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  1. I tried to add a photo's library. When I clicked `Okay` - it just sat there... greyed out. After an hour or so of waiting - I refreshed. To find out that I have over sixty-thousand of the same library created. Please... there must be a way to bulk delete libraries. Deleing them one at a time is _not_ an option.
  2. I recently setup a new computer on my network and ran into the browser issue where the server could not be found. I looked into that deeper, and traced down an issue in the `emby-apiclient/connectionmanager.js` code. * The site `http://app.emby.media/#!/startup/selectserver.html` requests the list of servers (`https://connect.emby.media/service/servers?userId=XXXX`), and receives the correct list from the host which includes both the external URL and the local URL. * However when the function "connectToServer" is called, the serverInfo object has the LocalAddress as Undefined. Looking further into this I see the following code in the same file return console.log("Begin getConnectServers"), credentials.ConnectAccessToken && credentials.ConnectUserId ? ajax({ type: "GET", url: "https://connect.emby.media/service/servers?userId=".concat(credentials.ConnectUserId), dataType: "json", headers: { "X-Application": "".concat(instance.appName(), "/").concat(instance.appVersion()), "X-Connect-UserToken": credentials.ConnectAccessToken } }).then(function(servers) { return servers.map(function(i) { return { ExchangeToken: i.AccessKey, ConnectServerId: i.Id, Id: i.SystemId, Name: i.Name, RemoteAddress: i.Url, LocalAddress: i.LocalAddres } }) After the network call to get the servers is made, the response is remapped and the `LocalAddress` is assigned to `i.LocalAddres` Note the missing second `s` in `i.LocalAddres`. This I believe is a bug. This is why on first visit a browser cannot navigate to a server on the local network. After you manually add an IP address, emby stores a cookie so the ip address is mapped properly based on the server IP so from that point forward the problem becomes mute. But initially the setup is awkward.
  3. Server: WIN Client 1.0.37 TV: OLED C2 Hi, Today i updated to app version 1.0.37 and now i see every movie with an unsupported audio codec like DTS, DTS-HD or TRUEHD is also forcing the Video to transcode to h264 non HDR I disabled subtitles to be sure it is not because of the subs. ffmpeg-transcode-ac135299-fa18-482d-9219-f91dfd71979c_1.txtembyserver.txt
  4. Server: OS: WIN I mentioned this about a year ago, but normal Users are still able to modify playlists or delete whole playlists, and yes the playlist gets deleted in the file system, this is not just in the menu and clicking will result in an permission error, it is working. Also, they can see the exact storage location in the deletion dialog. Could this please get fixed in a very near update? thanks
  5. Devices tested on: Shield 2017, Shield 2019 Emby Android TV client version: 2.0.83g Emby Server version: I have a TV show here that has Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos audio as its audio track. Here's the mediainfo of the audio: Audio ID : 2 Format : E-AC-3 JOC Format/Info : Enhanced AC-3 with Joint Object Coding Commercial name : Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos Codec ID : A_EAC3 Duration : 46 min 18 s Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 768 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel layout : L R C LFE Ls Rs Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 254 MiB (20%) Language : English Service kind : Complete Main Default : Yes Forced : No Complexity index : 16 Number of dynamic objects : 15 Bed channel count : 1 channel Bed channel configuration : LFE When trying to attempt to play any of the episodes, I get the "Too many errors, giving up" message. Looking at the server logs (attached below), it seems it's related to the audio. The files play fine in VLC on both Shields, and on Emby Theater on my PC as well. Tried looking here in the forums but didn't find anything related to DD+ Atmos audio. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-40ec91c4-c38d-4669-a013-9973fac5c8ea_1.txt
  6. Mac666

    Image upload button disappeared

    Hi, After I update my Emby iOS app last week the plus button on “edit image” screen disappeared. Would it be possible to recover this?
  7. Hi @Luke, @ebr The UI on the artist detail view appears to have a bug in that it truncates the genre display. I checked the web, IOS and Fire TV. For example: As you can see in the metadata emby has associated more genres than displayed. With the size of the list, you may want to display them alphabetically. and use allow for two lines, but that is just an opinion. Thanks -vicpa
  8. Imsotan

    SRT not showing

    I am trying to watch a movie with subtitles coming from an external SRT file. The subtitles are not showing up. No issues however when using VTT files. An error appears in the logs, which I have linked bellow. I didn't use to have to issue. It might be the result of an update, but I do not know what version I was using when things were last working well. For additional info, I am running the emby plugin in Truenas. It is currently up to date at version, in a 12.3-RELEASE-p4 jail. embyserver.txt
  9. As i noticed in the theme played when entering a series is part of the playlist. So if themes are enabled, there is always the "add to playlist"-button and if you press it, the episode starts after the theme is over. That's a kind of weird and not what i would expect.
  10. Server: Win 10 ver. can be reproduced with web browser When selecting filtering genres or studios etc, the combolist appears twice overlapping. When i now select a few studios or genres, and click beside the list, the second one closes but the first list is still open but all unchecked, if i check the elements now, they are chosen. This means there is a second list overlapping the "real" one, you can also see this the way it opens the list with a little laggy effect. Info: It is not happening all the time and i already did a hard refresh of the browser clearing all cached files. (tested with chrome) When it is happening i can see the URL in the browser is changing (the DLG ID is changing) so each combobox seems to have its own dlg id I made a video to show the problem. filtering.mov
  11. I've been using local library services, and only Emby can offer correct audio transcoding. Unfortunately, I've encountered a problem where some movies don't display subtitles. I don't understand what this could be related to. All subtitles are in .srt. The version of the server I use is I attach the server logs below. In particular, the problem with subtitles arises in the movie Batman Begins, while in the series Love Death and Robots they are. The client is installed on my LG TV I have already purchased a paid subscription, I really like it. The service, but there is a problem with subtitles. Help me solve it, please. embyserver-63789272970.txt
  12. Emby server: Client: Chrome 101.0.4951.67 I know this is something minor compared to other reports, but it used to be I would see the dashboard under the left pane access under admin. Now it only shows metadata manager. I can still access the dashboard thru the settings button on the upper right, but was wondering if this is intentional or if it might just be a misconfiguration on my side.
  13. I get this error when trying to play a video: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. This error only started a few days ago when I updated the server. Any help would be appreciated. OS: Windows 10 Emby Server: Version The video file is a .mkv (attached screenshot of details). The error occurs when i try to play it on the following: in Chrome on the Android phone(Android 9) Android Emby app (Android 9). all the vids not in emby work fine, and the video plays fine on localhost emby theater app on the desktop issue mostly on the phone app even when connected to the same network The video plays fine on my windows machine using VLC, Windows Media Player and the built-in "Movies & TV" app, I hope I attached everything that is needed to help with this Something interesting about this problem is that only some of the shows the recently got add are getting this error but older content works fine. Ever file is MKV internal subs (i need to make it external later). embyserver.txt
  14. Hi, emby isn't showing or even finding images for a few movies/series, i use MovieDB, Proxer, TVDB... Well, everithing that's possible to use. The serie has images, Link > https://thetvdb.com/series/318625-show I really don't know why this is happening, is the API blocking me? I think that "https://www.addic7ed.com/" blocked-me (i'm adding a lot of series/movies at once), so maybe the others API had me blocked too... Emby log bellow. embyserver (5).txt
  15. Hi, i made a post some time ago(also about identify, but that was resolved) , and whille testing, i realise (i think, please don't throw me rocks if i'm wrong), that emby has a little bug when identifying a movie (i didn't try with series, but problably). Like: When emby is gonna search a title in "Portuguese-Brazillian" it search "pt-br" as lower case: https://api.themoviedb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f6bd687ffa63cd282b6ff2c6877f2669&query=Velozes+E+Furiosos+4&language=pt-br Wich returns: {"page":1,"results":[{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":null,"genre_ids":[28,80],"id":385687,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast 10","overview":"","popularity":237.879,"poster_path":"/2DyEk84XnbJEdPlGF43crxfdtHH.jpg","release_date":"2023-04-05","title":"Furious 10","video":false,"vote_average":0,"vote_count":0},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/cHkhb5A4gQRK6zs6Pv7zorHs8Nk.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80,12],"id":168259,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Furious 7","overview":"Após derrotarem Owen Shaw, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) e os seus comparsas decidem regressar aos EUA, onde lhes foi concedido o perdão pelas suas infracções e a oportunidade de um recomeço, sem qualquer cadastro. É então que Dom percebe que o grupo está na mira de Deckard, o irmão mais velho de Owen, que jura destruir todos os responsáveis pela sua morte.","popularity":125.906,"poster_path":"/vK3EINuibdkBwUe9jOhVUXtLeb6.jpg","release_date":"2015-04-01","title":"Velocidade Furiosa 7","video":false,"vote_average":7.2,"vote_count":9041},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/9xnhzlvG9lrGqaiRHaMCX96rTTd.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18],"id":20174,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious","overview":"","popularity":1.673,"poster_path":"/90PJH3U5jmB7NOoemVfbEKHXDIV.jpg","release_date":"1954-11-01","title":"The Fast and the Furious","video":false,"vote_average":4.7,"vote_count":16},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/jzdnhRhG0dsuYorwvSqPqqnM1cV.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":337339,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fate of the Furious","overview":"Agora que Dom e Letty estão em lua-de-mel, e Brian e Mia afastaram-se – e o resto do grupo foi exonerado – a equipa que corre o mundo encontrou algo semelhante a uma vida normal. Porém, quando uma misteriosa mulher seduz Dom para o mundo do crime, do qual parece não ser capaz de escapar, ele acaba por trair aqueles lhe são mais próximos, pondo-os à prova. Desde as margens de Cuba e as ruas de Nova Iorque até às planícies geladas do ártico do Mar de Barents, a nossa força de elite vai atravessar o mundo para impedir que um anarquista lance o caos no cenário mundial… e trazer de volta a casa o homem que os tornou numa família.","popularity":158.526,"poster_path":"/38RVo4cX1O7Ia6k9WXcxkxprHm.jpg","release_date":"2017-04-12","title":"Velocidade Furiosa 8","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":8841},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/fWjcUTKOKsAPK4VUAzEQW4kN4K6.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53,12],"id":385128,"original_language":"en","original_title":"F9","overview":"Velocidade Furiosa 9 é o nono capítulo da saga que já leva mais de duas décadas e arrecadou mais de 5 mil milhões de dólares em todo o mundo. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) leva uma vida tranquila, longe de tudo, com Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) e o seu filho, o pequeno Brian. Mas todos sabem que para lá do horizonte pacífico, o perigo está sempre à espreita. Desta vez, esta ameaça vai forçar Dom a enfrentar os pecados do seu passado para conseguir salvar aqueles que mais ama. A sua equipa volta a unir-se para travar um plano que vai chocar o mundo, liderado pelo melhor condutor e maior assassino que alguma vez encontraram: Jakob (John Cena), o irmão abandonado de Dom.","popularity":413.812,"poster_path":"/fnAzaxRSiveFafudJtByxA7I2xT.jpg","release_date":"2021-05-19","title":"Velocidade Furiosa 9","video":false,"vote_average":7.3,"vote_count":5232},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/3ZiM6gm2XL8qnhZCXsTjixvaH4v.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18,53],"id":13804,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious","overview":"Brian O'Conner, agora a trabalhar para o FBI em Los Angeles, juntamente com Dominic Toretto trabalham num caso para derrubar um importador de heroína, infiltrando-se na sua operação de tráfico.","popularity":27.116,"poster_path":"/zvjQPVttJWaCSbzMijyc2x2MLr4.jpg","release_date":"2009-04-02","title":"Velozes & Furiosos","video":false,"vote_average":6.7,"vote_count":5902},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/enF1PHz15lI9BaPGYYKBMnEbANh.jpg","genre_ids":[28],"id":77959,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Turbo Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious","overview":"","popularity":0.956,"poster_path":"/bztZ5NWmsT7oq0vCWGQGWxd10Gf.jpg","release_date":"2003-06-03","title":"The Turbo Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":159},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/mRfI3y2oAd7ejur2di09xC9niqp.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80],"id":82992,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious 6","overview":"Reunidos para a maior aventura de sempre, os favoritos dos fãs – Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Chris Ludacris Bridges e Elsa Pataky - juntam-se aos recém-chegados vilões Luke Evans e Carano Gina. Desde que Dom e Brian fizeram o golpe no Rio de Janeiro, que rendeu 100 milhões de dólares à equipa, o grupo espalhou-se pelo globo. Mas a impossibilidade de voltarem a casa e estarem sempre em fuga deixou-lhes uma vida incompleta.","popularity":13.649,"poster_path":"/yeF9WQvxHRrJnr5fGEfnzDpn4pA.jpg","release_date":"2013-05-21","title":"Velocidade Furiosa 6","video":false,"vote_average":6.8,"vote_count":9207},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/hpgda6P9GutvdkDX5MUJ92QG9aj.jpg","genre_ids":[28,12,35],"id":384018,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw","overview":"Desde que se conheceram, Luke Hobbs e Deckard Shaw constantemente bateram de frente, não só por inicialmente estarem em lados opostos mas, especialmente, pela personalidade de cada um. Agora, a dupla precisa unir forças para enfrentar Brixton, um homem alterado geneticamente que deseja obter um vírus mortal para pôr em andamento um plano que mataria milhões de pessoas em nome de uma suposta evolução da humanidade. Para tanto eles contam com a ajuda de Hattie, irmã de Shaw, que é também agente do MI6, o serviço secreto britânico.","popularity":170.99,"poster_path":"/w5HWdAJyAbfpXbXDmEt5OIpf6kQ.jpg","release_date":"2019-08-01","title":"Velocidade Furiosa: Hobbs & Shaw","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":5705},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/jY9ef5nqY4xIIMu3yzW3qamUCoi.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":9799,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious","overview":"Um jovem polícia infiltra-se no submundo do crime e do “Street Racing” na cidade de Los Angeles, para identificar e prender o autor de vários roubos e membro influente do movimento. No entanto, o seu envolvimento é tal que acaba a namorar com a irmã de um dos líderes criminosos e a emprestar o seu próprio carro para que alguns corredores fujam de outros polícias.","popularity":6.399,"poster_path":"/s02HsnF8H2plColwtkbqYz9GTw5.jpg","release_date":"2001-06-22","title":"Velocidade Furiosa","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":8117},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/lvSxooYCRuF3S2kHWXYTrcOtYco.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80],"id":51497,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast Five","overview":"Dominic Toretto e sua equipa planeiam um grande assalto a um traficante poderoso de drogas das favelas do Brasil para comprar a liberdade, enquanto são seguidos por uma equipa de agentes especiais.","popularity":18.87,"poster_path":"/l1lvu5P4xfBicxuhgL0pmvkWReO.jpg","release_date":"2011-04-20","title":"Velocidade Furiosa 5","video":false,"vote_average":7.2,"vote_count":6660},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/z3ioibdjWZOYeXjoiabFOFOfPI3.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":584,"original_language":"en","original_title":"2 Fast 2 Furious","overview":"Brian O’Conner perdeu o distintivo ao deixar o seu amigo Dom Toretto, líder do submundo das corridas, escapar às malhas da lei. De regresso a Miami na companhia do velho amigo Roman Pearce, resta-lhe agir sob disfarce para evitar as represálias da polícia. A sua missão é colaborar com a fantástica Monica Fuentes na captura de um líder da Máfia de Miami. E lá estará ele de novo ao volante desta vez disputando a própria vida...","popularity":12.591,"poster_path":"/tMUnCAgfARTdAu8ylPw4Wjh3e5N.jpg","release_date":"2003-06-05","title":"Velocidade + Furiosa","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":5878},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/zQiLqxEjtKCCCggQ3G8ia9viS77.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18,53],"id":9615,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift","overview":"O terceiro filme da saga Velocidade furiosa, desta vez sem Vin Diesel nem Paul Walker, este Velocidade Furiosa conta a historia de um jovem americano que é obrigado a mudar-se para Tóquio depois de uma corrida correr mal, mas em Tóquio torna-se num grande concorrente no mundo do drift, desafiando membros da Yakuza.","popularity":13.893,"poster_path":"/qexEesWpZgxLFlOrm54Sjn3Z7Y0.jpg","release_date":"2006-06-03","title":"Velocidade Furiosa - Ligação Tóquio","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":5316}],"total_pages":1,"total_results":13} But, i think that moviedb is case sensitive in the parameter language, so, if you search as, "pt-BR" on language https://api.themoviedb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f6bd687ffa63cd282b6ff2c6877f2669&query=Velozes+E+Furiosos+4&language=pt-BR It returns the correct search: {"page":1,"results":[{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":null,"genre_ids":[28,80],"id":385687,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast 10","overview":"","popularity":237.879,"poster_path":"/2DyEk84XnbJEdPlGF43crxfdtHH.jpg","release_date":"2023-04-05","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 10","video":false,"vote_average":0,"vote_count":0},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/cHkhb5A4gQRK6zs6Pv7zorHs8Nk.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80,12],"id":168259,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Furious 7","overview":"Após os acontecimentos em Londres, Dom, Brian, Letty e o resto da equipe têm a chance de voltar para os Estados Unidos e recomeçar suas vidas. Mas a tranquilidade do grupo é destruída quando Deckard Shaw, um assassino profissional, quer vingança pelo acidente que deixou seu irmão em coma. Agora, a equipe tem de unir forças para deter um vilão novo e ainda mais perigoso. Dessa vez, não se trata apenas de uma questão de velocidade: a corrida é pela sobrevivência.","popularity":125.906,"poster_path":"/vK3EINuibdkBwUe9jOhVUXtLeb6.jpg","release_date":"2015-04-01","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 7","video":false,"vote_average":7.2,"vote_count":9041},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/9xnhzlvG9lrGqaiRHaMCX96rTTd.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18],"id":20174,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious","overview":"","popularity":1.673,"poster_path":"/90PJH3U5jmB7NOoemVfbEKHXDIV.jpg","release_date":"1954-11-01","title":"Velozes e Furiosos","video":false,"vote_average":4.7,"vote_count":16},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/jzdnhRhG0dsuYorwvSqPqqnM1cV.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":337339,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fate of the Furious","overview":"Depois que Brian e Mia se aposentaram, e o resto da equipe foi exonerado, Dom e Letty estão em lua de mel e levam uma vida pacata e completamente normal. Mas a adrenalina do passado volta com tudo quando uma mulher misteriosa faz com que Dom retorne ao mundo do crime e da velocidade.","popularity":158.526,"poster_path":"/38RVo4cX1O7Ia6k9WXcxkxprHm.jpg","release_date":"2017-04-12","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 8","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":8841},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/fWjcUTKOKsAPK4VUAzEQW4kN4K6.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53,12],"id":385128,"original_language":"en","original_title":"F9","overview":"Dominic Toretto e sua família precisam enfrentar o seu irmão mais novo Jakob, um assassino mortal que está trabalhando com uma antiga inimiga, a cyber-terrorista Cipher.","popularity":413.812,"poster_path":"/fnAzaxRSiveFafudJtByxA7I2xT.jpg","release_date":"2021-05-19","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 9","video":false,"vote_average":7.3,"vote_count":5232},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/3ZiM6gm2XL8qnhZCXsTjixvaH4v.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18,53],"id":13804,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious","overview":"Dominic Toretto descobre que sua amada Letty foi assassinada e resolve procurar pelo autor do crime. Enquanto isso, o agente Brian O'Conner está em busca de um traficante de drogas. Eles percebem que talvez procurem a mesma pessoa.","popularity":27.116,"poster_path":"/zvjQPVttJWaCSbzMijyc2x2MLr4.jpg","release_date":"2009-04-02","title":"Velozes e Furiosos 4","video":false,"vote_average":6.7,"vote_count":5902},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/enF1PHz15lI9BaPGYYKBMnEbANh.jpg","genre_ids":[28],"id":77959,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Turbo Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious","overview":"Prelude turbo é um 2003 curta-metragem, dirigido por Philip Atwell, com Paul Walker reprisando seu papel como Brian O'Conner, em uma curta série de sequências que liga The Fast and the Furious com sua primeira sequela, 2 Fast 2 Furious. O curta-metragem foi incluído em uma nova impressão do DVD do segundo filme. Foi lançado em 03 de junho de 2003 para amarrar com a versão teatral do segundo filme.","popularity":0.956,"poster_path":"/bztZ5NWmsT7oq0vCWGQGWxd10Gf.jpg","release_date":"2003-06-03","title":"Velozes e Furiosos: Turbo-Charged Prelude","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":159},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/mRfI3y2oAd7ejur2di09xC9niqp.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80],"id":82992,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious 6","overview":"Desde que o golpe de Dom e Brian no Rio de Janeiro deixou o grupo com US$100 milhões, a equipe se espalhou pelo mundo. Um dia, Hobbs pede a Dom que reúna um grupo de elite em Londres e apreenda uma organização de mercenários nas ruas, cujo mentor é apoiado por Letty, a antiga namorada de Dom que ele acreditava estar morta. A recompensa? Absolvição a todos eles para poderem voltar para as suas casas e tornarem suas famílias completas novamente.","popularity":13.649,"poster_path":"/yeF9WQvxHRrJnr5fGEfnzDpn4pA.jpg","release_date":"2013-05-21","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 6","video":false,"vote_average":6.8,"vote_count":9207},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/hpgda6P9GutvdkDX5MUJ92QG9aj.jpg","genre_ids":[28,12,35],"id":384018,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw","overview":"O corpulento policial Luke Hobbs se junta ao fora da lei Deckard Shaw para combater um terrorista geneticamente melhorado que tem força sobre-humana.","popularity":170.99,"poster_path":"/w5HWdAJyAbfpXbXDmEt5OIpf6kQ.jpg","release_date":"2019-08-01","title":"Velozes & Furiosos: Hobbs & Shaw","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":5705},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/jY9ef5nqY4xIIMu3yzW3qamUCoi.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":9799,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious","overview":"Um investigador da polícia se infiltra em uma turma de rachas suspeita de roubar caminhões, mas acaba apaixonando-se pela irmã do líder.","popularity":6.399,"poster_path":"/s02HsnF8H2plColwtkbqYz9GTw5.jpg","release_date":"2001-06-22","title":"Velozes e Furiosos","video":false,"vote_average":6.9,"vote_count":8117},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/lvSxooYCRuF3S2kHWXYTrcOtYco.jpg","genre_ids":[28,53,80],"id":51497,"original_language":"en","original_title":"Fast Five","overview":"Desde que o ex-policial Brian O'Conner e Mia Torretto libertaram Dom da prisão, eles viajam pelas fronteiras para fugir das autoridades. No Rio de Janeiro, eles fazem um último trabalho antes que possam ganhar sua liberdade definitiva. Montando sua equipe de elite de pilotos de carro, Brian e Dom sabem que têm de enfrentar o empresário corrupto que quer vê-los mortos, antes que o agente federal em sua trilha os encontre.","popularity":18.87,"poster_path":"/l1lvu5P4xfBicxuhgL0pmvkWReO.jpg","release_date":"2011-04-20","title":"Velozes & Furiosos 5: Operação Rio","video":false,"vote_average":7.2,"vote_count":6660},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/z3ioibdjWZOYeXjoiabFOFOfPI3.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,53],"id":584,"original_language":"en","original_title":"2 Fast 2 Furious","overview":"O ex-policial Brian comete uma grande traição, juntando-se a um amigo ex-presidiário no transporte de dinheiro sujo para uma importadora-exportadora muito suspeita.","popularity":12.591,"poster_path":"/tMUnCAgfARTdAu8ylPw4Wjh3e5N.jpg","release_date":"2003-06-05","title":"+ Velozes + Furiosos","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":5878},{"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/zQiLqxEjtKCCCggQ3G8ia9viS77.jpg","genre_ids":[28,80,18,53],"id":9615,"original_language":"en","original_title":"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift","overview":"Sean Boswell é um piloto de rua que desafia seu rival e bate o carro no fim da corrida. Então, Sean decide se mudar para o Japão em companhia de seu pai para evitar a prisão nos Estados Unidos, já que os rachas não são nada populares com as autoridades. Em Tóquio, ele começa a aprender um excitante e perigoso estilo novo de competir nas ruas. Só que os riscos ficam ainda mais altos quando Sean decide competir com o campeão local e acaba se apaixonando pela namorada dele.","popularity":13.893,"poster_path":"/qexEesWpZgxLFlOrm54Sjn3Z7Y0.jpg","release_date":"2006-06-03","title":"Velozes e Furiosos: Desafio em Tóquio","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":5316}],"total_pages":1,"total_results":13} The movie "Fast 10" as example, in pt-br is "Furious 10" and in pt-BR is "Velozes e Furiosos 10".
  16. Hi I noticed the album "( )" by "Sigur Rós" doesn't display properly for me. I see the following, on multiple client apps: ' It also appears like this on the artist page where their albums are listed. The album appears duplicated with one song in each. The 8 songs on the album all have the same artist and album metadata. In other music players the songs are grouped correctly. It only happens if the album name is set to "( )" (i.e. open parenthesis, space, close parenthesis), and it doesn't matter what the folder name is. I also have an album that starts with an open parenthesis but contains letters too, and that behaves properly. If I change this album name to "( )a" it works properly. So I assume it's a bug with grouping songs by albums with strange non-alphabet characters only. I think you should be able to replicate it by setting any album to have this name and scanning the library files. I am running the server (version on a raspberry pi in docker, and I have seen this symptom on the web browser, samsung TV and android app. I assume it's a server bug. My library has the folder structure setting: "Perfectly organised into artist\album folders, with tracks directly in the album folders." I have metadata downloading turned off for this library as it's all embedded in the music files already. Thanks
  17. Hi Does anyone know why the colors only look accurate when I have the settings menu open?? See the attached video. Thanks. Emby HDR Issues.mkv
  18. Painkiller8818

    Tizen App Time Sync Problem

    App: Tizen 1.2.3 TV: Samsung Q90R I recorgnized that emby is not getting the correct time if i just turn off the tv while i am in emby on the home screen and not fully quit the app. If i turn on the tv the next day and open emby it is showing the home screen instant but having the time i turned off the tv at night. So i need to exit the app and re open it as it seems time check does only happen while opening the app
  19. Hi, Just installed the new update 1.2.3 for Tizen (Q90R 2019) And found the new settings for movies and music where i can set background or blur. if i activate blur for music every keystroke lags and the running time and everything freezes for a few seconds. so navigating is not working flawless and makes no fun. if i deactivate it and set it back to background everything is fast as before. please check this thanks
  20. Hi, There is a problem with the app for tizen (1.1.1) when i start a yt trailer that isn't available. You will only see the trailer not available and the loading circle. No way to get back, the only way is to kill the app and reopen it. It is maybe hard to recreate as there could be geoblocking etc but this was the affected trailer for me <trailer>plugin://plugin.video.youtube/?action=play_video&amp;videoid=KGsEO7lWW9I</trailer> thanks
  21. Painkiller8818

    Refresh Metadata problem

    Server Windows: Today i added a movie but it were detected as a wrong one, so i identified the right movie and recorgnized everything except the "headline" has been updated. All other fields like actors, descriptions etc got updated correctly except the headline, the headline was still the one from the wrong movie. As the correct movie don't have a headline i think the field doesn't get reset to NULL if there is no headline but it is already a value set. is anyone able to reproduce this? thanks
  22. Hy, I can't upload an new Image for an actor. The filesystem (ext4-Filesystem) says (too many links) the amount of subdirectory is Command: ls -l |wc -l Result: 64999 I found a second directory with people, which in my opinion has a cheaper directory structure. people (new-directory-structure) metadata/people/<name of the actor> People (possible old-directory-structure) metadata/People/<first letter of the name>/<name of the actor> . It is possible to use the old People structure?
  23. Hi, I have configured my local network as `` in the network settings in Emby. Then I have configure some of my users with the option "Do not require an password on the local network". This seems to be working and I can now login without an password. The problem starts when I try to contact the server from an different network ( When I click on my user it signs in without an password. I would expect it to ask for my password because this isn't defined as an local network. In the dashboard the successful login is reported with the ip address, which is expected. I am directly connecting to the Emby server (no proxy), tcpdump also shows incoming network packets from the source ip as expected. Tested versions: beta and stable System: Linux Debian 10 (4.19.0-18-amd64)
  24. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  25. I'm starting to use Emby to watch my movies and concerts DVD and BD rips, but I'm a having a inconsistence with the images showed in the Movie section. If I use Primary as options to show covers it's messy... If I set a bluray cover size It works fine in Android TV, but it shrinks in the App and the Web... If a set a CD cover size it works fine in App and the Web but it stretch in Android TV... I find pretty awful that the default option for a image is to adapt to the space to render (shrinks/strech) instead of just resizing without changing the image aspect ratio.... Not all movies uses the same covers, DVD, BD and VCD have diferents sizes.
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