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Found 21 results

  1. Blueeyiz702

    A.I. Generated Artwork

    Some of My Artwork I made with the A.I.
  2. Hello, Recently, I've been trying to script some bulk editing of the NFO file in my Emby Library. This was mostly just a fun project for myself to learn more with Python. Currently my biggest issue I'm running into is trying to update the video NFO file to use a new Poster. Whenever I edit the NFO file lines: <art> <poster>/config/metadata/library/37/3776ebd48296df86690cc5c678d8814e/poster.jpg</poster> </art> to something like: <art> <poster>/config/my_posters/MoviePoster.jpg</poster> </art> Then try to update the Metadata for the video in Emby, Emby will overwrite the poster data back to the original value. A couple notes on how I've set up my system. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Emby installed inside of a Docker Container. The media is stored a ZFS file set up across 3 mechanical hard drives and mapped to Emby via docker The Emby program and config files are on the SSD and mapped to Emby via docker My goal was to have the NFO and Posters on the SSD while the media files could live on the much larger drives. Currently, the NFO files live in the media folders (which means they are on the mechanical hard drives). I'm okay with keeping the NFO files on the mechanical drives. I was hoping to keep the loading times down on the thumbnails, but it's possible that the NFO file has to be accessed before loading the thumbnails so I might be shooting myself in the foot. Also, I am aware that it's probably overkill keeping the thumbnails on the SSD, but I really prefer my system to be as snappy as possible. (I have thousands of videos in certain directories, so any optimizations can make a difference). My main questions are: Is there a way to update the poster via the NFO? Or am I doing something incorrectly. Do you think NFO files on the mechanical disks would bottleneck the posters enough to the point where keeping the posters on the mechanical disks wouldn't matter? Thanks for any help you can provide, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum
  3. Good morning all Recently, I've noticed the Blu-Ray or 4k banner on top of the cover is not displaying. It was previously working perfectly, although recently I've noticed it not working correctly. I'm not sure when this started, as I only noticed it yesterday - but I would suggest it's within the last couple weeks. This banner is generated through the CoverArt plug in, which is still operating with default settings. I've never adjusted any of these settings for general use and it's always worked as expected. I have of course attempted changing settings in this as part of my troubleshooting, but have been unable to fix the issue. It seems very intermittent as to what titles show the banner and what do not. They are all in the same parent folder and there also appears to be no correlation with it being a problem for 1080p BluRay titles or 2160p 4K UHD titles A screenshot below shows the issue, where some titles show the banner and some do not. I have also tried installing older versions of the plug in, to see if it's a recent issue, but have been unable to fix through this means too. Rescanning the library also doesn't make a difference. Does anyone have any advice or has experienced similar issues? Emby Server is running on Win 10, and the application version is and the plug in version is (although I have tired all the versions available for install back to 4.0.99
  4. processcreative

    Music background display

    Hi all I've had a search for this on here and can't find anything specific that relates to my question.... When playing music in Theatre (Windows 10) and I display the album art as shown, there's often a backdrop behind the album art (in this case Johan Johansson, or at least, the top of his head!). I'd like an option to turn this background off, as when the album art sits over it and crops the image it looks very odd to my eyes. Switching off the 'enable backdrops' in preferences doesn't alter it. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.... J
  5. Heinrich

    Emby Folder issues

    I have running on an Unraid server. Ever since the update to I am having artwork trouble with my folder movies. I don't know if it's ALL folders but I do know that all affected titles are folders. I'll give one example. Sin City currently has Star Trek The Motion Picture thumbnail in the Emby web interface. If I update it to Sin City through Identify it will stick. However, all of my Star Trek movies (older ones only that are folders not my ISOs) flip to Sin City along with a few other folders - Superman Batman Apocolypse, Sucker Punch ... Now if I go back and fix those I will actually get a higher percentage of accurate thumbnails - but - Sin City will eventually flip to one of the Star Trek thumbnails! If I look at the artwork on the server - either within the Sin City folder or outside of it, all the artwork labelled Sin City is accurate and all the Star Trek artwork is accurate. I'm very confused about all the artwork storage locations and cache options between emby and Kodi to the point I go crosseyed - I do have artwork in both locations (inside and outside the folder) and probably different locations in Kodi as well however for purposes of testing the past few days I've completely removed Kodi from the picture. @@Happy2Play @@cayars
  6. So Disney just released 10 images for The Mandelorian that was concept artwork. I would like to incorporate them into Emby. I've downloaded the concept art from https://comicbook.com/starwars/2019/11/20/star-wars-shares-exciting-the-mandalorian-concept-art/#1 (Is anyone is interested.) I found a guide on Emby Artwork here https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/3385-a-learners-guide-to-understanding-artwork-in-media-browser/ (Mostly talks about types of artwork in Emby.) Is there a database for Emby Artwork? I have posters for movies and shows within their respective folders, but that is from Tiny Media Manager. I would like for Emby to randonly cycle through a set of pictures for the Background if thats possible. I might crop some pictures and make a banner. Any ideas?
  7. slitzer

    Custom Folder Icons

    Just found this thread and love it, I had been looking for something similar but never found anything that had all my folders. Is there a better place we could upload/link to Folder icons for emby? This is the ones i'm using atm (Option 1): Option 2: (for some reason the previews here have strange artifacts, the files are fine though) Option 3: Below is a link to my google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wBWE0iT6ewRMFWZXh63O7W1Ed930OvtB Cheers
  8. Not quite sure how to categorise this one. Setup: x86 server running Emby Server on Ubuntu 16.04 Android smartphones running the Android client Chromecast connected to a Sony TV When the Android client is connected to the Chromecast, but no media is currently selected, it goes into an idle mode where it displays background artwork (screencaps, posters, etc). I would like to disable this background artwork. I am typically logged into my own personal account which has access to all media, and no age-rating restrictions on content. The reason is twofold: When I want to watch my own things, and my child sees Peppa Pig artwork, she gets demandy about watching 'her' shows When I'm watching with the kids, and some artwork from a horror movie comes on, the child is disturbed by the imagery Please help, my wife is getting quite annoyed with me.
  9. AlwinHummels

    Alwin's FanArt

    Metro Style Icons Those Icons are fully made by me, I used the original color gradients from Microsoft. MyMovie based Icons, matching the Colorized Un8y Themes The Blue version of the Movie Icons are a rip from MyMovies so the credits go to the original Creator!! What I did was only Re-Colorize them so the match the colorized Un8y Themes, nothing more nothing less :-) The game Icons are made ​​by me. I tried to make them. Similar as possible. That said...... I ask you now to help me making the Game Icons more Similar.
  10. ABOUT MODERN8 Modern8 is a metro inspired theme for Windows Media Center. It uses Patchou's Media Center Themer to apply the new and improved UI Modern8 is unique to many other Media Center themes (see details & screenshots further below): Improved modernized UI experience – clarity and usability comes first. No more fogs or ‘glass buttons’. No more blue. 500+ images have been completely redesigned or retouched Includes genuine Microsoft Xbox One navigation sound effects All new bar design for on-screen media controls Choice of 5 different accent colours – standard (black), blue, green, orange and red. A light theme is also included Splash screen animation with flattened logo (alternate files are provided if you prefer the new official Windows logo) There are NO changes to any system files, so there is minimal risk of corruption. It is also extremely easy to apply to your system, in less than a few minutes you can have a modern Media Center experience! And like all Media Center themes, Modern8 is entirely customizable so you can easily tweak Modern8 to your design tastes. It already includes some alternative artwork to try, just mix and match. Please, if you have anything to say, be it good or bad: contributions, suggestions or problems – let me know! (: DOWNLOAD LINKS via MediaFire v1.3 - January 30th 2016 24MB http://www.mediafire.com/download/1oy02koillba1le/Modern8_1.3.zip *Please note, an alternative XML file is provided for no string changes/non-English users. ​-Small improvements to start-up sound & animation ​-Action icons are coloured when highlighted (e.g. record, delete, review conflict) ​-Changes to guide record icons to improve contrast (red/yellow/blue instead of red/orange/blue) ​-Program info panel background (see last screenshot) covers the whole screen -New loading animation spinner Remember to remove any existing Modern8 files beforehand, and backup the files if you have done any of your own customising If you notice that some text is not being recoloured to white from the default blue (especially if using an extender): Remember to also check out The Green Button Modern8 Thread INSTALLATION AND REQUIREMENTS 1 Download and install Patchou's Media Center Themer (v1.51 mirrored copy from MediaFire http://www.mediafire.com/download/3v2ers338cx0f3r/MediaCenterThemer_1.51.zip) For Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (Media Center editions) and Windows 10. 2 Download and extract all of the contents of the most recent Modern8 zip file (v1.3). 3 Copy the contents of the extracted zip file to C:\ProgramData\Media Center Themer\ or use the shortcut provided Remember to remove any existing Modern8 files and the MCTDefault.xml beforehand (but backup the files if you have done any of your own customising) 4 Open the newly copied Modern8 folder and run the registry file WindowsSetNewDefaultBeep.reg This works exactly as if you were to change the default beep via Sound settings and can be just as easily undone. You may need to logout or restart afterwards. 5 Enjoy And if you really like Modern8, you can donate via PayPal and help me pay for my studies (or at least a drink or two!) Special thanks to TheOsburnFamily and JBL! RELEASE HISTORY 16th December 2013 (1.52MB) Modern8 Initial Release 6th January 2014 (11.4MB) Modern8 1.0 || Modern8 1.0 (NON-ENGLISH, NO STRING CHANGES) 9th January 2014 (11.1MB) Modern8 1.1 || Modern8 1.1 (NO STRING CHANGES, NON-ENGLISH)* -Fixed RDP crashes -Minor string changes 16th January 2014 (22MB) Modern8 1.2 || Modern8 1.2 (NO STRING CHANGES, NON-ENGLISH)* -Tweaked EPG appearance slightly and included some alternative EPG focus accents -Improved folder layout to be more intuitive and easier to customise -Among other minor changes 2nd March 2014 (22MB) Modern8 1.2.1a || Modern8 1.2.1 (NO STRING CHANGES, NON-ENGLISH)* -Darkened default background image slightly -Improved default text recolouring; selected text should now have greater contrast to text which is not selected (does not apply to all situations) -Improved text readability for TV Debug menu (411 CTRL+D/411 More Info when playing TV) ENHANCEMENT HIGHLIGHTS & SCREENSHOTS Your choice of accent colours – a simple copy and paste is all that is required to change the accent. There is also a ‘light’ theme available (but this doesn’t have the same polish or ‘completeness’ as the standard theme) And of course, you can mix and match UI elements quickly and easily to suit your preferences Start screen with metro icons. Tiles are colour coded into their respective categories (Settings, Music, Video, etc) The background image animates in a subtle glowing cycle Entirely new bar design for on-screen media controls Media Center TV guide (Just note that I'm also using My Channel Logos to change the guide layout – this is not part of Modern8) Among other minor changes Extended time format Improved ‘now playing-hinting info’ for TV – text should no longer be cut off for long titles A few text changes (English only) for clarity and/or aesthetics LIST OF MEDIA CENTER SUB CATEGORIES WITH ENHANCED MODERN UI Picture favourites Picture library Video library Music favourites Music library Music search Movie guide Movie library Movies search DVD TV guide Recorded TV TV guide search Power options Settings LIST OF REVISED STRINGS (does not apply to the NO STRING CHANGES/NON-ENGLISH VERSION) old string new string shut down power options sync sync device search search music search search guide search search movies VIEW CATEGORIES GUIDE CATEGORIES All All Channels other showings showings Resolve Conflict Review Conflict resolve conflict review conflict Programme Details Details programme details details programme information information (changed to 'info' since v1.3) interactive tv interactive Exit Exit Media Center Log Off Sign Out LOG OFF WINDOWS SIGN OUT OF WINDOWS Are you sure you want to log off? Are you sure you want to sign out? View Song List Now Playing List TEXT [empty/blank string - replaced with a graphical icon on the media controls bar. This is still included with the NO STRING CHANGES VERSION] LIMITATIONS - PLEASE READ FURTHER DETAILS MAY BE FOUND IN THE CONTAINED README FILES Media Center includes most of its own sounds, however it still uses one sound which is shared by the Windows OS: the 'Default Beep' The included .reg registry files can quickly change the 'Default Beep' to the provided Xbox One sound effect found in the Modern8 Audio directory. The .reg registry files work exactly as if you were to manually change the 'Default Beep' via the Windows control panel; but obviously much faster! Much of Modern8’s text elements have been colourized white. This may be an issue for other add-ons such which contain predominantly light backgrounds. Alternative files are provided for darker text if needed. If ENGLISH is NOT your operating system language, you should choose the NON-ENGLISH version to download. Modern8 makes a few subtle language changes. As mentioned briefly above, the included ‘light’ theme currently doesn’t have the same polish as the standard theme – I have just quickly inverted the colours of the standard theme ORIGINAL WORKS I DID NOT create everything from scratch myself, details of original art sources are included in the corresponding README file Big thanks to Keef and his un8y theme, which inspired Modern8. It was a great template and an inspiration for me to make this theme. (I also grabbed a few of your icons )
  11. I have the CoverArt plugin installed and I have the "Use original art aspect ratio" option disabled, so I was expecting to see any non-box art to be cropped to the treatment that I was using, but this does not seem to be happening. Website/Emby Desktop Emby Theater In the examples above, the first offense that you can see is the movie "All Is Bright", and second offense is the movie "Bad Moms." This is happening on many others, TV included. ..Which also raises the question--why doesn't Emby automatically download the box art for these movies? Both are available on IMDB... ..When I perform a "Refresh > Replace all Metadata > Replace existing images" this doesn't appear to change anything. I'd appreciate any tips/help--thank you!
  12. Wob76

    Metadata \ Art

    Hi, Just a couple of questions regarding metadata and artwork. 1. I added a show early to my collection, it scanned that it all fine, but when it did so the show did not have a thumb on fanart TV, it has since had a thumb added but I can't seem to get emby to pull it in, I have done a refresh, and even an identify and replace all images, but still no thumb. When I do edit images and select thumb, it doesn't show any options, despite it now being shown on Fanart.tv. I have confirmed the tvdb numbers match. Couple of questions in relation to that. a. How do I manually pull in the Thumb, without downloading and uploading it? b. Will Emby eventually pull in missing artwork automatically, like thumbs or anything else, if they become available online? 2. I have just done some reorganisation of my Movie collection in the hope it will help with Library Scans, I had all my movies in a single folder, I have now sorted them into year subfolders. After emby did a big rescan it seems to have had issues with year folders that only contained a single movie, is there a setting to make Emby ignore the folder name and old search based on the file name? Edit. 3. Just noticed another oddity, I have a folder "Pirates of the Caribbean" which has all of the movies, rather than see each movie, emby has created a single movie in the database "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" will all three movies listed as Video Tracks, this might link to the above, but how do I go about fixing it? Thanks, Wob
  13. When I view my music genres they look fine in thumb mode, but if I switch to Poster mode nothing is displayed. It's a totally blank page on both the web app and the IOS app. I've checked a few different genres and both images are defined. The TV and Movie genre displays are working correctly. Thumb view: Poster view:
  14. Hello. Running build 3.0.5781.4 on Debian 7. I'm able to play music I've uploaded to my library, but the "Scan Library" process doesn't find any new files in my music library; I have to refresh the page before they show up. And when they DO show up, there's no image art. When I go to "Identify" the item, I never get anything back but a bunch of magnifying glass icons. Server log of my latest attempt is here.
  15. geotux

    Auto art for home videos

    Hi, one of the features that I found useful in Plex was that it populated the art work atuomatically when you included home videos. I don't seem to have worked out whether Emby can do th esame. Is it the case? Cheers Antonio
  16. llygoden

    Now Playing Album Art

    Would it be possible to use the Album Art rather than the BackDrop image in the current playing image?: The reason for this is that I'm more likely to have the Album Art for songs rather than Back Drop images, especially with more obscure artists. Would it also be possible to make the Artist and Album hyperlinks to the respective folders in the now playing screen?:
  17. Blueeyiz702

    Folder ArtWork

    My question is,how and where to put folder artwork so it shows up properly,and to get it to show? im still learning how to do this,but not able to get it to show up rite,im trying to use these for T.V series Folders
  18. Theodore

    Adult Genres

    I have been a user of - and a fan of - MB for a long time (since 2.1.3) and recently upgraded to MB3. As a first contribution, I noticed that there is no adult genre art. Using the thumb and folder templates, I've created a bunch and wanted to share. I have 20 genres created (40 images total with thumb and folder/primary, example attached) but the collection is too big to attach to this post (21.1MB combined). I'd rather not host them in my Dropbox but I am happy to share anyone who wants them. Any suggestions for getting them up for everyone to just download on their own? -Teddy EDIT: 22MB ZIP of adult genre art. *png only*
  19. Say for example you discovered this awesome artwork package like @@shaefurr s Disparity, and you want to add it to your MB server. It would be awesome if you could choose to implement the whole package (I believe each of the images would have to have pre-recognized naming patterns) with just a few clicks of the mouse. And to also be able to implement say, a gaming genre package, or change it if you decide there is something you like more. Or to change to something you want to try out, but decide you don't like it, but it is so easy to change back, because you can just load the genre pack you had previously. And it could be bigger than just game genre's or library icons. Media icons, tv genre's, many other's I'm sure. Is this something anyone would like/use/appreciate?
  20. Hopefully this isn't out of line, but someone has made some fantastic genre art for the movie library (Science Fiction, Animation, Comedy, Classics, etc) and I would like to request 2 more: * B-Movie * Black Comedy Any chance of these making it in there? Thanks! -Teddy
  21. MyKy328

    Boxset Spines Help

    hey guys i want to create 3d boxsets using a photoshop action i recently purchased,however im having trouble finding spines that i can use that match the front cover,does anyone know where i can find these as i am having trouble using google
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