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  1. I have just noticed that the latest release screwed up some music albums that had been fine before. Now all of my albums by Abba and The Sound are no longer recognized as separate albums--in both cases Media Browser has decided that I only have one album by each artist and that all tracks from all albums are part of that one album. I now have one album by Abba with 108 tracks and one album by The Sound with 155 tracks. I didn't notice the problem until this morning but previously all of the individual albums had been recognized by Media Browser. I'm assuming that the problem started with the most recent update. There is one similarity between the two artist folders--since I ripped The Abba and The Sound albums from box sets The Abba individual album folder names begin with Disc 1, Disc, 2, Disc 3, etc and The Sound album folder names begin with CD1, CD2, CD3, etc. I'm wondering if something changed where Media Browser is reading these folders differently now.
  2. Is there any chance there is a folder view in the Android client that I'm missing? In the web interface the ability to browse my music collection by folder is fantastic as I keep my collection neatly organized in a hierarchy, i.e. Genre\Artist\Album\Track The genre view in the Android client only attempts to list all songs for a Genre, which creates a mess for anyone with a large music collection (not to mention it causes the client to hang constantly). If you could view by folder as is available in the web interface then it would be fantastic! Thanks, jorgytim
  3. client 2.0.87 Gal S4 when scrolling down artists, if i hit a letter, it is registered/shows on screen, but i do not jump to the letter..i always jump to the same place towards beginning of sort order regardless of which letter i choose. anyone else seeing this? redshirt would you consider an option to show album artists rather than artists in the music view. personally its how i seek music 99% of the time.easier to find 1 in 500 rather than 1 in 7000. thanks for considering..
  4. Hope someone can help here. I am using Musicbrainz picard to tag my music collection, but it doesn't appear to be adding the artists id or overview to the artists text file. Can someone tell me how to set this up in Musicbrainz Picard? Many thanks for your help
  5. Version 3.0.5404.29588 following on from http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/6333-artist-name-is-initials-issue/?p=88447 MB3 can not handle artists with ID3 tgs ending in full stop. eg 't.A.T.u.' 2014-10-19 15:20:01.2458 Info - ImageProcessor: Failed to read image header for E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg. Doing it the slow way. 2014-10-19 15:20:01.2458 Error - App: Error getting image information for E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg Could not find file 'E:\MediaBrowser\IBN\artists\t.A.T.u\folder.jpg'. System.IO.FileNotFoundException at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileInfo.get_Length() at MediaBrowser.Api.Images.ImageService.GetImageInfo(IHasImages item, ItemImageInfo info, Nullable`1 imageIndex) Steps to reproduce. 1. Create W:\Music\t.A.T.u\[insert some album here] (no full stop at end because windows file system doesn't support) MB3 successfully identifies, album/artist and downloads metadata into media collection. 2. Go to metadata manager and change the primary image for the artist. Error as above.no folder.jpg in collection. It is odd that on first fetch MB3 handles the artist but cant handle manually fetching artwork from metadata manager.
  6. Happy2Play

    Music-Artists Webpage error

    All Artists website links return this error. (Music-Artist-Links:Website) MBS Version 3.0.5387.37160 example Response Status Error Code ArgumentException Message Argument not supported: www.mirandalambert.com Stack Trace [GetDashboardResource: 10/2/2014 9:42:15 AM]: [REQUEST: {ResourceName:www.mirandalambert.com}] System.ArgumentException: Argument not supported: www.mirandalambert.com at MediaBrowser.Common.Net.MimeTypes.GetMimeType(String path) at MediaBrowser.WebDashboard.Api.DashboardService.Get(GetDashboardResource request) at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object ) at ServiceStack.Host.ServiceRunner`1.Execute(IRequest request, Object instance, TRequest requestDto) Errors
  7. Redshirt, currently im in .84 but i saw this at least in .83 as well (possibly further back) see screens below.. tracks have 0:00 in the playlist view vs current length in webclient (and others) client shot from s5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3rjg6go0230gxj/Screenshot_2014-10-08-08-48-38.png?dl=0 webclient from chrome desktop same album https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvb4dlcdc632qn1/trackdurationwebclient.jpg?dl=0
  8. Hi, this maybe a feature request but was wondering what other people thoughts are on these subjects. First of all playlists, Would it be possible for a resume feature? Instead of the playlist builder coming in from the side, maybe a drop down box at the top of the browser which will remember the playlist you are working on until the browser is refreshed, then the add to playlist function is just one click per item instead of 4 or 5. A Jumble feature, i.e. when you have finished messing with your playlist, press Jumble and it will randomly re-order the list. Sort by artist so you can get rid of any duplicates in a list Some way of re-ordering manually. Music - Songs A song is just 2 pieces of information, Title and Artist, and you may have one song 10 times in a collection and this information never changes, so was wondering if, A "song" can be grouped, so if i like it or make it favorite it will do it to all instances of that song, as well as play counts being the same too. When you open a song in the browser it will tell you what albums it is on and if there is a local music video for it. which brings me to the subject no one wants to entertain, music vids, I know there isn't databases for them but there is always a simple way around things (what an assumption). I actually have a very accurate database of music on my server P.C., it's called media browser, and i only want things linking that are there, is there any way you can use the information at hand just to tidy this part up, all of the artist art is there ready to be used. No nobby online database needed, just two pieces of information, Title and Artist. Easy!!!
  9. jhs39

    Music Repeating

    My mp3 albums have started to play over again from the beginning instead of stopping after the last song. There are no playlist files or anything like that which would explain why this is happening--just the music files and metadata file and cover artwork. I can't find any setting in Media Browser (beta) for Roku that would turn a repeat play function on and off. Am I missing something?
  10. thefirstofthe300

    Song sorting fixed?

    I was wondering if the the server had a fix for the issue with the song browsing fixed? The issue where being on the metadata viewing page for the song and browsing through the songs using the side arrows. The reason I asked is that it is now working perfectly in version 3.0.5363.32049. I know that I did downgrade the id3 version from 2.4 to 2.3 to work with my new mp3 player. Just wondering what is causing the thing to work suddenly.
  11. MSL_DK

    Incorrect music metadata

    From where collects mbs metadata for music albums? The reason I ask is that the release date and year is wrong ... but on the http://musicbrainz.org/release/51ee119d-40b3-3b5e-b0a5-1a33ab051ef3, Release date and year the correct.
  12. ginjaninja

    Trakt Logging Progress on Music

    2014-08-28 17:54:17.2608 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:18.4564 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:19.6400 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:20.8476 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:22.0603 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:23.2573 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress @@Redshirt Version 3.0.5352.42702 Trakt, Version=1.9.5238.19477 Hi Redshirt should trakt be logging activity with music files? is the plugin using up unnecessary resources? thanks for great plugin, really useful.
  13. I think the album description fetching is very good and informative. I was surprised to find a couple of albums in collection (without having to look hard, I suspect there are a few) where the mbz album id was populated and the album description was either blank or the old last fm one with html tags. in both cases by manually populating the release group id (which was blank), the good album description fetched. but as the there is only one known (to mbz) release group id for an album id....shouldn, t mb3 have already populated the info?
  14. I have just started working with my music library and getting it all working nicely. I have noticed that I have a lot of Genres that don't have a default image. Can someone pass along the 'template' that is being used so we can get the community creating some images for all the Genres ? I also updated the Genres for some of the music in iTunes (MediaBrowser brought a few spelling issues to my attention) and ran a library update but mediabrowser is not picking up the updates
  15. Carneth

    Help with Music Albums

    Hi all, so, since I've upgraded from MB2 - 3 (Using MBC) .... I have the following problem with my music... Say I have an artist with two albums, e.g. Pink Floyd - The Wall Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Whether I view 'music' or 'music albums' I get 1 album listed, say, The Wall and all tracks appear in the one album. However, I know for certain that the metadata is correct - and this is occuring for every single artist which has multiple albums.. Any ideas, I'm sure I'm just not doing something right with configuration
  16. I'm not sure if I'm just not understanding how the Artist vs Album Artist views are supposed to work, or if there's a problem with the server or web client or maybe this just isn't fully implemented yet. In the iTunes terminology, the artists are specific to songs but not every artists is on every song on the album, thus the album artist is the "primary" artist that's on the album cover. Is that the same intent for MBS? Example. If I'm in Album Artists and click on Dr. Dre I'm immediately switched to the Artists "tab" up top and looking at Dr. Dre. However it shows Albums (2) | Songs (6). Clearly under that (2) are 11 albums?! If I then click songs (6) I see 1-16 of 16?! It looks like the () counts are accurate for the album artist, but all the results are for Dr. Dre as an artist (Eminem albums and songs).
  17. Great to see Playlist now on MBC but getting 'Invalid Application' and MBC Crashes. All ok on the server. In MBT I can play each song individually but not the Playlist itself. MBC is the one I am most wanting to work. And a question: Is there a way to load already created playlists? Log attached: MBC.txt
  18. This afternoon when I opened my Music Folder in Media Centre I found that 95% of my artists had no picture or metadata information even though every single artist had both the last time I listened to music through the Media Browser server. I initially thought there was something buggy about Media Centre, which is frequently the case, but it was the same in the other Roku channels and also in Media Browser/Music/Album Artists. I haven't updated or changed anything. I haven't added any new music in over a week. I haven't changed any settings. As far as I know there was no Media Browser server update over the past few days. What happened to all of my artist info? Why are there generic icons next to everything instead of photos and metadata? Joe Smart
  19. hedgehogg

    .WAV Music invisible

    Since the new look I can't get to my dts music on the server. I imagine it's driven by Tags but as my DTS Music collection is .wav there is no tags. Can a view by folder link be created?
  20. I have noticed that when I am browsing my music, particularly particular songs in an album, I can't cycle through all the songs in that album. For example, if I browse to the album view, click on Adele's 21, and then click on Rolling in the Deep, it takes me to the media info view for Rolling in the Deep. Like I would expect, I can then click on the right arrow and it will take me to another song; however, it isn't the next track in the album. It takes me to Take It All instead of Rumour Has It. If I cycle on more time, it takes me to One and Only. I now can't cycle through any more songs. Those three are the only three that I can view. This is not the only album that this happens to. Every other album I have has a similar problem when I attempt to cycle through the songs. Is this happening for anybody else?
  21. I have a large music collection (600+GB) that is exhaustively organised with the following folder structure: ARTIST NAME - ALBUM NAME\Album Track Name.mp3 I would like to view my music in MBC in the same way, listed by folder structure. The only way I can see to do this would be to edit the metadata in thousands of folders to make sure the "sort by" field was the same as the Folder Name. Can anyone suggest a simpler way to do this? I'm sure I'm missing something basic? edit: spolling
  22. Hi all, I recently re-taged a lot of my music genres since they were a mess and couldn't get Genre Cleaner to work (another issue, but not the reason for this post). SInce re-tagging, all my music shows up everywhere correctly except in MBC. The Music category will show recently added items just fine and I can enter into those, however, going into Music shows No Items. Music by Genre shows all the music correctly. I am using Chocolate & Subdude and both show the same thing. The dashboard shows everything as well. MBC 7-14.1 MBS 3.0.5309.26857 MBC log included MBClassic-2072014000a65710e21479a9e002adeb614c281.zip
  23. I cannot access my music library in Media Centre. When I click on my media folder for music I get the error message Problem Loading Collection. The folders for movies and television programs open fine--but no music.
  24. Just recently (didn't look into it until tonight, but I think I noticed something a couple days ago) the Artist "Weezer" suddenly got changed to "Raditude", which is a name of one of their albums. Now, looking at that in the metadata manager it looks like this. Now, when i try and go back and change it back, MBS keeps thinking it's an album, not an artist or album artist. I tried deleting all of the corresponding info in Windows explorer, but it still keeps it as Raditude. I'm looking right now for some related logs. Only seems to have happened to Weezer, as far as I can tell.
  25. Version 3.0.5289.18702 I have an estimate 200 artists with red exclamations on them, not associated to a music brainz id. not strange in itself, however their names and content match (non ambiguously) music brainz 100%. proven by the fact that when i click 'identify' in dashboard i get a single match on music brainz. should i expect a scan library task to match automatically? A refresh on artist, automatically matches. How do i force a refresh of all artists (not album artists)? i dont think that the affected artists are showing in the log after a scan library task. thanks
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