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  1. This has been a problem for me for sometime. I've not pinned it down though until today. The Emby server will occasionally stop delivering live TV. If I reboot the server it then works until the next time. Today I realised this happens every time I tune to a channel that fails. For example if I try to tune to BBC3 or 4 during the day when it is not broadcasting. Does this sound like anything seen before? If it is worth investigating I will clear logs, recreate, and post. Hopefully it is something I've configured wrong.
  2. echoxxzz

    LiveTV stuttering

    Several of my IPTV channels stutter (mostly it's the audio) when I use a browser. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and it happens in browsers. But there is no stuttering when I use Emby Theatre or the EMBY mobile apps. Can't seem to find a solution but I thought it worth mentioning.
  3. Hello. New forum member and new Emby user, here. I recently switched over to Emby from Plex for various reasons, one of them being that I was looking for a Windows Media Center replacement for DVR functionality. As such, my expectations/impressions are based on my previous experience with MCE, so factor that in to the opinions below. I realize Live/Recorded TV is a relatively new feature in Emby and still being polished, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents on some things I noticed. I did not know exactly where to put this feedback in the forums. I saw other Live/Recorded TV posts here so I fig
  4. Could we please add the Season and Episode option when listing information for live tv episodes? This is what Emby shows and this is what schedules direct is providing <programme start="20170712170000 -0400" stop="20170712180000 -0400" channel="I665.49788.schedulesdirect.org"> <title lang="en">Property Brothers</title> <sub-title lang="en">Charming Fixer-Upper With Unexpected Issues</sub-title> <desc lang="en">After living for six years as a nomad, Karima is ready to settle down in an urban home of her own.</desc> <credits>
  5. Hello, I just decided to go Premiere, and tried to use the Android App. It turns out the Live TV, that was working using the HTML5 in the browser, is not working on the APP. I tried both SD and HD channels. The logs show that the transcoding happens and the ffmpeg is run in both cases, but the screen stays black on the app. PC based browser streaming for the very same channel works flawlessly at the same time. I'm using TVH as backend for the tuner. Thanks for any help/hint. BR/ Andrea
  6. dados

    SVG Logo format not supported

    Hi, Could you guys consider adding support for svg image format for channel logo
  7. I have been experiencing multiple issues over the past few months and I think they are all related to each other: - Recordings don't fire, logs says that the timer fired but that it was too late - Recordings are stuck at "Active Recordings" - Recordings that don't leave a trace and just don't seem to be doing anything - Live TV not working (I get the spinning circle but no transcoding on the server is done and nothing streams) This morning I looked at the status of multiple schedules I had done. All of them (8 in total) have failed. Despite having the option to automatically transcode
  8. Hey Folks, Is there a way to limit the Tuners Emby is allowed to access on a HDHomerun? I thought of the 3 Tuners, you could remove/specify which ones Emby could see/use.. I'm on version (in W10) and I don't see any such options any more... Did I imagine it in the first place? I've reconfigured WMC to only use Tuners 1 and 2 - and I'd like to set Emby to use Tuner 3 only. I have DRM channels that have kept me on WMC for Live/Recorded TV, while all other Media I have was long ago migrated to Emby. I'd like to start moving all non-DRM channels over to Emby to shake it out a
  9. There are two programs recording. It is not possible to tune to any thing else. I tried through web app and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Android TV app (logs submitted). (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: 189.000 MHz Tuner 1 Channel: 683.000 MHz (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none Edit: I have verified 160 and 161 are responding to web requests to watch TV (watched a bit via MPC-HC). logs.zip
  10. I'm running Emby 3.2.7 and I'm not able to playback Live TV using Firefox as a client. In the server logs I see that transcoding start correctly but the browser will only display a black screen with no playback controls at all (just a scroll bar on the right that you can use to scroll only to see the same black screen all along). I have a HDHR and a TVH server. In Emby I configured both sources, the HDHR directly and also TVH, for testing. Playback of TV channels using TVH or HDHR will never work but I discovered that playback of radio channels using HDHR directly as the source will work
  11. zigzagtshirt

    Bug in LiveTV guide on Android

    I have attached two screenshots of the Live TV guide. One screen shot is from the web app, the other is from Android app. You will see on the web app screenshot that the guide data is visible for channels 590 and 592. However, when you look at the guide in the Android app, the guide data is not visible for these two channels. The guide data is in fact there, but you have to scroll to the left (backwards in time) all the way until the time that particular program started. In this example, you have to scroll through several hours worth of guide data to see it. The guide data in Andro
  12. I am trying to map OTA channels to xmltv, but I have run into an issue. Some OTA channels have "programs" which appear as sub channels in the form of "chan.sub". It looks like emby isn't parsing them appropriately, which results in the inability to properly map them and get a guide. here is the channel lineup #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0, 2.1 - CBFT-DT #EXTINF:0, 3.1 - WCAX-HD #EXTINF:0, 3.2 - Movies! #EXTINF:0, 5.1 - WPTZ-HD #EXTINF:0, 5
  13. Setup: - Live TV m3u HDHR3-US network dual tuner - Live TV NextPVR plugin connected to a different computer on the network (1gbps link) - Emby Beta Problem: - Recordings start but end prematurely - Mostly with the NextPVR plugin -- I'm going to check the logs on on NextPVR to see if anything unusual happened - Recordings fail to start and the following error is thrown *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service
  14. Hi folks, I'm using ET pretty much exclusively now (have retired my WMC system), and one oddity is the LiveTV guide sorting order. In settings, I've told it to sort by number: But in the guide the listing order is jumbled. How can I correct this? Also, what is the best way to pare down the guide to just those channels that are relevant? I presume this would be at the server level... I get lots of channels that I would never watch and have no interest in them cluttering up my screen. Thank you in advance! Marc
  15. There is an issue with Emby's guide, where information from Schedules direct is being overwritten by the wrong data downloaded from the internet. Here is the data as seen in NextPVR, which reads from my schedules direct account And here is the same movie as seen by Emby I believe the root case could be related to the show having a translated title. The original title : Imperium (2016) Dubbed movie's french title : Infiltre (2016) zap2it data available: - critics' ratings - year (2016) - genre - director - full cast - a better cover picture than the one shown in
  16. skurvy_pirate

    Not getting channel icons

    I recently got a new Emby server up and running (Docker version) and for some reason I am not getting icons for channels in the Live TV guide. On my previous server with the same guide provider and lineup (SchedulesDirect/Comcast) they showed up after refreshing the guide data. Is there anything I can check to see why they aren't getting pulled down/saved?
  17. I am having a very similar issue to @@bsetnick (see post from Nov 2016). My Emby and ServerWMC appear to be configured correctly, everything is working in windows media center, but I am not getting any content when I attempt to view LiveTV from any device. Emby dashboard shows my tuner as "Available." Under external services, it shows ServerWMC, status "ok." I've tried rebooting and restarting service and the server machine without luck. Emby, ServerWMC and WMC are all located on the same machine. Please advise...thanks! Andrew
  18. When playing a Live TV stream the app defaults to full quality. When I try and change to a lower bitrate, the app stops playing and displays an error: Playback error: There was an error processing the request. Please try again later. Android app is 2.8.39 and Emby is running on a QNAP NAS. Android app log and server log are attached. 5760c215-6535-4a20-a41c-628d5f29a1b3.log server.txt
  19. Hello Everyone, I searched the forum for the issue i have encountered with, i couldn't find one exactly like mine. I am new to Emby and to LiveTV. I found a link and i created a playlist: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1,MUTE_TV http://www.q7t1.com:8000/live/bk9/bk9/4179.ts I saved it as .m3u file. I can see the channel MUTE_TV in my LiveTV, however it plays 20 - 60 seconds and stops. If i play it again then it does the same thing stops after another 20 - 60 seconds. I am using EXTINF:-1 -> Doesn't this mean play infinite. What am i doing wrong. Can you guys help me out. I am using Embyserver Vers
  20. Unraid Server: v6.2.4 Emby Server: v3.1.2 Fire TV Box: v5.2.4.0 Fire TV App: v1.3.12a Can't stream live tv to fire tv's that use transcoding. Live tv (transcoded) in browser - works fine Live tv (transcoded) on iOS app - works fine Remote streaming live tv (transcoded) in browser - works fine Remote streaming live tv (transcoded) on iOS app - works fine I think the issue is related to the new version of ffmpeg as discussed in the following thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43135-android-apps-will-not-play-anything-that-needs-transcoded-audio/ Su
  21. Watching live tv from the web app, if I rewind to any previous point in the stream, play for any amount of time, then decide to "fast forward" to real time I notice the following issues: 1. Hovering over the end of the progress bar will actually display a seek position beyond the current live stream position (i.e. live stream current seek position 1:56, the hover description will list a time in advance of 1:56 such as 1:58). 2. Clicking the progress bar to "fast forward" to this point in the stream will throw an exception and crash the stream. I've uploaded a log file with the relevan
  22. Okay the goal of this little script was to remove unwanted TV channels, in my case this dealt with SD channels where I had an HD option available, or foreign language, shopping,..so on and so forth. #Include <Array.au3> #Include <File.au3> ; /////////////////////////////////////////// ; // Array Remove Channels ; /////////////////////////////////////////// Dim $aChannelsToRemove[1] = [0] $aFileList = _FileListToArray( @ScriptDir, 'Remove Channels *.txt' , 1 , True ) For $ii = 1 To $aFileList[0] Dim $aCurrentFileList _FileReadToArray( $aFileList[$ii] , $aCurrentFileList ,
  23. I was just wondering if it will ever be possible to have live TV supported with full dvr control and an nice EPG supported from within the Emby Samsung TV application. Although I love the new look and feel of Emby Theatre for Windows 10, I just don't see the need to have individual HTPC boxes in the rooms when I can just run one very powerful server and just plug my TV's into the network. Currently running windows 10 enterprise, ported a version of WMC into it and have the Ceton Infinitv 6 for cable card use. What are your thoughts?
  24. Hi all, I finally got a DLNA compatible HDHomeRun (an Extend, for OTA), so now I want to experiment with Emby doing some recordings. Up to this point I've used WMC to do the recordings (using my older model HDHRs). So, I added my tuner in the server Live TV Setup, got a Schedules Direct account set up and set in the server... now what? Is there a guide for setup? My main motivation, other than moving gradually away from WMC, is to use technology other than WMC to do the recording. I have always gotten random glitches in my recordings with WMC that I don't see on those same tuners w
  25. Version beta Windows 10 Pro Some channel guide data is absent. Attached is a screenshot. These channels' guide data works fine with NextPVR. They are correctly mapped in Emby. Thanks! server.txt
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