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Found 6 results

  1. I'm sure like many of the users here I like to tinker, I have a wide range of both software and hardware that I use to interface with my emby. I primarily use Kodi when in-house with the emby for kodi add-on, since I use kodi primarily I use the silicondust PVR system. When I am remote at work, on mobile, my projector, vacation etc. I use emby. Since I am mobile 14+ hours of the day I configure the DVR on emby when out and via the silicondust DVR add-on within kodi when home. With that being said is it possible for emby to read the silicondust dvr files metadata and use that within the [Recordings] of emby? I have attached a sample of how emby reads the dvr files from my hdhomerun as an example. for some reason all recordings are being recognized as season of the witch. please let me know if there are any questions, files, etc that I can provide to assist with this if you feel it is something that can be added I am happy to provide. thank you, bry
  2. kanipek

    Legacy HDHomeRun - Setup

    To get legacy HDHomeRun Units (HDHR-US, HDHR3-US etc.) to work within Emby do the following: 1 - Minimum firmware required is: 20161117 latest is always best. Find it here: https://www.silicondust.com/support/downloads/ 2 - Install the HDHomeRun software on your system. - I chose "Default" BDA compatibility mode - Perform a channel scan from within the HDHomeRun software, before beginning the scan use the pull down menu to select the legacy tuner. - When the scan is complete click "Apply" this will generate a new "Digital Cable.xml" or "Digital Antenna.xml" and send the data to Silicondust for use by the tuners. 3 - Open the Emby (v3.2.7 and later) dashboard - There is currently no automatic discovery so you will have to set it up by entering the IP address on the tuner setup page (Manage Server->Live TV->+Add). - Check "Enable this tuner" - on the Add Tuner page - Click "Save" - Once you click save Emby should kick off a "Refresh Guide" task. Let it complete. - Map the new - un-mapped channels under Live TV->Guide Providers - this will kick off another "Refresh Guide" task, let it complete. 4 - Followed all the instructions but get a black screen or maybe spinning circle when tuning? Try allowing UDP:// through the firewall for the tuner connection(s). That is it. Notes: There is currently no ability that I know of to disable any channel on these units. If I am wrong in that assumption please let everyone know how you did it. For me I only had to map a few channels 15+/-. The rest of the channels (this is a guess on my part) were previously mapped. You MUST install the HDHomeRun software and do a fresh scan for it all to work. Post from Silcondust that might be helpful: https://forum.silicondust.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=92&t=43986 I compiled this info from several posts/users here on the forum. My thanks to all of them. Big thanks to @@sle118 for getting this ball rolling and @@Luke for making it happen, I am sure others were helpful too - Great, fast work guys!
  3. I wanted to share my experimentation with an old generation HDHR3-US (HDHomeRun) which is an NON DLNA device. My goal is to try and centralize all video related activities to emby as much as possible, and that includes better integration with "Live TV", auto-transcode, etc. Being stuck with an older gen HDHomeRun, I was previously relying on the good old NextPVR for the recording piece. It turns out that the more recent versions of NextPVR now has a feature which enables it to "proxy" the streams as DLNA! So here is what I did : 1- Point emby to new live tv tuner M3U source: http://nextpvr_server:8866/channels 2- Share the xmltv file which I had setup for the NextPRV server 3- Point the XMLTV provider in emby to this shared file 4- Map channels from the m3u tuner to the xmltv channels 5- Remove NextPVR Plugin 6- Cancel NextPVR Recordings 7- Schedule recordings in emby 8- Setup auto-transcode options, etc It's not the most efficient method to record, as the video stream had to be read by the NextPvr host, which streams it over to the emby server, but my 2 servers are on a 1gbps switch so this won't hurt internet browsing (even at 30mbps). I wonder if there are ways to setup VLC or some other software locally to avoid the 2 hops. Anyhow, I'll see how this works (or not) in the long run...!
  4. Hello, I've been noticing duplicate recordings of PBS shows for my kids. I'm attaching the logfile that includes the duplicate recording for "Peg Plus Cat S01E07". What I've noticed is that one of the resolution is 1080 and the other is 720 and am wondering if that is the root cause of the duplicates. I'm attaching logfiles, and the file properties for review. If that's the cause, is there any resolution (no pun intended) not to get the dups. Thanks Log.txt
  5. Hey guys - hoping to have the ability to get livetv from my hdhomerun working within emby. I prefer to use the direct streams from the Hdhomerun Prime rather than use a backend as I do not care to record (yet). I will care about recordings once their kickstarter is complete and they have delivered. I did see that there was a login option for Schedules Direct but would prefer to use an external source since I let my SD account expire this week. I use mc2xml for my epg data which creates a xmltv.xml file with all the info. has anyone succeeded in a similar setup? thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  6. maisto99

    Feature Direction?

    Currently I have an HDHR Prime on my network consuming 256 Clear QAM from my linear TV provider. In this configuration I don't have an M-Card installed, so I don't have the benefit of it mapping the RF Channels to Virtual Channels. Instead it creates its own RF to Virtual Channel map and assigns channel numbers in the 5000s. I've mapped these HDHR virtual 5000 number channels to the virtual channel number my linear TV provider assigns them in their network. My question is if Emby TV, or through the use of a M3U/XLTV file, will I eventually be able to create these virtual assignments myself to make up for the lack of an M-Card? If so, is there a tentative timeline? Thank you!
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