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Found 18 results

  1. marcsimus

    Podcasts library content type

    Is there a way to set the content type of the podcasts library? While the library appears on the home screen, it isn't listed in the library server settings. I think I remember seeing a post on these forums (sorry, I don't have a link) where someone said they were able to set theirs as audio books. But I'm not seeing a way to do that. It could've been an older post so maybe this is no longer possible.
  2. Bartype

    Various plugins not working correctly

    Hi, Since i don't know exactly when, but i think one of the more recent updates is have problems with various, but not all plugins. For example the podcasts plugin is only showing an [Add] button, which doesn't do anything when i press on it. All podcast added before are still there but i can't add or config any new ones. The same is true for the CoverArt plugin. There is only a non-responsive [Add] button. Other plugins like the Server Config Backup don't show any backups which where made before and pressing on the Backup location magnifier doesn't give a response. There are few other plugins which don't work anymore, while others are still working, such as the Addi7ed and Playback reporting plugins. Removing and re-installing the troublesome plugins doesn't solve the issues... I am running the latest version for Qnap, I have added a few images to show how it looks like. Apart from these plugins, it seems the Emby server is running fine. Is this a known bug or problem and is there something what i could do to solve this? And hopefully something else of course as completely reinstalling everything... [Edit] It seems like the scheduled task for the server config backup is still running and putting backups in the location which was configured before. These backups only don't show up in the plugin. Thank you in advance, Bartype
  3. Aussie1967

    Podcast Not Playing

    I am new to emby and I am working at getting a few podcasts to work . I have the correct url but continually getting media error when trying to play. Any help or direction would be appreciated been at this now for 2 days
  4. EmbyShare

    Questions about Podcasts

    I've been looking around and short of paying for a month of premium I can't really find information on how Podcasts work in Emby. There are plenty of articles that mention it is a feature but not a review. -Does the Podcast feature offline sync or only stream to a device, say like AntennaPod (Android Open Source) or gPodder (Linux/Windows Open Source)? --Specifically, looking for just my phone, don't mind a local stream while at home or an Internet stream from other devices. -Is there play position syncing, ie if I stop playing from my phone in the car will I be able to resume from a different device, say a desktop?
  5. gebhard

    Problem Configuring Podcasts

    Hi, I've installed my first Emby server a few days ago (FreeNAS Plugin, version 3.0.5781.8). Yesterday I've upgraded to Premiere (Lifetime) to support the great application and to enable some features. I'd like to get podcasts via Emby so I installed the plugin "Podcasts" version 1.0.5810.30134. I can see it under Plugins -> My Plugins I was able to add a podcast using the settings menu of Podcasts. Now I want to configure additional things, e.g. the storage location. As far as I could google, the settings would be done in Plugins -> Channels. But there is no Podcast entry showing up, only "Preferred internet stream quality:". I've already restarted the server but haven't noticed any change. Any idea how to debug or what went wrong? Many thanks in advance Cheers, Gebhard
  6. Hi, I'd like to propose the below detailed feature request. I know that there is a podcast plugin, but this prodivdes only channel functionality w/o download and storage options (AFAIK). Basic version: configuration options:list of podcast URLs interval to connect to configured podcast URLs and download new episode path where to store the downloaded episodes functionality:in configured intervals sequentially connect to configured podcast URLsdownload all new episodes and store them in the configured path (PATH/<podcast name>/<some episode name>) store information about downloaded episodes in DB next configured podcast perform maintenance task (whatever is needed) Possible future enhancements: configure podcast name and path on a per-podcast basis individual download schedule per podcast blacklist (reg exp) for not to download episodes purge job (based on episode download date) download and apply meta data export / import podcast lists ... Any thoughts? Thanks. Cheers, Gebhard
  7. I am having a problem with Podcasts. In MBC it shows No Items and in the dashboard, under Channels if I select Podcasts it flashes a warning: Block length does not match with its complement Also in MBC, in the recently added list for Channels, I see a blank folder icon and it lists the latest audio podcasts only I tried deleting and re-doing Podcasts, but I get the same errors. I installed the new beta server Version 3.0.5321.35225, but no change. server log and MBC screenshot incl. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ni94rde12qa7dw9/Screenshot%202014-07-28%2008.05.31.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7j6usbef0iog9c/server-63541984538.txt MBC: 7-14.1 MBS: 3.0.5321.35225 Podcasts: 1.0.5283.29527 Thanks for your time
  8. I am currently using the Podcast Plugin (LOVE IT @ebr) to watch all of the video podcasts that I subscribe too. There are a number of the podcasts that I listen to that are over an hour and a half long. Sadly, I often don't have time to watch the entire episode in one sitting. When I stop watching the podcast, the plugin simply marks the podcast as watched and moves on to the next episode. However, as I was not finished watching the last podcast, I would like for the plugin to support resume playback functionality in the same way that the server supports it for movies or TV shows. First, is this possible to have implemented, and second, if it is possible, will it be implemented?
  9. porkbone

    Video podcasts play audio only

    Loving the new Channels section! The only problem I am having is when podcasts were moved into the Channels area, my video podcasts now only play audio. This is happening with the webgui and MBC. Everything else is working fine. I looked for a ffmpeg log, but couldn't find it. I am including the server, MBC & transcoding logs. Don't know if this is a know issue or not. Thanks for your time Mike MBServer Version 3.0.5271.29451 MBClassic Version 6-12.1 sorry I had to zip the server log... MBClassic-1662014b21bbfe8af8f4d17b4b87a2390080299.log transcode-0cefc531-a3ad-423d-8c99-92a467425bfc.txt server-63538499336.zip
  10. My MB Server updated over the weekend to Version 3.0.5271.29451 and after restarting and the initial scan, I noticed that podcasts are no longer showing in the Scheduled Tasks library scan, in MBC and the android app. I see that they moved to Channels in the webgui and are all there except 2 podcasts are now blank. Is this by design and if so, will it be coming back to MBC and the android app? Attached is the server log after the last restart and scan Thanks for your time! Mike server-63537917023.txt
  11. Apologies if this has been brought up before, but I'd like to request that a new media type be created for audio files (.mp3 or whatever) that are not considered music. These could be Talk Shows, Audio books, Stand-Up Comedy, etc. For example, I download a show called Mysterious Universe via an RSS downloader. I would use the Podcasts plugin, but it doesn't support usernames and passwords. Anyway, I download these into a folder that is part of collection in Media Browser. Everything gets added correctly, except these mp3's are considered Music by Media Browser. So now these files are displayed when I browse through my music. I'd like to have them separated as a media type, but a better type doesn't seem to exist. Thanks for reading!
  12. aroex

    Refresh Podcasts Failed

    Hello, first post here... love MB and all the work the devs put in! I am currently using MBC and trying to get Podcasts up and running but it keeps giving me a "Refresh Podcasts failed" error. I would upload the logs but they are too big so I uploaded them to my filing system here (LINK EXPIRES 2/20/14): MEDIABROWSER LOGS https://plancheck.egnyte.com/publicController.do?folderName=20140213&fileName=L9W2NfnS4p I combed through the logs and it references The Elder Scrolls Skyrim a few times within the Podcasts section... is there something I need to do on my end to get it working properly?
  13. Just updated MediaBrowser Server to version 3.0.5099.2102 and noticed that Podcasts are no longer on the Scheduled Tasks-Library section. Is this by design?
  14. I am missing the folder images on my EHS for the Podcasts plugin. http://i.imgur.com/KC3VocT.jpg The RSS feed is working fine, and it is pulling down the metadata for episode info and screenshots, but this missing folder image on the EHS is doing my head in. http://i.imgur.com/4xpHri0.jpg Any suggestions on where to place a folder.jpg file or how to edit a config to solve this? Cheers
  15. I have been having problems with podcasts populating when selected in the dashboard & MBC. Sometimes it will populate after a brief time, but if it does not, I can go into the dashboard and select Podcasts and if they show, then they show in MBC. It seems to be random - sometimes they populate, sometimes not. In the dashboard, if they don't then I get the message There was an error processing the request. When they show, everything plays well like it should. The problem is just getting them to show reliably because right now they are not. MBS log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b26zbguyjhxva91/server-63545414781.txt?dl=0 I didn't include the MBC log since this looks like it's on the server side. Thanks for your time too bad I can't edit the title...
  16. Hello, all The server and Podcast plugin updated the other day and since then I have been having trouble playing podcasts in MBC. They play fine in the dashboard, but in MBC there is usually a long delay then comes back with Windows Media Center can not play this file. I'll hit stop, then refresh, then quickplay and sometimes they start. I'm using wmp as the primary player with wmc - fyi Thanks for your valuable time! MBC: MBS: 3.0.5387.37160 Podcast Plugin: 1.0.5386.22625 MBC Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tx9u8qa73g20whf/MBClassic-4102014b66feb3c5a044a4f8802ce417b4cc6ec.log?dl=0 MBS Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddxw4x5krqz7ddn/server-63547988406.txt?dl=0 Edit: also the video quality seems to have dropped as well. Lots of pixeling and some stuttering - video not as crisp as before the update.
  17. porkbone

    Podcast problems

    I have been having problems lately with a bunch of my podcast feeds. It seems if the link ends with "xml", then there are no problems and podcasts work great. If I try to add back in a podcast that used to work, but ends with rss, I get a non-descript error notification - sometimes. This is really frustrating since #1 - the error notification does not identify the bad link by name. I had about 35 video and audio podcasts in total, but started suddenly getting error notifications about podcasts and had to remove them one by one to find the bad podcasts. I lost 26 podcasts, but the links for them are still working in my browser. Please. I'm begging - please identify by name in the error notification! #2 - If an error notification is generated for any one podcast, all podcasts are now no longer accessable. MBC will show No Items and the dashboard pops up a white box error "Block length does not match with its complement". Is it possible to fix so if one fails, I can still access the rest? screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kshnaa40orde4iw/Screenshot%202015-03-03%2007.09.29.png?dl=0 for an example if you want to try this, here is a link to a comedy audio podcast that works, but no longer within MB3: http://youmadeitweird.libsyn.com/rss I can upload a log file, but I would have to add in the problematic rss links first - if you need one. Thanks for your time!
  18. gebhard

    Podcast Episodes disappearing

    Hi, I'm running Emby version 3.0.5786.0 on FreeNAS and Podcast Plugin version1.0.5871.25217. From time to time podcast episodes are disappearing (see screenshot ). The current log file is attached (Log.txt). Thanks, Gebhard Log.txt
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