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Found 19 results

  1. If this is available now please point me to it! It would be great if we could get keyword or wishlist recording. Something similar to what is in WMC. I use it quite frequently in WMC when I am scheduling things to record. If WMC doesn't find a particular series or movie I will then choose "wishlist or keyword" and then choose from Actor Name, Director Name, Movie Title, Program Title or Generic Keyword. I can then choose from several options including channel, new/repeat etc. Very handy for when I see or hear about future series or specials I can set it up and WMC will record it when it shows up. I don't know if this is possible and/or planned for Emby but it would be huge. Thanks for reading and considering!
  2. mike3821

    Series Recording Problem

    Why do I get this? Search a show and set it to only record new episodes and it finds none, then later I will discover there is a new airing on which shows it’s not going to record, but the green icon stating new is showing? I get this with many series recordings. I also get silly things such as these too.
  3. My guide is almost empty. I'm posting a different question about that. I'm watching the show live but I can't figure out how to start recording. Also, in general how do i do a manual recording? Edit: Oops wrong forum, should I re-post this somewhere else?
  4. karibi

    Recording of IPTV VOD

    I am a complete newbie at this so I would very much appreciate some guidance. I have an interest in recording IPTV, specifically their VOD channels. My reasoning behind this is that I live in South Africa and my international internet connection speed is limited during peak viewing times, hence the desire to record during the off-peak period so I can watch in the evenings. I have installed the Emby server and client and have a suitable M3U file list and have configured LiveTV. The problem I am having is how do I record as I don’t have any EPG. Are I correct in assuming that I must have an EPG to record? If so, is it sensible to take the M3U file list and create an artificial XMLTV file and effectively fake an EPG? I am not averse to writing some code to parse the M3U. Just trying to understand what is the best approach, and whether there are any 3rd party tools to assist. Guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'm sure there are scripts or maybe an add-on someone can point me to in the meantime? Has it ever been considered to put in a feature to transcode recordings as they are recording? For example if I record a 1HR HD program, recordings can get upwards of 6GB. If I could set a bitrate to have my server transcode the recording on the fly to say 1080p 5mbps? To keep file sizes down and reduce time spent cleaning up libraries
  6. Would it be possible to have an option in the settings to select which NPVR folder to record a series or episode into? I have folder aliases set up for News, TVShows, Movies, etc. I rarely use the default folder I have set.
  7. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Recording Location

    So I noticed on my emby server that when watching live tv, my storage space is declining. Once it fills up, anyone watching TV is then kicked off and the temp files are deleted. Would the temp recording of what you are watching so you can rewind and fast forward be saved in the cache folder?
  8. 91esprit

    Wake to record?

    Is my pc supposed to automatically wake up from sleep to do a scheduled TV recording like WMC does? Mine is not doing that. Server Version 3.0.5724.3 Windows 10
  9. I have a problem with recorded shows. (Have not yet organized my dvd's to emby, so I don't know about movies). I have set Emby to start recording a few minutes before scheduled start, which works as intended. This means that I need to stap a bit forward to find the "intended" recording". I do that using the time bar at the bottom of the screen. It's sometimes painfully slow, or seems to hang completely. (for minutes, until I give up and go back to the Emby main screen). When it (seems to) hang, I can't resume the playback (it's selectable, but I just get black screen). I have to start the recording from it's beginning, and the skip into the recording. Anyone else experiencing slow response when skipping tinto a recording? Am I doing it wrong when úsing the time bar at the bottom of screen? Is there a keyboard shortcut or other/better means of jumping in time of a recording?
  10. One thing I noticed that TVHeadEnd does that Emby DVR does not do yet has to do with keeping tuner utilization down when watching multiple subchannels on the same tv stream. For instance, on TVHeadEnd, when I watch/record something on 12.1 and 12.2 at the same time, it will only use one tuner and split the streams out properly. On Emby, it uses two tuners to do the same, even though both of them are tuning to the exact same frequency. I believe implementing this feature would help reduce the number of recording conflicts seen on people's systems where a tuner isn't available. It should also help with network utilization as there is no need for two duplicate streams just to receive and strip out the ones you want. Great software though. I am moving from a TVHeadEnd/Plex setup on a computer to Emby on a Synology DS918+. Both setups are/were utilizing HDHomeRuns for the tuners. I am extremely happy with it, so much so that I sprung for the lifetime subscription. This is certainly software worth supporting.
  11. Hi all, Here in Denmark, many TV stations include additional info in the title for a series. It can be a topic, number of show (aaa : bbb), or other key words. Examples: "This show (1:3)" or "This show - about topic". In 7MC, this makes series recording impossible, as 7MC looks for a "complete" match in title for recording a series. Can Emby be made to look for a user-defined string, such as "This show", in order to trigger series recording? (edit: Ignoring other words in title) Added bonus would be Channel ID and/or time, so that it would trigger on "This show" for recording, only when broadcasted from a certain TV channel, at a certain time of day (ignoring re-runs sent the following morning, for an evening show) I don't know if it's possible, but it's the time of year for wishes Regards, Jennice
  12. Nisten

    2-5 Second Recordings

    I attempted to record a lot of college football this past weekend but most of the recordings only play for 2-5 seconds before stopping. It appears most if not all of them didn't record all the way (they all have extremely low video bitrates). I've attached a couple of logs - Mainly for a football game (or two) that aired on 9/3/2017 @ 630pm CST. Also I've been meaning to ask the following: I use a HDHomerun connect with two tuners - does that mean I can only record two shows at a time? If two recordings are in progress and its time for the next two to start recording, will the ones that are supposed start error out instead (ex, two recordings in progress to record from 159pm to 359pm but the next recordings are set to record at 359 pm since my recording settings are set for 1 minute before the show/movie. starts and to end 1 minute after the show/movie ends) Update: It seems two deleted library folders re-appeared and now my recordings auto-migrated to the library folders that were supposed to be non-existent since I deleted them like over a week ago. Also I added screenshots of the library issue plus the server logs What's strange is that the deleted library folders that re-appeared have a "1" next to the original name (ex. Recordings1 or Recorded Movies1) 9-3-2017 632pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 636pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 637pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 638pm (server log).txt 9-3-2017 642pm (server log).txt
  13. toch

    dvb viewer

    Why cant I play recorded films from DVBViewer in Emby ? I can see TV but no recorded films
  14. schweitzer

    Is Emby Premiere required to record?

    I have a compatible SiliconDust device, so I thought I would evaluate Emby - I can't seem to find a way to record anything. Is Emby Premiere required to using the recording functionality?
  15. Version 3.0.6060.0 Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 I am seeing some odd behavior when scheduling series recordings. I am using schedules direct for my EPG data and I have had to make use of the new guide mapping feature to get the correct info displayed for each channel. This is all working great. I became a Premiere member as well. What I am having problems with is series recordings actually getting recorded. I am just testing so these recordings not happening is not critical. But what I am seeing is not all the series I have set to record are showing up on the recordings tab (see attached screenshot). Some are, some are not. I had setup a test with MASH, NCIS Los Angeles, Star Trek The Next Generation and Miami Vice and as you can see in the attached screenshot only two of those showed up. Does not seem to be any logic to the missing ones - like a specific channel or what have you. I followed the exact same steps for setting each up. I can say that for the series that do not show up I do not get the red series recording icon when I set them up and for the ones that are working I do get that icon immediately after I complete the setup. I can record these missing programs as individual (non series) recordings. I have duplicated this problem several times using web UI via chrome v51.0.2704.84 and IE v11 and via the android app. So I am at a loss as to what is going on. I have attached the latest log. If I can provide any further info I am happy to do so, Testing I am happy to do that as well. server-63606626166.txt
  16. I searched but didn't see where this may have been submitted previously. When setting up the option to record (or schedule to record) from Live TV, it would be nice to have the ability to select source formats of standard definition or high definition. Currently my TV provider offers multiple channels of one local station. Two channels may be in SD format and one channel in HD format. Recording a series often yields three copies a recording. The ability to select source format can help reduce the number of duplicate recordings and ensure only the HD or SD versions of a show are recorded according to viewing taste. (Yes, the option to record from a particular channel can be used but there are issues that arise when the HD channel has different programming than the SD channel or the HD channel offers both HD and SD versions.)
  17. kanipek

    Record from search

    It would be great if the record series ability was accessible from the menu button on the series poster/picture see attached. Thanks for reading and considering!
  18. Hi there, it would be nice to change the Upcoming Shows Tab to use the EPG from the LiveTV Feature of Emby (should work with LiveTV Plugins, too). This would elimnate the problem for users outside of the USA to see whats shows if their library are upcoming in local TV. Furthermore you can Record the episode(s) directly from this page. If this is implemented a further nice feature could be, emby to search in LiveTV EPG for missings or new episodes which are not in the library and add automaticly a schedule timer to record. For example I have got all episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and the new season will be aired in my local TV, I set this series to "Auto Record" and when new episodes are aired emby will record it, comskip, convert it and autosort it into my library. Greets
  19. rikiwi

    Record TV not working

    For a few weeks I have set up to record a few programs but when I go to play them there is nothing but a lot of 1 minute wtv files in the TempSWMC/savedForDebug folder. I am using Media Browser Server Version 3.0.5309.26857 (Beta), ServerWMC. on a Win7 PC. During the recording times there has not been any activity on the server (I have been out of the house) I have 3 tuners in my PC/server. It's got to the stage where I am thinking of just going back to Media Center as this has worked for me for years. But I really want to use Media Browser as it's fantastic for streaming over my home network and great for streaming music over internet when I;m away from home. I still can't stream movies remotely, probably the internet speed. Sorry I'm not sure what log files you need to help me with this.
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