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Found 17 results

  1. I have been persisting with this for a while now, but I think I need to get it sorted: I don't know what is causing this, but my Media Browser Classic is constantly crashing multiple times whilst trying to use it. I currently run the Breeze theme. The software will load without errors and load into the theme fine, but after that I get constant 'Not Responding' errors. I have noticed that Breeze no longer shows some thumbnails for 'Recently Added' and 'Unwatched' items. Also, when browsing through my movie collection, some titles are displaying the incorrect movie cover even though they are correct on the server. If I start scrolling through my collection, it will randomly hang and then throw a message of 'Not Responding' and I have to restart MBC. Try and scroll again - same thing but on a different title. It is getting to the point now where I can't even scroll to a movie to watch it because it will crash 4 or 5 times. I then go into PLEX and it works fine. I also have major issues trying to watch a .MT2S file. For some reason this isn't supported on my system and crashes MBC also. It would be good to be able to get this working nicely with the system without errors. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Riples
  2. For the next 24 hours, all my themes are HALF PRICE. Each theme is just 3 bucks each, or you can get a bundle of any 3 for now just 8 bucks, or a bundle of all 4 for 10 bucks. That's a 50% saving no matter what you buy. This offer ends 24 hours from now - be quick and grab a bargain! For more details on my themes see www.crystalmediabrowser.com
  3. bret1958

    Aztec and Breeze

    I recently added Aztec and Breeze on a machine with good specs, they are impossible to use. Roc works just fine. But the lag on the 2 new themes makes them impossible to use. If Roc works fine is there something I am doing wrong. the machine is 6 core Amd Phemon II @ 3.4GHZ and 8 mg Ram the only weak spot is the graphics but should be fine as its not a gaming machine.. AMD 6570 2 mg and a SSD HD. Both themes have a few odd behaviors also that go away if I go back to Roc or Classic ...IE Isolated to the same 2 themes. Has any one seen this behavior ? thanks ahead of time
  4. Hello, I purchased the breeze theme for mediabrowser 2. I since have updated to mediabrowser 3 and entered in my supporter key into the dashboard and the breeze theme still comes back saying my trial is over. Do i really need to repurchase? I hope not and that I'm just missing something. So I thought to become a support for MB3 since it appears that I hadn't and I was hoping that would solve the problem. But now my Breeze plugin shows "expired" when it before it showed as "registered". I tried linking my old MB2 support key (which is when I purchased the breeze plugin, but it says "no record of old key" Please help. *I just noticed that all of my purchased plugins have defaulted to expired. Can someone please help me, fsousa101@gmail.com*
  5. leedavies

    ROC v1.2.0.0 now live

    Time for a long overdue big version number change... Smoother scrolling Button press animation improved Next up, getting Breeze and Crystal updated with all the latest goodies...
  6. I have been trying out Breeze, Crystal, and Aztec. I love them all and would like to buy them. However, a small issue I can't seem to figure out for the life of me is how to turn off the now playing backdrop for these themes. If now playing is a movie, then everything runs nice and smooth. However, if you're watching live TV from windows media center and then start MBC, the background screen gets choppy and the theme moves incredibly slow. I would prefer not to have to stop playback of live TV just in order to use these themes. Is there a setting I'm overlooking to turn this off? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  7. divide_by_zero

    Breeze Layout Question

    Just watched the promo clip for Breeze, and holy cows, does it look awesome. However, I had a question regarding layout options before I purchase the theme. It seems like this theme (like most of the other popular options) focuses on a "Cover Flow" view of a given collection. While this looks great during a demo vid, I find that when trying to decide what to watch with Mrs. divide_by_zero, a simple text list of titles makes things MUCH easier to scroll through with a library of 500+ items. As such I have used Subdued for a good long while, as this layout is straightforward to setup, and looks pretty nice. Is there an option for this sort of layout with Breeze? Trying to achieve something along the lines of how things look in the Dexter series at 1:45 of the promo vid, but for the entire "Movies" or "TV" catagories, prior to drilling down into specific titles. Hope the above makes sense. If this functionality is already baked in, just let me know and I'll purchase the theme when I have some time to nerd out and set it up. If it's not yet possible, consider this a feature request from a future customer. Thanks! d_b_0
  8. divide_by_zero

    Breeze Freeze - any ideas?

    Hi all, Having a bit of an issue with Breeze, and wondering if it's a problem anyone else is encountering. When scrolling through movie titles (detail view), things will totally hang right around the time I get to "H". Shouldn't say "right around" - it's *always* when it gets to the first Harry Potter movie. When it hangs, the whole UI just becomes completely unresponsive, and the interface often goes grey like a hung Windows app. I've let it sit for several minutes and it never recovers - have to go to taskmgr and kill MCE. Same behavior if I scroll in reverse through the library - gets hung up somewhere in the "T" range I believe. I've confirmed I have the same issue on both my HTPC (also running the MB server) as well as my laptop. Loving Breeze, but can't use as the daily driver until I find a fix. The movie library has 400+ titles, but can't imagine that being terribly unique around these parts. Also confirmed that I do not see the behavior when using either the default theme or Subdued. Don't have access to specific build version numbers at the moment, but can tell you things should be current as I update both the server and themes whenever there's a notification upon launch, and that the problem has persisted over the past couple weeks when I first noticed it. Any and all help is appreciated! I know I've said it before, but it merits repeating - MB (and Breeze for that matter!) is amazing, and thanks to the work of all the devs who make this possible! Thanks, db0
  9. If you tried the Crystal, ROC, or Breeze themes a while ago and your 14-day trial ran out, you’ve missed out on lots of updates and new features. You might like to take a fresh look this weekend FOR FREE. Just download the latest v1.0.10.0 versions and your free trial period will automatically be extended until Monday morning. Plus, Crystal is now just $7. Check out Crystal, ROC or Breeze for more details.
  10. I am just converting over from MB2 to MB3 (been an MB user for many years). I was testing out the new themes, etc. and I have to say first off that I am absolutely amazed by all of them...from the default right on up. Nice job by everyone. Now for the question: At some point during my testing of the various themes, one of them (or maybe multiple I don't know) had where the cover would open part way and the disc would spin inside the cover. I have tried everything I can think of in all the different themes to duplicate this and I can not get it to do that again. Can anyone tell me what theme this was and how to turn it on (which setting in the plethora of configs turn it on and off)? Thanks
  11. browned

    Breeze Issues

    Not sure if it is just me but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. In the Breeze theme I cannot figure out what settings to enable or disable to get the backdrop looking like the first image in this thread - http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/2721-breeze-theme-for-mbc/ Secondly. When I select a tile, say "Recently Added", instead of getting a list of recently added items like in other themes I get taken to the particular item that was displayed on the tile when I selected it. I would have thought the default action would be to display a more comprehensive list of recently items. I can see how either action would be acceptable but I would have thought the default action would be similar to other themes. Thanks
  12. Hi there, just a couple of quick questions about the new Breeze theme: I noticed on the main intro page for advertising the new Breeze theme (here: http://mediabrowser.tv/2013/12/08/breeze-theme-for-mb-classic/) it shows two things that I cannot work out how to change on my setup. 1. The Movie detail view (Iron Man 3) shows ClearArt down the bottom right of the screen - I don't know how to add ClearArt to that view 2. The Movie detail view also shows the Back, Play, Forward, Refresh, etc. icons in white outline whereas my setup has standard yellow icons. I would like to change to the white outlined ones if possible as it looks much nicer in my opinion. Any help on these small issues would be much appreciated. Thanks, Riples
  13. Hi there....been using Media Browser for sometime now but thought I'd join the forum, so I'm new here! I have used Diamond theme ever since first installing MB some years ago. I am very much a visual GUI guy and love things that look good, crisp, clean and professional looking. Don't like tacky or cluttered, etc. Anyway, thought I'd take a change and install the new Breeze plugin - very impressed I must say! Well done and keep up the fantastic work guys! One thing that I used to love about the Diamond Theme was the coloured MediaInfo Icons listed under the movie. I have noticed with the Breeze theme that the only place these icons turn up are in the 'detail' view of a series. I would love to see coloured MediaInfo Icons (like the ones listed @ http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/2087/mediainfo-icons) introduced into the actual detail page of each movie (like Diamond). The good thing about that is that you can see visually straight away, which codecs are used, Audio details, Aspect ratios, HD type, etc right from the main page without having to go to the info tab. It would also be nice to see these same MediaInfo icons added to the transparent tile up in the top left corner (in Thumb view) below all of the other detail (e.g. Genres, Directors, etc). This way you can see visually without having to even enter a movie to get the details. Even if you could manually configure what MediaInfo Icons you wanted to show there so that it doesn't stretch out the transparent tile to far due to many icons. So for example, I could just show Aspect Ratio, HD Type (1080, 720, etc), Video and Audio types. The theme is already visually stimulating, it would just be good to add that extra visual element rather than just a little word saying 1080 down the very bottom of the screen. Anyway, I know everyone is different, but just thought I would add an idea. Keep up the great work and very happy I have made the switch to Breeze - loving the clear art by the way! Riples
  14. Hi there, Just came across your Breeze theme - by far the best I have seen - well done! I had a couple of small requests though, if it is possible to add: (Splitting them to separate threads as requested) 1) In Poster view under my movie section (just before you click into the movie detail screen you want) it shows the full write-up of the movie on the left hand side panel (the one that takes up about half the screen on the left). Would it be possible to have an option in the view menu to disable or change it to a smaller view without the description (maybe the same one you show in the coverflow? that would sit on top of the posters below). For me I would love to see a full page of my movies that I have scrolling vertically (since I have a lot) rather than half the screen taken by the description. I feel its a bit redundant on this view as you read this info on the next screen before you click play. 1a) Also on a side note to the above panel, I notice that the title in yellow is truncated about 60% of the width of the panel. Most of my titles don't fit although it looks like they would if this truncated at the end of the panel instead of about half way. It does scroll but just doesnt look right. I saw a previous request (I think that covered this) but I am still seeing it on my end. Sorry I dont have any pics to show, but hope the above is clear enough I don't know if the above is possible/easy/hard but would make Breeze the perfect theme for me! Thank you for all your assistance.
  15. Hi again, Just splitting this as a separate request from my earlier post: 2) With the trailers for the movies that automatically play in the background when you go into the detail view of a movie. Wondering if it might be possible to show this in a medium sized window in the top right corner to allow view of the backdrops while the trailer plays in the corner. Maybe allowing clicking on the window to go full screen view or access to the full view via the trailer tab? Option to change between both options would be awesome! Thanks so much
  16. Aussiedroid

    Breeze EHS Removing Tile Transparency?

    Hi All, I was wondering if there is a way to disable the transparency/texture overlay of the tiles on the EHS of Breeze theme. I saw a slider in the options but tried changing the opacity and didnt seem to make a difference. What I was wanting to do was to disable or have very minor transparency so the tiles are clearer. Appreciate your help!
  17. leedavies

    Breeze v1.0.2.2 is now live

    Minor release with a couple of fixes: Backdrops now silky smooth and EHS shows backdrops for item on currently highlighted tile ClearLOGO on/off now works in real-time and shows item name when no logo available, or logo display turned off EHS lowercase text setting now saved - was lost on a restart
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