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Found 12 results

  1. Would it be possible to add a toggle or an entry in the homescreen menu where you could turn off/change the position of the download row on the homescreen as it's a bit annoying, in my case the second row🙄
  2. lurch9366

    Connection Failure

    I am using a moto g5 one ace and am getting a Connection Failure when trying to connect to my server. I am able to connect just fine on my Nvidia Shield and any web browser. This is on my internal network. Is this a know issue? I have tried clearing cash and re logging in but I am hesitant to reinstall as the app is not currently available in the play store.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a new emby user since a week or two. But there is a problem that keeps occuring. When a streamed a video to my chromecast it showed subtitles, but this was only the first day. Now when I try to stream the same movie (or other) it doesn't show any subtitles. When I pauze the video on mobile when it shows a subtitle and than stream it, it will show that sentence for a split second and nothing after. Context: - I run my emby server on a synology - I use opensubtitles as automatic source - self added subtitles are having the correct naming (showed at the ? in emby) - I have searched the forum but didn't come across some solution Thanks for helping.
  4. On the latest Android app for Emby, the UI is not useable when looking at a custom video library with a file with a very long filename (see attached example). It's hard to see, but all the media control buttons are not visible, and it's actually not possible to play that file from the UI. The title is the stuff being blurred out. The app has been like this for a while now, so I apologize if this was already reported.
  5. Hi Since the latest official release, I'm unable to skip back or skip forward in the livetv buffer like it was possible to do before. server version: Android mobile client: 3.1.69 See this behavior on my pixel 3a and galaxy tab A7 Thank you EDIT: if I force transcoding by lowering down the biterate, skip back, skip forward works again.
  6. Hi, Sry for me English. I Install Android Server (com.emby.embyserver_4.4.3.0.apk) in me TVBOX (Android) 4GB RAM 64GB Android 9,0 Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core 2,4G with APP Android Mobile Emby last version. And its work if i play in me Phone, PC but if i tried use in the same TVBOX with Android Mobile emby (Last Version) he is loading but never load. but if i open in the same tvbox Chrome Page i can play video fast. Now i use the Chrome page to see videos but i want use App Android Mobile in the same TVBOX because its more easy to use for me Dad (with problem with mobity) TVBOX with APP android Mobile + Server Android (No load) TVBOX with Chrome Page EMBY + Server Android (load) I dont know if its usefull the LOG server because he dont crash, he only dont end LOADING. If u need more Information tell me. Server LOG - embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63732247726.txt Server LOG with 2 Hours waiting 1 Video ( name: 6 Balas) embyserver (1).txt TY.
  7. Figment123456

    How to Adjust Brightness?

    Is there anyway to adjust brightness in video player? I find HDR content to be quite dim and requires me to turn my phone's brightness way up.
  8. lifespeed

    Live TV guide channel display?

    Would it be possible to display the channel alongside (underneath, on top?) the channel logo artwork? It is sooooooo difficult to try to decipher these tiny icons, which usually don't have any channel number info. While logos may have some value, and are pretty, the channel number is indispensable while attempting to scroll through what could be hundreds of possibilities. I understand screen real estate is severely limited, but leaving the channel number out just isn't a good UI decision. Something has to give, even if it means fewer lines of guide per screen. We need the channel number!!
  9. I have setup a library with content type Home videos and photos and added JPG images to this folder. When accessing the images via the mobile app and clicking download they are being stuck in the queue with a status of "Ready to transfer" and not progressing. When trying the same action from a web browser it works fine. When trying to download other content such as movies or tv shows it is working fine; seems to just be the photos. Phones tried: iPhone 10 Max iPhone 11 Samsung S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab A Connection type tried: Mobile Data (4G) WiFi Storage type tried: Internal Storage External Storage (SD Card) File types tried: JPG PNG RAW (CR2) No logs for android existed in phone I have attached emby server logs Emby server version logs2.zip
  10. I have an HDR smartphone (Huawei Mate 10 Pro) and when I view HDR videos, they direct play fine but the colours are all washed out. Non HDR videos dont have this issue. I can watch HDR videos with other apps and the colours are fine. I have also tested this with the Plex app on the same video file and it direct plays in HDR with perfect colours. This issue is the only thing stopping me from ditching Plex and moving fully to Emby. I am using Emby for Android app version 3.0.87 and Emby server Is there anything I can do to fix this? I don't want to force a transcode as Emby is running on a Synology and 4K transcodes hit the CPU hard.
  11. For about the last month ( I can't remember at what beta version this problem started), The subtitles work as long as the maximum steaming bit-rate is set to auto. However skipping ahead to skip adds does not work, the player reverts to the start position. If I set the bit-rate to a lower value subtitled are not displayed at all. All other video files (movies, TV Shows) play with subtitles perfectly. I'm using latest beta version of app and latest server. Next PVR back-end and plugin. Please find attached all logs. Let me know if you require more info.
  12. I have both of these apps installed on some devices that only show icons and it's impossible to tell which is which without opening them. I'd be happy with just putting "TV" across the icon for the Android TV app. I attached a picture showing the problem.
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