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Found 15 results

  1. demonseed

    Movie Boxset icons

    Apologies for the gallery's having been taken down, for now they are no more, I do have one host I dont much care about so maybe in the near future I'll push everything there for you guys. In the mean time I've repaired all of the download buttons to once again actually download + I've merged everything the community has built using my provided photoshop tutorial and files. and speaking of.... Here is a link to the Photoshop files and VIdeo guide on building these. I personally no longer contribute to this project aside form the odd clean up and merging of new works done by you guys,
  2. barrettuk

    Duplicate movies in Boxsets

    Hello everyone - after some recent server updates (nothing else has changed) I am now seeing duplicates in Boxsets/Collections - any ideas? I have always used Auto boxsets if that matters. Also some of the duplicates don't have a cover (see screenshot), most do...
  3. Hi All, So previously I was manually building the folder structure with as Collections but kept it in the movie folders. i.e. Let Me In Lethal Weapon Collection [boxsets] Life As We Know It Lifted Little Children ... ... Major League Collection [boxsets] etc However, Auto Boxsets plugin removes this manual requirement, I can just have movies listed out in the movie folder. For example, if I have all of the Men in Black movies in their individual Men in Black 1, 2, 3 (respectively) folders... Auto Boxsets logically groups these movies as a collection for you. So h
  4. Hi All.... Looking for some image options for to replace the default Collections folder 1600 x 900 "Primary Image" for the home 'My Media' view..... Does anyone have artwork to share? Thanks in advance to anyone able to share something cool
  5. arrbee99

    Updating Auto Boxsets

    Just wondering if there's an easy way to update the boxsets I have using this plug in. Several times I've had DVD's in boxsets and then updated them with Blurays so the set contains both. If I remove the DVD's, the number of discs showing in the boxset image doesn't decrease - my Aliens boxset for example, apparently contains 5 movies...
  6. Smitty018210

    Movie.xml & Auto Boxsets

    Just a quick questions...I decided to use this plug-in and moved away from the old box sets folder structure. So far only a few have showed up, and from what I found from searching the forum is that probably because of the old Movie.xml files. Some of the ones I have are from a number of years ago. Do need to manually refresh each movie, or is a better option for this to work faster? Thanks guys.
  7. Anyway we can add a treatment/overlay to better indicate a Boxset while in thumb view? Right now, we do have a few options to show regular posters with some discs to show it is a collection, but in thumb view, these do not apply. Here is example:
  8. robsch

    Auto BoxSets

    Howdy, I used to have a section called "Box Sets" that was a folder for my MBC/Web. This worked out well. Then came along the Auto BoxSet plugin. This was a stroke of brilliance, and I love it. It saves me a lot of time. There is however, one thing I have been trying to do, and it seems to not want to do. I rip both 3D / Blu-ray of each of my movies. This way I have them both and depending on my mood, I can watch one or the other. This is where it gets kind of annoying. I have to go though each one and remove the "Collection" ID in the meta data, because in the case of Avengers, there
  9. GrotShot

    Automatic Box Sets - Name Changed?

    I have "Automatic BoxSets" v0.0.2.4 installed on the server and I notice that in the plugin catalog it is now listed as "Auto Box Sets" v0.0.2.4 which does not show as installed. I assume this is because the name of plugin has been changed. Is this intentional and what affect will this have on my install?
  10. kingy444

    Automaic BoxSets Location

    @@ebr I wasnt sure if this was possible or should be moved to feature requests but I would like to be able to move the default location of the Automaic BoxSets from %appdata%\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections to a custom location. Is it currently possible or could you build this in ? Would expect too much work from this. If you are swamped with other requests I am happy to look at it just couldnt see the code up on github
  11. Hi, I am on the latest releases of beta for MB3 server and classic, and just realised yesterday, that my boxsets collection are no longer showing the movies within each folder. This used to be okay, and since I haven't checked for about a month am unsure when it changed. My structure is \\server\boxsets\alien\alien 3 (shortcut) \aliens (shortcut) etc all shortcuts point to the general location of my movies ie \server\movies\alien 3 when I first implemented the boxset structure I found the collection.xml generated by MCM inter
  12. Maudite

    Auto Box Sets - Feature Request(s)

    Hello @@ebr. Love this Plugin, but don't use it quite yet due to the way I use my own boxsets right now. I'm wondering if there could be a few options added into this plugin. First, this one I might potentially use, but I also saw another user request this in the reviews of the plugin. Quoted from Plugin Catalog; I have all my box sets in a different folder from my movies, and tend to use it to cleanup/decrease "movies" folder. Perhaps this could be tied into the Auto-Organize piece of the server, it could not only create the Boxset folders, but it could move the movies (fol
  13. MrLinford

    Auto BoxSets - MetaData & Images

    Auto BoxSets has done its magic and found 47 collections for me I have 5 out of the 47 have some images downloaded and none have MetaData xml files created. What could have gone wrong here? MBS Version 3.0.5131.18923 Automatic BoxSets
  14. Hi Devs and Supporters - I just wanted to say thanks for the recent server and plugin releases that are making MB3 better and better. I just installed MBS Version 3.0.5131.18923, the boxset plugin and the MB3 Chrome Companion extension. Great work! I also just discovered the new little "jumpy uppy thingy" in the web client when my mouse hovers over the base of the episode thumb allowing me to do all sorts of things that used to take a few more clicks. Also, nice work with the season thumbs on the unaired episodes to eliminate confusion. I'm proud to be a supporter of this proje
  15. CashMoney

    Specials within Boxsets

    Example; Star Wars, 6 Movies plus 2 deleted scenes video files in a Specials folder under the Boxset folder. Tried a few different ways to display this correctly but nothing works just right so hoping others may feel a need for MB3 to support this.
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