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Found 10 results

  1. punkid

    Samsung Playback Stops

    Sorry for bringing up this really old thread, but i recently got a Samsung Tizen TV running the latest firmware TV model is Q60A Emby Server version Emby TV Client 1.3.4. TV is connected via Ethernet. So i start playback, everything is fine, but it just pauses after every 8-9 minutes. Stops on the last played frame and just stays there until i back out of the player to the Movie/Episode info screen. I can resume and itll start playing fine from the same point it stopped at, but it happens again after 8-9 minutes. This has happened on 4k HEVC HDR10 files, 1080p HEVC files. (These are the only files ive tried)
  2. Jekkyl

    Samsung Playback Stops

    Hi All, Just recently in the last month or so when playing anything via the Samsung Emby App it will randomly kick back to the episode/movie selection screen and also will not have recorded the watch history so you need to start again/fast forward. I have attached the log around the time it happened last - embyserver-timeframe.txt and also the full emby log for the day. The TV is a Samsung SmartTV (UE55MU7000) running Emby theater 1.0.77. Thanks for any help embyserver.txt embyserver-timeframe.txt
  3. Hi, I'm having issues with playing this one file from the Emby app on my LG C7 tv (app version 1.0.24) using the internal speakers. Around 2 minutes in the audio starts to be distorted; On my laptop the file plays with clear audio but to be sure the error wasn't in the file itself I've put it on an usb stick. When opening the file from the thumb drive directly on the tv (in the built in videos app) it played without issues (except for not being able to select the subtitle because the default player only allows selection of the first 8 subtitles). Media playback is set to only allow transcoding because a lot of my files have true hd as the default track and that's easier than explaining to my girlfriend to select a different audio stream. This way the tv switches to the next available audio stream automatically. In the dashboard the file reports to be direct playing, the playback reporting plugin marks it as direct streaming. Attached is the server log and the full media info for the file. I first tried to play the file around 2021-04-19 13:01 (skipped the playback a bit forward because the audio distortion only starts at around 2 minutes). A bit later I turned on debug logging and tried again. I also tried to check what happens if opening the file using DLNA, but this results in transcoding. Last thing I tried was updating the tv to firmware 5.00.60 which I had postponed for a while, but this didn't change anything. Any idea what might be the problem? media info.txt embyserver.txt
  4. I installed the emby app on my iphone 11 pro and noticed all movies that I am trying to play stop immediately after hitting play. All of them. Same on the browser. No idea how to troubleshoot this, I tried restarting as well.
  5. Emby Version: Playback Devices: Windows 11 Chrome, LG Smart TV, iOS App When playing certain content, the player will render frames out of order resulting in very choppy playback (see attached video). This happens with a few different files. I've attached the media info for one such file. This issue occurs across all devices that I've tested on. However, when played in VLC the file does not have this issue. Stats for Nerds: Playback Info Player: Web Video Player Play method: DirectPlay Protocol: http Stream type: Video Video Info Video resolution: 1920x1080 Dropped frames: 0 Corrupted frames: 0 Original Media Info Container: mkv Bitrate: 2.5 Mbps Video codec: HEVC Main Video bitrate: 2.5 Mbps Video framerate: 23.976025 fps Audio codec: AC3 Audio bitrate: 384 kbps Audio channels: 6 Audio sample rate: 48000 Hz Any guidance here would be super helpful. 2021-11-15 17-23-29.mp4 embyserver.txt Community.S02E19.Critical.Film.Studies.1080p.BluRay.DD5.1.x265-POIASD.mkv.info.txt
  6. Hello I got some problem's with playback on my IOS devices (Ipad and Iphone). Sometimes (always with the same films I think) i start it and it runs but the playback line do not move. They stay by 0:00. I can't take a break, cant skip etc. The one thing i can is stop the move by click "back" in the left top corner. Then the movie stop and i'm back in the menu but its realy laggy and the film music stay running. It takes some time i think 7-20s and the music will stop and the app isn't laggy anymore. Is there somebody with the same issues?
  7. sivivatu

    Server Playback Stuttering

    When I try to watch content in the browser, the playback is stuttering and impossible to watch. The stats for nerds says it is DirectPlaying (which i expect) and when i watch from the file in VLC it works properly. (see below) I ran a test at 11 Aug 2021 at 11:40 (UK BST). The server is installed on Unraid (Linuxserver docker) and running version Not sure what other information I need to help but would like to be able to use the server for content again embyserver.txt
  8. deaconf19

    Emby Playback and Delete problems.

    Kodi-Emby-Log.txt System: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.16 3GHz 6-Core i5 8GB RAM Kodi Version: Latest Plug-In version: Latest *** Delete Issue *** When I am done with a T.V. series I delete it. 1. Go to my NAS delete the T.V. season within the T.V. folder (I do this though my Windows machine manually) 2. Go to Emby Server update the folder by issuing a new scan(No problems season is removed) 3. Kodi Emby plugin retains the information despite issuing a new scan or rebooting. I thought the plugin was constantly checking in with the emby server for updates. Does this include deletes? If not what is the best way to remove the series from Kodi? ** Playback Issue ** I noticed overtime when I play a T.V. shows it will spin waiting and "timeout" after 30 seconds saying file is not found. I select it again and it immediately plays. Only when I reboot does this stop then build up over time. Notes: My Mac Mini is exclusively for running Kodi and Emby Server. I do not use it for anything else. Attached is this morning logs when it did this with Paw Patrol.
  9. Hello! I have a problem when streaming with Chromecast 2 gen, doesn't matter where it came from (Android, IOS, Web, etc) When watching some tv series, the playback is in great quality, smooth and RANDOMLY jump / skip to the next episode. It simply happen from NOWHERE. I don't know if it is my PC that is the problem or the chromecast itself. What kind of Logs do you guys need to check? I have at least 20 logs just from today trying to watch a single episode...
  10. I have install emby for mobile version 2.9.92 When i play any video ,movie all play in like paint or poster mode color not clear all faded check my attached images. I also try in other phones after install emby videos play normally. Last thing in chrome web mode in my phone videos play normally
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