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Found 13 results

  1. embyserver (3).txthi guys, emby server taking 95-98% of 32GB ram, i have attached the logs for you to check. thanks
  2. Host OS:openwrt Kernel Version 5.4.108 Docker:20.10.6 (API: 1.41) emby server:docker Feature Request: 1:give an option to use host memory as cache folder and can set an memory size limit,when cache run out , clear the oldest transcode file. 2:give an option to only allow iptv transcode. reason: 1:As most of client device such as iphone、android tv have very powerful cpu and do not need transcode,I only need transcode when watching IPTV. 2:My host os installed in an ssd drive with a data write limit and transcode produce mass data write.
  3. Pistolero

    Emby for Kodi on fsTV4k memory leak?

    Hi all, Emby is killing my Kodi and my clock! I use a rooted Amazon fire TV 4k stick with an Ethernet USB adapter running Kodi 18.7.2 and the latest Emby addon. I also run this translucent clock app. So, I start Kodi, wait for Emby to welcome me, and start playing Das Boot. About 5 minutes into the gunfight the clock will go kaput. Couple of minutes later, video will stutter, then stop, then Kodi will go kaput as well. The clock vanishes at 85% memory usage, and Kodi itself will die at 89%. If I disable the Emby addon, and restart Kodi, then memory usage, as reported by K
  4. Hi, I have my Emby server on Shield TV, and everything works fine unless I want to transcode files bigger than ~2GB. The transcoding process causes the Shield to run out of memory (RAM) and it restarts the Emby Server. No error is displayed on logs since the restart is caused by the lack of memory (I checked that trough adb access to my Shield). This problem occurs during conversion (sync) or transcoding during playback. I have already tried the following Emby versions: You can check the transcoding log in attachment. Tips for developers
  5. kanipek

    FR: Remember channel EPG

    I searched the forum and did not find anything similar for ET. I would very much like to see the EPG remember the last channel tuned. Like the Emby ATV version. Tune to a channel watch for a period, stop and end up back at the same channel in the guide. What I am currently seeing (using beta here) is igoes back to the first channel in th guide. I know it appears ET uses the same EPG as the web app where I am also seeing the same behavior. Don't know if it is possible or not, sure would be nice to have! Thanks for reading and considering!
  6. I am a new Emby user ... I have been using Next PVR with Kodi for almost a year now, but I was looking for something a bit more reliable and "wife" approved. My particular interest is for PVR use, and I have 3 Silicon Dust HDHomerun tuners I use. I have a Prime that is connected to Comcast, and for OTA I have the Connect and the Extend, a total of 4 OTA and 3 Cable tuners. I tested Plex for about 3 weeks, but I wasn't all that impressed with their PVR features, since it is only in beta for now. So I started looking at Emby. Reviews were very good, so I decided to give it a try. I install
  7. landgazr

    Memory leak?

    Hello all! I just had a quick question. Since using Emby (recovering Plex user here), I have noticed that memory usage steadily seems to increase even when it isn't streaming or engaging in scheduled tasks. IIRC, I often would get alerts via my alerting system regarding usage by the Emby process. That is when I began to the crontab to shutdown Emby via the API (step 1), then restart/daemonize (step 2) and write out the new PID so my monitoring system can pick it up (step 3). I am using Emby 3.2.8 with Mono on Fedora 21. Is it feasible that memory use would perhaps plateau or ha
  8. masterxilef

    Question about RAM usage

    Hello all, I'am running emby-server on an old netbook I had laying arround with an atom N450 processor and Ubuntu Server 14.04 32bit, as I have no need for transcoding atm it is perfect for my needs right now. Been running it for a couple of months as a backend for Kodi and working great. However, yesterday I upgraded the 1GB stick of RAM with a 2GB stick, the max the processor/mobo is capable. So because I upgraded the RAM I had a question, would I benefit from upgrading to a 64bit os, seeing as the processor is capable of it, but I was running 32bit ubuntu because of the low RAM. T
  9. SquishyZa

    Emby leaking memory or using a lot of it

    Recently Emby started crashing on my QNAP with 8 GB of RAM. I would restart it and it would run for a few hours and then stop suddenly. After taking a peek at the logs I can see that Emby ran out of memory indexing pictures. If I exclude the pictures from my Library then Emby indexes in about 2 minutes and stays up. If I include the pictures then indexing takes several hours and causes crashes. There are some new pictures but it seems to crash in some of the older folders. I love Emby and would not mind taking a go at trying to troubleshoot this further, but some questions before I do: 1. Wou
  10. Emby seems to be running my Windows 10 PC out of memory ... Anyone else see this before... I'm using a Surface Pro to consume emby content when on the road ... I don't get this error with any other app.
  11. Koleckai Silvestri

    Extreme Memory Leak

    I've been running the latest beta for a while and memory hangs around 271.200 Megabytes. Not even sure how a 32-bit program can eat 6 GB of RAM. Could be a plugin though. I only have the Rotten Tomatoes and XBMC Metadata Plugins installed at this time. Windows 7 Premium, 8 GB Ram, Intel i5 2500K processor (quad-core).
  12. mikeinla

    MB Theater Memory

    Guys: I love MB. I've been a MB Classic user for years. Love the work you guys have done. I was happily using the latest 2.0 version and a friend encouraged me to upgrade to 3.0 which I did recently. On two different systems, one running Windows 7 with 8GB of RAM and one running Windows 8.1 with 16GB of RAM my system froze and the Media Browser Theater crashed with an error message stating that the system had insufficient memory to handle the task. I used MBC 2 to browse the same library for years without any such memory errors. This tells me that there is something unique going on in MB
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a suggestion on building (or repurposing) a machine. Most of the ones that I've read have been general purpose machines for a lot of things. I'm really just looking for a machine that will be able to run MB3 server and transcode and stream up to a max of 8 different movies at the same time. There will be other programs running but minor ones. Is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 preferred? Does it matter? Clients 2-3 MBT or MBC on Local LAN - Direct Play - No transcoding 2 - Local LAN Roku 3 - Local Wireless IOS 1 - Remote Roku 2 - Remote IOS I know these might no
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