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Found 5 results

  1. tanst

    no Season TV naming

    Hello everyone, I am a user from China, my English is poor. Most Chinese TV series only have one season, so the directory name and file name are not Seaseon, only Episode. Plex can scrape without season. The default is s01, but Emby can't. E.g: /Media/TV/装台.Zhuang.Tai.2020.SUBBED.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC/装台.Zhuang.Tai.2020.E1.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC The result of Emby scraping is "S20E20", which is obviously a wrong result. I hope Emby's scraper can also be like PLEX,If there is no Season, default S01 Thank you!
  2. Is it possible to have a section which defines the users preference (rather than Embys) for which scraper they use for films, TV Series and cast? The reason I ask is that not all scrapers have all the information about a particular movie / TV show or cast member. Alternatively, if this isn't possible, is it possible to have Emby automatically check the next scraper in line if the previous scraper returns no information? For instance, in the film "Four Assassins" (imdb.com; themoviedb.com) there are two cast members (I'm using Emiie Guillot as the example) who, when scraped from themoviedb.com return no information but from imbd.com return the full information. Unfortunately, Emby appears to refuse to search for cast information even if you specify the relevant ID (for either scraper); the search simply returns no information at all for a cast member. Hopefully this can be addressed so I don't have to manually download the relevant information and type it all in. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have recently begun importing my digital comics into Emby just to have all my digital stuff at the same place. Is there a possibility to create a library option named Comics (no ebooks) and have a Comicvine scraper to get the comic metadata directly from Emby instead of having to go through a long process of getting this all done?
  4. Recently films haven't been scraping film description, plot, short outline, outline, or people. Refresh, even with tMDB ID doesn't update the film view on the web interface or the .nfo file. Image search is also slower and there seem to be fewer results than usual. I primarily use The Movie DB. I've attached some logs relating to the issue. It shows errors with The Movie DB and fanart.tv. Not sure if their API changed, or if something broke on my end. I didn't see anyone else having this issue with The Movie DB either. themoviedb_error.txt
  5. Hi everyone, first post here so I hope this is in the right area. I just wanted to share a bit of an idea to gauge interest and opinions from the Emby community. Myself and a few friends are all loyal Emby Server users but have always had the problem of having to manually manage metadata for content we like to have available on our media centers, but is not indexed on The TVDB. This is content along the lines of: Sport (WWE, NBA, UFC) Adult films Training and course videos (CBT Nuggets, Linda, Khan Academy) Youtube videos / channels Music Videos Unfortunately with the TVDB's policy on some of the above, we have had to manually produce the metadata and generate our NFO files. To remedy this, I had thrown together a database / API and developed a quick and nasty scraper that would retrieve the data from our DB and generate the NFOs for us. This has been working quite well for us but unfortunately the metadata still had to be added and maintained in the database by the handful of us using it, which has now lead to the idea of making a more public database/site/api that everyone can use and everyone can contribute to. The idea, outside of what we use ourselves currently, is definitely in its infancy but it would essentially be a DB for everything else. So with that said, I thought I would just put this out there and see if there was any interest in the Emby community for an additional indexer/database.
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