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  1. Hi All, I have run into an issue with my collections, which are still appearing in the Collections tab (also showing unwatched movie count etc), but when I enter the collection all the movies are gone. Artwork for those movies also seems to have stopped appearing in Emby when I look for those movies manually. Tried scanning, removing and adding movies and scanning again but still impacted. Atm, I think I am using what is considered the 'old' style of collections, with collections in sub-folders (each under the appropriate genre), each movie is in its own folder under the sub-folder, with collections.xml and collection artwork in the root sub-folder. These were setup through MetaBrowser. Not sure if they should they still be working, maybe I was lucky till now but from what I read it looks like this method is outdated now, and these are now stored in a collections folder under the Emby-Server directory. So at any rate, I was going to try updating to the new way and see if that will fix my issues. That lead me to a couple of questions: 1) Can I keep the movies in their sub-folder locations (I would like to keep them together), but move the collections.xml and artwork to the appropriate folder under Emby-Server (and rescan?)? Or do I need to manually create each one in Metadata Manager first, and add each movie individually for Emby to recognise? What I am really wondering is if there is an easy way to import my existing structure/data into the new setup. 2) If I can migrate my existing collections.xml data in, is there a specific folder structure under /Collections folder that i need to create? Would just say 'Star Wars Collection' be ok or do I need to add the [boxset] on the end that I have seen in some posts or something else? Would be great if could move that collections folder to my metadata folder on my secondary drive as well, to keep all the artwork together in one location. Thank you for your help!
  2. I need a little guidance regarding emby-for-kodi... I'm running emby server on a fairly robust Windows 10 tower. I have about 3,500 movies being stored on a Synology NAS, and included in my emby movie library. I also have 97 emby "Collections" set up on the emby server. I set all of them up the same way - by selecting the individual movie posters and manually added them to the appropriate collections using the context menu. For front-ends, I'm running kodi android boxes on each of three TV's. I have the emby-for-kodi add-on installed on each of the kodi boxes and it seems to be working essentially fine, with one minor issue. When I open the emby add-on in any of my kodi boxes, and then select "Sets", NONE of my 97 movie collections initially showed up. I then ran a "Manual Sync" on the emby-for-kodi add-on, and afterward, only about one-third of the collections show up in the kodi "sets". I then ran a database repair within the emby-for-kodi add-on, but again, afterwards the exact same collections were shown as "Sets" as were after the manual sync. To troubleshoot, I then ran the same series of actions an a different kodi box, and the results were identical, which would seem to rule out any kind of problem with the kodi boxes themselves. I've also gone into the emby server metadata manager and looked at the metadata for several of the collections, trying to identify differences in collections that show up in kodi vs those that do not show up, but I was not able to find any differences that were obvious to me. Can anyone help or at least suggest why some of these collections show up in kodi as sets, while others do not? Thank you!
  3. jeffshead

    Collections not updating

    I found a few locked threads from people who have encountered the same issue that I have. Collections/movie sets are not updating with Kodi when they are added, edited or deleted in Emby. According to those posts, this is a known issue that happens with some servers not sending the websocket messages. Has the cause been identified and is there a fix coming for this? Is there any way other than the manual DB reset from the Kodi-Emby Add-on? That takes 45 minutes.
  4. Hi All, So previously I was manually building the folder structure with as Collections but kept it in the movie folders. i.e. Let Me In Lethal Weapon Collection [boxsets] Life As We Know It Lifted Little Children ... ... Major League Collection [boxsets] etc However, Auto Boxsets plugin removes this manual requirement, I can just have movies listed out in the movie folder. For example, if I have all of the Men in Black movies in their individual Men in Black 1, 2, 3 (respectively) folders... Auto Boxsets logically groups these movies as a collection for you. So here is my problem. Auto Box Set plugin is working correctly, but it is creating the folders and metadata (backgrounds) on my C:\ drive which is a big no no. C:\ drive is my OS/Fast App drive so I don't want things like metadata to be stored there. Under Metadata manager I can see Collections but no option for me to edit the path and assign it to a data drive. Is this possible? How can I change this path? I want to change the path prior to removing my manual folder structure and allowing the plugin to group things logically. Also, the old structure and Auto Boxsets work together only through the browser interface. If you pull collections up under a device (IOS, Android, Roku) only collections grouped by Auto Boxsets show. So basically, you have to configure your library to only use the Auto Boxsets functionality if you want device access. Thanks! Draz
  5. Hi All.... Looking for some image options for to replace the default Collections folder 1600 x 900 "Primary Image" for the home 'My Media' view..... Does anyone have artwork to share? Thanks in advance to anyone able to share something cool
  6. Hoi, ik kan zo snel geen duidelijk antwoord vinden op de vraag waarom andere gebruikers (dan jijzelf) Collecties die jij hebt aangemaakt kunnen beheren, en er films aan toe kunnen voegen. Ik heb gelezen dat de adultfilter een optie is, maar ik wil dat users de collecties die ik toevoeg alleen kunnen lezen. Is hier een workaround voor? Greeetz
  7. Hello, I'm running the following version of Emby Version 3.0.5972.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS x64 with CoverArt version I am having the same problem as Tanamur in this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/29882-coverart-plugin-disk-images-missing-in-some-collections/&do=findComment&comment=287259 I tried the suggestions listed in that post but it didn't help. I reported a problem about this plug in before in this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/34112-emby-web-client-not-loading-images/. The solution there for me was to change treatment style from fan to stack. However, I just updated the emby server recently and the collections failed to display the Stack treatment as well. So I decided to change the treatment style again from Stack to Sapphire Discs. This got the collections to display correctly but with empty discs. It turned out I was missing disc images which I have since downloaded by enabling discs images in Metadata -> Services and checking the box for Disc. Then I went to each of the movies that are part of the collections under metadata manager and used the refresh option under the 3 dots. The disc images downloaded successfully. After this I went to the Collection itself and used the refresh option there. After that, some disc images started loading for the collections but not for all. I have cleared the enhanced images cache, refreshed the collection multiple times and even uninstall & re-installed CoverArt plugin, and restarted Emby Server, even ran Clean Database & Scan Library tasks manually but still didn't fix the issue. Is there another place where these images might be cached or something else I need to do? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I recently had to re-format my C:\ drive and re-install Emby from scratch and I'm having a hard time getting all of my settings back to the way they were. I'm hoping for a bit of advice. 1st off, I have the latest server version and I run Emby for Media Center. I am using the diamond theme. My issue is this, I have always had a specific folder set up on one of my drives called "Box Sets". When I go into the Box Sets area I am supposed to see (and used to see) the Demonseed box sets folder icons I had set up and created with his photoshop actions. Instead, I just see all of the individual movies. How can I get this to display properly? Do I change a setting in Ember server or in Emby for MC? Your help is greatly appreciated. Ken
  9. lurch9366

    Not grouping collections

    I have my user set to group collections together. This works when using emby for wmc but when using the android app it does not respect the setting. I have verified the setting in the app as well.
  10. I'm a developer too and sometimes when you spend so much time developing on your own product you tend to need some fresh eyes. I have a couple of suggestions that will make your app a little better. These 2 suggestions focus on the trailers and collections Trailer Trailer for movies. When users download tons of movies, they tend not to see them all at once. For example, I have hundreds of obscure movies I forgot I even downloaded and would love to see the trailer for it. I get that some won't have a trailer but perhaps scrapping Youtube for a trailer for that movie would be a great idea. Plex has this, I really think this is needed. Collections Having a dedicated collections box or button means you dont have to dig into your movies library to find what you need plus I think it's a natural feeling to have quick access to them. You could have collections from the left hand list or a box on top
  11. RedStripe

    Grouping collections

    Server Version 3.0.5871.0 After update collections is broken or has changed again! Movie collections are not being displayed as one grouped item in Movies list. Rescanning library did not resolve.
  12. Recently both EMBY (stable) and EMBY for WMC (beta) updated to the latest versions removing the paths to my collections in WMC. I updated EMBY to the latest beta but the issue persists. I do not have the "Auto Box Set" plugin or ever used the Web Browser to build or add to collections. I have all my Movie collections physically compiled to local HDDs most locked to protect them from any changes. The collections are still visible under the Web Browser tab, just not in WMC. I think all the settings are still correct in both EMBY and EWMC as it has always been solid, but with the updates perhaps something has changed. I recently started building a "Blade Runner Collection", and will use it as an example with the photos and logs attached. Additionally; If I have to use the Box Set Plugin or Web Browser to build all the collections again to be able to view from Emby for WMC, do i delete the parent folder leaving all the child movie folders on the drives firstly? Will all the custom made images created be deleted in the process? Thanks for your help, MBClassic-1112016062f60b079e24ac498f096a599bee547.log server-63588084020.txt Configurator-10120166829cc1163e34322bac22325718f3ea9.log
  13. Okay so some of you might be aware or might not be aware of the fact that now when a movie collection is created a primary image and a thumb image is no longer auto-generated previewing all the titles in the collection. My request is simple add this back in but as an option under the "edit images" section of collections. Can simply be a button that once clicked auto generates a thumbnail and primary image of which you can then delete or keep. This way if you don't need/want the custom image made for that collection because you have a better image of your own you can use that image(s) instead.
  14. I just wanted to share a tip that you can use the Collections feature also for your favorite Actors and Actresses. Or Directors, Writers, etc. I have decided to do Actors and Actresses. I have only done Actresses so far but I will get around to adding Actors as well. Admittedly I got a bit carried away with it and added too many people but it's still nice that I can easily see all my favorites together in one place. I will often do marathons of specific actors/actresses movies so this works out for me well. Just wanted to share this because I know most people use it mainly for things like Star Wars collection or Planet of the Apes collection. I grabbed all of my images from either TMDb.org or Google. ~Cheers
  15. ElLoboSolitario

    Can't Add Items To Collections Any More

    Don't know what happened, but with the latest version of the server, there is nowhere in the interface to add items to a collection. There used to be a place to click to scan the library for titles that matched a criteria (eg. Marvel superhero movies) Now the most it will do is search IMDB for artwork related to collections defined by IMDB.
  16. aaRJay

    Collections page blank

    The "Collections" page on Theater is always blank for me. Running theater on the same machine as Server, on Win 10. Have Auto Boxsets plugin enabled. Collections show up in "Metadata Manager", and on the web app, but not in Theater. Any ideas why this could be happening?
  17. It would be nice to have a function to backup our Collections or maybe even our entire Libraries and the ability to Restore them. This is why: 1. I have some Collections that I have had to create manually. Examples are Jeane-Claude Van Damme Movies. He made allot of movies and I like to keep them all together. I have 22 movies in this collection. Abbott and Costello 34 movies. Vincent Price over 20 movies. Collections of various kid movies. 2. In my Movie Library, there always seem to be a few movies that do not pull the correct meta data or images. I have to manually straighten these out by entering the data directly and uploading my own images. 3. When ever there is an issue with Emby and I either have to reload my Libraries or reinstall Emby, it is very time consuming to get everything back the way it was. 4. I used to run all the latest beta's but have lately found that if there is a problem with the latest build, it is too time consuming to get my libraries and collections back the way they were. I have over 1500 movies, 153 collections of movies, 97 TV Shows with all Seasons, and over 1500 music albums. After getting everything the way I like it, it would be nice that if something does happen I can restore my libraries and meta data back the way it was. I love using Emby and think this would be a great feature to have, at least for users running the latest beta's.
  18. nickyrat

    Collections not showing up

    I noticed today that my Collections folder is not showing up in any Emby view (WMC, Android or website). When I go into the Metadata manager, I see the Collections folder, but nothing under it. In my Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections folder, all of my boxsets that I've created are there. The only change I did recently was set up a new PC in the house with Emby, and accidentaly turned on Legacy Folders. I think I went back and changed everything back the way they used to be, but still can't see Collections. And yes, the "Show Collections" box is ticked. Did I perhaps accidentaly uncheck a box somewhere in Settings that made the Collections not show up? Do I need to refresh something? Start Collections from scrap? Thanks!
  19. Installed a bluray player in the main PC yesterday, so some of my drive letters got reassigned and therefore had to point some library items in the right direction again. After some reindexing I find I had to redo my Collections list. The new list works fine in the server but I find I can't get Emby Theater, Emby for Windows and the Fire TV app to show my collections at all . Am I missing something obvious to get them to show ? Am on the latest server dev 3.0.5714.28118 (if that's relevant) and Windows 8.1 64-bit IE11.
  20. For some reason after marking a bunch of Collections "Favorites" (created by AutoBox Sets plugin), there are none showing up on my "Favorites" page. Surely that is an oversight because if I go all the way in to the Movies then Collections (how its set to display currently) I can set my filter to only show my "Favorite" Collections, but that is so much more effort. Please include Collections in the "Favorites", thanks.
  21. dimitrik

    Sort within collections

    Is there a way to sort videos within collections alphabetically in the server? I have some collections that have a mix of movies and tv series e.g. Star Trek. MB3 shows the contents separated into movies and TV shows (which is good) but the movies and the tv shows are then in a more or less random sorting. Is it possible to add the sort button that you have at the top level items inside collections as well?
  22. When viewing movies on the server or android app I have my folder views working but when i click on collections from within a folder I.E. box sets it shows me collections for all box sets in my library. How can I set it to display collections for only the current folder.
  23. ozchef

    collection wont show

    I cant add Blade movies to a blade "collection". I use to have it there but deleted the movies and readded better quality versions of the movies. After deleting the movies the collection folder went away. Now when i try to add the movies as a new collection it says that the child with id xxxxxx already exists but there is no Blade collection in the drop down menu. I've tried deleteing the folder in the collections folder on the c drive but it just pops back there after i leave and still cant add Blade movies.
  24. moviemadnessman

    Error fixing Metadata

    This problem is two-fold: 1. I guess this would be for ebr, but I've noticed that in recent official releases of the emby server, the Auto Box Sets plugin ( seems to be having minor issues. I couldn't pinpoint a problem to it directly until the past few days, when "The Day The Earth Stood Still" collection appeared, but it was (and is) in Deutch (my server language is English). I checked on Themoviedb.com and found they did not have an english translation, so I corrected that, then deleted that collection from my server and refreshed. It still pulled down the dutch information for that box set https://www.themoviedb.org/collection/343738-der-tag-an-dem-die-erde-still-stand-filmreihe, and so it seems as though the box set plugin is not pulling from default language as indicated, but simply from the url, which as you can see, is in Deutch. 2. The second problem relates, but some of my movies in the past few server builds have been losing their metadata during server scans, notably, the collection ID metadata. It seems to vary which collections and which movie will lose this information, but lately it appears to be the 3rd movie in a collection (Back to the Future lost Part 3, Beverly Hills Cop lost the 3rd one, Harry Potter lost the 5th one) as examples. Further, I have been unable to force the server to rescan for the collection ids (tried manually doing a scan media, and also went to the metadata manager and selected advanced edit on the movies tab and tried with both "missing" and "all" parameters selected. I'm unsure what is causing this to happen, but I know the movies that are no longer in collections do have correct collection tags on themoviedb.com, so I'm unsure if it's a change on their end, or an unexpected bug in the recent official server builds (I am on 3.0.5641.4). I restarted my server and let it startup, then I ran the metadata manager>Movies>Advanced Refresh>Refresh all. Attached is my server log (also, I noticed that even after 4 hours, the swirling blue circle was still present on my screen). server-63570863134.zip
  25. arrbee99

    Emby Collections

    Just wondering if anybody has the following. If I go to the home page in the web, where it show 'My Views' etc. the Collections icon isn't generated. Also, clicking on this icon goes to the Collections screen which shows as empty. However if I click on my DVD Movies icon and select Collections from there, my movie collections show up fine. Is this supposed to happen ? Thanks
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