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Found 13 results

  1. Arly (Sprinkles)

    Recording Stops After Random Times

    So, the title sums it up for the majority of people. I'll set a show to tape, it will cut out at random times. Unsure why. And I am left with 10 second recordings, 2 minute recordings, 34 minute records, get it? What would cause this? Network is fine, I think.
  2. Hi Guys I have a live TV setup with a homerunHD. All working really well etc. It is recording into my TV and Movies folders as needed and creating the season structure as required too. All perfect. I have seen some performance issues on some of the clients when playing back something that is currently recording. My theory is this is due to poor random read and write from the library as that is stored on a NAS. I would like to have the emby server (ubuntu) store currently recording things onto itself (and its much faster SSD's) then when it is finished, move it into the library. I can see
  3. Hey, I'm trying to convert to Emby Live TV (away from my rip off cable provider) but I'm having an issue with recording. When I record a program and come back hours later to watch it, sometimes it has only recorded 2,3,10,15, etc, minutes of the show. I have made sure to try it without recording or watching anything else as I think my IPTV provider only supplies one connection. Also, sometimes I am watching a channel and Emby randomly drops out and returns back to the TV guide. I don't know if this is an error on the provider's end, a bug with the app on my Android TV, or a transcoding/server
  4. Hi Feel free to mark as duplicate if you think this is too closely related to the other threads on pooling channels. My suggestion for doing has different ultimate goals to the other ones I've found: - Suggestion to pool duplicate iPTV or DVB, DVC, DVT sources so they only show up as a single channel - Each "single" channel could have multiple sources siting in behind - Channel service/sources can be set in preference/priority - When you tune/play the channel you want if it hangs or buffers then tuner automatically failbacks to the next source/service until it finds a stable one to
  5. So while adding a series I happened to catch the "Upcoming On TV" heading which somehow I never noticed before. I was thinking maybe there could be a list of episodes or the like provided by one of the supported metadata providers and you could tick an episode as "wanted" and going forward in the future Emby would periodically check to see if said episode is going to air and set it to record.
  6. krustyreturns

    ServerWMC info

    ServerWMC is a windows program that allows a Windows Media Center (WMC) installation on one machine to act as a PVR backend for Emby. This enables Emby to provide live tv and PVR functions to its client apps that support it. To set it up, you need ServerWMC installed on the machine that has WMC installed and configured. Then in Emby you need to install and configure its ServerWMC plugin. ServerWMC can be downloaded from here: http://www.serverwmc.com The ServerWMC plugin for Emby can be found in the Emby plugin catalog. A quick setup guide (courtesy of mediaputer) can be found
  7. I'm sure like many of the users here I like to tinker, I have a wide range of both software and hardware that I use to interface with my emby. I primarily use Kodi when in-house with the emby for kodi add-on, since I use kodi primarily I use the silicondust PVR system. When I am remote at work, on mobile, my projector, vacation etc. I use emby. Since I am mobile 14+ hours of the day I configure the DVR on emby when out and via the silicondust DVR add-on within kodi when home. With that being said is it possible for emby to read the silicondust dvr files metadata and use that within t
  8. Hi, I missed a movie on TV recently, and it's likely to be re-run at some point. However, I can "only" search for keywords in current tv guide. It could be cool if I could create a "wish list", which Emby scanned for when updating guide info. Then there could be a push message, pop-up, email, icon, or other way of notifying the user that a keyword on his/her search list has come up. Thanks - Jennice
  9. I am new to emby so I apologize if this has been discussed. I could not find a post that addresses my question. So far emby is great for organizing my media. What would push me over the top to get a lifetime subscription would be the ability to integrate an IPTV service (such as Set TV) with emby along with the ability to record the live streams to watch later. Is this possible? And if so could you describe your setup. Also, what IPTV service are you guys using and like? This is for a lakehouse where my internet connection is ~10mps download and there is no faster package ava
  10. Jennice

    Theater playback buffer size

    Hi all, Is there an option to set playback buffer size in Emby Theater (or in server)? It seems to stream very direct with low delay in transcoding. But when there is a hick-up in transmit data, the Theater app tends to freeze and needs re-start. I can't use the back arrow to click away from the frozen picture. Is there a way to improve "immunity" to data hick-up's by changing playback buffer, or other means? I don't mind if there is a delay in start-up of a strem. I haven't proven it scienficically, but it appears that playback is smoother if I start a stream, hit pause (t
  11. In case it helps any one else, i been learning how to make get_iplayer integrate with Emby. The commands that worked for me were get_iplayer --prefs-add --file-prefix="<nameshort><-senum><-episodeshort>" --output "D:\AutoOrganise" "set preferences to put output into a location with filename that Emby auto organise can detect and move" get_iplayer --pvr-add=The_Graham_Norton_Show "The Graham Norton Show" --output "D:\AutoOrganise" --file-prefix="<nameshort><-senum><-episodeshort>" add a show to the get_iplayer pvr function (setting preferences twice i
  12. Hi all, I finally got a DLNA compatible HDHomeRun (an Extend, for OTA), so now I want to experiment with Emby doing some recordings. Up to this point I've used WMC to do the recordings (using my older model HDHRs). So, I added my tuner in the server Live TV Setup, got a Schedules Direct account set up and set in the server... now what? Is there a guide for setup? My main motivation, other than moving gradually away from WMC, is to use technology other than WMC to do the recording. I have always gotten random glitches in my recordings with WMC that I don't see on those same tuners w
  13. Sammy

    Installed Plugin. Now what?

    I installed the plug in but nothing's changed on Emby and there is no PVR. Do I need to also install NextPVR on my machine and configure it? Is there a Wiki someplace?
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