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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Since some days, I see on some of my movies this strange behaviour (see attached). On some movies, it occurs at every subtitles displayed. Other times, only 1 subtiles per 3 or 4. I always use SRT format. Occurs on my Samsung SmartTV. Any idea ? Thanks
  2. Shiki214

    ASS Subtitle Fonts Display Problem

    A single ASS subtitles usually contains multiple fonts, but it seems that Emby haven't been able to handle the fonts in ASS subtitles yet, instead Emby uses a default font to display all the subtitles. I've installed all the fonts that declared in ASS subtitles files in both Emby-server(windows server) and client windows10/Android machine, but it doesn't work at all. Is there a way to ensure all the fonts display correctly? Or would Emby add a new feature to solve this problem? [VCB-Studio] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san [01][Ma10p_1080p][x265_flac].ass
  3. Hey! I've been upgraded some of my media files from 1080p to 4k and I've noticed that if I try to put on subtitles the stream just won't even start. My wife and I watch pretty much everything with subtitles on :D. When I look at the media as it's playing (from my phone) it saying that it's doing some transcoding because of the subtitles. Right now, I don't believe I have ever made any changes to the transcoding in the setup. Any thoughts? ffmpeg-transcode-1768d0b7-c57f-4885-a1df-bf90f7a628bf_1.txt
  4. Please add this function to change audio/subtitles track at item card with no start playing. Following thread:
  5. Manually upload subtitles to /metadata/library, just like the subtitles that came out of the search. Once added, it can be viewed directly rather than having to re-scan the media library Because Opensubtitles often cannot search for the appropriate subtitles.
  6. ellisd4

    Conversion Tool loses subtitles

    I am in the process of converting some of my MKV files to play properly on Apple TV. I tried out the conversion tool and it works great and the quality is great, but the subtitles embedded in the MKV file are lost during conversion. Is there a way to keep those? Application version: MacOS Not sure which log to provide.
  7. chernobylguy

    Problem with external subs

    Hello, there, guys! So, I've ran into a bit of a problem. I've started watching mostly anime lately (that's not the problem) and it mostly comes with external .ass subs. I think my TV can't handle those or something. Sometimes it just stops showing subs and just stops reacting to any input, I can't even turn off the TV. But I think if I leave burning-in subtitles to my server it works well. So, unclicking "Allow subtitle extraction on the fly" helps if the subs in the .mkv container itself. Is there a way to force burn-in for external subs, too? I could really do without repacking every episode
  8. I am changing my home Emby server from an Ubuntu based .deb package installation to a Docker setup. I did not realise that you could keep all the metadata, images and subtitles in each Movie or TV Show folder. Is it possible to wave a magic wand and copy all the current metadata, images and subtitles (gathered over the years!) to each of the Movie or TV Show folders when I install Emby using Docker? I guess this is Docker independant and it would be best to do this operation before the change to Docker? /var/lib/emby/metadata/ --> /srv/storage/Emby/Movies/Movie Name (YEAR)/Movie Name (YEAR).nfo etc I await your magic wand. 🙂 Paully
  9. Hi All, Not sure what is going on but recently I've noticed that the option to search for and download subtitles manually in Emby has vanished? I've restarted Emby, searched all over the forums and google, and the normal responses are for when the system is unable to find a subtitle, not missing the option, it's also missing from playback which I believe is supposed to be a new feature of 4.6.4. If subtitles exist then I can select them but again I can't download or search for new ones, the subtitles and opensub plugin is enabled, and I have a premium account which is included, logs show that the plugins are being loaded. I've tested multiple browsers on multiple machines, and via the Fire TV app all with the same result. embyserver.txt
  10. GreenRyuu

    Unable to play ASS subtitle on Roku

    Unable to play ASS subtitle on Roku, i tried to burning the subs but the option is no longer working. I can play the subs with no problem in any other device. Emby Server Roku TV 7120X - OS Version 10.0.0 ffmpeg-transcode-01420c02-55c2-4b4b-9e13-81158aa4d277_1.txt
  11. Subtitle search has not been working for about 6 months for me now. I have tried reinstalling opensubs plugin, Addic7ed, etc. But still do not work. Emby says "No results found. Have you configured subtitle downloading?" I have tried searching subtitles for titles that where automatically found before. Attached is my server log. embyserver.txt
  12. and another question How to use two subtitles at the same time
  13. Hi, Sincere apologies in advance if this has been asked before - I did do a search and went back 5 pages, so again, apologies if I missed this one. Firstly, embedded subtitles only display "LANGUAGE (DVDSUB)" for all embedded subtitles. Secondly, when there is multiple audio sources Emby lists them in the drop down menu, again, with only the primary language. For languages with different dialects (eg Chinese) this becomes an issue, as you can't distinguish which is which without guessing or trying each out. In my example, Fist of Fury, it contains audio tracks for English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese (Cantonese), and subtitles that specifically match the dialect. Emby only displays simply "English, Chinese, Chinese" for the audio tracks, and "English (DVDSUB)" for all three subtitle variants. This means you have to guess which goes with which. Media Player Classic does a good job showing it in an user digestible form. I have included screenshots of how Emby vs Media Player Classic handle the same file, and a text file with media details if that helps at all. And once again, apologies if I have missed an existing thread about this or previous answer. Just keen to make the best platform better Fist of Fury (1972).txt
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