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  1. So I dunno when it started, but its recent, subtitles are placed too low, pretty much at the very bottom of the screen in both Chrome and Firefox, in Emby Theater, on Chromecast and on my Smart TV this is not an issue. So I am not sure what happend on the browser version. Anyone experienced this? I cant seem to find anywhere to adjust subtitle positioning. I have attached a PNG file to show my issue.
  2. Hi, I had this same problem after updating PS4 to Software ver. 4.5 and now is back again after update to software ver 6.71. (The old thred: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/46562-ps4-no-subtitles/) After updating everything works great but no subtitles (external srt) are displayed. I have tried to turn them on and off with no luck. I have tried many movies that used to work fine. I have: PS4-568 Software ver. 6.71 Emby server Version Ubuntu linux 16.04.2 Thank you Emby Team!!! 8-)
  3. jellelle


    Hi, I've encountered some problems while downloading media to watch offline (with Emby from the Windows Store, as the regular desktop version doesn't have this feature): 1. External subtitles don't download, which makes this feature for me useless: 1.1: I have set my preferred subtitle language in the settings, and always play subtitles. 2. No feedback about current downloads: 2.1: When clicking download, you have to dig in the settings to view the downloaded items. Maybe display them, and the download progress, under "My Downloads" on the home screen? If not, maybe a faster way to see all downloaded / downloading files using a cog wheel next to "My Downloads", like in the android app. 2.2: The download status goes from "transferring 0%" to "Downloaded". There is no download progress in percentage. 3. The "My Downloads" item on the start screen doesn't refresh when media is downloaded / deleted: Downloaded files show up after a restart of the app Deleted files are gone after a restart of the app Number 1 is important to me, 2 and 3 are a mere cosmetic features. Thanks! Jelle
  4. Hi @@Luke, I have a problem with subtitles which can't be show anymore after to pause the episode, leave the tab (2 hours after) and try to open it again just after in chrome. I already try with and without encode subtitles on the fly. I uncheck for the moment this option and it's always bug so it's not the problem. I tried to turn off subtitle. Leave and open again the emby tab, start an episode, select my subtitles but same problem Every users on my emby server get the same issue. We're using Chrome browser. With Kodi (emby plugin) no issue. If you need info, I will try to send you even if I don't see anything wrong in the logs... I will try to give you the way to reproduce it: 1) Open chrome, embyweb and load a 1080p Multi file in mkv (it's my case, but I don't think the quality is really important). 2) look it for example, half of the episode. Click on pause. Lets the episode and the tab open on chrome. 2 hours in my case. (I think THIS is important, and let's the episode in the browser will create the issue after) BTW: I don't know if it's normal and link but when I look the admin dashboard, I can see during this 2 hours, the red line (throttle) increases little by little like 0.1% every 10 seconds, so after 1h30, the line is complete ... Not sure it's a normal behavior, anyway. 3) You click on play button, everything is fine, I look 5min like that, I get my subtitles, I'm happy 4) I close the emby tab, in other words, the episode that i watched 5) THE PROBLEM I open again embyweb, try to click on "continue" the episode. It starts from 27min. It's perfect BUT no subtitle at all. If I try to start again from the begin, I get subtitles on the first seconds, if I skip 2min, 30min ect, no subtitle ever . So I try to look 5min without skip anything from the begin and after 2min36, subtitles desapears... and I don't get it anymore. It's crazy I never get this problem with old version. Thank you in advance to fix this new issue Regards
  5. After the upgrade to subtitles do not work after stopping and then resuming a show on firetv. I've tried turning them of and back on with no success.
  6. After upgrade to, all subtitles are on top of browser.
  7. rthomas


    with the newest version Versie subtitles are positioned off screen in the player. Just see somes white spots at the top of player for letters like g y
  8. I used a Roku Premiere and some other Roku which could only do 1080p which wasn't very good. I was using nvdia shield tv as the server with emby beta server Just want to report the Roku Premiere handled 4K content good as long as the movie was under 12GB or so. 20GB and 25GB file size (forgot the bitrate) then it'd stutter. Roku can't do double byte subtitle decoding which means no Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. That's a limitation for some. Anyway I'm gonna stick with nvidia shield for all my clients it looks like.
  9. Hi, first congratulations for all this work. Great! I have a problem, subtitles work fine in the Web version as you can see below: However, in the Android version do not work: Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Hi everyone, I am a recent Emby user, I have configured Emby Server on windows, with a library containing movies, series, animes. Then, on my android TV (philips), I use the emby application to connect to my emby server. I have a problem when I want to choose subtitles for my series: the choice of audio and subtitles is grayed out for the series, while I have added the subtitle files to the associated video directory. For films, I don't have this problem. In the only subtitle configuration settings I found, I activated everything available for displaying and selecting subtitles. Do you have a solution for me? Please excuse me if my post is repetitive with respect to an existing post. Thank you very much, Alesk_andr
  11. I have recently started ripping my UHD Blu-rays for play back in Emby, and discovered issues with subtitle transcoding. In the past, my 1080p Blu-ray rips have been in HEVC, whatever the main audio track is, as well as only forced/foreign subtitle tracks if there are any. Normally I would extract the PGS (.sup file) and convert to VobSub using BDSup2Sub and that would work fine. This has been a habit that started back when Blu-ray subs weren't supported by the codecs on my old HTPC way back when, but handled DVD subs (VobSub) fine. The first 4K disc I have ripped that requires a forced subtitle track is Avengers: Infinity War for just one line of dialogue in the whole movie. I have tested playing this back using PGS, VobSub and also SRT. PGS and SRT seem to be OK and everything direct plays, however the VobSub version wants to transcode everything just to burn that single line of text onto the video. The HD audio also gets transcoded back to Dolby Digital. To test this further, I went back and tried some 1080p Blu-rays I had ripped previously with VobSub subtitle tracks and found that they too are being transcoded. My main benchmark for testing subtitle playback has been my rip of Avatar which used to play fine, but now the subtitles are being burnt in and the audio is also not coming through as DTS-HD as it should. VobSub maintains the font style and colour from the PGS subs on movies such as this that would be lost if I used SRT. My Emby server doesn't have the processor power for 4K transcoding, so it becomes unwatchable, but is fine with 1080p rips. So for future rips, I will be happy to use PGS as long as it continues to work properly. However, I would definitely prefer to avoid transcoding my older ones with VobSub subtitles so that the audio can be kept in the original HD format. I especially don't want to have to re-mux all of my older movies with different subtitles if it can be avoided either. Current setup consists of Emby app running on an Nvidia Shield connected via HDMI to a Pioneer receiver (supports HDMI 1.4 and HD audio formats) then to a 4K Sony TV.
  12. Hi, I have noticed that for the movies that are multi-part (from several discs), the subtitles are downloaded only for the 1st part of the movie. The 2nd part is ignored. Example of contents of directory: <movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.eng.srt <movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.fre.srt <movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.jpn.srt <movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.mkv <movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.nfo <movie name> - Part 2 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.mkv This also applies if the files are named this way: <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.eng.srt <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.fre.srt <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.jpn.srt <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.mkv <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.nfo <movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part2.mkv The multiple parts are correctly recognized by the emby server. In this particular case, the subtitles for part 1 extend over the 2 parts. However as expected the subtitles are only displayed when playing the 1st part, and not with the 2nd one. So I guess this particular situation has not been taken into account into the plugin design. I understand it is not obvious since when the movie is in 2 or more parts: - the plugin has to check if there are corresponding subtitles for each part (with the right number and duration of each part) - alternatively, when the only subtitles available are all in 1 file : the plugin must fetch the right file (taking account the several parts as a whole for the duration, naming etc.), and the player must also take this into account (use the 1st part subtitle file with adequate time offsets for each other part) ==> taking all this into account, is there an automatic workaround or a way to correct the plugin and/or player behavior ? Thanks & regards, D
  13. Hi! I have installed the emby server on my Windows 10 computer. I have also installed the emby app v2.2.4 on my Samsung-TV from 2014 (UE46F8000) using Orsay OS. Everything works brilliantly except for one very annoying thing: No subtitles are shown in the movies. I have played with the server subtitles settings, but it does not seem to matter whatever settings I choose. Subtitles are not shown on my TV, period. If I play back the movies on my Windows PC where the server is run, I can select the subtitle language and subtitles are shown during playback. The subtitles are part of each .MKV media file. Is there a subtitle issue with emby app v2.2.4 for Samsung Orsay TV:s? Please help.
  14. Saviq

    Subtitles not shown on resume

    Hey, with the switch to the intermediate "emby-loading.mp4" video, I started seeing subtitle issues when resuming playback - I can switch between them, but they're not shown. I've seen a handful of similar topics, but none treated about playback resume, which is the only breaking case for me. Please find attached the plugin debug log. Software versions: 2019-03-04 18:37:34.994 T:4090716960 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (18.1 Git:18.1-Leia). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit 2019-03-04 18:37:34.994 T:4090716960 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build 2019-03-04 18:37:34.994 T:4090716960 NOTICE: Kodi compiled 2019-02-27 by GCC 8.2.0 for Linux ARM 32-bit version 3.14.29 (200221) 2019-03-04 18:37:34.994 T:4090716960 NOTICE: Running on CoreELEC (official): 9.0.1, kernel: Linux ARM 64-bit version 3.14.29 aarch64 2019-03-04 18:37:34.994 T:4090716960 NOTICE: FFmpeg version/source: 4.0.3-Kodi … 2019-03-04 19:54:19.907 T:3810521968 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Version: 4.0.11b Thanks! subtitles-resume.log
  15. Hi, I've put my subtitles on the same folder where the content is in and I made sure of the format that it's supposed to be in (Aaaaa.eng.srt, I think) and I've restarted and scanned my emby server several times, and I still get no external subtitles. What should I do? Also, is there any specific format for Episode and Season external subtitles or can I name the subtitles however I want, just as long as the language is formatted perfectly (Aaaaa.ara.S01E01.srt)?
  16. astynax777

    UTF-8 Chinese Subtitles

    Based on what I've read on this forum, UTF-8 encoded .srt subtitles should be supported by Emby Server. Is this correct? If so, perhaps there is a configuration issue I'm missing to make mine work? I'm not getting the expected results: In VLC the subtitles show as expected (same pc): and these are my settings in VLC to make them work: Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Just noticed something that I hadn't paid attention to before. On other devices, the "more" option on a movie gives a bunch of options that are missing on the FireTV, "Edit subtitles" being one of them. It's pretty handy to be able to download subtitles from the app. As it stands now, I need to open the app on my phone and download the subtitles from there. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way, is it just me, or is it a bug? Thanks!
  18. Recently, emby android client V1.6.79g does not show subtitles. I have 2 different servers running latest server releases and have Emby TV on 2 different Android boxes. I have always added .srt files to the folders that contain movies/tv episodes on both servers as I have hearing issues and need the subtitles. Previous to about 3 weeks ago, the subtitles displayed properly playing on both clients from both servers. The subtitle file shows in the "cc" drop down list but does not display. If I add a second subtitle file, then I can select one of the two subtitle files and it displays properly. Example: filename.srt and filename.en.srt and I am able to select one. If only one file, .srt or .en.srt, or .default.srt, then no subtitle is displayed even though it appears in the dropdown list for "cc". If I have at least 2 srt files then I can select either one. This problem occurs only on several versions of the Emby For Android TV app. I've gone back to a version 1.5.6 version and same problem. However other versions of Emby For Android are perfect, no problems with displaying subtitles. I'm running Emby servers on a Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10. Any suggestions as to the cause. I Have performed all new fresh installs on the servers and player boxes.
  19. Until sometime recently, Emby on TvOS respected the system-wide subtitle settings when playing videos with "soft" .srt subtitles. I'm not sure when it changed, so I don't know if it's the result of an app update or the 4.0 server update, but now subtitles look totally different. I checked the system settings (in Settings > General > Accessibility > Subtitles and Captioning > Style) and they have not changed. I'm using the default setting: small white text in Helvetica over a transparent black background. Other video apps still display subtitles correctly. Emby is now showing subtitles in a huge font using white text with a black outline, with the letters just slightly too close together. It's very distracting and pretty much ruins the experience. Nice handling of the subtitles was the main reason I switched to Emby, so this regression is baffling. Is this a known bug? Or is there a way to tell Emby to respect the system subtitle settings like it used to? Thanks!
  20. Hi forum! Emby's organization has been great. Unfortunately I've been hitting the "no compatible streams" error when trying to play some content. Length and bitrate of the content doesn't seem to affect it, I can't figure out why some files hit this error and others don't. When I select "play" from the web interface, the system goes to the loading screen, the loading animation runs for about two minutes, then I get an error indicating there are no compatible streams. On Roku the video loads for a long time and then does not play, or sometimes plays for a few seconds then hangs for another minute. It looks like these files are forcing transcoding. I've been using a slightly modified version of handbrake's settings for Roku with web optimization enabled. If there are better handbrake settings to avoid retranscoding, let me know. (Looks like TranscodeReasons=SubtitleCodecNotSupported is added in the encoding file -- are my embedded subtitles causing the issue? Is it better practice to keep subs as separate files in the library?) Thanks for your time and a great app, (Log.txt is the server log, log2-4.txt are transcoding logs that all happened around the same time.) Log.txt Log2.txt Log3.txt Log4.txt
  21. bradw4248

    LAN User Subtitles

    I created a LAN User for my nvidia shield. I am unable to disable my subtitles on the Nvidia Shield when anything plays. I go into playback on my Nvidia Shield Emby app, and says to go to the web based app. I am not able to log into the my LAN user from my computer to get the web based app.... Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  22. macnb

    Subtitles causing transcoding

    I just discovered Emby App on my new LG B8 TV. So, I downloaded Emby Server and installed the pkg on my OMV Debian server (4.17) running on HP Micro server N40L (low perf CPU). Very easy. Added a handful of movies to a test library (again easy to do). Emby app on the TV shows the added movies. When I select one movie, I can see the default audio (TrueHD) and default subtitle English SRT (embedded in the .mkv). When I play it, I noticed that the Emby server dashboard is showing "Direct streaming" but also transcoding and the server load is around 36%. No subtitles are displayed. I re-rip the movie and make the subtitle an external SRT file and call it ?????.eng.default.srt. Then select it in the Emby App, it plays the movie with the subtitles and importantly, there's no transcoding taking place. The question is, why is the server (or the App) asking for transcoding to be done for embedded subtitles ?
  23. Baconnaise

    Roku Settings for Anime Subtitles

    Hi, I'm currently having an issue with Emby displaying the incorrect subtitles/format when viewing anime specifically. No clue if it also happens to my movies as of yet. I have three Roku 4 Ultras and one Roku TCL 4k TV. They all exhibit the same issue. The subtitles will play but they're ugly standard subs, not the internal subtitles. Web player in Emby shows the correct subtitles but the Roku's do not. Plex does show the correct subtitles as well. I'm aware of possible previous problems involving the Roku and Emby in the past. This one thread https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/33554-firmware-71/?hl=%2Banime+%2Bsubtitles+%2Broku here seems like it was a fixed issue needing no special settings. I'm new to Emby and coming from Plex. Currently test driving it and seeing if it will be permanent as I find many of the features and the UI to be superior atm. My thoughts are that this is a user settings issue where I have something set up incorrectly. I would appreciate it if someone could possibly correct any mistakes I've made. Included are screenshots relevant to my issue. The first two screens are what it should look like. Two latter are what I'm getting. Fifth one is my Roku setting for CC. Sixth is of my playback Emby settings. Seventh is something that I think was on by default that may or may not be a problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Hi, Are there any plans soon to get the feature "edit subtitle" to the Android TV app? The option works perfectly on the PC in the browser and on the regular Android app. For me this is the last feature needed to ditch kodi. Thanks anyway for the great effort you all put in Emby. Reg, Web
  25. I have some tv shows that I previous recorded, and it has subtitles burned within the video. So my question is: Is there any way to tell Emby those specific files have subtitles? At the moment Emby dont think there is any subtitles
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