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  1. herod2k

    Problems using chromecast

    Hi, I'm trying to cast Emby to my chromecast by I can't. My configuration: Sever: Latest Docker container on Linux Alpine as host. The server uses a SSL certificate generate automatically using Traefik. Emby server version: Clients: Android Phone Sony XZ Premium (and others devices) My server is at home and until now I've never had a problem with Emby, I can use it locally with my Nvidia Shield, Android Phone, iPhone, MacBook Pro, etc etc. Also outside my apartment, everything works perfectly, I can stream and trans-code without any problem. Today I've installed a Chromecast first gen in my bedroom, I opened my Android app, pushed the button cast, the Cromecast changed to Emby (ready to cast) and when I went to push play on my phone the button didn't do anything, it seemed like disabled. So I've disconnected the chromecast from my phone, I played something, it was working perfectly, so I've tried to enable the cast during when it was already on play. Same thing happened. The chromecast went to Ready to cast, but the app on my phone stopped to work and it went to a grey screen. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/4R9xD3t I've also try the same steps with an iPhone and I got the same results. I've tried to cast with my laptops (Linux and MacOS) using Google Chrome, but my chromecast doesn't appear in the list: Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/KdtQ4PZ.png It should appear there and also my Nvidia Shield. I can see just my browser and the phones. I've tried to cast Netflix and Youtube and they work perfectly. I've also tried to reduce the video quality from my phone configuration, to 720p Screenshot: https://ibb.co/QcLJQCR I've checked also the logs, but I didn't find anything weird inside, just some socket Error Any idea if it is a bug or something that I should fix? Thanks H2K
  2. I'm coming away from Windows media centre and am finally sellting on Emby as a replacment over plex. One thing I was holding onto was an ageing xbox 360 in the bedroom, I was hoping to still use it with a client app. Plex have one, though it is well out of date and emby only exists as a plugin for media centre, which I am replacing. So I have decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the 360 and replace it with a streaming stick, but which one is best out of Fire TV or Chromecast? Which will be more 'future proof'? Has someone used the apps from Plex and Emby on both, how do they compare? Cheers for any input!
  3. When casting movies to Chromecast, the following steps are shown: 1) fanart picture is displayed by Chromecast; 2) fanart picture is dismissed 3) film logo is displayed on top left and film cover is displayed on bottom right. 4) actual film is displayed 5) film logo and cover are dismissed When casting movies (mkvs) with embedded subtitles (srt) what occurs is: 1) fanart picture is displayed by Chromecast; 2) actual film is displayed 3) playing continues keeping fanart picture on upper and bottom where movie has no image to show. So, movie is exhibited over the fanart
  4. - As legendas de muitos arquivos não estão funcionando no Chromecast mesmo quando ativadas (Simplesmente não aparecem na TV). - Porem as legendas aparecem normalmente caso eu esteja assistindo pelo navegador do computador ou pelo smartphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KjrLBcm_94&list=PLqT7uGeErdaur_nY-O0raKvRgHddzMEKp&index=8&t=0s Exemplo de arquivo (Download): https://mega.nz/#!TZ0hRCBJ!T6uYjOzdCeJOhtaLq0FfDAObQo9VeRW2kO7eYQLFFcE
  5. I have read as many of the related topics I could find but the answers did not help. A short time ago, all of my X265 encoded videos stopped casting to Chromecast. After selecting the Chromecast, and pressing play, it appears to start, then goes back to "Ready to Cast". I have tried Android app, iOS app, and browser app. I tried reducing the quality in the app settings (Playback>>Chromecast Streaming Quality) to no avail. I have tried several movies and the only ones that cannot play are X265. These videos were playing fine until recently (was there an upgrade to the server?). Have others experienced this? Emby Server: Version Chromecast, 1st Generation Chromecast firmware: 1.32.144770 Emby for Chromecast 2.1.0 Emby for Android Mobile 3.0.42 I do not mind upgrading my Chromecast, but was hoping we could troubleshoot and understand the issue, as it just started happening recently. I have attached the video specs of one of the movies I have been trying to play (tried 10+ this morning to troubleshoot). I have also attached the transcoding log of one of the failures. I did edit the file for "THE NAME WAS CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT". Any help? ffmpeg-transcode-8009045a-52ca-43d3-bb7f-ffc476c922e3_1.txt
  6. I recently converted all my symlinks to hardlinks because I read in another thread that symlinks are problematic. That seems to have helped with videos playing reliably on my phone itself. However, some videos don't want to cast to my chromecast devices. I get the spinner on my TV, then I get the player controls at the bottom of the Emby app, but after about a second both go away and the picture for the video. It's not obvious to me from looking at the log file what the problem is however I see that ffmpeg quits after maybe a half second. I restarted the server, turned on debug logging, and then performed my test in order to capture full detail but not more than necessary. The log is attached. 2 questions: Why is it failing and how do I fix it? Why is it trying to transcode? It's not a high bandwidth file. Does chromecast require a fixed resolution like 1080p in order to avoid transcoding? Log.txt
  7. Bbelll33t

    Casting Timeout

    I wanted to ask about an issue I am having with casting to a Chromecast through LG G6 phone (using baconfeet server). The app works great to search for content, but when it comes to playing over casting it breaks. I have played shows and movies directly on my phone with no issues. However when I try to watch content through casting to chromecast I let my phone turns it's screen off like a normal casting, but after a few moments it shows the "ready to cast your media" and the content I am playing goes back to the beginning. More specifically; cast media button = (on tv screen) ready to cast your media" push the play button to play content and it starts playing set phone down and enjoy content sometime later (within 5 minutes sometimes less) the video stops and "ready to cast your media" comes up on TV turn on phone and screen in black with "--:--" where the time of video playback is Please advise as to a solution or remedy. I am running on the last update from April 22 and still having this issue. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hello, Anyone know how I could change the subtitle position in chromecast? Its fine in the web client, but in chromecast its too high for my taste.
  9. tinskip

    Chromecast Volume

    I noticed that the Emby Android app is not using the Chromecast volume gain, but is instead doing its own, resulting in the total gain = gain(Chromecast) * gain(Emby). For example, If I go to the Home app, and lower the volume to 0, emby won't play at all. So the Chromecast volume has to be 100% to behave correctly. This becomes kind of tedious if you use chromecast on more than one app: you have to set the gain in that other app to 100% before disconnecting and connecting with Emby.
  10. I'm having a little display problem while playing my IPTV to the Chromecast. The IPTV source is a M3U file with udpxy links, so the IPTV source is an HTTP video. Maybe it's a ffmpeg parameters issue (maybe I don't really know). Transcoding log attached and picture of the result while playing on the TV (sound works ok). EDIT: I've tried multiple TV's, and the same happens. Log.txt
  11. I run about a half dozen Chromecast devices on my (switched) network. One Ultra, three Audio, one built-in (Sony Bravia), and three Home. Each and every one of these devices shows up twice in the Cast device picker. And more often than not, picking a device does not work, sometimes even trying both "instances" of the same device. Only quitting the Emby app, and restarting it will fix the connection issue, but not the duplicate device one. This could be due to my running Android Pie (Pixel 2xl), but anyhow is something that ought to be addressed. Anyone else experiencing this problem? BTW, it does not occur with any other cast-enabled devices. Thanks!
  12. dotcom

    ios media controls while casting

    There is an issue when casting and wanting to fine-control media. When you first cast an item you have a lot of controls available and can skip ahead or jump back 30/10 or whatever your setting is. Once you view the queue or leave the app and re-open you don't have this option anymore and cannot get it back without stopping the item playing on your device and beginning cast again. Two screenshots show one set of controls then the more useless set of controls when in casting. The horizontal one are the controls you get to keep right when you cast. The vertical are the less useful controls. Ideally you'd get the same set of controls you have when you are locally playing in cast mode whether leaving or rejoining the app. Also a fun bug when you swipe out of the app once you are casting at first it can accidentally turn up the tv volume to 100.
  13. Everything works fine when using direct play, when transcoding for whatever reason, be it bitrate, video container or whatever, video starts playing, after few seconds it freezes. The receiver itself is responsive and I'm able to start playing a different video after a freeze. General flow when starting the chromecast is as follows: - Receiver asks initially for a low bitrate video - Playback freezes after a few seconds cause transcoding is enabled to lower bitrate - After the freeze, I select the movie again and send it to the Chromecast - This time the receiver doesn't ask for a lower bitrate of the video, direct play is selected and the video plays fine all the way through That's for files which don't need transcoding, for files which can't use direct play I'm not able to go past a few seconds no matter what I do. Transcoding works perfectly fine in the web app in Firefox and Chrome. The Android app also works fine. There's nothing interesting in the server's logs, I can add them if you need them though, ffmpeg's logs also look normal. The only messages the web app is getting from the receiver are regular progress events, which just send periodically the time which chromecast is stuck at. When looking in the admin panel you can see the activity indicator showing the movie being played, with the playtime moving forward and then periodically moving back to the time Chromecast is stuck at, e.g: 00:04 00:05 00:06 00:04 00:05 I'm unable to debug the receiver as my device isn't whitelisted, that'd certainly help with this situation. This issue only started recently, a month ago, maybe two months ago or something. Before that, chromecast was working perfectly without any issues. Emby server version is, it's available on the internet, I can provide access to Emby devs if necessary.

    live tv to chromecast black screen

    every time I try to broadcast my chromecast channels I can only hear the audio but no image, my emby is runing on windows 7 all updated and chromecast on wifi 5ghz, and sorry about the bad English
  15. Maybe someone could help me. I'm using the emby since july to watch some Anime and i never have problem with the emby but now I'm having some problems with playback on chromecast gen 2, I start play one video and everything seems work fine but after some time the subtitle start freeze and stop play but the video still keep running. Even playing videos than I already watched happen this problem This issue start happening since my Emby server update to the stable version "" and only happen on chromecast, I already try update my server to the beta version " now I" m running on version" but the problem is there, I buy a new router to see if make any difference but still happening, I already install the Emby Server in another PC more powerful but this too dont solve my problem. Here is information of one of the media than already play and is having problems.and the last server log.. P.S the server dont produce transcode log cause that video play directy I dont know if here is the right place to post this but i really need help. embyserver-63687600000.txt
  16. grimy55

    Chromecast streaming down

    Hello all, I have Emby server installed through the Docker package. Everything works smoothly, except when I try to stream on my chromecast (tries chromecast v1 and v2). The media just won't start after hitting the play button. No error message. This happens from Chrome (Linux or Windows), and also the Android app. The hard thing is that no entry is created in the ffmpeg logs, so I don't really have additional inputs to provide to help solving the issue, unless you have any idea. Never had this kind of problem with Emby server <
  17. Jones1008

    Can't find Chromecast with iOS-app

    Hello emby community, a few weeks ago, I was trying to connect to my chromecast 2 wired to my router via the "official micro usb to LAN adapter" from google, but I couldn't find my chromecast within the emby iOS App. Strangely I was able to find my chromecast within the YouTube iOS App. Then I set up some port forwards in my router to my chromecast, which I found online... (ports: 1900, 5353, 8008, 8009). This didn't help either... Then I tried to connect via WiFi, which immediatly worked. I also reseted my chromecast to default and even tried all this with my older (also reseted) chromecast 1, where it didn't work either, so the issue must be with the Emby iOS app. Connecting my iOS device to my chromecast with LAN worked a few weeks ago (but with problems too...) but now it doesn't work anymore. Did anyone notice this issue too or what can I do to connect my iPhone to my Chromecast via LAN again? Could this issue maybe come with an Emby iOS App Update? Regards Jones
  18. Hey, folks. Starting a few days ago, I am all of a sudden unable to cast to my Chromecast from my Android. I am still able to do so on my iPad. I've rebooted all devices. This is happening with two separate Chromecasts (one a Chromecast ultra, one a gen 2 Chromecast). It does not show up in the list for Emby. I am still able to cast to the device from other apps (Netflix). Emby server version: Below are two screenshots. The first showing the iPad where you can see "Living Room TV" and the second from my Samsung Galaxy S7 where it is missing. Any suggestions? iPad: Android:
  19. alex@kampjensen.dk

    Unable to stream to Chromecast

    Hi all, I hope there is someone that can help me. I just installed Emby Server 3.5.3 on a Windows 2012 server. All seems to work fine except streaming to a Chromecast. When selecting a Chromecast on my iPhone it just displays "Ready to cast" and then nothing happens. In the attached EmbyServer log file I started to stream to my Chromecast 20:44 (see also below). For further info, I have also attached two ffmpeg log files. 2018-12-20 20:44:40.496 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 362ms. Info about the setup Emby Server 3.5.3 running on Windows 2012 server (IP: Chromecast 3. gen (firmware 1.36) (IP: iPhone 8 with IOS 12.1 Emby app 1.70 Thanks in advanced embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-0d74aa31-57eb-4261-83fd-2e26455f5f4f.txt ffmpeg-remux-c6f0e0fd-90ae-47b3-9915-89cbc8689f88.txt
  20. I tried to cast a show to my Gen1 tonight. It's not listed as a choice in Emby. It's listed and works with Plex, Netflix, and Youtube. I tried the Android app and Emby web. Am I missing something or is it just not supported with Emby? It works now. I hadn't used this ccast in a long time (2+ years). This morning I turned it on and it ran an update. It's now listed in Emby and I can successfully cast to it (via the Android app).
  21. lawprior


    I'm trying to connect to the hosted web app through HTTPS, because Chromecast now needs it to work properly. I'm told to select my server, and it won't connect to it. I can connect to it just fine on HTTP. So, does anyone know what's wrong and how I fix it?
  22. Hi, I'm using emby server on my Synology NAS and accessing it from a local network through its web but there's no option for chromecast? sometimes very rarely it appears but mostly it's unavailable. I'm using the version and accessing it only through google chrome browser. What is happening?
  23. Hey Emby community. I have diagnosed a problem with my Emby environment, however I can't come up with a swift and elegant solution to it. First, some background: I'm running Emby in a home server which comes with 2 limitations 1. My IP is dynamic 2. I CANNOT open any ports. This is NOT possible with my ISP (I highlighted this in bold to indicate that this really isn't a solution to my problem, I'm looking for a different solution) To mitigate these problems I have a VPS running in the cloud (with a public IP) for a few euros per month, which handles all incoming traffing through remote port forwarding. This is done using SSH tunnels (background on that here if you're interested: https://www.ssh.com/ssh/tunneling/example.) This actually works really well and is quick enough to stream full HD content, the issue however comes when you start chromecasting content. If you use a chromecast, the IP address is passed along to the chromecast, which is a non-accessible IP. Example: My home IP is The Emby VM has IP: assigned to it. The chromecast will now be passed the IP:, which it can't connect to, because the ports on it can't be opened. This also shows in my logs (using a local chromecast): 2019-01-07 16:22:51.255 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8096/emby/Videos/74ba4614749a59664393502333685647/stream.mp4?Static=true&mediaSourceId=74ba4614749a59664393502333685647&deviceId=U0hJRUxE&Tag=4791f2f25d6e3fdbd691f3be6954d613. Host=192.168.xxx.xxx:8096, Connection=keep-alive, Origin=https://mediabrowser.github.io, Accept-Encoding=identity;q=1, *;q=0, User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0; Build/OPR6.170623.010) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/70.0.3538.47 Safari/537.36 CrKey/1.36.140076, Range=bytes=0-, chrome-proxy=frfr, Accept=*/*, Accept-Language=en-US, CAST-DEVICE-CAPABILITIES={"bluetooth_supported":true,"display_supported":true,"hi_res_audio_supported":false,"remote_control_input_supported":false,"touch_input_supported":false} Because of this, the chromecast will simply play nothing (and it won't give out any error either for some reason). The solution I want is for me to be able to select either a domain name or another IP address to pass when chromecasting. For example. http://publicdomain.ext:8096 would work. would work How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hey all. Emby server is struggling to play 44.1/16 WAVs to chromecasts. I'm running Emby server on Raspberry Pi, connecting to my NAS through NFS. I have added a direct path to the share like this: nfs://xxx.xxx.x.xx/Music/Music/ When i cast from my Android phone, or from the web interface via my laptop, the WAV stutters in a very particular way; it gets to 6 seconds and pauses. it gets to around 27 seconds and pauses it then most of the time plays the rest of each track fine. when playing through the web interface the progress bar shows the track playing (in green) and what i suspect is the track buffering (in grey). If it is buffering then what i see on the progress bar matches the bullet points above - the green bar catches up with the grey bar a couple of times then the grey bar zooms off. I've ruled out: my synology nas (monitored whilst casting, no performance issues) my wifi (i can cast the same WAV using DLNA via BubbleUpnp with no performance issues) my pi (monitored whilst casting, no performance issues) Have i got the nfs path incorrect? Is there something else i should do? Logs attached. Any help appreciated - thanks. embyserver.txt
  25. Good morning, Emby Team. I recently purchased a Sony Bravia XBR-75X580E and I was having a problem where the TV was automatically switching to the built-in Chromecast source randomly and automatically turning itself on randomly and displaying the built-in Chromecast source. I've narrowed the problem down to Emby as it only application that stays connected/reconnects to the built-in Chromecast even after the Emby Android app has been disconnected from the Chromecast and exited. After disconnecting Emby from the Chromecast and exiting the Emby app in Android, after a few minutes the TV will automatically switch back to the built-in Chromecast which displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby has somehow reconnected and casted to the built-in Chromecast. These are the steps I take to close down the Emby Android app: Stop playback of any media Click the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Click "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt At this point, the Emby app is still open and displayed on the phone despite just clicking to "Yes" in Step 3 to close Emby on the device, but is seemingly not connected to any Chromecasts. The built-in Chromecast is also no longer displaying Emby which also indicates that it is not connected to Emby at this time. I click the Home button on Android to go to the Home screen, and a few minutes later the TV switches back to the built-in Chromecast and displays the black Emby screen indicating that Emby somehow reconnected to the Chromecast by itself without any user interaction. The only work-around I've found that prevents Emby from reconnecting to the Chromecast on its own is: Re-open Emby app in Android Reconnect it to the built-in Chromecast (don't play any media) Disconnect it again from the Chromecast by clicking the Chromecast icon and select "Disconnect" Again clicking "Yes" at the "Would you like to close Emby on the device?" prompt Force close the Emby app in Android How can I fix this permanently so that Emby does not reconnect to the built-in Chromecast after I've already disconnected from it? It's kind of a hassle (and a first-world problem, honestly) to have to force-close the Emby app in Android to get it to do what it told me it was already going to do but didn't do. Thank you!
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