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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, this refers to here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/77892-raspberry-pi4-nas-for-server/page-2 But since the topic is a bit different, I guess no one does even read it.. So let me summarize the problem: I got folders for movies and for TV-shows. The are structured as follows: a) movies \\smb-share_whatever\videos\movies\action\Rambo 1\Rambo 1.mkv (or mp4 or avi) tv-shows \\smb-share_whatever\videos\TV-shows\Friends\Season01\S01E01.mkv (or mp4 or avi) Every folder does have a Backdrop.jpeg and a folder.jpg, the genre-folders for the movies also do have a folder.jpg. Since I got an "old" server (Windows 2012 R2), it also does access these files, which are on its RAID-Volume. (~8TB) Here it works perfectly, the overview shows movies and TV-shows and when you click one of them, you see the genres under movies. Now for the Rock64Pro-board with Armbian-Buster: I've mounted the SMB-share under /mnt, I can easily access both, movies AND TV-shows and also read them. (I've even tried via WinSCP to copy them being read from the /mnt). I've then added separately movies (content-type "movies" and TV-shows (content-type "TV-shows") to emby. The TV-shows are recognized and can be played easily. The movies show-up empty as there would be no content or it is not readable or not recognized. I removed the movies and added them as "mixed content" - same story. Since I want to retire the Win2k12-Server, I also have a NAS, which offers an SMB-share to my network. I've also the same files on the NAS, same folders - only different IP. When I add the movies from my NAS, emby does recognize them BUT: I) It does not show the folder-structure, only when I select the list-option "folders". On my windows-server it does it as a standard. Here it shows all movies (~1550) in a bulk-list. II) It does NOT play the movies. When I click one, the player seems to load and then it says "there are no compatible streams available." But it does play the TV-shows from the Win2K12-Server... (I've got my emby-premium on both registered, it is a lifetime-key) So - tons of problems - only because of my effort to save the 125W my server consumes 24/7 ;-) I'd highly appreciate if you can give me some help. Regards, Matthias
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the QNAP Arm64 version (aarch64), my NAS is a TS-328, Versión beta. Using the same folder with an emby server windows 10 the metadata is correct, but in the nas server there is an artist called "Artistes Divers" which includes many albums that do not have that artist. The albums that are included are those that the artist of the album "Various Artists" actually has. It seems somewhat random. I have tried to reinstall emby from scratch and have also created the library several times. In reality the artist "Artistes Divers" only has one album and "Various Artists" has 337 albums. I have tried in Emby server windows 10, Plex and Mediamonkey, this is all correct.
  3. Just bought a QNAP TS-231 which has an ARM processor in it, but so far the only builds of Emby I can find are for Intel CPUs :-( Any ideas if there's any way to get it running on my ARM processor? Or whether anyone's working on an ARM build??
  4. justwondering

    Emby Server on Raspberry Pi crashing

    I have Emby server beta on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Raspbian Stretch (2018-06-27), and the server crashes constantly. I upgraded to the beta from for unrelated reasons (problems with .AppleDouble files) but I believe the crashes were happening under that release too. It's just Emby crashing. Raspbian continues fine, and I can login and restart Emby with no problems. It seems to crash when left alone for too long, or anytime I make too many changes to the library contents (adding, removing, or renaming video files). Attached are three crash logs from today. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 2018-07-12 07.15.txt 2018-07-12 17.02.txt 2018-07-12 17.50.txt
  5. Drumz

    Subtitles are not downloaded

    Hi all, I am new with emby server and may be I am doing something wrong and dumb but currently I am not able to make my emby server installation to download subtitles from Opensubtitles.org My server is (Taken from emby log): Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: False 64-Bit Process: False User Interactive: True Processor count: 4 Program data path: /var/lib/emby Application directory: /opt/emby-server/system Application version: This is armhf version running on AARCH64 based SoC. My subtitles config looks like this: When I add files to the library, I am able to see requests to subdb in logs like the following one: 2018-02-03 10:47:09.804 Info HttpClient: GET http://api.thesubdb.com/?action=search&hash=C28F1D11BDF12742BCF25572428233F7 but no requests to opensubtitles.org in logs (even with debug logging enabled) Also adding username and password to the config didn't help. Media Info for the file which is used for example: Same results with and versions. Thanks in advance. P.S. I tried to provide as much info as possible but if you need any other log/data, I will provide them ASAP
  6. alc86

    Use Emby with ARM processor

    Hi, I struggling since weeks with the setup of Emby on my QNAP TS-431 (ARM processor). I tried it already with native package and also with docker image but there is always a playback problem. So my question is if anyone uses Emby with an Qnap ARM processor ? I yes please provide me your configuration.
  7. Hi, I've installed my emby server on a open hour chameleon device (arm based with a rockchip rk3288) the server is running fine (lubuntu based) - after some problems with SMB / NTF. (I can post a howto later) My target is to transcode my 1080p mkvs also for chromecast, iphone etc. is that possible? ist the rockchip cpu fast enough? (quad core 1.8ghz) when I run a video in the browser I always get the could not play error (html5 player, android device with vlc etc) where do I find the logs on the emby server? (/var/log/emby.log has no entries) Cheers
  8. hurricanehrndz

    ARM devices official instructions

    Instructions can be found on the Emby website: https://emby.media/download Our linux packages support ARM, as well as our Docker installation.
  9. See the download page of our website: https://emby.media/download
  10. philby

    Emby on ARM (no transcoding)

    Reading about the Emby package for Synology DSM out today, I wonder if/when there might be a package for non-Intel CPUs. My ds416j is probably quite slow for what Emby would like to be doing, but since I transcode everything in Handbrake and iFFMPEG anyway, it'd be used a pure playback and (very pretty, from what I can see here) digital media database.
  11. Hi, i would like to share with this amazing community my project about the perfect low power media center i am trying to build. Some background first : I am a XBMC user since the begining when i was using it on my Xbox. At this time, HD content was just emerging and the Xbox did not have enough power to decode them. Then i moved to a jailbroken AppleTV version 1 (the big white model) with Linux and a Broadcom Chrystal HD card. I was perfectly fine with this solution capable for HD contents (both 720p and 1080p). My only concern was only the power consumption of initial AppleTV, as it could not be turned off or even go to sleep. Moreover i wanted to benefit from my videos when i was away from home on mobile devices (phone or tablet). So i started to use DS Video (a nice solution by the way, provided with my Synology NAS). The problem was that i had to maintain two different libraries (one for XBMC and another one for DS Video). Then i discovered the Cubox-i. It seemed to me that it could replace my old AppleTV as the perfect media center device : really tiny form factor totally silent able to run linux distributions capable of hardware accelerated video decompression XBMC has been ported to the IMX6 Soc used in Cubox-i I pre-ordered one last year immediately. The thing is this little box has so much horsepower (my i4Pro has 4 cores and 2 GB of RAM : around 4 times more than a Raspberry Pi) that it opens to a world of possibilities. Like hosting a centralized media server solution on top of delivering HD content to my video projector using XBMC. If that media server would be capable of transcoding video content on the fly when delivered to mobile devices, my goal would be achieved. This is how i discovered MediaBrowser. Looking for the most appropriate Media server for my needs : fully compatible with XBMC having a linux version having a version running on ARM devices (a big thank to DaBungalow who is maintaining the Archlinux package for MediaBrowser) capable of transcoding and maybe the most important : with a nice / reactive / efficient community (i have been following the forum for a while, i just started posting lately) For people interested, here are the progress i did already : i installed Archlinux on my Cubox-i4Pro i installed MediaBrowser last stable version i struggled to solve the "image not showing in the web client / libGL dependency" issue i installed XBMC (Gotham 13.2 only for the moment, waiting for a release of Helix compatible with Cubox-i) i struggled with XBMC to get the remote app working via editing config files via SSH (my cubox-i has no keyboard or mouse connected to it) and my plan for the future : i have to get XBMC and MediaBrowser work together i have to ensure that MediaBrowser does not transcode video content when it is not necessary i have to update my library with MediaBrowser scrapper i have to talk with MediaBrowser developers about hardware accelerated transcoding possibilities (i have seen one or two threads discussed already in the forum but the most advanced is focused on windows/Intel) In case anybody would be interested in having more details about the steps I already achieved, don't hesitate to ask. But you should keep in mind that we are still at a really early stage with all the different pieces i mentioned : Cubox-i is one year old only. This is young compared to Raspberry Pi for example. And even if the community is active, it is much smaller. Linux on Cubox-i is not as much advanced as on Intel based computer or even Raspberry Pi. Linux kernel is older. MediaBrowser has not support for ARM based device and Linux support is quite new XBMC Helix, the first official version supporting IMX6 Soc, has been released a couple of weeks ago. The package in the main linux distributions is not available yet. We are far from a plug and play solution. Every steps requires quite a bit of knowledge with Linux. You should not be afraid with getting your hand dirty. But the result may be worth the efforts. Thanks again to all the persons working in the shadow on building those awesome pieces of software (MediaBrowser and XBMC). You are really doing an amazing work. esseki
  12. akshay2000

    No mono-runtime from OpenSuse repo?

    Hi, I have been trying to set up Emby server on my Raspberry Pi 2 running Debian 8. I have done this before using the source code and manual configuration. However, I keep reading on forums that Emby Debian repo should 'just work' (with exception of ffmpeg - which cannot be distributed due to licensing issues) and give me required packages including emby-server, mono-runtime, imagemagick (q8) and others. However, I am unable to get anything other than emby-server from that repository. If I check for apt-cache policy of mono-runtime, it defaults to the default Debian repo. Also, the ImageMagick packages available in default Debian repo are all q16. While Emby repo should provide me with q8 packages, apt-cache search for those packages return nothing. In short, only emby-server package is being detected from Emby Debian repo. What's going on here? Is there a repository way to obtain rest of the packages? I'd rather not go through the hassle of manual compilation again.
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