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  1. Hi All, I was persuaded to take a look at Emby and installed it on a high end NAS. No other apps running. 2G RAM and 4TB disk RAID0 My Library only contains Mp3 Music tracks; 9000+ albums with some 125k tracks. I turned off all Internet scraping. Only use local media tagged (ID3) info. The scanner has been going on for two days now, still not complete!! CPU load is next to nothing. Memory is 98% mainly by Mono. Kodi did the same library in 3 hours on the same HW. What is going on?
  2. I have a ton of FLAC that I'd like Emby to stream to my Android device and it's unclear how it's transcoding it. I'd like to be able to: Specify the audio codec used to stream audio to my device. E.g. if I have a tablet with a beefy battery, I'd like to stream Opus, which is a more efficient codec but unsupported by my device's hardware codec. If I'm on my phone I'd like to stick to a safe codec supported by my hardware like AAC or MP3. Specify the bitrate. E.g. if I'm on WiFi, send me the original. If I'm not, cut it down to 128kbps.
  3. Hi, really happy with how the new Emby Theater worked flawlessly when I first installed it. It looks fantastic. I have a premium licence. Movies and all my music played fine, but yesterday I ran into problems playing my flac and mp3 files which are in separate folders. Just getting the spinning circle when I click on a song and nothing happens. I deleted my music library and re-installed it but its still not working. I've got Windows 7 64 bit. Do you have any idea why this might be? I've attached my emby theater log. theater-63591942346.txt
  4. Running build 5871. Noticed that the option to group music folders is no longer available in the Home Screen settings under My Views. Is this an oversight or is it deliberate? For those of use who have big music collections this is a retrograde step. For example I have separate music collections (i.e. I manage them separately) simply to make it easier. Grouping then made it possible to integrate all the collections in Emby. Not currently an issue as WMC client supports Legacy Browser but when I move to Theater it will be as I will no longer have one Music view. Same on Web client but that is not much of an issue for me as I only use it for admin. IOS and Android clients behave as the Web client. BTW, the folder browsing function is fantastic as it is very fast. PS. I could rearrange the separate music collections to fall off a common root folder which would give me one Music view but do not want to do that unless necessary as it will probably reset the Music library usage metadata and playlists.
  5. I have used musicbrainz picard to tag my music, which works fairly well, but I am noticing that the tracks of albums are not displaying the artists name, instead it is displaying 'rtists'. Can someone tell me how to fix this?
  6. Bernie V

    Cannot play music with DLNA

    My media is on a Synology NAS. In Kodi I can play movies (direct stream) and play music (also direct stream). In my setup it isn't possible to play songs on my receiver trough DLNA Kodi. Browsing just works but not playing. I checked the Kodi log and saw this: EMBY Items -> Processing userdata: {u'Audio': [u'eecfa9a3ccf7eb96b53b85c5dd395866'], u'MusicAlbum': [u'522ded9f3ce788fe5ac17d1146535ca1']} 07:02:48 31731.585938 T:1733293088 NOTICE: Using Image Cache Thread Count: 0 -> 1 07:02:49 31732.451172 T:1733293088 NOTICE: Previous line repeats 1 times. 07:02:49 31732.451172 T:1733293088 NOTICE: EMBY Music -> Update playstate for song: The Sound Of Silence 07:02:49 31732.451172 T:1733293088 WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(/nfs) in /nfs:// Compilations/Various/30 Stars - Acoustic/Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence.mp3 07:02:49 31732.451172 T:1733293088 NOTICE: Emby musictools -> File does not exist! These are my path subsitutions for my music, in this order: mnt/music -> nfs:// mnt/music -> \\\music mnt/music -> \\vandernas\music In the Kodi addon my settings are direct stream and paths through the Emby addon In the album.nfo file that Emby creates: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <album> <review /> <outline /> <lockdata>false</lockdata> <dateadded>2016-02-03 16:24:54</dateadded> <title>30 Stars - Acoustic</title> <originaltitle>30 Stars - Acoustic</originaltitle> <year>2015</year> <genre>Ballad</genre> <art> <poster>/nfs:// Compilations/Various/30 Stars - Acoustic/folder.jpg</poster> For all my media Emby creates /nfo:// in the nfo files. Is this correct? Because Kodi doesn't seem to find the media when I use DLNA. Play music and movies in Kodi itself is working. What do I have to change in my setup to play songs on my receiver trough DLNA Kodi?
  7. jamvids

    Music auto folder gone

    Hi, I think my server crashed last night, today my auto grouped folders aren't working right and the music one has completely disappeared. though the music folders are still there. Any Ideas?
  8. Hello, I have been using emby for quite a while now, and again, a really annoying bug occured. I just realized, that somewhere on the road my emby server started to store ALL png-files that are metadata files with the wrong filename. For example, cdart.png is cdart..png. Therefore, the skin I use never finds those images. Same goes for logo.png. I have 3.0.5818.0 on Ubuntun 15.10. Seriously, such a bug in a "stable" release? Are you kidding me? All over the community, people are more and more complaining about the emby server being buggy. You should definitely consider doing something about your release cycles and try to get some improvement of the quality of your releases instead of starting to charge people for services. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Hi there, Don't know if you are already aware of this bug, but I just realized that Emby for Kodi 1.1.62 announces a wrong data content for the onNotification python method (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/docs/python-docs/stable/xbmc.html#Monitor-onNotification). When starting a playback via the Emby WebUI on Kodi, it gives something like {"item":{"title":"Tenth Avenue Freeze‐Out","type":"movie"},"player":{"playerid":1,"speed":1}} for the "data" field, although a song is being played. "movie" is clearly wrong here. IDK if this comes from Emby, the addon, or Kodi itself, I could provide more information if required.
  10. FreedomRydr

    Roku Media Selection

    Hi. New to Emby. I installed this server controller so I could view my media, Photos, Videos and Music. In setting up media locations, I only find ability to load single files not folders and subfolders. I have thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos, videos and music albums. How do I set it up so it will read entire parent folders, rather than having to add one file at a time? It would take literally months of adding one file at a time for every photo, song, or video file. Other apps allow folders, and reads all content in sub folders below it but I do not find this option in the dashboard. Anyone know if this can be done? Otherwise this setup was all in vain! Thanks ~FR
  11. plessers@gmail.com

    emby doesn't get music album art anymore

    Hello, For my movies, I always have a *.nfo file in the movie directory, so I changed my emby setting to This works really great for movies, but I noticed that for my recently added music, there is no album art anymore. Has this something to do with it? All my *.mp3's have album art embedded, so I would like to see this album art appearing in emby? How can this be done? kind regards, Bart
  12. I have several albums .flac encoded. Two of the albums have the following symptoms: 1) The album name is prepended with another version of the album name. 2) Each track is prepended with another version of the track name. 3) The album has an associated .cue and .m3u file 4) The prepended album name is the same as the TITLE in the .cue file 5) The prepended track name is the same as the corresponding TRACK TITLE in the .cue file I removed the .cue and .m3u files but the displayed values remain. Can someone please explain this to me? Where are the displayed values being derived from? Is there something I can do to resolve this display issue? Here are the associated .cue and .m3u files: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Here are some screen shots:
  13. allanmobile313

    Artist vs Album Artist

    Is there a way to get the Android TV app to use the ARTIST tag for browsing instead of the ALBUM ARTIST tag? This is a feature that works remarkably well on the web app, and on the Android phone/tablet apps. For some reason however, I am not able to get the Android TV app to allow browsing by the artist tag. I understand that for many casual listeners out there this may seem like a trivial matter, but for music buffs (or in my case....music junkies), the difference between using an artist tag vs album artist tag can be pretty huge; especially, if you listen to genres of music where collaborations are a way of life. Please forgive me if this matter has already been brought up elsewhere (I tried a search but couldn't find it). Right now I have a "test" server that I'm using to work out the kinks and learn the system before setting up the final deal. Thanks in advance if there's someone out there that can point in the right direction!
  14. I created a music playlist on the Emby Server and it plays all the songs correctly on my Roku 3. However, after the first song finishes playing and the next song begins to play, the information (metadata) for the first song continues to be displayed. The first song information is displayed through the entire playlist (until the Roku screensaver comes on). Is there an easy fix to make the Roku display info for the song that is currently playing?
  15. I have 1) Front Cover and 2) Artist images embedded in ALL of my Music media (i.e., FLAC, mp3, mp4, m4a, wv, ape). In some cases, I have 3) Back Cover 4) Disc and 5) Icon images embedded also. I have "Image Extractor" set as primary Image fetcher for the album image. I have "FanArt" set as primary Image fetcher for the artist image. There is no option for "Image Extractor". **** Question I am confused here as it appears that the artist image is retrieved from "...\IBN\People..." or the "...\Artist Name\folder.*" file. Please clarify how this is intended to work. (Not sure which is the display source since in my case the images are identical) Is it the case that the local image("...\Artist Name\folder.*") takes priority if it is present? **** I have "Image Extractor" set as the primary Image fetcher for the song image. **** Issue However, the image displayed for the song varies sporadically between "Front cover", "Back Cover", "Artist" and "Disc". I have confirmed that in every case BOTH the "Front cover" and the "Artist" images are embedded in the file. Which image is intended to be displayed for a "Song" when one or both images are embedded and "Image Extractor" is the preferred method" **** Examples of sporadic song images (Front cover, Disc, Back Cover):
  16. EduardoSantos

    The Three Gardiners

    Hi, On web interface, I currently have three Gardiners, just as the picture shows: On details page, first and second one shows "Classical" as genre, third lists as "Vocal". Sure, I have vocal and classical albuns with SJEG. So, how should I proceed to clean up this mess? Also, it would be a lot, very much useful indeed (and should I open a topic?), to be able to back to results page after checking details on one of the results.
  17. miquelx

    Music shuffle

    Hello, Is there any way to shuffle the currently play list? Like the shuffle button in any music player. I've searched every where and I can't find it. The only workaround I found to do this was creating a playlist and shuffling from there but this involves creating the playlist instead of just Queuing and shuffling from there. Thank you
  18. Good Afternoon Folks, I currently have 2 FireTV boxes which have replaced PC's in the lounge and one in my guest room which doubles as a gym for myself saves me load of electricity! Emby on the FireTV is amazing for when I have friends staying over as they are always watching TV and Movies and comment on how good it is, as they say "I have my own personal Netflix" One thing I do miss is Music support when I'm training, currently I have Kodi installed with the Emby plugin which is a decent workaround but I'd love to see music support for the FireTV purely from Emby, I have a mild case of OCD so having to use another app slash workaround makes the eye twitch lol I don't like it when people bang on about ETA's but to calm my OCD knowing "it's on the cards" is good enough for me Keep up the good work everyone, Edd.
  19. Hello. Running build 3.0.5781.4 on Debian 7. I'm able to play music I've uploaded to my library, but the "Scan Library" process doesn't find any new files in my music library; I have to refresh the page before they show up. And when they DO show up, there's no image art. When I go to "Identify" the item, I never get anything back but a bunch of magnifying glass icons. Server log of my latest attempt is here.
  20. Hi, I always play my music files with my Marantz M-CR610. So each time I launch Emby Web, I have to select my Marantz M-CR610 in the upper right corner before I start a music file. I would like that each time I play a music file it is sent to my Marantz M-CR610 by default, instead of my PC speakers, without having to select in the upper right corner. Is this possible ? Thanks.
  21. I am experiencing a stuttering effect in the playback of the first few notes of a music track in the Web Client. I am using Emby Server version 3.0.5871.0 although the problem has existed for me for quite some time, just never got around to reporting it. My entire Music Library is in FLAC format and the problem is easily reproducible on my system by doing the following... Select any album and click on a track to play it. I hear a slight stutter of the first couple of notes and then the track plays fine all the way to the end. Select another song and the same things happens---the first few notes seem to stutter. This is most noticeable if the track immediately starts with the vocal versus a track that might have a second or two of silence in the beginning. Same issue is seen when I use a music playlist and it transitions from one song to the next. The first few notes will sound like they are stuttering/repeating. The anomaly is that this problem does NOT manifest itself when I play the tracks back using MB Theater as the client. I only see it with the Web Client. Has any else experienced this? Please advise if additional info is required. Thanks...
  22. I am using Emby for Kodi 1.1.53, and in my music library, when I sort music albums after "Tracks", multidisc albums don't get split up into their individual albums. The titles are ordered like 01 - foo 01 - foobar 02 - foofoo 02 - foofoobar ... This same thing worked without problems when scanning the same audiofiles directly to kodi. Music is properly tagged, either MP3 or FLAC, with the disc tag set.
  23. DancingMan

    Problem with Music

    Originally my music worked great in Emby. For about a month now, and through multiple upgrades (beta & public), I've had a weird issue with the Android Client & the Web Client: If I go the the Albums page under Music, everything is there If I go through the albums page by page, everything is there If I use the letters on the side to jump to a particular letter, the page comes up blank I'm currently using Emby Server v3.0.5781.1 on a 64bit Windows 7 box and running Android Client Beta: v2.4.30 on Galaxy Tab S with Android 5.0.2 (this also happened with Android Client Public: v2.4.13). I've included a couple of logs from my Android client and my server log. I think I tried running tests from the Android client around 8:20 this morning and from the web client around 11:20 this morning. e07aad41-260b-485d-8753-6aecf2807ece.log fc1f30bc-8777-464d-a76f-b2d81270c0b1.log server-63582624000.txt
  24. Marianum

    Movie/Music folder report

    Hello everyone, I was to join mp3 (audio) folder on my emby server but it doesn't work. There was already an folder with movies. But when i put the mp3 folder i cant see the mp3's. When i deleted the movie folder and did the mp3 folder first and afther the movie folder, it works fine for me! maybe someone have the same issue... so here the solve in emby webclient: 1. Delete ur movie folder 2. Put your MP3 folder named music or els 3. Then put your movie folder back. Hope you enjoy this Koenske
  25. I guess this picture pretty much explains the situation I'm having. Happened for a few albums, Emby correctly identifies them, but doesn't replace the artwork for all songs.
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