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Found 7 results

  1. Recently, after adding new movies to my folder and clicking on scan libraries, I realized that the scanning progress bar neither appears in the dashboard nor does it show the progress pie in the libraries. However, new folders are still being detected (albeit very slowly). Anyone can help?
  2. Hi there, when I sync a music playlist currently to one of my mobile devices it will download all the content of the list and this is fine. Unfortunately is the playlist itself lost during the syncing process, this results in a mixing up of the new downloaded content with the still existing content on my device. E.g. I've several playlist like "Relax", "Sport" and so on. After Syncing the lists are gone and I only get the raw songs and the artist and album informations on my device. It would be nice to elect the downloaded list as list, too. So I can choose to play specific album or only some few songs which are part of a playlist. Thx.
  3. Hi all, I've posted a similar topic before. Then user ebr asked me to place my topic in the appropriate forum. Since I'm convinced this is a feature request I'll try to formulate my question more in that fashion. Introduction I've purchased Emby Premiere because I wanted to make use of the Download/Sync functionality. Sadly I don't use it, because of the way it's implemented. Feature Requests It would be really nice to have the Users "Download & Sync" settings and behavior to be aligned with the Users "Media Playback" settings and behavior. Explanation part 1 So what does this mean? It means that in the Emby settings (Server -> Users -> User) the following configuration is possible for "Media Playback": It would be really convenient to have the exact same options in the "Download & Sync" section of the same page, which now only contains the following: Why? I only wan't some really efficient/cheap transcoding on my server like subtitles, audio and media container (mkv/mp4). No video encoding/transcoding! Because it's too expensive + I'm really sure all my devices can decode H264 and all my movies are H264. Not sure why Emby something things it need to re-encode H264 to H264, but it does. Explanation part 2 The second part of this feature request is about the behavior. It would be really nice to have the exact (or at least the setting to enable this) behavior when you click "Play" (Streaming a movie/Media Playback) and when you Click Download (or Sync). This means that in both scenarios the mobile Emby app (iOS, Android, Browser, etc) will accept the options you filled in on the movie/serie page. For example, when I have this options enabled on my Android phone (notice Subtitles and Version): So I've selected a version called "Mobile" which is 720p H264 including AAC stereo audio and English .srt subtitles. I'm 100% sure all my (portable) devices can playback this. Clicking the Play button will: Play the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected. On each (portable) device without any problem. Clicking the Download button will, depending on the device I'm on: Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected; Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version without English .srt subtitles. Download another version (sometimes even a 8GB one) with or without English .srt subtitles Takes the "Mobile" or a random other version and starts transcoding the video and/or the audio and afterwards downloads the transcoded version with or without English .srt subtitles. It wouldn't be a surprise that pressing the Download button is a surprise every time, but the nice thing is that it doesn't have to! Please let me know what you think of this idea. It doesn't have to replace the existing implementation, but in my opinion it would be a very nice addition to at least make the option available to treat "Downloads" the same as "Streams". Have a nice Holiday Season (Fijne kerstadagen in Dutch)!
  4. kanipek

    Frequent/Excessive Syncing

    I am getting frequent incremental syncing. By frequent I mean 10+ times per day where all of my clients are stuck doing incremental syncs. Some of these Incremental syncs are quite large - 20000+ updates. I normally add 5-10 recordings per day. I have all metadata for films locked in the metadata manager and yet continue to see films as a part of these incremental syncs. I have all metadata for series locked except for current seasons and yet continue to see these locked series as part of these incremental syncs. I did not used to have this issue. Things that I know that have changed - Kodi was updated on my Android TV clients and Win 7 HTPC to v17 Emby 3.2.1 was installed on February 20th - new fresh install I believe all of my setting are the same in Emby, What am I missing? Logs attached. Thanks for reading and any help. server-63624067941.txt server-63624134796.txt
  5. My EMBY Server is on a Win10 platform. I have a very large collection of HD movies as well as music and heavy metadata. When linking a lower powered device like a raspberry PI, the compelling of the DB crashes during the syncing process. I reduced the amount of threads and metadata a number of times only to sync my movie DB to it. Adding music (approx 250k songs with metadata and fan art) it just jams everything up. I am thinking of hosting my music files locally on the raspberry since storage is cheap as well as metadata so that it is less taxing on the machine and can pull music and metadata hopefully faster but at a minimum it would be able to still have an impressive GUI presentation. I would have to uninstall EMBY and reinstalling sync it. Omit the music and add it as root but how am i am able to have the meta data stored on that drive as well hopefully for both music and movies? I can omit the music portion as it seemed to be pretty solid without it although the sync took several hours, then add the external HD to root for music also. Please help me optimize these noncore zones using smaller lower power single board computers.
  6. lloydcodrington

    Kodi not updating with new added media.

    Dear Support, I am running version#3.0.5931.0 and since this update I've noticed that Kodi refuses to find new media added to my library. Up until this update Kodi had always found new media and done so instantly. However since updating the syncing with Emby has failed and not even restarting Kodi helps resolve the matter. The only way to update the kodi library at present is to do a complete Emby datebase reset, a time consuming process for me. I can not even get Kodi to sync if I try to do so manually from the menu options. Please can you assist? Thanks in anticipation, Lloyd
  7. michael_sutherland

    Playback - Synced or Local File

    Hi All, I am very new to the Emby scene and was hoping sombody could give me a little help. i have set up a VPS with Emby and so far i am very very impressed. i have a few questions regarding syncing. 1. Can you specify that Emby only ever streams from your google drive and not stream the local file? 2. is there a way to free up space once it has been synced and delete the local file? My VPS is only 50GB and i want to use Emby to manage my library but 50gb VPS doesn't store a lot. my media collection is about 950GB i was thinking that if i upload it to the vps bit by bit could i sync it to google drive and then delete the content from my VPS? and advice would be greatly appreciated Sutherland
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