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  1. maxxoverclocker

    "Clean Database" Scheduled Task Missing

    Hi, I just did a clean install of emby (Version on a brand new Ubuntu 17.04 (GNU/Linux 4.10.0-30-generic x86_64) host, restored my database and everything appears to be working flawlessly. But I did notice that the "Clean Database" scheduled task is missing. I can no longer run this. Was this removed in a recent update? If not, any ideas why this would no longer exist? Here's a screen snippit:
  2. bric

    File permissions again

    Failure setting up Emby (my first time) I have a hard drive in my 'server' that contains all my media. It is formatted as NTFS. I have it mounted from the fstab. listing of files/directories show as ... -rwxr-xr-x 1 bric bric 110914782 Jun 16 21:11 Finding Dory-trailer.mov drwxr-xr-x 1 bric bric 4096 Jul 30 15:09 Home Video I added emby to the group owning the files on that drive. So the groups command returns: emby: emby bric When I try to add the media library (in the web interface) either with /path/to/mounted/drive/Movies or // or //MyServer/Movies I get this error: More info needed? Suggestions about what to try next?
  3. From: https://emby.media/download.html To: https://emby.media/linux-server.html To; https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Aemby&package=emby-server none of the distributions icons respond.
  4. halfer

    Crash on startup with Ubuntu 17.04

    About 20 minutes ago noticed that emby-server is not running, restarting the server makes it appear "active" using service status, but it crashes immediately after that. I've been running Emby on Zesty (4.10.0-20-generic x86_64) for about 3 weeks now, had no issues before, so I'm not sure what caused this. sudo service emby-server status shows this Б≈▐ emby-server.service - Emby Media Server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive (dead) since Tue 2017-05-16 21:30:34 MSK; 9min ago Process: 10617 ExecStopPost=/usr/bin/emby-server clear (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 10571 ExecStart=/usr/bin/emby-server start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 10571 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) п╪п╟п╧ 16 21:30:31 HTPC systemd[1]: Started Emby Media Server. п╪п╟п╧ 16 21:30:31 HTPC su[10571]: Successful su for emby by root п╪п╟п╧ 16 21:30:31 HTPC su[10571]: + ??? root:emby п╪п╟п╧ 16 21:30:31 HTPC su[10571]: pam_unix(su:session): session opened for user emby by (uid=0) I attached the log from /var/lib/emby-server/logs. Thanks in advance! log.txt
  5. Hello, I got a dedicated HTPC with an Emby server runing. The problem is with the Live TV section and the pluginTVHclient 1.0.6145.42056, I set it up ok, it logs in the TVHeadend server, but it does not ask for anything, doest not get the channel list. There's no difference from the pluggin installed configured/unconfigured. 2017-02-01 00:53:23.3305 Info App: [TVHclient] HTSConnectionHandler.ensureConnection() : create new HTS-Connection2017-02-01 00:53:23.3313 Info App: [TVHclient] HTSConnectionHandler.ensureConnection: Used connection parameters: TVH Server = ''; HTTP Port = '9981'; HTSP Port = '9982'; Web-Root = ''; User = 'acmhtpc'; Password set = 'True'2017-02-01 00:53:23.3320 Info App: [TVHclient] HTSConnectionAsync.open: IPEndPoint = ''; AddressFamily = 'InterNetwork'2017-02-01 00:53:23.3320 Info App: [TVHclient] HTSConnectionAsync.open: socket connected.2017-02-01 00:53:23.3398 Info App: [TVHclient] HTSConnectionAsync.authenticate: start The TVHeadend works fine with Kodi on ubuntu and Android. How can I trace what is causing this ? emby server log https://justpaste.it/130ny Thank you.
  6. Hi can someone please do a detailed guide on how to install a comodo essential ssl certificate on emby running on ubuntu 16.04 (ubuntu server x64 withe desktop installed) I have the certificate installed on a Wingftp server using crt, but i also like to install this on my Emby server. the wingftp server is another hardware server so im gusing i need to redo the ssl and send it to comodo? but i have no idea on how to do this on emby. im hosting movies and images from a couple of upcoming competitions on my server and need to use ssl for the protection, and since this is for multiple clubs and non-profit associations it needs to be a proper ssl. last time i hosted we got a lot of complint about not using a proper ssl, so in the end i had to turn of https and that was not good. (japp we got hacked) //Regards
  7. EliteCube

    Port bug with dedicated server IP?

    Hey guys, im new with emby. I installed emby on my dedicated server with static public IP. So my local IP is a public is Emby write on the admin page: Local: Public Good, I test it and i change the local port to 8097 and https to 8021 (public unchanged 8096/8020) I restart and check public connection: Browser write: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Firewall and all are disabled. I change nothing... Okay i test the local port... it works... ?? Why i cant connect to the remote port only on the local port on a remote server? I test a vLAN with IP (i chang it also in emby admin) and it does not work. Only connect to the local port Is this Secure? Its a Bug? It seems to me uncertain. How is your setup on a dedicated server and security? My plan is to use a domain with proxy. this work good, but the same only to the local port nothing with public crazy... My system: Ubuntu Server 16.04 (Original minimal image and new install) No Firewall no closed ports. (for testing) 1 dedicated public IP and 1 IPv6 No local IPs Any ideas or answers? I do not know if this is so right. It does not seem right to me thank you guys
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to install emby server for Ubuntu 16.04 (http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/xUbuntu_16.04/). I saw that quite a lot packages are required next to the libmono libraries: binfmt-support binutils build-essential ca-certificates-mono cli-common cpp cpp-5 dpkg-dev emby-server embymagick fakeroot g++ g++-5 gcc gcc-5 libalgorithm-diff-perl libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl libalgorithm-merge-perl libasan2 libatomic1 libc-dev-bin libc6-dev libcairo2 libcc1-0 libcilkrts5 libdpkg-perl libembysqlite3-0 libexif12 libfakeroot libfftw3-double3 libfile-fcntllock-perl libgcc-5-dev libgdiplus libgif7 libgomp1 libisl15 libitm1 liblcms2-2 liblsan0 libltdl7 libmono-2.0-dev libmono-accessibility4.0-cil libmono-cairo4.0-cil libmono-cecil-private-cil libmono-cil-dev libmono-codecontracts4.0-cil libmono-compilerservices-symbolwriter4.0-cil libmono-corlib4.5-cil libmono-cscompmgd0.0-cil libmono-csharp4.0c-cil libmono-custommarshalers4.0-cil libmono-data-tds4.0-cil libmono-db2-1.0-cil libmono-debugger-soft4.0a-cil libmono-http4.0-cil libmono-i18n-cjk4.0-cil libmono-i18n-mideast4.0-cil libmono-i18n-other4.0-cil libmono-i18n-rare4.0-cil libmono-i18n-west4.0-cil libmono-i18n4.0-all libmono-i18n4.0-cil libmono-ldap4.0-cil libmono-management4.0-cil libmono-messaging-rabbitmq4.0-cil libmono-messaging4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-engine4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-framework4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-tasks-v4.0-4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-utilities-v4.0-4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-csharp4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-visualc10.0-cil libmono-microsoft-web-infrastructure1.0-cil libmono-oracle4.0-cil libmono-parallel4.0-cil libmono-peapi4.0a-cil libmono-posix4.0-cil libmono-rabbitmq4.0-cil libmono-relaxng4.0-cil libmono-security4.0-cil libmono-sharpzip4.84-cil libmono-simd4.0-cil libmono-smdiagnostics0.0-cil libmono-sqlite4.0-cil libmono-system-componentmodel-composition4.0-cil libmono-system-componentmodel-dataannotations4.0-cil libmono-system-configuration-install4.0-cil libmono-system-configuration4.0-cil libmono-system-core4.0-cil libmono-system-data-datasetextensions4.0-cil libmono-system-data-entity4.0-cil libmono-system-data-linq4.0-cil libmono-system-data-services-client4.0-cil libmono-system-data-services4.0-cil libmono-system-data4.0-cil libmono-system-deployment4.0-cil libmono-system-design4.0-cil libmono-system-drawing-design4.0-cil libmono-system-drawing4.0-cil libmono-system-dynamic4.0-cil libmono-system-enterpriseservices4.0-cil libmono-system-identitymodel-selectors4.0-cil libmono-system-identitymodel4.0-cil libmono-system-io-compression-filesystem4.0-cil libmono-system-io-compression4.0-cil libmono-system-json-microsoft4.0-cil libmono-system-json4.0-cil libmono-system-ldap-protocols4.0-cil libmono-system-ldap4.0-cil libmono-system-management4.0-cil libmono-system-messaging4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http-formatting4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http-webrequest4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http4.0-cil libmono-system-net4.0-cil libmono-system-numerics-vectors4.0-cil libmono-system-numerics4.0-cil libmono-system-reactive-core2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-debugger2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-experimental2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-interfaces2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-linq2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-observable-aliases0.0-cil libmono-system-reactive-platformservices2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-providers2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-runtime-remoting2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-windows-forms2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-windows-threading2.2-cil libmono-system-reflection-context4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-caching4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-durableinstancing4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-interopservices-runtimeinformation4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-serialization-formatters-soap4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-serialization4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime4.0-cil libmono-system-security4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-activation4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-discovery4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-internals0.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-routing4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-web4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel4.0a-cil libmono-system-serviceprocess4.0-cil libmono-system-threading-tasks-dataflow4.0-cil libmono-system-transactions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-abstractions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-applicationservices4.0-cil libmono-system-web-dynamicdata4.0-cil libmono-system-web-extensions-design4.0-cil libmono-system-web-extensions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-http-selfhost4.0-cil libmono-system-web-http-webhost4.0-cil libmono-system-web-http4.0-cil libmono-system-web-mobile4.0-cil libmono-system-web-mvc3.0-cil libmono-system-web-razor2.0-cil libmono-system-web-regularexpressions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-routing4.0-cil libmono-system-web-services4.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages-deployment2.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages-razor2.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages2.0-cil libmono-system-web4.0-cil libmono-system-windows-forms-datavisualization4.0a-cil libmono-system-windows-forms4.0-cil libmono-system-windows4.0-cil libmono-system-workflow-activities4.0-cil libmono-system-workflow-componentmodel4.0-cil libmono-system-workflow-runtime4.0-cil libmono-system-xaml4.0-cil libmono-system-xml-linq4.0-cil libmono-system-xml-serialization4.0-cil libmono-system-xml4.0-cil libmono-system4.0-cil libmono-tasklets4.0-cil libmono-webbrowser4.0-cil libmono-webmatrix-data4.0-cil libmono-windowsbase4.0-cil libmono-xbuild-tasks4.0-cil libmonosgen-2.0-1 libmonosgen-2.0-dev libmpc3 libmpx0 libnunit-cil-dev libnunit-console-runner2.6.3-cil libnunit-core-interfaces2.6.3-cil libnunit-core2.6.3-cil libnunit-framework2.6.3-cil libnunit-mocks2.6.3-cil libnunit-util2.6.3-cil libpixman-1-0 libquadmath0 libstdc++-5-dev libtsan0 libubsan0 libwebp5 libxcb-render0 libxcb-shm0 libxrender1 linux-libc-dev make manpages-dev mono-4.0-gac mono-csharp-shell mono-devel mono-gac mono-mcs mono-runtime mono-runtime-common mono-runtime-sgen mono-xbuild pkg-config What I dislike the most is the fact that I have to install compiling tools. Why is this required? Isnt there a version of emby with less dependencies?
  9. Compix

    Periodic Server Crashes

    Hi I don't know if they are related but I've been having a few crashes per week for a while now. I use Ubunru 16.04 64bit with the 4.10 series kernel on an Intel i7 6700K with 32 GB of ram. The crashes seem kindda random... I could see that It was re-encoding media last time it crashed, fetching images and I had a user on that were transcoding af movie... Ubuntu always remains stable and I keep the system updated so it should have the newest versions of everything from the repository... I've checked the drives for space issues they all have at least 39 GB of free space... I've attached two of the latest logs of crashes I could get and I will provide more the next time it happens if needed... Thanks in advance -Compix LOG_server-63627724800.txt LOG_server-63627984000.txt
  10. OverrRyde

    Multiple emby running? high ram usage

    Hi everyone, i have recently installed emby in my headless home server and i suddenly see a spike in my server's ram usage. i ran htop and this is what i get: I have disabled realtime monitoring and all DLNA options but the problem still persist. Does anyone have any insight on this? thanks!
  11. DarkMarkus88

    Emby-Server start geen HTTPS.

    Bij het starten van Emby-Server voor Ubuntu 16.04.2 (64bit) Versie beta en Versie beta en Versie start hij geen instance. Dit staat in de logfile: "EnableUPnP":true,"PublicPort":****,"PublicHttpsPort":*****,"HttpServerPortNumber":****,"HttpsPortNumber":*****,"EnableHttps":true Hij staat aan, maar laat niet zien dat hij actief is. Volgens mij is hij ook niet actief. Heb ook al meerdere keren verwijderd en herinstalleert. Enig idee waarom zich dit voor doet? Ik heb alle andere progs die wel met https draaien. (Poortnummers zijn gemaskeerd) Ik lees net op het forum, dat het aan de mono versie 4.8 ligt. Ik hou dat in de gaten, in ieder geval bedankt!
  12. thatoneguy99

    Which ports for UFW

    I have recently started trying to use UFW on my server. I have allowed port 8096, and can access Emby from all Emby apps and the web client. My Kodi install can connect to Emby server, and I can browse all content. It will not play any media though and I dont know why. As soon as I disable UFW it works fine. Is there a different port that I need to enable on UFW. If anyone has any experience I would appreciate the help! The server and the Kodi client are both running Ubuntu 16.04.
  13. masterxilef

    Question about RAM usage

    Hello all, I'am running emby-server on an old netbook I had laying arround with an atom N450 processor and Ubuntu Server 14.04 32bit, as I have no need for transcoding atm it is perfect for my needs right now. Been running it for a couple of months as a backend for Kodi and working great. However, yesterday I upgraded the 1GB stick of RAM with a 2GB stick, the max the processor/mobo is capable. So because I upgraded the RAM I had a question, would I benefit from upgrading to a 64bit os, seeing as the processor is capable of it, but I was running 32bit ubuntu because of the low RAM. To find out, I decided to install a spare hard drive so I could install 32bit ubuntu, install emby-server, see cpu/ram consumption, then do the same with 64bit ubuntu and compare. However, as I was doing that with 32bit ubuntu I encountered something peculiar that I don't know if it's normal. I installed emby-server but haven't set up anything on the web ui just to see how the process acts with htop and discovered that after it starts it begins to consume more and more RAM till it's about 900MB, and then kinda restarts the process and begins doing it again. Because of that, I haven't tested 64bit ubuntu. So my question is, is that normal behavior for emby-server, maybe mono on linux, or maybe there's something wrong with my setup altought it's a fresh installation. I attached what I think it's the latest log at this moment, and I think it's showing an error but I don't really know. Thanks. Edit: What would you recommend, use 64bit ubuntu or stick with the 32bit? server-63593298069.txt
  14. Hi All I believe that this has got something to do with permissions as i accidently changed the ownership of files in the /etc /bin /lib directory's to a non root user. ive changed it all back but probably set root over what eas supposed to be emby in some places. can someone tell me what the permissions are supposed to be based on a standard install with the user:group emby:emby i no longer have icons next to my menu items see image attached my log is thowing copious errors listing "MediaBrowser.Controller.Net.SecurityException: Access token is invalid or expired." latest log here https://paste.ubuntu.com/24025043/ can someone give me a list of what their ownerships are for all emby related files, or advise otherwise ps. i have fully removed and reinstalled the server using apt --purge autoremove emby-server regards Troy
  15. Haplo164

    Audiobook resuming issue

    I've been trying to get audiobook resuming to work, with today's update I actually see the resume button and I can skip forward via the progress bar. The thing is regardless of which button I hit, play or resume the book starts at the beginning. When I stop the book it fades out and the progress bar shows up on the book, and gives me the resume button. but when I press it it jumps back to the start. On the android app it asks if I want to resume at the correct spot, but then jumps back to the start anyway. embyLog.txt
  16. Emby Server: 3.1.1 (on pre-3.1 version, didn't error, just spun), Ubuntu (lxc container) Client: Android TV I can play from the beginning, but when I try to start play 10 minutes in I get the error "Too many errors. Giving up." in the client. The same thing happens 5 minutes in, and when I try to skip ahead quickly. It looks like, from the logs, that it's remuxing from the beginning, and maybe it's timing out? I'm not sure. Direct play media works fine. Thanks for the help. server.Log.txt
  17. thiagomnk

    Problem with FFmpeg on UBUNTU.

    I've done more than once and downloaded more than once the same file and so far so the error when I go to apply the folder path, I knew it was too easy hehehehkkkk someone a light with this error??
  18. silver12

    unmet dependencies - raspberry pi

    Hello, I'm trying to install emby on Raspberry Pi 3. Both Ubuntu-mate and Rasbian give me the exact unmet dependencies error: root@raspberrypi:# apt-get update && apt-get install emby-server The following packages have unmet dependencies: emby-server : Depends: mono-runtime (>= 3.0~) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-microsoft-csharp4.0-cil (>= 1.0) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-posix4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-configuration4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-core4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-data4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-drawing4.0-cil (>= 3.0.6) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-io-compression4.0-cil (>= 3.2.1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-net-http4.0-cil (>= 1.0) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-runtime-serialization4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-servicemodel4.0a-cil (>= 3.2.3) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-transactions4.0-cil (>= 1.0) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-web4.0-cil (>= 2.10.3) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-xml-linq4.0-cil (>= 3.0.6) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system-xml4.0-cil (>= 3.12.0) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libmono-system4.0-cil (>= 4.0.0~alpha1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: mono-devel (>= 1.0) but it is not going to be installed Recommends: libembymagickwand-6.q8-2 but it is not installable E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. root@raspberrypi:# apt-cache policy libembymagickwand* libembymagickwand-6.q8-2: Installed: (none) Candidate: (none) Version table: Also tried the following solutions: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/29622-unmet-dependencies-imagemagick-6q8/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/28188-massive-update-for-debian-and-ubuntu/ root@raspberrypi:# apt-get remove --purge libmagickwand-6.q8-2 libmagickcore-6.q8-2 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package libmagickwand-6.q8-2 E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'libmagickwand-6.q8-2' E: Unable to locate package libmagickcore-6.q8-2 E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'libmagickcore-6.q8-2' Is it currently possible to install emby-server on Debian/Rpi? Cheers,
  19. Hi I need help with installing a proper certificat. I have tried a number off different ways but every time the result is that the server can not be reached anymore. I therefore ask for a guide on how to create and install a proper certificate in emby on ubuntu when the port is not 443, but 9443 ( my 443 port is already occupied) /Regards
  20. Setup: Ubuntu Server 16.04 Docker 1.12.2 Windows 10 client (Putty) I'm a Linux/Docker newbie. I ping'd my server from Windows to get the internal server IP. http://[ubuntu server internal IP]:8096 http://[ubuntu server internal IP]:8920 Both requests resulted with 'refused to connect' by Chrome. Does my emby server have a different IP from the Ubuntu server since it lives within a docker container? Is there some firewall on the ubuntu server that I need to turn off? If so how? Do I need to complete emby setup via CLI on the server before I can hit it remotely? Thanks, Linh
  21. I migrate from W10 to Ubuntu 16.04 without important problems. but tha machine only runs with Q6600 and 8 GB Ram so I move this to a new machine with Xeon 5650 and 12 GB Ram. The new emby is unstable, I can not browser and it usually crash, so I have to restart it from ubuntu. I have a continuis leak of this error Error SsdpHandler: Error in SendUnicastRequest What I have to look for? I started with missin folders, but I think is not related. Edit: I have checked my firewall and I have found this How can I disable the UPnP? UPnP IP I found it: last tick at expert-> advanced-> ports automatic but stills try to use UPnP, the same error: and in the log appers something Thanks emby Error SsdpHandler Error in SendUnicastRequest.zip emby Error SsdpHandler Error in SendUnicastRequest2.zip
  22. Requirements for media server: -Emby Server within docker -File sharing/NAS -RDP or VPN access -Secure I'm a newbie linux user. My main box is a win 10 anniversary update, so I have bash. What do I need on my freshly installed headless Ubuntu server? 1. NFS or Samba? 2. xRDP or SSHFS or VNC? Not sure which ones I need or if I need all of them. Recommendations? 3. SSH keys? fail2ban? 4. Emby server 5. Docker 6. Bash on windows 10 (SSH) What else? I hear a lot of buzz words but not sure which ones I should be grabbing or exactly why to be honest.
  23. Im running emby on ubuntu server and have pro trakt account it scrobbles movies but not TV shows and tv shows isnt excluded should it do this or is this a know bug or something i can do to fix please Wayne
  24. robello84

    Port 8920 ssl problem

    Good evening guys, is from about 1 week that the ssl connection on port 8920, does not work anymore. I try to restart emby, and it works for about half an hour, then do not work anymore. I have the latest version of emby installed. It works via http. Using the certificate of let'sencrypt from 6 months is it always worked. Can someone help me? The only mistake that I find in the log is this. Thank you 2016-09-15 14:30:14.1333 Error ServiceStackHost: Error occured while Processing Request: Access token is required. *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.7100.0 Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix Processor count: 8 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Program data path: /var/lib/emby-server Mono: 4.4.2 (Stable Tue Aug 30 15:48:05 UTC 2016) Application Path: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe Access token is required. MediaBrowser.Controller.Net.SecurityException at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateSecurityToken (IServiceRequest request, System.String token) <0x413e2870 + 0x00107> in <filename unknown>:0 at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.ValidateUser (IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) <0x413e0eb0 + 0x0007b> in <filename unknown>:0 at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.Security.AuthService.Authenticate (IServiceRequest request, IAuthenticationAttributes authAttribtues) <0x413e0e80 + 0x00017> in <filename unknown>:0 at MediaBrowser.Controller.Net.AuthenticatedAttribute.RequestFilter (IRequest request, IResponse response, System.Object requestDto) <0x413e0de0 + 0x0007a> in <filename unknown>:0 at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFiltersSingle (IRequest req, IResponse res, System.Object requestDto) <0x41324b60 + 0x0029e> in <filename unknown>:0 at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.ApplyRequestFilters (IRequest req, IResponse res, System.Object requestDto) <0x41322590 + 0x000d5> in <filename unknown>:0 at ServiceStack.Host.RestHandler+<ProcessRequestAsync>d__13.MoveNext () <0x4131d1d0 + 0x00595> in <filename unknown>:0
  25. Just coming off a day or so of research on the topic, I am wondering whether this setup would work. I have no windows boxes in my network, so all of the existing PVR stuff doesn't apply (and I have no real interest in trying the Tvheadend "beta" that's floating around out there, unless it's nearly bulletproof by now)... Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Basically I'm thinking I would have MythicalLibrarian (no idea how well it works, just came across it an hour ago) do the meta lookup and naming, stick it into my existing Emby TV directory with the proper folder structure/naming convention, and let Emby scan, handle the indexing and serve it up. Would I then be able to use the standard MythTV plugin for Kodi to watch Live stuff, and rely on Emby/Emby Plugin to handle watching recorded stuff? Conceptually I feel like this would work, but I'd like some feedback. Keep in mind, this needs to be 100% wife friendly.
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