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Found 16 results

  1. Introduction Ce tutoriel à pour but de vous guider pas à pas dans l'installation et la configuration de votre Raspberry Pi pour l'hébergement d'un serveur Emby uniquement. Bien que détaillée, vous devez tout de même avoir des notions de base en informatique, et plus particulièrement sous Linux. 1) Installation et configuration de Raspbian https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/operating-systems/ Choisir la version Lite. - Utiliser Raspberry Pi Imager pour l'installer sur votre carte SD (https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/) - Configurer et sécuriser votre Raspberry Cr
  2. I'm creating an array of raspberry Pi's that are running theater. The two i've started with are both on brand new pi 4's with 2GB ram. The installs both work well, but the problem is that they both have the same Device ID. If they're both playing a song, the emby dashboard shows the same device, but flashing between the two songs. The activity log is showing both pi's playing songs. a call to /emby/sessions only returns one session, not both Is there a way to manually configure the Device ID in a config somewhere on the PI? It seems like, by default, they both have the device id
  3. numbersix

    Optional Network Path Question

    I have Emby Server running on an RPi3, working well: the RPi3 is plugged right into my router the RPi3 has a static IP a 4TB external HDD is attached to the RPi3 via USB all is well My question is there any advantage to defining the "Optional Network Path" when I add my libraries? I've read the wiki, and it seems to be saying that setting an ONP when you add a library allows apps to bypass the Emby Server and access the files directly --- but when I access my Emby Server on Kodi, or the android app, I seem to have direct access to those files already. My questions are... What am I missin
  4. fearn2001

    Emby server not creating /var/lib/emby

    Using the guide here I backed up the files it said which included many from /var/lib/emby on my system. I wiped and reinstalled the os and followed the guide on restoring. When it came to setting up emby through the web interface it just paused and did nothing. So I uninstalled emby using my package manager and noticed it left /var/lib/emby untouched although it originally created it itself so I manually deleted it. When I installed the package again it did not create /var/lib/emby and the web interface appears to not be running. It's not creating a service that I can start or restart but syst
  5. kcranky

    Can't see server in VLC

    Hi I have Emby running alongside pihole on an installation of DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. Recently, I updated PiHole, the emby server and diet pi. Since then I have been unable to browse the DLNA server in VLC on my Windows 10 machine, which is what I've been doing to watch files the server can't transcode. I only want to access Emby on my local network, if that makes any difference.
  6. Hi, I looked all the way through the big Emby Theater thread and there's a couple of posts mentioning how to autostart Emby Theater on boot up of a Raspberry Pi. I've tried a couple of these methods and also some other methods found searching the internet but I'm not having any joy at the moment - does anyone have a preferably fool proof or best way to get this setup? I'm running the latest version (3.0.3). Close to trying the full Emby Pi image but I have a few other things already on the Pi that i'd have to re-add and configure again which I'd prefer not to. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I currently run my emby server on a rasberry pi that is running the diet pi OS. When I go to my emby server dashboard it says I need to upgrade emby-server to 3.5, but when I run apt-get update or apt-get upgrade it says that emby-server is already at its newest verson... Is there no package for diet pi at the moment for version 3.5? I know that it was migrated from mono to dot net core, so I'm wondering if I need to do a clean install in order to upgrade to the newest verson.
  8. Hi, Using the pause button on my tv remote to pause a movie and then going to make a coffee, when I came back I couldn't get away from the paused still image (a very angry looking ben stiller), the only way I could sort was to power down the Pi and start it up again to resume. I still need to see if this is the case when pausing using a mouse rather than the remote control. Watching a 4:3 programme and doing the same thing, pause with the tv remote and leave for a bit then attempt to escape using the 'return' button on the remote or the 'esc' key, I could then see the Emby Theater in t
  9. Hi, are there any workarounds to the black screen that shows in Emby Theater running on a Raspberry Pi when the OSD shows on pause, play, any mouse movement etc? From another thread I read about some transparency issues on the Pi as the reason for it, maybe someone has discovered a way around it or something to install to fix it? It would improve the viewing experience considerably I think. An alternative would be a way to dismiss the OSD straight away, I've tried the back button using a mouse or the Return button on my remote but both take me back to the movie details page so instead for
  10. Hi all :-) I'm a new user, trying to setup my Emby + Kodi environment. I've issues in library setup, during the "path substitution" phase, now integrated with library folders. The issue is that Emby "shared network folder" field seems to accept only UNC paths (\\server\share...), so any linux client tries to access the share via Samba instead of using NFS. My NAS exports shares both via SMB and NFS, but since I'm using some RaspberryPi as Kodi front-ends (OSMC distribution), I want to avoid using Samba, since it has an overhead on CPU. The only way I've find to end the library setup
  11. ivoidwarranties

    New Emby UWP and Windows 10 IoT?

    Anyone up for the challenge of trying to get this to work on a Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT
  12. hurricanehrndz

    ARM devices official instructions

    Instructions can be found on the Emby website: https://emby.media/download Our linux packages support ARM, as well as our Docker installation.
  13. rowdybeans

    Can't do initial library scan OSMC Kodi

    I have a ubuntu 15.10 vm running on esxi which is running emby. When I try and get my raspberry pi 2 running osmc to sync it fails and reboots itself. I did notice an issue with some of the files not looking at the right destination, they were looking for /mnt/media. I have mounted my synology nfs shares to the ubuntu vm. They have a path of mnt/media. I have set path substitution to nfs:// I have attached the logs from the emby server. Not sure where else to test? I posted this originally in the wrong forum. Log.txt
  14. I didn't find any correct Dockerfile or instructions on how to install Emby on top of armhf architecture so I had to combine some of them and as a result here is working Emby Docker image - https://hub.docker.com/r/kayrus/emby/ I've tested it on my Cubietruck with Debian Wheezy and Linux kernel which supports Docker (>=3.6). For example Armbian for Cubietruck has Linux kernel v4.2.3. In any case even if you don't have Docker you can try to install Emby just following Dockerfile manually. What doesn't work: direct play for all my h.264 MKV videos using web browser (for example direct
  15. Hi! TLDR: Good news: Emby-Server on Rpi2! Bad news: Frequent crashes! Also: Me no understand because of Noob. Been reading up on Emby and thought I might try it on my Raspberry Pi 2 running debian (Well, running OSMC which is based off of Debian Jessie). Easier said than done! I couldn't really find anyone who'd been successful at it, but what the hell! Over at the OSMC forums me and one of the support guys from OSMC played around with it: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/emby-server-osmc-on-rpi2/6274/ This morning I finally got it working by following the manual installation instru
  16. runtimesandbox

    A few questions for emby / kodi on a PI

    Hi all, I'm new to emby but after a few days testing it am in love. So simple and the biggest plus for me was the meta data manager. I have been using xbmc / kodi on a couple of raspberry pi2 for a few years running raspbmc / OSMC. My current setup is using multiple user accounts and a mysql database to sync them all together. This is a pain as I have a separate database for each user and when a tv show or film is not detected correctly is just a unnecessary hassle trying to correct it. I want to use the kodi addon to replace the mysql database but have a few questions and things i
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