and navigation areas is the thumbnail blown up. The thumbnail images are quite small ~400px so it looks quite poor. I’m pretty sure on the previous version of the Tizen app (or Emby Server) it used to display the fan art image. Here is an image of what I mean: Here is the same screen in the web user interface. I think this looks a lot better: I’ve looked in the display settings however there doesn’t seem to be an option to change this behaviour. Samsung TV Tizen App: v1.2.8 Samsung model number: QA65Q80TAWXXY Samsung firmware version: T-NKMUABC-2200.9, B2052210/B60202, BT - S Samsung Emby client version: v1.2.8 Emby server version: v4.7.1.0 thanks!
  6. Hi, in the Tizen app the light themes (including AppleTV) are pretty unusable. The problem exists in the latest 1.1.0 version and is there for already some versions. The problem is, if you enter detail screen or open the "logout/exit" menu, you get black font on darkened background, which is unreadable. It seems to only work right on the home screen, where you have black font on lightened background (which looks good). Could this please be checked? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  7. Ace of Space

    Wrong time in Emby APP

    Hello, I have the problem in Germany, the television has the right time, including summer citation adjustment. (GMT +1 winter / GMT + 2 summer) Unfortunately, the time in Emby is always 9 hours after. Say if the TV in the EPG displays 20 clock, it is in the Emby app just 11 clock Maybe someone has an idea?
  8. Hello! The local time (Brazil - Brasília time) is wrong in the emby TV app (Samsung Q7FN). Brazil won’t have change in timezone (BRT to Brasília summer time - BRST, this year), but emby is not following that. The time is correct both in my TV and Windows (Brasilia Time -BRT- has a UTC offset of -3:00, but emby shows UTC-2). Thank you
  9. Request: Add a visual seeking method with progress bar using thumbnails from chapter markers or the 10 second thumbnail generator (as defined by the users server options) for skipping. Now that the >> << are remapped to next and previous items in a list there is no way to conveniently skip chapters during playback. Exiting and going back to the details page to select the next chapter is inconvenient and so is clicking skip forward 50 times at 30 seconds a pop to get to where you want to be. The ATV chapter skipping and visual seeking methods are good examples of a way to advance/reverse on the progress bar using thumbnails . Click the UP key could bring up a slider where you can select chapter images and/or the newer bif images. Then you can use the left and right arrow to scroll through the images Currently the UP and DOWN keys are both mapped to bring up the OSD, so the UP should be free for other things like a chapter skipping slider
  10. Hi, the new info/chapter popup while playing in tizen version 1.1.0 is nice. But if the description text of the movie/episode is too long, it is not shown completely there seems no way to make it all readable, BTW: I like the new way for long description on detail screens, that there is not anymore the "more" button, but a popup for the whole text. Ciao, Alfred
  11. why the application expire in Samsung Q70 Series TV very frequent and i have to install the app using the USB every time it expires is there a way to extend the validity of the app?
  12. serpi

    Change User/Logout

    Hi, with the latest builds of the Tizen version, there are two options on the "go back from EHS" menu: "Change User" and "Logout" (I'm not sure, what they are named in english, as my interface is german). Both seem to do the same: Open the user selection screen. So what's the point of having two entries that do the same? Or is there any difference? Also, the "Logout" option is the last entry in the menu, the "Close" option is before it. "Close" should be the last option as it has the biggest impact. Ciao, Alfred
  13. Hi, in the current Tizen version (1.1.6) the "Next Up" when entering a series folder is gone. Why has this be removed and will we get it back? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  14. Hi, with the latest Tizen App (1.1.5), pressing the play/pause button (combined button, not seperate play and pause button) on the remote doesn't start anymore the selected object, for example on home screen. This was added some time ago, but now it's gone again. You now have to enter the object and select play, if you want to start playback. Please add it back. Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  15. hare89

    Double subtitles

    This same problem i am experiencing now on 1.1.04 and on some of the older onces, this is on Samsung 2019 model q65R Emby is playing both Embedded(not forced not default ) and external srt in same time...
  16. So guys, really, what's going on with Emby for Samsung Tizen and the releases? Version 1.0.88 is out for already 10 days, but still no release notes for this. Also, there was a release in november with version number 1.0.86 (same as the october release), but this version had the great feature, that me and my wife really loved, that it showed "Next up", new content, etc. already on the Samsung home screen, like in other apps like Disney+ or YouTube. Why has this feature be removed in the 1.0.87 version? Could you please bring it back (or make it an option in the app, if it wasn't liked by some people)? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  17. Hi, this happens now for some versions of the tizen App (and it also happens on ET for windows). If you enter a episode, you get a row of "more from this season" episodes below the poster/description. It used to work some time ago (AFAIR), when you entered that row, that the focus was set to the first unseen episode of that season (which was fine). Now it always jumps to the first episode of the season, so you have to scroll all the way right to get to the unwatched episodes of the season (which are normally, what I want to see). If this was changed intentionally, because someone thought it would be a good idea, please revert it back or make ii at least an option, how it works. Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  18. iNfRaSoNiC

    Subtitle lines issue

    Hello, Samsung model number: QE65Q70RA Samsung firmware version: 1335 Samsung Emby client version #: please check the image I've provided. I have an issue with the external subtitles lining as you can see below. The text after "..." should appear on a new row but instead its on the same and this is causing issues with big lines also it is very unpleasant to watch and read. Can you look into this issue? Here is the text extracted from the subs As you can see there are two different rows. Other programs and Samsung original player are displaying this as it should so the problem must be with the Emby app for Tizen. Also the fire is direct playing ( no transcoding ) Also just to mention the issue is not present when using the web emby player ( as shown in the screens below ) Thank you in advance.
  19. flyload

    Emby am TV vorspulen

    Hallo, kann man die Emby App am Samsung TV ändern, dass das Vorspulen wie z.B. auf Netflix funktioniert? Dass man auf der Zeitleiste die Stelle auswählen kann, wo man weiterschauen bzw. vorspulen will? Ansonsten muss man ewig die zwei Pfeiltasten drücken um an die gewünschte Stelle zu gelangen. LG
  20. Samsung model: QE75Q7FNA Samsung software: T-KTM2DEUC-1294.1, BT-S Emby client: 1.0.77 Emby Server: (Official docker image | 8 core AMD FX CPU | 8GB RAM | 96GB SSD | NVidia Quadro P620) Connection: TV connected via CAT5E to Gigabit switch/server I've had this issue on and off for a few weeks but I always put it down to the previous low spec server I was running. Last week I upgraded to my new server and everything worked flawlessly - SD, HD and 4K content would stream and transcode without issue. This evening however this issue has returned. Selecting any file results in the rainbow wheel spinning (for a minute?) then the error message on the screen: "Playback Error: No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details" If I try on any of the other devices in the house using the official Emby apps (2 ancient Android phones, 3 PCs and 3 Roku sticks) playback works flawlessly, it's just the Samsung TV that has issues. I've tried with both HD content, and SD content. Both result in the same error. Previous times I've had this error, the file that has failed to play has appeared in the Home screen under "Continue watching". It's as if the server starts playing, but the Samsung app doesn't connect to the stream. Thanks edit: I tried again with debug logging enabled, it failed on both files with the same error - additional logs attachedembyserver_debug.txt embyserver.txt
  21. Hi all, I've installed latest emby app using usb method on Samsung UE48J5600 (Tizen) and successfully connected to my server which is on Synology DS1019+ with latest DSM 6.3, it successfully authenticated and when i wanted to play media i realised that the remote control "Enter" key does nothing when i click on a movie or series to play something. Did anyone encountered this? I've been searching the forum but i can't find this happening anywhere. Please advice. Thanks, Alex.
  22. On tizen client app v1.0.85 I can't go below "Discover Emby Premiere" section to for example to watch (do obejrzenia) section. I can select my media, or go to profile. This discover emby premiere is not always displaying and when it doesn't navigation on start screen working fine.
  23. With the appearance of version 4, some problems began to appear in the behavior of the application that I installed on my Samsung TV of the UH6900 series (of a somewhat special type, halfway between Orsay and Tizen) While the movie library was navigating properly, the series began to give problems. The first thing we noticed was that the announcement of new episodes of the series that we followed stopped appearing on the main screen. Then we realized that if we tried to go to TV -> Latest and navigate the series from there, the system responded with an error message 500 (server error) The solution seemed to be to start playback from the web application on the computer, leave it halfway and then play it from the TV. Then we also saw with astonishment that for any series, new or old, when selected from the catalog, the system responded with a funny message: And it brought you back to the home screen. At this point, I started to investigate online to see if anyone had the same problems, and so I reached the thread that opened @@Leyst last March. There I left a workaround that served to at least watch some episodes. But, of course, that is not enough. As an old developer, I would have liked to find the source code of the server. Surely I would have advanced faster and solved the problems better. I took advantage of that just @@SamES announced a last revised release of the client application for Samsung to install and configure the Samsung TV SDK (V 5.1), with the Oracle emulator and the appropriate extensions, and thus test that promising version 2.2.6a To my discontent, none of the problems I experienced were solved, at least with the current version of the server, Willing to keep it that way, I started to get my hands on the code, struggling my old brain, trying to fix them. There is a problem with the way the server responds to the GETs that the application launches. The API now behaves in a different way. For example, in previous versions the list of episodes of a series did not depend on the season, and the client could skip the query and later regroup the episodes. Now it is obligatory to indicate in the query the season to which the requested episodes belong. If you don't, the result is not an error, but an unexpected empty list. Hence one of the mistakes. The other comes from the query that should return the new episodes of a series. Instead, it gives an error 500 (server error) Well, if there is someone who has the same problem and wants to save a couple of weeks of research, here I leave version 2.2.7 that I think solves at least those two problems (I have noticed that there are more, among others the screen resolution, which is not published correctly) To install it, if the television does not have Tizen (USB installer), it is best to follow the guidelines in this link (it is a mess for the neophytes) https://developer.samsung.com/tv/develop/legacy-platform-library/art00121/index Finally, I can try to do some other corrective maintenance operation on the Samsung client code, but I can only be there until the end of February of this year. I will respond in this thread and to the private ones. Emby_2.2.7_Europe_20200123.zip
  24. I was using Emby 1.0.81 just fine and I upgraded to 1.0.82 today and it's not working. I can see the emby logo and that's that, I can't login, nor do I see any other prompts. I am using a 2016 model samsung TV (UA49K6300) Steps I've taken : 1. Power cycled the TV 2. Reinstalled apps, deleted and reinstalled too. 3. Tried different USB, redownloaded and copied the files again. 4. Waited 20 mins for the splash screen to pass. I don't know how to get log from tizen so I can't It can't even go to login page so server log will be useless. I grabbed a screenshot but that's that. Can I find the .zip file for 1.0.81 please ?
  25. Hello, I've followed these instructions to install Emby TV app on my smart TV : The app did install correctly, and I could connect to my emby server, and list all the medias without any problem. However, there was a major issue : no matter which media I tried to open, Emby app showed the "loading" circle forever Thus, it is impossible to read any media with Samsung TV version of Emby. Samsung model number: QE55LS03RAUXXC Samsung firmware version: T-MSMDEUC-1356.2 Samsung Emby client version #: Emby for Samsung 1.0.79 (2020/06/01) Emby Server : This issue happens with any media (any video, or any audio), but I copy here some mp3 info, in case it could be helpful : Audio Title : MP3 stereo Codec : MP3 Layout : stereo Channels : 2 ch Bitrate : 192 kbps Sample Rate : 44,100 Hz Default : No Container : mp3 Size : 19MB Attached are the only logs we can see in embyserver.txt For videos, in dashboard, we always could read : "direct play" (no transcoding). Is there any special configuration that I may need to change on the TV, or server side ? Note : there is no issue with the android version of Emby app. emby.tizen.txt
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