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  1. Question about Emby DVR setup and existing (or future) WMC recordings. My goal is totally move away from WMC7 and use Emby for LiveTV and DVR (as well as Movies, Photos, already parsed TV Shows that I already use Emby for). I even switched from a Ceton InfiniTV to a HDHomerun Prime and Connect to do this. However, the biggest detriment to this is DRM. Before they implemented DRM, I used to use MCEBuddy to take my recordings convert them to a slightly smaller size, preserve the AC3 stream, save in a mp4 container, name it 'showname - sXXeYY - episodename.mp4", and then save in the appropriate folder using the Season XX. My underlying assumption is: 1) Emby DVR cannot record DRM (ie. "copy once") streams? If that assumption is no longer true then everything below is probably mute! My cable company marks all non-network channels as "copy once" DRM protected. So I record these shows in WMC. The recordings all get dumped in one folder (\\HTPC-i3\RecordedTV\) using the naming convention 'showname_channelname_year_month_date_hour_minute_seconds.wtv' (the standard WMC naming convention). I pointed my Emby TV library there along with the other TV shows at \\HTPC-i3\Data\TV Shows\. Emby gets the show name (because it's in the file name) but it doesn't parse the Season or episode name (because they are not in the file name). When I did that I got 2 different entries for show like "Heroes Reborn". One that already existed from the shows in \\HTPC-i3\Data\TV Shows\Heroes Reborn\Season XX\ and a new one from the recordings in \\HTCP-i3\Recorded TV\. If I go into the one created from the \\HTPC-i3\Recorded TV\ folder you can see the Season is "unknown" And the episodes aren't parsed (season and episode numbers). However, there is metadata for each episode?! 2) Does Emby have the ability to read the wtv file metadata yet? Is that where the short description for each episode came from? I believe WMC also saves the season and episode data in the metadata? Can Emby pull it as well? This will allow me to let WMC still handle recordings because of DRM issues but do all my viewing via Emby Theater [ET] on my HTPC*. *I hope, or will the DRM protected streams not even play in ET only WMC?
  2. At the time of creating a recording for either a series or one off, in the settings, have the ability to choose one or more collections the recording will be assigned to.
  3. I've read other posts about Football, NASCAR, and other sports, where you want a series recording only for certain teams, NASCAR Series, etc. This is not the same as being able to search, but more like a filter in the series settings. I don't feel you would ever get it right, trying to parse the "Title" and present a list of options. My request is to simply allow a filter to be applied to the "Title" of the series. That way, we can control what gets recorded as a user based on what our chosen provider is putting in the title. Having said that, it might be useful to have filters for other data as well. Maybe this could also be used to implement recording some future show that's not in the guide yet, by allowing a filter on the show's name itself. Each of these types of recordings would show under the "series" tab. You could even have a check box to say that the filter is a regular expression, or simply use basic wildcards.
  4. On the series tab, need the ability to order them so that when the DVR finds more episodes than you have tuners for, then it will know which ones are most important. Additionally, on the day before, send a notification of any conflicts as well as always show the conflicts on the Schedule tab.
  5. There are quite a few reasons to want this functionality. Overlapping sports broadcasts on different channels, when the later games guide data is including pre-game stuff that you dont want.It would be a nice option, that I'd guess is pretty easy to code in.
  6. Hi all, I have been using the Emby DVR with Schedules Direct listings for a few weeks now. All has been working well until I found a series I had set to record appears not to be scheduling or recording new episodes. Is there a log I can check to determine why the new episodes are not recording? As far as the UI goes, I can see the series recording icon in next weeks listing and the episode is definitely new but here is no icon indicating the episode itself will record, nothing in the Scheduled list and nothing in the Series scheduled list. The episodes from previous weeks did record correctly.
  7. I'm sure like many of the users here I like to tinker, I have a wide range of both software and hardware that I use to interface with my emby. I primarily use Kodi when in-house with the emby for kodi add-on, since I use kodi primarily I use the silicondust PVR system. When I am remote at work, on mobile, my projector, vacation etc. I use emby. Since I am mobile 14+ hours of the day I configure the DVR on emby when out and via the silicondust DVR add-on within kodi when home. With that being said is it possible for emby to read the silicondust dvr files metadata and use that within the [Recordings] of emby? I have attached a sample of how emby reads the dvr files from my hdhomerun as an example. for some reason all recordings are being recognized as season of the witch. please let me know if there are any questions, files, etc that I can provide to assist with this if you feel it is something that can be added I am happy to provide. thank you, bry
  8. OK - I have this strange bug that is driving me crazy. I have several series set to record. I added Paw Patrol (for my grandson) and after realizing the TV guide was wrong I tried to cancel the series. Well I thought it did through the cancel series option and it actually even removed it from my series list. However it is still recording - shows up in my schedule and actually still records episodes. The problem is I can't cancel it now - when I get the series pop-up I can't actually click on cancel series - it just hangs the server. I can click on "Do Not Record" but that only cancels that episode queued to record. I was trying to find a DVR database and thought I would just remove it but you guys have hid it pretty good. Any suggestions? I have checked for updates, rebooted the server multiple times and the problem persists. Log.txt
  9. I have LiveTV set up and it has been working fine for a little while using my Hauppage tuner and EPG via Schedules Direct. This last week or so, I have noticed that some of the programmes I was expecting to record haven't been and I want to interrogate the server to find out why. The logs are so huge, it takes an age to determine what I may be looking for Is there something that I am missing that will tell me when such events are/not triggered and occur? I was expecting something under 'Recent Activity' or similar
  10. What happened to the Live TV DVR function in the last server release? The folders in the TV library are now named TV show (2018) instead of TV Show, so now I have new series recordings split across two folders. I can recombine them if this is the naming convention going forward, not a huge deal, but it did cause some confusion. A bigger problem is the shows are no longer remuxed to MKV container on the fly, and I no longer am able to find the configuration for this feature in Emby Server. Was the feature removed? If so, why? I thought MKV was preferred to TS for use in these applications.
  11. Every show we record has no metadata, file names are date/time format. I've looked through all the settings, refreshed epg xml. We have guide data, don't know why that isn't being pulled through when recording. Cheers.
  12. I'm running Emby server on Synology DS418play with 6GB of RAM (emby server running on mono) The NAS is pretty much stock, I only installed emby server on it. I bought a HDHomerun Quatro few weeks ago. I'm experiencing burst of big glitches in the recordings. At first, I thought the Quatro was defective, so I contacted Silicondust support. They requested that I activate the debug feature in the Quatro. They told me that they see burst of packet loss. It can be fine for several minutes, then a burst of packet loss on a short period and fine again for several minutes. It's worst when recording 4 streams at the same time, but can see sometime burst of packet loss with only 1 stream. On the NAS, I don't see any spike on the CPU (pretty constant at 55% with 4 streams). The volume usage doesn't exceed 12%. The NAS and the HDhomerun are connected to an unmanaged gigabit switch. I changed the ethernet cable and I tried a different switch. No change. I extended the network receive buffers on the NAS (net.core.rmem_max and net.ipv4.tcp_rmem) with no change. I change emby server process priority using renice command to -20. This seems to help, but still see some burst of packet loss. To make sure that the NAS is capable of handling this, I opened 4 ssh sessions with the NAS and started grabbing 4 streams on the quatro at the same time using curl command. I repeat this 3 times. There was no packet loss. So pretty much remove the network out of the equation and the NAS is capable of grabbing 4 streams at the same time. It looks like the packet loss is due to emby server running on the NAS. I don't know what else to do to fix the packet loss issue. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, do you think emby running on netcore instead of mono would help? To my knowledge, the netcore version was not yet release for Synology NAS, right? Attached, emby server logs. 4 recordings at 7am. All suffers from packet loss. Thank you Log.txt
  13. Hi The DVR is creating weird folder name for 2 shows that I record (S.W.A.T. and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). They only common thing I see between both is several dots in the title. For example, S.W.A.T. the folder name is : SXO61E~U
  14. Hi I would like to make a suggestion about the folder name created by the DVR. Would be nice to add the TV Show and the movie year. That would help with metadata matching. For example, "The Flash (2014)" instead of "The Flash". Right now, this tv show gets automatically link to the old show and every recording needs to be manually edited to get it right. Same thing for S.W.A.T. (2017) Thank you
  15. Would be nice to have an option when setting up a show or series to record to put it in a specific folder/library. Use Case I want to record my kids shows into a folder/library I have set up just for them. So when I hit record I can point it there and forget about it. Then when I record one of my shows I can point it to my main TV library. Thanks
  16. One thing I noticed that TVHeadEnd does that Emby DVR does not do yet has to do with keeping tuner utilization down when watching multiple subchannels on the same tv stream. For instance, on TVHeadEnd, when I watch/record something on 12.1 and 12.2 at the same time, it will only use one tuner and split the streams out properly. On Emby, it uses two tuners to do the same, even though both of them are tuning to the exact same frequency. I believe implementing this feature would help reduce the number of recording conflicts seen on people's systems where a tuner isn't available. It should also help with network utilization as there is no need for two duplicate streams just to receive and strip out the ones you want. Great software though. I am moving from a TVHeadEnd/Plex setup on a computer to Emby on a Synology DS918+. Both setups are/were utilizing HDHomeRuns for the tuners. I am extremely happy with it, so much so that I sprung for the lifetime subscription. This is certainly software worth supporting.
  17. mlapoint

    TVHeadEnd, HDHomeRun, Emby, Roku

    I have Emby, a HDHomeRun device, the TVHeadEnd (TVH) plug-in for Emby, and a WD My Cloud 4TB NAS. I am trying to set up TVH to be a DVR on my Ubuntu 16.04.2 Linux box. I have Emby set up to have TVH working and I believe I can watch live TV through Kodi, but not through Roku. I am not sure if TVH is giving me that ability to record through Kodi, but because I can't even watch TV in Roku, I am sure I can't record there. I went through the steps to set up HDHomeRun View and Config GUI on the Ubuntu box, but have run into several errors. I have contacted SiliconDust and hopefully will hear back from them in a couple days. My big question is this. Do I need to be able to view Live TV through my Ubuntu 16.04.2 box before the Emby Plug-in will work? Thank You, Mike LaPointe
  18. My post processing cuts 3 seconds off the beginning and ending of shows before removing commercials to remove some/any corruption, so I always set it to start and stop 1 full minute before and after. but that is sometimes too much time, I'd much rather start and stop 3-10 seconds before and after.. So I'd like the ability to do like 0.01 or 0.1 minutes.
  19. Hi all, Here in Denmark, many TV stations include additional info in the title for a series. It can be a topic, number of show (aaa : bbb), or other key words. Examples: "This show (1:3)" or "This show - about topic". In 7MC, this makes series recording impossible, as 7MC looks for a "complete" match in title for recording a series. Can Emby be made to look for a user-defined string, such as "This show", in order to trigger series recording? (edit: Ignoring other words in title) Added bonus would be Channel ID and/or time, so that it would trigger on "This show" for recording, only when broadcasted from a certain TV channel, at a certain time of day (ignoring re-runs sent the following morning, for an evening show) I don't know if it's possible, but it's the time of year for wishes Regards, Jennice
  20. The last few recordings don't release the tuner or perhaps they don't stop recording when they're supposed. to. This is the 3rd time I've noticed this happening Latest examples -"The Gifted" was supposed to record Mondays from 8-9pm but the dashboard still shows an active recording for last night's (11/6/17) recording -"Crossover" was supposed to record today from 11am-1pm and as of writing this, it is 1:36pm but it still shows that its actively recording As of 1:37pm, i have manually cancelled the "Crossover" recording but i can't cancel "The Gifted" recording (just keep getting a spinning wheel) Since i'm not able to stop the "Crossover" recording that's still active, this recording is still live and taking up a tuner unnecessarily record-transcode 11-6-17 (8pm).txt record-transcode 11-7-17 (1059am).txt server log 11-7-17 (12am).txt server log 11-7-17 (155pm).txt
  21. fglog.txtMy DVR works well most of the time, but frequently will fall out of record mode, just a dead stop. One from last night log is attached. I got 2 minutes of Family Guy. Far as I know there was no disruption of the "server", and I use that term loosely, I am running a W-10 PC that's not far north of the minimum requirements. 8G of RAM, AMD X2 255 3.1 GHz 2 core which I suspect might be the weakness. Any advice on how to upgrade the "server" would be welcomed. Thanks
  22. I'd love it if the shows recorded through media center were automatically processed, commercials removed, and correct series and season information added. I think there are ways to do this, but I'd like to see this integrated into this product.
  23. I'm trying to bring my post-processing script from plex over and it keeps failing after recording completes. I am however able to run it from command line without issue. I am getting a "native error - access denied" in logs but I've gone over the script permissions and the script is executable. I've also checked permissions for the directory the recordings are in. I've attached my post-processing sh file as a text. I'm calling it from emby on the post-processing line of live tv as: /pathtofile/post.sh What am I missing here any ideas? When running from command line and working the command is: /path/to/post.sh "/Path/to/NameOfFile.ts" works just fine OS: Debian Linux 8.9 64bit postsh.txt embyposterror.txt
  24. Is it possible to get some clarification on the openess of the code and continuation? First of all: I was not able to find some kind of trial for the premium version. I suppose it is possible to set up some kind of 2/3 day trial so one can test the DVR features etc over a weekend. I prefer that then to get one of the hacked versions.... (and I never paid for a trial). I read quite some confusion on the openness of the code. Is it possible that Emby specifies which parts are open (and to which version) and which are closed? (in accordance with GITHUB's policies etc). Personally I would love to have something open even if I pay for it initially to get into the community. Maybe you can make it 'community open source'. I saw concerns about the restrains of the lifetime license; if it was community sourced that issue would disappear. Emby could also promise that once a new version comes available for where an upgrade of the license is required that the existing code will be available for the lifetime users. (this would of course limit the active involvement of the community during the normal lifetime). In both situations you could specify that all code that was proposed by users can be used in the next version without the version being open (of course the code itself would be usable in the initial product where the code would be available for existing users). I think that would benefit both Emby as the user community. One of Emby's advantages is that it is/was at least partly open and I think that there is quite a group of people that prefer to pay for/support that instead of a totally closed source variant. The restriction of the number of devices can also be an issue for personal use. If you have a family of 5 and when each has a phone, tablet and pc you are already at the max and cannot have the general TV etc connected. Maybe an idea to make it unlimited for personal usage or at least extend the number of devices for personal usage?
  25. I Love Emby for its Live TV, Guide and DVR functions. Far better than Comcast cable box and their expensive X1 stuff. Paired with a HDHome Run Prime cablecard network tuner...so nice to be able to make use of it on my computers and even remotely. However, Comcast is getting too expensive for me, even for their normal non X1 setup....they are sneaky bastards and have been raising their other fess by a few $ every month... "Cord cutter" TV streaming services I am been looking at....PS VUE, Sling...etc....some have their own DVR features, but I am pretty sure those recordings are locked to that service and are not downloadable.(Emby recordings are normal .MP4 files.) PS Vue looks the most appealing to me as they are the only ones that have Discovery networks and I do watch those. Any possibility that Emby could somehow tie into online services like Sling, PS Vue, DirectTV Now....etc and still function as it does with a normal hardware TV tuner? I guess I could always just resort to certain websites to download tv rips of the shows i do watch...but thats not reliable or convenient..and risky...and...of course...not entirely legal.
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