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  1. Hello, I noticed in latest version that Favorites comes up empty? It is only under Movies it is empty. Under TV-Series it shows normal. Is it a bug? P.S: I still consider this to be the best App for Emby. On my "wish list" for future featurs is: A frontpage (homepage) similar to the webversion (with nice overview/suggestions of all sections). Full support for remote control MCE (as it is now only some navigation can be done by remote)
  2. When browsing all movies, all "view" options in "Select View" work except "List." Attempting to view the movies in a list results first in a return to the "Suggestions" landing for the Movies folder, and then if attempted again quickly, in a webpage error ("This page is having a problem loading"). All other view types (Banner, Poster, Thumb, etc.) work perfectly.​
  3. Ok, this one actually freaked me out a little. I was watching a movie through Emby. I decided it sucked and deleted it from in the program (trash can). Then I went back to the movie list and all the pictures were gone. When I went to the server, in the directories, all the NFOs and JPGs were deleted. Worst part is that I rebooted everything then told it to scan the directories and it does not update. I am starting to re idendify all the movies. Any idea why? Also, only the movies. The TV shows are fine and so it the music files. Don Epilogue: a lot of my movie files are gone. Deleted. I think is related. Not sure how or why.
  4. When I initially created a library for documentaries since the majority are movies I selected movies. However since also TV Shows are within this library, how is it being dealt with? Some of the TV shows are not being displayed properly even though all the meta data from MB 2.6 is present and displays correctly in MB 2.6. Do I have to go through each of them in the Metadata manager and adjust info and images or can these shows individually be changed to content type TV. Finally if changing the library content to Home videos how will it treat the mix of movies and TV shows? Thanks O2G
  5. nortok00

    Box Sets in Movies view

    Hello all, If this has been answered please point me to the link. I did searches online and in the forum and couldn't find anything. I'm moving my collection from Plex to Emby because Plex can't deal with setting up Box Set Collections. I just installed Emby and it's working beautifully for organizing Box Sets (thank you)!! When I originally installed Emby I had one collection that has been ripped from a DVD Box Set. This is under my Movies folder so it looks like \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection\ (followed by the following four sub-directories)... \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection\That's Entertainment\ (this has 3 videos in it plus a custom poster) \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection\That's Entertainment II\ (this has 3 videos in it plus a custom poster) \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection\That's Entertainment III\ (this has 3 videos in it plus a custom poster) \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection\Treasures From The Vault\ (this has 8 videos in it plus a custom poster) Upon loading my Movies folder these 17 videos were pulled into the Movies tab individually and it looks messy. At that point I had not yet looked at the Collections tab so I don't know if it was working properly. Doing some research I came across this: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/5147-box-sets-and-movie-view/. It seems to suggest that by putting [boxset] in the original folder name that it would pull everything together in the Movies view under one poster. I did this but it's not working. I still have all of these videos scattered in the Movies tab. The main folder name is now \Movies\That's Entertainment The Complete Collection [boxset]\ It's working beautifully under the Collections view but as mentioned I don't know if it was working prior to putting [boxset] in because I had not yet looked at that tab. Do I have to refresh something other than my browser view or clear some cache? Or did I misread this page? The last post by trusselo seems to suggest it should pull everything together in that view. I have attached a screenshot showing part of the Movies tab. All of the "That's Entertainment" and "Overture" thumbnails are what I'm referring to. I don't want to see these loaded as separate videos. As mentioned I thought all of these would show under one thumbnail called "That's Entertainment The Complete Collection". I don't even mind if the Box Sets/Collections don't show in this view given there is the Collections tab so if there is a way to block them from this tab or if I have to organize my folders differently (maybe have a \Collections\ folder for these) let me know. Also, how do I clear the metadata for a single video? The metadata that got pulled in automatically for some of the videos is this collection is incorrect and I want to clear it. Is there a "clear" function for individual files or do I have to go into each one and delete each field separately? Thanks! I'm loving this media server!!
  6. Hi! I have been using Emby for around a year now. It's great. Recently I've had issues being able to see images in Collections, and Movies. For example it will show me some movie's images in the beginning of my list within those areas, but then be blank and/or waiting to have the other images show up. I use it on my laptop with Chrome to organize and sometimes watch my videos. I also use it on Firestick, which is ok, and recently Roku which is awesome. I was very pleased with myself the other day when I figured out how to access my files away from my home network. I know big deal, but a miracle for me. I have attached my latest lengthy log and would appreciate any advice. This novice is completely lost. Thank you in advance for your help. Log.txt
  7. Last week Marshmallow was released for the nVidia SATV and after installing and testing Emby everything worked very well. Last night my wife and I were able to watch shows and we had no problem. Today my wife went to watch a movie and it wouldn't play. We get to the login screen, go in and find a movie, select the movie, choose play, and then it comes up with a gray screen. This happens for anything I select. Where can I look for logs to help troubleshoot? I have tried connecting with Emby on my LG G4 and it played fine. I tried using the web client from a Windows 10 box and it played fine. I have tried factory resetting the Shield, reinstalled Emby, and it still does the same thing. It actually hangs the Shield so I have to go the Home screen and sometimes kill the app. I can run the HD Homerun app and Sling TV from it just fine. Any idea on where to start would help. Thanks to anyone that can offer assistance.
  8. I purchased a Roku Stream Stick at the beginning of August and installed the Emby App to connect to my Emby server on the same LAN. When I go into the Emby app on the Roku, it SAYS I have 42 movies, but when I go into the "Movies" folder, it will only show a total of 32. This is ONLY occurring on my Roku, web gui shows the correct amount. Has anyone else run into this issue? here's a link to 2 pics from my Google Photos to show you what I mean: https://goo.gl/photos/7RjTDMJYGTjuNeTTA
  9. original_bumpy_bob

    Can't see all of my movies

    Hello, I Downloaded and installed emby with the "pacman -S emby-server" command (i am running arch). the i started it with systemctl and then i configured it. i added a movies folder called "Movies" located on my ntfs hard drive called "Server_Data", then i entered the server through my pc but i could only see few of my movies in the movies section. If someone would help me that will be great.
  10. I have MCM set up to phase in new movies after they are downloaded on to my server. This has been working correctly for a few months now but for some reason now when it phases in new movies all of the movies that were in my movies folder are gone. They are still on the drive on the server but Emby can't see them at all. I have tried syncing the folder but the files don't come back, the only way that i can get them to show is to remove the folder form the library and then relist it.
  11. Hi, Is there any way to get my 'Latest Movies' section under 'Movies' to display only the most recently released? If there is not a way, is this a possible implementation? Would love to see my 'Latest Movies' to show most recently released since 2016/2015. Thanks for all the fantastic work you guys put into Emby daily. Emby just gets better and better. Keep up the great work.
  12. When ripping a movie from my collection I make sure to name any specials as they are named on the blu-ray and/or blu-ray.com When I place the movie in my collection and scan it rather than naming the specials the same as the file name it names them the same title as the main movie. I than go into emby server and edit each special with the file name. Is there a way to set it to automatically name them the same as the file name?
  13. Movies > Genres > Animated When I am in the above category on the ATV (or any genre folder) it also lists items from my tv shows. Is there any way that I can turn this off? When I am in movies all I want is movies not tv shows as well.
  14. So, in the recent past when I tried to upgrade my hardware I encountered a bad backplane that destroyed 4 of my HDDs and wiped the primary raid. I had backups, and I've gotten around to repairing Emby. Since the backup wasn't fully up to date ( about a month behind ) and I didn't like my original structure, I decided to rebuild my Emby library. I do not recall this behaviour in the past, but maybe it's always been there. So my library is all ripped from my DVDs / BRs with MakeMKV. This includes Extra features. I named the Extra feature's file names after their specifics, so "Making Of " would be a file name, or "Deleted Scenes", etc. Sometimes though, MakeMKV adds extra information to the file in the form of some title, generally speaking it's the DVD name. So for example "DVD_DISC_01_A" or the like. For these special features that include this title that MakeMKV put into them, Emby is now displaying it instead of the file's namer. So instead of my filenames of "Deleted Scenes" "Character Interviews" "The Making Of" that make nice neat sense I instead have "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A". I have attached an image of this in action, where I have one extra feature showing the "File name" and all the other ones showing the MakeMKV title ( because I didn't change them yet ). In order to change the display name back to the file name I have to click on each Extra feature individually, stop the automatic playing of said feature, and then edit the metadata. I can't use the metadata entry because for movies there are no subfields ( TV shows for example have entries for each season but no such luck on movie's extras ). In the future I think it'll be easiest to just make sure I sanitise MakeMKV's title field, but for my current library where I have several dozen ( at least ) of these extras with a generic title displayed instead of the file name, is there any way to get the filename back or in the future to have metadata be editable from the admin screen like with all the other files?
  15. tarnalcock

    Mixed Folder Conundrum

    Hi Guys, I am struggling a little with something. Previously I had a catch-all folder for documentaries (movies & series). I would just have a "movie Title (year)" folder for each movie and a "series title" folder for each series in said folder. Suddenly it would not add series anymore, nor recognize episodes in my auto organize folder. This was mixed content. So I tried emptying the folder, removing it from the library, re-scanning and adding all the stuff again. Once again all of the movie-type documentaries were recognised and scraped automatically, but the series were not. In order to remedy this, I have created two separate folders: Documovies/ Movie 1 (year)/ Movie 2 (year)/ etc.. TV Documentaries/ TEDTalks/ BBC Documentaries/ etc.. Instead of using mixed content, I now have each set to the relevant type (Movies/TV). However this is really messing with my OCD as I now have two sections in the emby web frontend containing documentaries. SO, can I group these somehow and only display "Documentaries" as the "folder"? Also another issue I have is that with BBC Documentaries, for instance, I only have a few interesting episodes but the display shows every single season and every single episode. That equates to thousands of episodes clogging up my front-end when I maybe only have 10 or so. For my normal TV series I have set it to show me missing and unaired episodes so that I can keep track of such, but it really isn't necessary for the documentaries. Is there any way that I can enable/disable this at the folder level?
  16. After the new version was installed, when I go to the Unwatched Filter for movies, it shows all my movies even ones marked as watched in Emby Server. I've tried toggling the watched attribute in server to see if it would update on theater, but no luck. I assume the client is just reading from the server, is there a cache that I can clear or something to get the filter working? (Sorry, no screenshot at this time, but if needed I can get one)
  17. Hi, I've had a search on the forum and all I can find is a reference to MBC saying they now support multi-part files. Is this feature implemented in MBT yet? Trying to work out if I've done something wrong or what I'm seeing is the expected behaviour? I have a very large library with some multi-part movies, and although I could go through and join them... I'd rather be drinking a beer instead. I've read the KB article on file naming structure. The behaviour I'm seeing is: 1) The WebUI shows a second part, but does not play it automatically. 2) MBT doesn't see a second part at all. 3) The android or iOS clients don't see a second part either. Is there a way for me to seamlessly play a multi-part movie (or more importantly.... for my kids to play a multi-part movie seamlessly) without needing to use a mouse and keyboard? I'd be happy with being able to cast multi-part movies to my chromecast from a mobile client if necessary until this feature is implemented in MBT. Here is an example from my library:
  18. tired dad

    Combine *some* Emby lists into one?

    Hello, I have several folders in my Emby library, all separated by theme (Kids, family, Documentaries, etc). For some themes, I actually have two folders (e.g: Kids New, Kids Viewed). In Kodi directly, I can set playlists by path, so i can have one for new kids movies, and one for viewed, and then a "superlist" comprised of both playlists. The "superlist" becomes the menu item while the other lists become submenus. So... how do I do that with the Emby plugin running? I think the Emby video library is set as a node but I don't know how to combine two nodes into one Kodi playlist. I am using the Arctic: Zephyr skin and I see it has widgets, but I am not sure how to combine widgets into a list either. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.
  19. sandmaneo

    Library Issues when syncing

    I am currently running the emby server and I have two Kodi devices: 1 New Firetv and Idroidnation box running 5.1 Lollipop. Both Kodi versions are 15.2 When Running the emby add-on on Firetv , everything worked fine.. The library for Kode shows movies and tv shows on the main Kodi screen.. The Idroidnation box, not so much... It show emby under the video tab and I have to pick it to show the movies, sorta like when you share on an uPnP share. I have cleared and re-installed the add-on a mess of times, same outcome... Is this suppose to work like this on the android version of Kodi?? I am new to Kodi, I used to have Dune devices with My Movies, but Dune died and I could not resist the Kodi Interface anymore... Love Kodi and this software... Just wish I could get it to work the same ... Any Help would be highly appreciated.. Sandmaneo
  20. Emby for WMC Not handling "Special" folders correctly. If a movie has a "Special" folder the following movie is not displayed correctly. That is, the controls for the subsequent movie are very tiny almost invisible and poster image is not displayed. Thanks for your attention.
  21. Hello! I am pretty new with Emby, and so far I have loved everything about it. Well, I have set everything up to go, and I have got someone to make me a little program to automate downloads. When I download a movie, or a TV Show, both of them will download in the same folder, and then everything will just hump up in emby, both movies and tv shows will show in Movies category and same with the TV Shows. What I have been looking for quite a while now is a way to automate emby, or some sort of addon/Program to use the metadata to automatically move either TV Shows or Movies to another location itself. I have been googling and searching, downloaded some tools, but with no luck. They just made things worse for me. I may have followed some instructions wrong or anything could have happened, but I have been taking very much time with this. Is there anyone who knows what I can do to automate this, and then give me a path to walk on? And maybe just give me some informative instructions? I would be very happy, so I can become even more lazy! Thank you, hope for any answers! Regards, Markus.
  22. rkariff

    Missing Filmography

    Hello all. I have been having some issues when it comes to my Roku devices, both a Roku 3 and a Roku TV. Whenever I go to the filmography of an actor or director, nothing is there. It used to show what movies I have that an individual was in. Has anybody else come across this problem? It would be great to do a Samuel L. Jackson marathon. Or a night of nothing but Christopher Nolan. And by the way, I saw there was a previous post regarding missing filmgraphies, in general. But it was posted several months ago, and I wasn't sure if anything had changed. As always, thanks.
  23. The problem I am having is that recently for movies no metadata is downloading for the people field. For TV it is fine. Just movies. When the problem started all movies suddenly stopped showing Cast and Crew. If I click on refresh for individual movies the people metadata is downloaded but I would love a fix that allowed the automation to work. The attached log has a media scan and people scan but doesn't seem to have any errors out of the ordinary.Log.txt I am using the current version of Emby server 3.0.5675.1 on windows 10 and it is working great apart from this one thing.
  24. first, I have looked for this for some time and have not been able to find an answer. Now then, I am a Plex user and have been since 2010. I like the latest Emby build and am running it alongside to get a feel for it and see if I want to switch over. I became a supporter to ensure I got the full functionality. However, I seem to be having a tough time on the web interface. I saw some posts online about users creating "smart views" which allowed them to have filtered views built and setup so they were always readily available without having to do it every time and I could not seem to find any documentation on it or see any option in the server or client interface to set it up. Is this possible or could it be a custom code they ran to create it? The other problem is the suggestions view. I see people talking about movies or series being suggested by the server based on what they have watched. My suggestions tab however only shows any resumable item and latest items added. I do not get any option of "because you watched..." or based on genre or anything like that. Is there a special feature or third party add-on that enables this function? This is where I am stuck now and these features seemed amazing and what drew me to Emby. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance. ** I deleted all the files and reinstalled the server and went to the dev build. I noticed after the reinstall that suggestions was working and presenting different options, however, as soon as I restarted the server, they all went away and now again just shows the latest media.
  25. When I go into my movies I see every movie I own, which is not a bad thing but considering there is a collections category why could they not be separate? This way only stand alone movies will show up in movies and movies that are part of a collection will show up only in collections, still having the same structure as before.
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