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  1. This is just a quick heads up: I have the Movie and TV Theme Song/Video plugins, and I found that if movies weren't in their own respective folders, things like themes and backdrops were shared between items. For instance, all of my films had the backdrop for "The Sword in the Stone (1963)" before I moved my media into individual folders. After the move I had to rescan the library. In the absence of those plugins, if media was not using individual folders, I observed that each asset (like posters, etc.) had the film name/year prepended which works fine until you use plugins like the ones mentioned above. Is it considered a best practice to put media in their own respective folders? If not, why not? If it is, is that mentioned somewhere in the documentation? Going to the "Movie naming" page on Github doesn't mention that when you are preparing your library, you may want to do use individual folders to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Hello! I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so I put it here in the general discussion (: I am not sure if this is a bug or perhaps a feature. My server version is Version 3.0.8500.0. In short, if a film, per se, has both an MP3 theme and an MP4 backdrop, the MP3 theme does not play when using a client which (perhaps?) doesn't support playing the backdrop when the film is selected. It seems that this is not the ideal behavior, because indeed if Android and web (for instance) don't do MP4 backdrops, they would at least play the MP3 theme if one exists. I haven't checked the server logs yet - they may or may not have any insight into this behavior. Any thoughts?
  3. Ben Z

    Emby Theater Skin question

    I just started to try making a skin for Emby Theater. During my early modifications, I realised that the search and settings buttons disappeared at the right top for some unknown reasons. Basically, I just modified css/colors.dark.css just to test out because it's totally new for me. I just replaced this color #52B54B everywhere for red. I did nothing else. Before going any further on this theme, I'd like to know what I'm missing or doing wrong? Is there something very basic I don't know? My url installation is here
  4. Is there a simple way to customize the colors of the status bar in android with CSS? Emby use green and I would like to change it if it's possible.
  5. anderbytes

    Better handling of theme music

    I'd like to ask devs to fix Webclient and AndroidApp in relation to theme songs playing, because in Emby Theater it is already done and it's VERY smooth there: - PROBLEM: When a music begins, controls appears at the bottom as if a normal music was choosed, this is unnecessary and impacts content display. - EMBY THEATER: When you enter a movie, the song comes without needing controls. There's only a sound note icon at the top of page, in case you don't want to hear it at this time. - PROBLEM: When you leave an item that has a music playing, the music doesn't stops. From that point on, Emby looks a generic jukebox, and you manually have to stop the music in controls to really leave the movie context (hard to explain). - EMBY THEATER: Just after you leave any item that is playing music, the music fades out, simple as that. Thanks.
  6. BeppoMonkeyBoy

    My Theme - Prometheus

    Ok, Here's what I've been working on on and off for a while now, way back when i was a huge fan of the look and feel of throg's themes, and while they are no longer supported I loved the simple EHS, and a few other bits, so I've tried to recreate the bits i like best into one theme, whilst adding in a few extra's (the new JIL is really useful), and i'm hoping to add a few others, chapter support is a big one, while this is only for my use at home at the moment I'm wondering if there is any wider interest in what I've done? I've added a facebook page to show these for people who aren't logged in to see. https://www.facebook.com/PrometheusMBC Edit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aev0zep5m3zs45t/AAD4WtPBd52o6MPpP2v7tgPfa?dl=0 Added a link to the test .dll ziped on my dropboxdrive.
  7. Hi All, Accidentally used for the previous theme upload an older css template. So here are the new ones. Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5782.0 Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh. Have fun PS. Let me know if I missed some css. emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.css emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.txt emby.theme.marine.305782.0.css emby.theme.marine.305782.0.txt
  8. Hi All, Theme Darkness for EMBY. Just copy and paste the txt or css file in the css box (Server-Settings-Branding), save and refresh. Use the theme css for your own variations. Love to see it. I hope you will enjoy this. Enclosed the theme css and txt file and some screenshots: emby.theme.darkness.css emby.theme.darkness.txt PS Can anyone give me some big screencaps for an active overview of the autoorganize and livetv screens. I don't use these features and I am wondering how it looks like with this theme. Next theme will be coming soon!
  9. As the title says, since the last update, Chocolate theme's EHS is very slow to update content. I am running MBC and 3.0.5490.2 MBS versions. All running on Windows 7 systems (server on a VBox Windows 7 VM on my FreeNAS box). The delay happens when I initially launch MBC or log back into MBC after it has reverted to the user selection screen. I have tried Square theme and it does not suffer the same delay. I just really like the chocolate theme and hope that this delay can be figured out. Given enough time, the EHS updates and all is well. Entering individual folders immediately shows the proper content, even if the EHS has to yet populated. Not a huge deal but if there is something that can be fixed, I would like to help track down any information that would help out. I have looked through the logs and nothing seems to be amiss but I am a bit of a n00b so take that with a grain of salt. Please let me know what information may help with this issue. Cheers,
  10. Hi, I can not click the config button in Emby Classic for WMC. The WMC close, min and max buttons interfere with it.
  11. Cheesegeezer

    MBC: Xenon Theme Bug Tracker

    Please post bugs for Xenon Theme Here. It will help greatly if - 1. you are seeing layout issues post screen shots and use arrows/lines to point out affecting areas 2. any other issues, can you please post up a log. If you are unsure please click the link here on how to report a problem For feature requests... please post your FR request in the appropriate forum located here. Thank you for your continued support
  12. Cheesegeezer

    Subdued - MBClassic Theme

    In my quest to continue the original authors great theme I have released Subdued officially and you can download this from the plugin catalogue in MBC configurator. As it stands, this will remain free, although I will probably make it a supporter plugin to help with MediaBrowser's project development. Here's what I've been upto ChangeLog - Release Change Specials to Movie Extras You can choice to have Rotton Tomoto Scores and icons from the Star Rating choice Fixed bug where the Final details page can get very long and disappear off the screen ChangeLog - Release Added Special Features to Final Detail PageChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to Final Detail Page ChangeLog - Release Bug Fix: On Poster & CoverFlow View, if no logo/clear/thumb art is available, Title Text now shows instead of being blank. ChangeLog - Release This version adds an Ask to Quit feature for users. This can be turned on or off in the Subdued General menu within MBC. ChangeLog - Release Added Scrolling Text for ChaptersChangeLog - Release User Switching implemented ChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to final Details Page Fixed Cast button not default focusing to first Actor in the list. ChangeLog - Release Remove subtitle reference(user annoyance) Resized logos on Details page and EHS to be more reasonable and not take up too much real estate. ChangeLog - Release MBC version 3.0.62 Required for new option Changed Disc image location Fix Details not showing Changelog - Dev Fixed Bug on MovieDetailView where selecting Cast or Details throws an error. Changelog - Dev (requires MBC for this option) Recently Watched Text changes to Resumable Media if the "treat Watched as in Progress" option is checked MBC configurator. Change-log Added Weather to the HomeScreen. Please use YahooWeather ID e.g. UKXX0001 on Server instead of City,Country Added DiscArt to Detailed Movie View Added LogoArt, ClearArt, ThumbArt in all views now except RootLayout. Added Spinner menu to View Options for Logo, ClearArt, Thumbs or Off Restored custom Poster Custom overlay images - These are to go into %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser-Classic\Plugins\Subdued\CustomOverlays (Create your own Folder - no spaces) Restored custom MediaInfo icons<br> Although, you need to select a Custom IBN folder with the Server. Still Working on this Things still not working properly Coverwall Backdrops on large collections slow the Theme down alot Focus returning to last item Here's a couple of pics to warm your heart
  13. Cheesegeezer

    MBC Theme: Xenon

    It's here and it's released and..... free to the community. To download this theme, simply go into MediaBrowser Classic Main Config, find the plugins tab along the top, go to the plugin catalogue, find Xenon and install. Restart MBC and select Xenon from the Theme Options tab and you are good to go. The theme was the original brainchild of myself and BAS where the whole concept was to work well with 360 Extenders which in turn actually means that on any PC it will be extremely fast for navigation, fluid and very stable. Xenon brings some non standard functions to MBC 1. Upcoming TV - This allows you to view when future episodes of any of your TV Shows will be next aired 2. Next Up - This will display the next episode you need to watch in any of the TV Shows you are currently watching 3. Actor Bio's - Shows Actor information such as age, birthdate, birthplace and biography. Shaefurr's Disparity images work amazing with Xenon - Linky Here Bug Tracker can be found here Here are quite a few images to wet the appetite including Disparity backdrop images http://imgur.com/a/Ooiak I would also like to personally thank the following community members for their help @radeon for his help with initial development testing and creating some of the main images and for putting up with me on skype! @BAS for giving me the get up and go to start this!! Hope you feel better soon bud @Soultaker for being a mentor and actually making my brain work. @shaefurr for providing the Artwork for plugin catalogue. @@buddyweiser, @@Yogi, @@CBers, @@aspdend for their great help testing during the beta phase. @@yardameus also for his help with beta testing but also for creating the extra styles available.
  14. For the next 24 hours, all my themes are HALF PRICE. Each theme is just 3 bucks each, or you can get a bundle of any 3 for now just 8 bucks, or a bundle of all 4 for 10 bucks. That's a 50% saving no matter what you buy. This offer ends 24 hours from now - be quick and grab a bargain! For more details on my themes see www.crystalmediabrowser.com
  15. I'm using MediaBrowser Theater and usually i find the volume on theme videos to be too loud, however I don't want to adjust the volume down and then adjust it back up when the movie starts. It would be nice to have a setting that controls the volume of theme videos in the settings so that if I wan't it turned down i can adjust it, and if I like the volume as it is then i can leave that alone. This setting would only affect theme videos and nothing else.
  16. Cheesegeezer

    Xenon: New MBC Theme Coming Soon

    This is a new theme I've been working on. It's called Xenon and should be released in the near future. There are still 4 more views I need to work on. Anyways here are some screenshots to Wet the appetite. Also a big thanks to Abo for getting the Imgur embeded albums available in the forum. Thanks buddy http://imgur.com/a/rQljc
  17. all4dom

    Cant exit ROC them

    When I try to exit from the main screen, nothing happens. It will not let me exit back to media center. All other themes will exit back to media center.
  18. leedavies

    ROC v1.2.0.0 now live

    Time for a long overdue big version number change... Smoother scrolling Button press animation improved Next up, getting Breeze and Crystal updated with all the latest goodies...
  19. eallen

    ROC Theme

    Do anyone know when this theme will be available for purchase?
  20. radeon

    Radeon's Roku 'Theme'

    Firstly! Please do not communicate with gcw07 regarding issues with the Roku client whilst using this theme. Whilst there isn't any reason why this theme should cause issues, its not the official release and you should always revert back to the official release before contacting gcw07 about any issues you might have. That said, I have spoken to gcw07 and confirmed he is happy for me to release the 'theme' to the community. Important information 1) This technically isn't a theme but a custom build of the MB Roku client meaning the functionality you see could be different. Whilst I have not made any changes to the source code (other than a couple of hex colour changes), I cannot offer any guarantees that it will work the same as the official release. 2) It is based on the 1.17 build and will be updated to work with newer builds as they are released. 3) The SD colour scheme has not been changed. If they is a specific need for it then please let me know and I'll get to it! :-D Installation I believe this 'theme' needs to be side loaded onto your roku box. I'm using the Sky Now TV boxes which is definitely the case for them but I'm unsure as to the procedure for Roku's. More details on sideloading onto the NowTV box can be found here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/689-guide-to-installing-mediabrowser3-onto-the-now-tv-box/ Screenshots Home Movies Movie Details TV Shows Episodes Active Episodes Inactive Preferences Toggle Download You can find the zip for download here: http://www.ballingtons.com/products
  21. leedavies

    Aztec v1.0.0.2 is now live

    Minor release to tidy up a couple of loose ends in the first release: The EHS right side panel now stays in-sync with the EHS covers scroller Beta testers (THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!) no longer get a "trial expired" error because their trial ended during beta testing and the beta test versions extended their trial, but I forgot all about doing this for them in the release version - sorry guys! :-( Now live.
  22. If you tried the Crystal, ROC, or Breeze themes a while ago and your 14-day trial ran out, you’ve missed out on lots of updates and new features. You might like to take a fresh look this weekend FOR FREE. Just download the latest v1.0.10.0 versions and your free trial period will automatically be extended until Monday morning. Plus, Crystal is now just $7. Check out Crystal, ROC or Breeze for more details.
  23. My initial impression of the Chocolate enhancements are that they are very nice. Strangely, Chocolate reports I have no episodes in any season of multiple collections and will not let me enter the season folder.. I didn't find anyone else reporting this. Any suggestions? Thanks
  24. Subdued MBC could use a menu choice to get to search, perhaps in the Options menu next to "Sort By" and "Group By". Only being able to access it by the yellow button or CTRL-S is too obscure for many users of my HTPC (myself included!)
  25. jwill

    Subdued MBC : Search?

    I'm not finding a feature in the Subdued MBC theme that is available in the Default MBC theme. I'm wondering if I am missing something, or if the feature is missing from Subdued. The feature I am looking for is "Search". In the view that lists all the titles, with Default I can choose Search and search all the titles for any string that I then enter. Is a Search function hidden somewhere in the Subdued theme?
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