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Found 12 results

  1. SuperNic

    Conversion done, ready to transfer

    Hello friends. Yesterday I started the conversion of a series (a kid cartoon); after some time, the conversion finished, but the operation is stucked with "Ready to transfer" message. I tried to force the transfer from the scheduled operations, but it is still in the same situation. I attach an image, but let me know if you need other info. Thanks!
  2. Running The Nvidia Shield Emby Server on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro. Attempting to use the Nvidia GPU to do hardware trans-codes has never worked for me. Ever hopeful, I wanted to test under and discovered a completely different problem. I attempted to transode a file from H264 to HVEC. That first conversion failed as before. I also tried to convert the file to a 4MB/sec version. Hardware trans-coding of that failed as well. I did the same for 3 additional files to test whether or not it was a problem with that specific file. All failed to used the hardware encoder. However, when I went back and examined the logs, in all cases Emby attempted to convert the first file, NOT the file I asked it to convert. Conversions were started from the Movie page in some cases and from the library thumbnail for the movie in others. A screenshot of the Logs page and relevant logs are attached. (The screenhot to establish the order of the transcode logs). The Remux log came from playing the last movie to confirm its was not originally shot in 16 by 9 (it was however released letter-boxed) and mostly in monochrome. It's possible that the initial problem was caused by cancelling the first conversion from the dashboard. Allowing it to complete software a software trans-code in all cases would have tens of hours. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-3b027453-a1da-4a8a-811f-c14d291c3ebe_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3cb5e847-7345-4bb5-b335-9a1e7e88e3c6_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-8db60443-f8f7-4cc2-851e-aa53df25e619_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bd201aa7-eece-4a32-ae0c-3fe8ae75076a_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-cc0c53cb-384f-47a0-92d2-8172e76f6c30_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-d13fff65-36f7-48c7-b57a-9e29c7b38769_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-d715900d-b7ae-4f42-8d84-a4a8d04c4ca2_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-da1997bb-81b1-412e-ab21-10b73c21c3a5_1.txt
  3. Hi, A few weeks ago, I renamed all my content according to the convention. I also renamed my moves with the right version (4k/hdr/1080p/x265) at the end. Here's an example: /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR.mkv I've also setup to automatically make a low quality x264 copy for devices that doesn't support hevc or for LTE streaming. I used the "Mobile" Profile at 4Mbps Since then, the conversion took the file but added " -mobile" at the end of it instead of removing whatever is after the Hyphen. Ex: /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR - mobile.mkv instead of: /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - mobile.mkv Then, it proceeded to also make a copy and transcode the new file. Now my directory looks like this: /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR.mkv /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR - mobile.mkv /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR - mobile - mobile.mkv /Movies/Fury (2014)/Fury (2014) - 4K x265 HDR - mobile - mobile - mobile.mkv etc. I'm not sure what I did wrong or what logs you need, let me know and I'll edit this post.
  4. Premise Emby is a media server which manages a media collection so the user does not have to do so. Basis for Feature Request Part of managing that collection is conversion to modern, appropriate media types that utilise better codecs, better encoding techniques. Presently people do most of this outside of Emby. Discussion The underlying tool being used for conversion is ffpmeg, see attached log. What I would like to see is an Advanced Conversion page which exposes some of these options to allow people to better manage their media conversion requirements. Then save these settings into a user-created named profile which can be exported or imported. This profile is then be applied it to a folder or file in the metadata of their collection. Doing so would initiate a conversion process with the settings of that profile. Benefits Current conversion options are limited. The Original Quality setting gives you files with 3MB/s bitrate from any source. Exposing more advanced options would allow the user to define specific conversion requirements and save them for use in their collection. The ability to export/import settings opens up a whole new class of community support. Conversion profiles can be shared between members and it is quite likely you will end up with a subculture of conversion expertise. As one person rightly said "giving advice on encoding is a lifetimes work" so its the community themselves who can do it best. Given the development of profiles and settings in a community of like minded people these can filter up to the Devs on which advanced features can be included in future releases. Reputation Given the right interest and gradual development Emby could easily become known for the best media management of all its competitors, something to distinguish itself in a competitive market. Devs Encoding and developing of such really is a work of passion. So its could easily become a pet project of some Dev to put together an advanced conversion page internally and slowly test out the options. Support Advanced encoding options are really out of scope when it comes to support. The core product does what it needs so if a forum is created for Advanced Conversion then right up front can be disclaimer that use of non standard profiles is at a users own risk. On the other hand, Emby devs working with the community are likely to develop some included advanced profiles that are supported when used for conversion. Thanks for listening. ffmpeg-transcode-a0dd4aa0-cce4-4e99-9e36-76d7599cc2e1_1 (4).txt
  5. Emby Server is running on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro with and additional 128GB of flash on a USB 3.1 stick. All attempts to convert .ts (transport stream) files fail. The current status of the process is also inconsistently reported on the Dashboard "current tasks" vs the Conversions page. The embyserver log and a possibly relevant ffmpeg-transcode log are attached. The conversion was run by emby user "ram". I did put the logging into debug mode before attempting the transcode of "Japan Fried Chicken - Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television". The logs are attached rather than sent directly because it is not at all clear what is meant by "the home page settings row" in the context of the webUI Emby screens. I was unable to find a "new tile" anywhere in any Emby screen accessible over the net. The "Remove Download" button on the Conversions page is also misleading. It implies that the converted file will be removed, which is clearly not the case. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b2e611b9-10f3-4cf3-bb4e-e6440529ee63_1.txt
  6. rtfmoz

    Conversion settings

    Hi all, I am converting some SD quality AVI files to TV format at 1.5MB/s. However these are coming out 100MB larger. So 366MB->491MB. Can I get some help with the settings for the following... H.264 encoded MKV Files SD 480p ~350MB HD 720p ~ 1 GB FHD 1080p ~ 2-3 GB Appreciated.
  7. ielmax

    Conversion de video

    Bonjour, J'ai acheté Emby Premiere pour pouvoir utiliser la conversion de fichier, mes appareils ne permettant tout simplement pas la lecture de fichiers MP4. J’espérais que ça me permettrait de gagner du temps en m'enlevant cette charge de travail, j'avoue que je suis très déçu du résultat. Une fois la conversion terminée, tous mes fichiers sont en MKV sauf ceux qui étaient à l'origine en MP4. Résultat mes fichiers sont plus volumineux qu'à l'origine, ce qui me pose un problème de place, et j'ai toujours mes fichier MP4 illisibles sur mes appareils. Pourquoi Emby refuse-t'il de convertir les fichiers MP4 en MKV ? De plus il n'accepte de convertir que des médiathèques entières, impossible de le faire uniquement sur une série ou même un seul fichier. Pourquoi ?
  8. I've having a lot of different codecs and file formats in my library, causing a lot of unnecessary transcoding and wasting space when older codecs are used. I'd like to convert those to modern codecs. I'd like to be able to create various conversion profiles instead of having to set these for every single file, including setting the new name if I select the new files to coexist with the original item. Also I'd like to be able to select multiple files at once and then just select convert from the menu and select the profile I previously created. With my library is probably going to take a year or more to get everything converted, but I believe it will be worth it. @@softworkz If you want any files for testing still, please PM me with what you'd like...
  9. Hello People, What I am trying to do is to convert all my movies into smaller file for mobile devices. What I want to achieve is that emby to choose the appropriate resolution of the movie when I play it. Now what I see is that the conversion is name-ing the movies wrong. I read the https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159102-movie-naming movie nameing convention for merge multi versions but to do it manually for all the videos just not to be duplicated on media is a hard task to do What I want is to have 1 movie poster with 2 different movie for the appropriate device and also to make emby to choose the right one. Is this possible?
  10. Hi there. Moving over from Plex I have set up Emby server on my shield (latest 16GB model) and it is all working well. I have all my media on a large external usb drive and have set all the temp folders (cache, transcode, metadata, sync etc) to said drive. When syncing files, larger mkv files especially seem to start converting at a good rate (about 4x ish) and then after around 20% (slightly varies per file) the conversion stage just hangs. The Device/sync settings page simply displays the percentage it is stuck on as does the same part of the iOS app. The ffmpeg log seems to cut off mid line and not be updated any further when this happens. Logs attached. Any help much appreciated. I have tried varying combinations of speed throttling, cpu cores etc to no avail. I have even opened the file in the sync folder on the server and it seems to play up until the point the conversion failed. Plenty of space on the drive and the file plays fine when simply watching via the iOS app or tv emby client (lg). Thanks, Richard. ffmpeg.txt HardwareDetection.txt embyserver.txt
  11. Hi, let me start off by saying that Emby its the best streaming server out there! Nice job and keep going! I think it would be great to have an automatic feature that convert's .pgs subtitles inside .mkv files to .srt. Let me give you an example of use case that's actually what I'm dealing right now: I have a 55" LG 4K TV and i'm using the Emby app whis is beautiful btw. I have several 4K HEVC BluRay movies in .mkv files in the server that have .pgs subtitles and different audio tracks for langs., the thing is that for me to be able to watch those movies I had to turn off all the transcoding options in my user profile. If I turn on the transcoding options, it tries to burn the subtitles by transcoding the Video file. I think that instead of transcoding the video file, it should be doing something like converting those .pgs existing subtitles to .srt files that are compatible with most DLNA devices. I think it would be awsome if we could cron this to run on the less server busy hours so the .srt file is ready to play whenever is needed instead of doing it on the fly when maybe there's no enough CPU resources.
  12. Hello, I use Emby server and my client use often the transcoding option. However, once in a while (like every 2 weeks), all my files failed. I can't watch any movie except if I restart the server. Here is a log fail just before this happen. You can see a Conversion failed at the end of the file. My question are : -Why is this happening ? - Is it because of the line "No space left on device" ? If so, how to program an autopurge of transcoding cache ? (Because it fill it up in 2 weeks, I don't need to keep it that long). - Why do I have to restart the server ? In this case everything are ok (including the movie I wanted to watch), does that mean a server reboot purge all transcoding temp files ? If so how to program it (see question above) The client used is a raspberry pi with embycon. Thank you in advance for the help Log.txt
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