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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I just installed emby and I mostly view my media via the webapp on my mac. I love the filters and the sorting options but I was wondering if its possible to show the IMDB ratings on the covers in the grid view of the library. For example : What my webapp now looks like : Thanks!
  2. Using Win 10x64 pro and Emby in FireFox / Chrome: If I select MOVIES, FAVORITES, "Sort by IMDB rating" is listed. "Sort by COMMUNITY rating" is on the sort menu for Collections but listed as "IMDB" elsewhere. If I go into a GENRE and use the sort function, it is "Sort by CRITIC rating" and "Sort by COMMUNITY rating". These "sort methods" should be unified to match in all areas of EMBY as it can be a bit confusing when renamed elsewhere. From what I was told, IMDB rating is NOT really IMDB rating because it is pulled from TMDB which is always outdated and hardly accurate after it gets ratings from IMDB (or maybe users?). Seems a bit not quite right to call those IMDB ratings, unless they are coming directly from IMDB. Even if the choices are unified a bit and match in all menu choices, I would very much still LOVE to see a deal worked out that would allow EMBY or a plugin for it, to directly update IMDB (COMMUNITY rating) / Rotten Tomatoes (CRITIC rating) without having to rely on a second hand account of what those scores might be. Not holding my breath on that though. At the very least a plugin that would update them from the available sources (such as TMDB) if not directly without having to re-fetch ALL metadata would even be a step forward. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. I am a happy user of Emby and I love sharing. It would be amazing if Emby had the opportunity to share comments and ratings on a film or TV series. I understand that there is already the vote of "rottentomatoes" but I think if it would be fantastic if it were a vote "all our" (maybe with comments but maybe you ask too much). What do you think?
  4. This is an odd one. I'm running Windows server and Synology Emby Server Both have the same issue. The .nfo file was generated using Tiny Media Manager. I have deleted it and regenerated and it doesn't help. If I manually edit the rating to 6.2, then refresh metadata, it displays fine; only 1 decimal place. Then I change it back to 6.1 and it goes to the 8 decimal places again. Looks to be specific to a rating of 6.1! https://imgur.com/a/V4HriS4
  5. So when I set up emby I selected UK and English for region/language and metadata download. But I didn't know it would give me the GB ratings instead of PG. So I changed the region to USA but the ratings didn't change. Is there a way to change them to PG? I'm on
  6. Hi, Is it possible that Emby could read MediaMonkey 5-star song tag rating and convert it to favourite (heart icon) ?
  7. ricardonr


    Hi, I'm using DS418 and mMy libray metadata is not working correctly for all movies. Just a couple of movies fetch the correct parent rating in portuguese M/12, M/16, ... all others fetch in English R, PG-13, ... Some movies won't get the rotten tomatoes rating while others do. All of them show the imdb rating. I'm just testing, but all the movies are recent. I've uninstalled the server and reinstalled it but the issue continues. Thanks
  8. ricardonr

    Sort Movies Display

    Hi, Is it possible to show, below the title and year of the movie, the value of the sort order chosen? For example, if the movies are sorted by parental rating, below the title and year would appear the parental rating (PG-13,...). Thank you very much.
  9. Hi, I searched 'rating' and 'parental control' but didn't see this. sorry if its a duplicate. So I was setting up the parental controls and I was kind of hoping that it would be possible to lets say allow a user to see items with an R rating but restrict "TV-MA" or maybe "M"... If it were possible for example to have a list-box with multi select enabled here instead of a combo-box I think that would be really cool So I can highlight either all the ratings to allow, or all the ratings to block (individually). doesn't really matter to me which one (though blocking would require fewer selections). I don't even know what AO is but maybe I want to allow AO but block XXX. If this is already possible, great! Just let me know how.. Thanks!
  10. AllesMeins

    New (?) Ratings in Kodi

    I'm a bit confused - today I did a reset of my Kodi DB and now some strange ratings started to show up for approx half of my movies (as far as I can tell on a scale from 0 to 100 - stored in the "your rating" field of kodis movie information). I've never seen them before. Is this a new feature? If yes, why do only certain movies get these ratings? I'm using an emby server, Kodi for emby 3.1.32a and Kodi 17.6
  11. blickfeld

    trakt.tv plugin improvement

    Hi there, if you compare the emby trakt.tv plugin with the kodi one you are pretty disappointed. i would like a rating possibility after finishing a movie or a series. It would be great as well if there would be a possiblity to import the watch list (not the watch history). And it would be awesome if there were an import of the community rating and the personal rating of the movies / series.
  12. Hi Guys! Would be awesome if users could rate and possibly add comments on movie pages? Even a simple "out of 5 star" rating system would be pretty neat, maybe even with a comment below eg. "John liked this movie, 4 Stars". I have roughly 10 users (friends) that all use my Emby Server, so would be cool to see reviews from friends.
  13. Hi, I'd like to be able to modify or add terms to the Parental Control ratings. For example, certain older Disney movies are getting the rating of Approved, which is not in the list and I'd like to add this to the Level 1 group. Cheers, Rob
  14. How difficult will be to create in emby tags with name from 1 to 10 and use them as rating in kodi? This tags could be represented as 5 star category for preference from mp3 id3 tag v2. I have all my mp3 library tagged for preference and made a script to represent preference tag as rating in kodi. mp3 id3 tag preference have typical 5 star representations in mp3 application, but id3 tag standard for this tag called POPM have 0-255 vaules. Apps represent this as value 0-5. Only Windows done it the hard way from 1-31 first star, 32-95 second etc. This is easy to extrapolate to 10 star kodi rating and from there should be easy to transfer this to emby tags and back. Of course media scanner in emby need some work but this is not something big to do. Or emby for kodi on synchro could set this value in emby properly. This change of course can coexist with current like, dislike options but full representation of 5 star system is better in my opinion. Also this is proper way to save id3 tag in files from emby/kodi tags/ratings. Custom tags from emby should be synchronized with kodi. I've noticed that only library names for same library category as synchronizes as tags but emby custom tags is not. Any plans for that?
  15. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug, but my TV series are not sortable by user rating, e.g. from IMDB or TVDB. The tvshow.nfo files are from Kodi and contain the <rating> tag, which is also properly shown in Emby. But neither "sort by rating" nor "sort by critics" will sort the series by this value. I use the android TV version of Emby (1.2.66g) on Shield TV. Thanks in advance for an answer and your effort. Andreas
  16. Hi, I'd like to report a bug that, for me, is something critical. I decided today to make a detailed review of every PG (BR-L here in Brazil), of my media, and gave access to my kids, so I could be sure that they would only see stuff that are related to their needs. It happens that some items came with "PG" but I had to manually change them to something higher (more forbidden), because I don't agree with what the producers tagged. So I used the "Custom rating" in "Edit Info" of each of those items. When I look at the "Movies" list inside Emby... the "false" PG movies are not displayed. PERFECT. BUT... Some views like "Because you watched...", "Latest Movies...", etc... don't respect that. WRONG I need this fixed, please! Thanks
  17. Hello guys. I've noticed that in the TMDB query for TV there are two problems: 1. Parental Ratings is not being returned and used. 2. My country's metadata is not being queried (I use pt-BR, working OK for movies) Today query: h t t p://api.themoviedb.org/3/tv/1988?api_key=###API_KEY_HERE####&append_to_response=credits,images,keywords,external_ids,videos&language=en&include_image_language=pt-br,null,en Correct query: h t t p://api.themoviedb.org/3/tv/1988?api_key=###API_KEY_HERE####&append_to_response=credits,images,keywords,external_ids,videos,content_ratings&language=pt-BR&include_image_language=pt-BR,null,en Thanks!
  18. @@Luke Might be a problem here with the Server Rating everything "G". For instance: After Earth Movie records the Parental Rating as "G". It now shows up in my three year olds Data Base. Not Good!... If I Select a new Parental Rating I can Change it and Save it! It is then removed from his database. But, if I refresh the movie title, it will automatically reassign the Parental Rating to "G" and it then shows back up in my three year olds library. The IDs here are proper as they will open the IMDB web page to the proper movie. This happens for quite a few movies. They should be rated "PG-13" but end up rated as "G" and show up in his library screen. Even "Sin City" shows up. I can never process a mass "Refresh" of metadata because a bunch of movies will be re-rated to "G" and show up on his home screen. What do you think is happening here? Thanks for you time, Ben
  19. Hello, I have four accounts set up, two of which are for the kids. Both have age limits set on them, but this does not seem to be honoured in the suggested movies. I was doing some testing when I went to the movie suggestions under my daughter's account, I saw this: The movie in questions shows this metadata: Two things: 1. The movie exceeds the age limit that was set 2. The movie is not even in a folder that her account has access to. Anyone else have examples like this?
  20. Jasoon


    Is there a way to search by rating, for some reason I have found some films with CA-R rating..... the problem I have is that my little girls profile is set up to only allow GB-U films but CA-R rating seem to be ignored...allowing her to watch 18 rated films....
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