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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, as I have troubles with my mixed folder, I thought a change will help me When you have a mixed folder, the automatic scan identifies one folder as tv-show, you have no chance to declare it as movie. My idea now: When you try to identify the folder / content via ID, then it shall display all results, not only the ones for which it is defined. I don't know if this is feasible
  2. It has been a few days since Emby for the "Majo no Tabitabi" series hasn't been able to recognize her. He finds it as "Kiki home delivery" of 1989 (studio Ghibli). I tried everything, changed the name of the folder from "Majo no Tabitabi" to "Majo no Tabitabi (2020)" to "The Journey of Elaina" to "Wandering Witch The Journey of Elaina" but nothing. Even putting the ID series from AniDB (15202) / TheTVDB (371436) and telling him to replace all meta and images, he keeps leaving this series (leaving only the right logo and backgrounds but everything else is wrong). Unfortunately I cannot change the name of the file (mkv) which is "[Erai-raws] Majo no Tabitabi - 07 [720p] .mkv" because this is automatically downloaded from qBittorent and automatically seeded in the folder that emby uses. Basically I created a folder (which we will call Seed) where there are the various series in progress and each contains the episodes as they come out (via RSS on qBit). Seed > Series 1 > Season 1 > Episode1.mkv Series 2 > Season 3 > Episode5.mkv Such a thing. To be clear: Jujutsu Kaisen; I'm stading; Tonikawa; King's raid; Danmachi 3; Sleepy Princess in the demon castle; they use the same nomenclature ([Erai-raws] Series Name - 07 [720p] .mkv) and do not have this aforementioned problem. Procedure for forcing identification (which then fails): How it comes out (here by now I have already tried to force majo no tabitabi and in fact the logo and backgrounds are right). identify (first attempt only using name) Result: find kiki instead of majo. This time I use the ID series from TheTVDB (it's better for meta than AniDB): good, found it (): So I tell him to use him and replace EVERYTHING ... Result, he hasn't changed a damn thing: To be clear, I have Italian as my preferred language and country language for the library in question. I also tried with AniDB ID and AniList ID but it doesn't update the meta. I also tried to delete the series (then re-download the episode) but it always finds that series. Thank you in advance. (I notice that compared to 6 - 8 months ago, Emby has made good progress compared to Plex which is really too reclining).
  3. Hello, I've named all my files and folders according to the movie naming guide for emby. But some titles do not get recognized, especially (but not exclusively) non-english titles. And non of them seem to be quite unusual or hard to detect. For example: Movies/Es (2017)/Es (2017) - 1080p.mkv [OT: It (2017)] -> identified as: Körper und Seele (2017) Movies/Oben (2009)/Oben (2009) - 1080p.mkv [OT: Up (2009)] -> identified as: Das Allgäu von oben (2009) Movies/Die Fliege (1986)/Die Fliege (1986) - 720p.mkv [OT: The Fly (1986)] -> identified as: Millowitsch Theater - Die spanische Fliege (1986) Movies/James Bond 007 (03) - Goldfinger (1964)/James Bond 007 - Goldfinger (1964) - 1080p.mp4 [OT: Goldfinger (1964)] -> identified as: James Bond 007 - Feuerball (1965) Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter (2012), Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter II (2012), Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter III (2013) -> all three identified as: Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter III (2013) english titles identified wrong are e.g.: Movies/The Raid (2011)/The Raid (2011) - 1080p.mkv -> identified as: Code Name: Geronimo(2012) Movies/Train to Busan (2016)/Train to Busan (2016) - 1080p.mkv -> identified as: Untitled Train To Busan Remake Also it was unable to detect 'Star Gate (1994)' because of that whitespace in the middle (like in 'Star Trek' ). After renaming to 'Stargate (1994)' it was fine. These are only examples. I know that identification is not trivial, therefore my question is: Can I name them better for emby, so that the auto detection has better results (without rename every movie to its english title)? I want to add something off topic: A while ago I identified every wrongly assigned movie by hand and added a sort title to almost every movie. Then I change the folder structure from '[mountpoint]/Movies/[all Movies]' to '[mountpoint]/Media/Movies/[all Movies]' and changed the path in the movie library (by removing the old and adding the new, because there is no edit/change functionality). Therefore all identifications were repeated, all identifications by hand and all sort titles were gone. I thought that emby would detect that it is still the exactly same folder with same content, only one layer deeper. I suggest that emby save some kind of folder hashes to be able to recognize that nothing changed in such cases.
  4. I gather that square brackets are ignored when identifying movies? Could we also have an option that when enabled, it also ignores the normal ( ) brackets as well. I have a lot of foreign films in my collection and they're named with both the english title and the original foreign title in brackets... E.g. English Title (Foreign Title) (1980) (Almost) None of these identify when scanning so i have to manually id them, editing the title in the search to remove one or the other title (it usually works with either). This is a chore, especially for me who's had to rebuild the library a few times recently due to hardware failures and upgrade. Ignoring the brackets would also help with those movies with (Director's Cut) in the title too... This should then mean that almost all the films would ID automatically, which is always our goal.
  5. We have 3x PS4s in the house and I want each one to map to a different user in Emby when connecting via DLNA. I created 3x profiles copied from the PS4 profile, and amended them based on the Friendly Name (the names the consoles use on the network) but all three still map to the first profile. Using the debug logs I have been able to get the three different device IDs but no matter which of the identification criteria I put it in, it doesn't seem to work. I also tried adding an entry under HTTP Headers but couldn't get anything to work there, either. Any thoughts on how I get this to work?
  6. topbanana

    Improve reporting features

    Your libraries of movies, TV, etc. almost certainly have lots and lots and lots of misidentified items, errors... 5%, perhaps more is possible... And 5% of a large collection, is a lot of items. Wrongly identified. Emby relies on the various databases on the internet, and between them, they inevitably make the odd mistake... That's fair enough. Many factors are involved, bad filenames, rare titles, foreign character, etc, etc... Some are just stupidly wrong. They're going to happen... BUT. We still don't have any tools to find them. You have no way of knowing how many errors are in your libraries. We have to rely on stumbling upon the error, or if you have an intimate knowledge of what titles you do have, you'll spot a few more of the errors perhaps. As attempted a couple of times, some of us have tried combining the grossly, needlessly inadequate 'Reports' feature (now a plugin), with data pulled from the database files with external tools. This has worked OK, but is a royal PITA, and not slick, not quick to do. But it does show you how many errors emby holds. Which might horrify/surprise you. If you want some fun, reinstall emby from scratch, rebuilding your libraries... You'll very quickly see some errors, with many more being there without you knowing. ALL WE WANT is the ability to, at least, list the path, filename, against the title and year from metadata downloaded... This simple feature, ability, would make finding these numerous errors possible, if a little bit slow to process (takes a lot of concentration to check 5,000 filenames, titles, years). Later, yeah, it would be sweet to have it highlight non-exact matches, that would speed up the process immensely. But we need the minimum now. These tools need to be in the core of emby... It's not good enough that this media database application doesn't have the most basic data analysis tool! Path, filename, title, year. Please.
  7. Hi team, I'm having a problem that I haven't had before. Server (.5927) has identified a movie incorrectly. I went into Identify, picked the correct one, and several new images (correct ones) were downloaded. I saved it. However, the title is still wrong, several of the images are the wrong ones, and it displays incorrectly. The movie is #Horror. A 2015 release. It was in a folder called \Horror(2015)\ and was incorrectly identified as "A Christmas Horror Story" (which is pretty good... you ought to watch that one!). So, I went into the dashboard, selected Metadata Manager, Selected the movie ("A Christmas Horror Story" since that is how it displayed), and clicked on the upper-right three dot control, then selected Identify. It showed all the A Christmas Horror Story info. I cleared out everthing (IMDB IDs and so forth), leaving only the proper title (#Horror) and the 2015 release date filled in. Pressed the blue Search bar. It presented me with several hits, one of which was the correct #Horror movie. I selected it, and left the checkbox "Replace existing images" checked. Pressed Submit. Waited a couple minutes. It still listed the movie name as A Christmas Horror Story. I chose refresh. Nothing happened. Checked the metadata images... a mix of correct and incorrect pictures. When selecting the movie in the Metadata Manager view, mostly incorrect metadata is shown (description etc). Title in the listing on the left still shows as A Christmas Horror Story even if I manually edit the Name: field on the right. Saving/refreshing does nothing. I went in and deleted all the metadata field entries, leaving only title and date. Refreshed. STill shows up as A Christmas Horror Story. What's up with this and how do I fix it? Thanks Marc
  8. A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification... It seems that Identification of albums is only performed once on initial ingestion....maybe thats the same for all media types? It seems If no ID (MBZ?) is attributed to the album during initial ingestion, then no amount of scans or refreshes, advanced or otherwise would ever check the ID is correct, or try to fetch a missing ID. If a primary ID provider is down during initial ingestion, doesn't the user need a way to bulk identify objects? If the user has gone to the trouble of clicking refresh ... would it not be good for MB3 to retry to retrieve a primary identification for objects that do not currently have one..in case the provider was down during initial ingestion (or some other issue)? might it not be good for the user to be able to ask that content already with ids is reevaluated..(because the current identification is known to be false or the providor has changed their ids)? might it not be good for the user to be able to check that IDs are correct (eg for when matching logic has improved or the provider has changed their master info), so that mismatched IDs are included in reports for manual correction when required? It was not obvious imo in the current interface that refreshes do not attempt primary identification... Would there be a downside to identification being part of the default refresh for objects without primary id? Could the other options be added to the advanced refresh ui? Perhaps MB3 could beef up the remedial UIs (perhaps accessible from the quick overview pane in dashboard ui) Red Exclamation (as is current) for not identified - launch UI to choose correct match (or allow manual/null/give up) - (Identification Results could be presented more clearly and searches could be more targeted when possible e.g.. include artist in album searches) Amber Exclamation - A (potential) mismatch, worthy of further investigation..the providers name for ID does not match the library's name, or The ID no longer exists on providor. For casual users for something as critical as identification, and fuller more accessible remedial interface to identify/correct the outlying cases would make the ui more informative and immersive imo.
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