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Found 3 results

  1. So I have an interesting problem. I'm in the process of setting up my first complete home theater with a C8 as my TV was reading up on the limitations associated with ARC. I plan on using one of LG's internal Emby app. The system I'm setting up is a 5.1.2 system and I was hoping that I could stream lossless audio by connecting my receiver to my C8 through the ARC connection, but I was reading that only eARC is cable of TrueHD. A quick diagram of my connections: LG C8 (Internal Emby App) -> AVR -> Speakers As an example, my Avengers Infinity War file has the following for audio (which looks like no DD+ [E_AC-3]): TrueHD: 5174 kbps | 8 channel A_AC-3: 640 kbps | 6 channel A_AC-3: 192 kbps | 2 channel I definitely want to retain the atmos channels since that's why I got the additional speakers. From my understanding, since the TrueHD can't transfer to my AVR, it would default to the A_AC-3 audio, which would not contain the atmos components (correct me if I'm wrong). So my question is, would it be possible to force my Emby server to transcode the TrueHD with atmos to DD+ with atmos? And if so, is this a fairly hardware intensive transcode? Let me know if I can clarify anything or if I said anything wrong! ~Q
  2. I've noticed that both my Chromecast v2 and Ultra are happy to direct play multi-channel audio encoded using either Dolby Digital (AC3) or Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3). Anything else (Dolby True HD, Atmos, DTS, DTS-MA, DTS-X) gets transcoded to Dolby Digital at 384 kbit/s. I'm very impressed with the way Emby handles this - it's even smart enough to transcode EAC3 to AC3 when I turn off the AV receiver (and it's just the TV doing the audio decoding). I'm less impressed that it needs to do this at all for the Chromecast Ultra: why do Google think it's OK to market it as 4K HRD capable and yet only support these two codecs? It's particularly bad when DTS gets transcoded to AC3 (one lossy early 90s format to another). Dolby claim that DD+ is up to twice as efficient as old DD and Netflix are now streaming in DD+ at 640 kbit/s ("the point at which additional quality is imperceivable"). I decided to experiment using Emby's version of ffmpeg on my Synology NAS (a DS918+ running a Celeron J3455). DTS to AC3 at 384k vs. DTS to EAC3 at 640k. I had to set avoid_negative_ts to its default value of "auto" for the EAC3 transcode - Chromecast won't direct play EAC3 streams with negative timestamps. I was concerned that the EAC3 conversion might require more CPU time, but if anything it's faster. The conversion logs are attached. I won't claim to have the best equipment or ears (MP3 at 320k is fine by me), but I can hear the difference. The Mad Men opening theme (test file I used) sounds better to me in the EAC3 version, particularly the cymbals. What do the Emby developers think about transcoding to EAC3 at 640k when it's supported by the playback device? An easy win for better audio quality, or just another wild idea from a clueless audiophile? AC3_transcode.txt EAC3_transcode.txt
  3. Hi Luke, I've been using Emby Theatre for a long time and only just discovered the LG App - it is superb! I'm now using it on my LG OLED65C7 and older 55EC930V running WebOS 1.0. It is lightning fast and has been rock solid for me so far. I would love to be able to put the media PC in the loft and relegate that to being a server, as using the LG Emby app with the native TV remote is a much smoother experience. The snag is that using Emby Theatre has the benefit of allowing me to play HD lossless audio formats through my Denon receiver over HDMI. Because the Emby LG app leverages ARC to send audio to the A/V receiver I get DTS and Dolby Digital due to the ARC bandwidth restrictions in effect. However, when I use the LG's Netflix app I get Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) over ARC (and understand that DD+ Atmos is also possible). Are there any plans to support DD+ and DD+ Atmos audio in the LG App at some point in the future as I understand this is as good as we can hope for in terms of sound quality over ARC at present? Thanks
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