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Found 12 results

  1. tatumana

    Google Drive as source

    Please click "Like this" and share it if you want to support this feature. Thank you ! Hello, There is a Kodi addon call "gdrive" from ddurdle who can read videos (original and transcoding version) directly from Google Drive. Why not build on this idea to integrate Google Drive as source directly in Emby Server ? In addition, Emby could generate automatically the STRM files from one or many Drive folders. And transcodings are already available with Drive so no need to transcode with Emby server. What do you think ? ------------- Three reasons why this feature will be useful and
  2. hecdanf

    google drive sync

    I have a student account in google drive practically unlimited, I can use that shared drive for emby sync or I necessarily need to use the common drive that only has 15 gb? @@cayars
  3. andrevin

    Strm Google Drive

    Hi guys Does anyone know how strm files can be created in google drive thanks
  4. atrpm

    GDrive - emby_autoscan

    I have been working on a python script to pull file changes from GDrive using google’s api, get the file info and send a request to emby’s api to update the file path via the library/media/updated endpoint. So far I have been able to successfully do this, script have been running with no issues for 24 hrs before I make it public there are a few improvements that I have to make. I have tested this on a windows machine, I would like to find a few ppl with different OS to make sure that it works fine there, so please is interested send a PM. I do have an Emby related question, after a request
  5. Hi! here is my current Emby setup. Emby Server is running on Windows and linked to Google Drive for media accessed via Google File Stream. It's running great. But I want to switch to Android so can anyone tell me how to link my Gdrive account in order to access the media from there in Emby Server for Android is there an app equivalent to Google File-stream for Android? Thanks in advance.
  6. charmaex

    Amazon Drive

    As Amazon has released a cheap unlimited storage, are you planning to create a sync plugin for emby server? Cheers, charmaex
  7. So according to Google you can't play animated movie posters or gifs when uploaded to your Google Drive Google and GIFs: You Can Upload But Ye Shall Not Animate Can't you just click them and view them in pop up viewer?
  8. famadorian

    Owncloud Integration (tags)

    Currently, I have a Google Drive library mounted on my server and Emby can use it really fine. I do however want emby to read from my owncloud server instead, because in owncloud is where I really want to keep my files; it allows tagging and it's a general purpose file system. Can emby integrate in any way with owncloud? What I want is for emby to read the tags I assign in owncloud to my files, so I can't simply mount my owncloud, cause the tags are not pushed through with a simple mount. I really don't know if I can mount owncloud with extended attributes and go that route, but
  9. tired dad

    Sync to External drive

    Hello, I've tried this on two different portable hard drives, but I cannot get the sync plug-in to choose a folder other than the root folder on each drive. Has anyone else experienced this? Reboot did not help. This is on sync 3.0.5582.40801 and server 3.0.5675.1 I can't see anything obvious in the server log, but here it is anyway. server-63573638400.zip
  10. michael_sutherland

    Playback - Synced or Local File

    Hi All, I am very new to the Emby scene and was hoping sombody could give me a little help. i have set up a VPS with Emby and so far i am very very impressed. i have a few questions regarding syncing. 1. Can you specify that Emby only ever streams from your google drive and not stream the local file? 2. is there a way to free up space once it has been synced and delete the local file? My VPS is only 50GB and i want to use Emby to manage my library but 50gb VPS doesn't store a lot. my media collection is about 950GB i was thinking that if i upload it to the vps bit by bit could
  11. Hi, So about a week ago I had a 2TB drive fail on me and all attempts to recover either the drive or the data were not successful. Thankfully out of all the drives I store media on it was probably the least important as it was 2D rips of a bunch of my 3D movies so they are recoverable, but it will still be a bit of work. After giving up on the drive I did start seriously thinking about the condition of my other drives so I ran a check using Crystal Disk Info only to find that 3 of the 12 drives I have remaining have issues and Crystal Disk Info flags them with the big yellow "Caution"
  12. coldiak

    Old movies as new movies

    Hi I have my movies on 4 drives, on my primary drive i have the new movies, sometimes i move the oldest movies to another drive to make space to new movies and delete oldest movies from other drive The problem is mediabrowser shows me the oldest movies moved as new. The movie is already on the catalog but when i change to another drive are showed as new. Any advice?
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