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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, so I've been trying out the mobile apk on my Shield TV and the user experience has been very inconsistent quality-wise. A few things that has happened: First frame frozen until I paused and replayed from start (random occurrence, often ASS heavy shows) ASS subtitles on-screen freezes the video until they disappears Pictures loading in slowly making it "laggy" to navigate the home screens Very small show logo and clock in the OSD (not directly topic-related, but anyhow) If log is needed I can go out of my way to create one.
  2. So yesterday make me crazy, when the only think wanted is to play a movie (sized 32gb) in my new tv. Long story: My Samsung tv is playing movies for few weeks fine, all the movies what about 1080p, now I started download 4K content and wanted to start watching. The Samsung tv app was loading the movie and then playing it, the subtitle wasn't good since it's showed me a different language, and a lot of massy trouble. even when the tv connected with CAT6 cable to router. So I stopped and move to my next streaming device: Xiaomi mi box Xiaomi mi box played the subtitle well, but the app was freeze out and stuck, after a quick restart to app, trying again, but now the buffer is loading, in the time line the gray is expanding, but the movie wasn't start to play. LDAP build-in in Samsung tv was crashed, and now my last option, use my laptop with HDMI cable to my tv: My MacBook Pro connected to tv and trying to stream, but still it's freeze and stuck, so now I connect even Ethernet cable (Cat6) and now the movie is playing, but every 5 seconds stop to buffer. Here I just stopped and moved to my Netflix for another stupid content.. My questions is: Is there any way I can troubleshooting ? How can I check speed between Emby server and Emby clients ? What can affected that ? embyserver.txt
  3. I have a few family members that use my emby server remotely for years now w/o issue. But within the last few months some locations have been seeing issues. I'm in Chicago with a 185/15Mbps connection. I have family in Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta and Phoenix. Now the family in Chicago(remote) and Phoenix have not reported any issues. But the Family in Atlanta and Tampa have. The ones in Tampa have tried playing on an XBox One, Android phone, Chromecast and IPad. They start a video and it stutters for a few seconds before getting worse to the point of stopping. But when they use a Firestick it works fine. The issue with that is only one family has a firestick. The ones in Atlanta use a Sony Android TV and report either heavy buffering of freezing at the begin of playback. The issues are worse on movies then they are on TV shows. All households have 3-digit download speeds. Here are the logs when my brother-in-law tried to watch a movie and it froze instantly. Is this a known issue or is there anything in my logs that can point to a cause? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-88e31d65-eea1-4e65-a7c5-d9cc913faef9_1.txt
  4. Anyone else out there with a Roku TV? All I get now is a loading bar on the screen. No video, no audio. I checked on the dashboard and it's showing that it's direct playing to the roku tv, but this isn't the case. I believe I've tried everything with regards to troubleshooting except for the nuclear option, which is to do a clean install of windows 10 and start all over. Any help would be appreciated on this one. I have two rigs with emby, neither are ran at the same time. The Intel build houses the older version of emby,, while the AMD houses the newly minted The Intel build gives me no issues. Playback is smooth. The AMD used to do the same, but I'm not sure what kicked off the slightly longer "retrieving" screen. Will there be an update to the emby roku tv app? I'm seeing love for the other TVs out there, so maybe I'm just impatient? Both rigs are LAN only, not trying to reach out to the world yet.
  5. Having problems where playback seems to stutter or stall on a particular android tv box. After about a minute of playback, the problem occurs. However, I do not have this problem playing back the same media on another android tv box, namely the nvidia shield. -1st server log and 1st 5 ffmpeg logs are for the affected android tv box -2nd server log and the 6th & 7th ffmpeg log are for the unaffected nvidia shield server log 12-17.txt ffmpeg log 1.txt ffmpeg log 2.txt ffmpeg log 3.txt ffmpeg log 4.txt ffmpeg log 5.txt 2nd server log 12-17.txt ffmpeg log 6.txt ffmpeg log 7.txt
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