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  1. I started this in the previous forum, but I again wanted to plead for the subtitle downloader plugin for MB3. MB Classic and MB Theater would be awesome, but I figure just for MBT would suffice. After living without it for the last few months, I realized how many times I would use the MB2 plugin. I personally don't like subtitles, but the wife does so it's helpful with a few remote clicks to have the subtitle.
  2. eurotrash

    Fading subtitles issue

    Firstly as this is my first topic, I just want to thank you for creating such a great product which can actually play almost everything I throw at it without transcoding video, unlike your main competitors. I watch a lot of anime and therefore use subtitles a lot, and unfortunately this is one area where it's not quite up to scratch, although the most recent update from about a month or two ago improved subtitles considerably. On to the issue then: it appears that when a subtitle fades in or out, it prevents any other subtitle from being displayed for as long as that faded subtitle is (supposed to be) displayed. For example, this scene from the Comic Girls anime (screenshot attached showing playback and subs using potplayer). You can see multiple subtitles are being displayed at once, i.e. all the ones that are supposed to be displayed at that point in time. However on the TV what is displayed is: This is a character from the new manga I'm drawing! [that subtitle ends at the correct time, and no subtitles are displayed for a few seconds, then...] ♥ Won a Nobel-something- or-other Award ♥ IQ 500 [scene ends] Yeah! All the subtitles shown in the image in between that first and last one, with the exception of ♥ Won a..., don't display. I don't know much about this stuff, but from looking at the subtitle editor in potplayer, it does appear that when a subtitle contains something like {\fad(n,n)}, that is when the subtitles don't display properly. In this specific example, my interpretation is: "This is a character from the new manga I'm drawing!" - this is the first subtitle of the scene, it's normal, and displays properly "{\fad(1,500)}Special Kanji Drills" and "♥ Won a Nobel-something ..." both start at the same time. The fact that one of them is faded causes both it and any other subtitle which starts during that time to not display, so neither of them are shown. "IQ 500..." is a normal subtitle which starts and ends during that faded subtitle's duration, so it is never shown. "{\fad(1529,1)}Senpai" is another faded subtitle, so it also doesn't display. "Won a Nobel-something-or-other Award?" is a normal subtitle whose duration is entirely contained within the "Senpai" faded sub, so it also never displays. However the "♥" sub does display after a few seconds, probably after the first faded sub's duration is done. It does also display during the time of the second faded sub, so I guess because it started earlier the second one doesn't affect it? I've also looked for more faded subs, found another simpler instance later in the same file. Some normal text followed about 10ms later by faded text, both to be displayed concurrently. The normal one displays fine (it started first), the faded one again isn't displayed at all. I can provide more examples or images if you wish. Samsung model number: UE50NU7400 Samsung firmware version: 1290 Samsung Emby client version #: Emby Theater 1.0.72
  3. Phuein

    Tiny Subtitles With MKV

    Hey, Thanks for your guys hard work. Emby is always a pleasure to use. I've noticed that when playing files with embedded subs, like the MKV format, the default size is tiny. Unreadable basically. When I extract the subs into an .srt file ( ffmpeg -i "%~1" "%~n1.eng.srt" ) it works fine, loading the subs as expected. Any chance Emby could work with this better automatically? Thanks
  4. Przemek

    Downloading Subtitles

    Hi, I've installed Emby Server on my Debian VPS. I install opensubtitles and addicted with logins and passwords. I have only "edit subtitles" option in 3 dots menu. Is there's option in Emby to download subtitles or only play with subtitles that I download and copy to folder manualy?
  5. Hi, I have configured automatic downloading for my media, but I don't understand why this doesn't work as expected. I DO have the 'Only download subtitles that are a perfect match for my video files" checked since I don't want out-of-sync subtitles. In this case (see below) I would expect that when the filename is identical as the subtitle name found on opensubtitles, it should qualify as being 'a perfect match' right ? But it doesn't download automatically, als not when I run the scheduled task to search for missing subtitles. When I download the file manually however, this works without any issues ... Thanks for any help, appreciated !
  6. Hi, The subtitles on Android TV / Shield appear too high on the image. The lower subtitle is a little above the lower black band of the movie. On the android app, iOS app, Chrome, Windows Theater, they appear in a much more logic position (next to the bottom). How can I change this? Thanks
  7. I decided to go for hash matching for subtitles instead of leaving it off, but a bunch of subs are already downloaded. Is there a way to clear all non-matched subs, or refresh them all to follow what's saved for the library? Right now it seems like it will keep the non-matched subs regardless.. Feature request: Also, having a 2nd language preference for subs would be nice, I usually always use english subs, unless the thing I watch is in my native language, so I would rather then use that if available.
  8. Hello! I have an external server out of my LAN I have the android client version 2.3.06 on android version 4.1.2 a .mp4 movie with .srt external subtitle on the server if it played back with the inner player, the subtitle shown perfectly (direct streamng) but if it played back with an external player like mxplayer for example i get too (direct streamng), but the subtitle does not shown this tells me that the server does not send the subtitle when an external player? is this correct? Or am I missing something? It would be nice if the subtitles can be streamed when an external player has been selected Regrads
  9. Malmgren

    Cumulative subtitle search

    Hi. I have my Emby server set to search for subtitles once per day, mostly to get subtitles for newly added content. This scan takes about two hours in my environment and most of the time is spent trying to download subtitles for old stuff for which there are no subtitles. Seems like a huge waste of resources to me. It would be very nice to be able to choose between a full subtitle search (which would be enough to run weekly or monthly) and a daily search which would only include recently added content. I guess "recently" would need to be a bit flexible, but tv episodes released more than a month ago seldom gets any new subtitles. Does this sound like a sane idea? /Daniel
  10. I've been using the Android TV app for a few months since I upgraded to a Sony A9G TV. I always notice that when first trying to watch a recorded TV program that subtitles aren't displayed automatically even though I have set them to Always in the settings. I have to use the down button on the remote to access the OSD and click over to the subtitle optons and change them from None to English DVBSUB. I have also noticed when watching Live TV in the app I get the rotating circle after selecting Subtitles. I discovered this behaviour when testing for the above problem. It isn't a problem for me as I always watch live TV using the OTA tuner in the TV set.
  11. Hi, Are there any plans soon to get the feature "edit subtitle" to the Android TV app? The option works perfectly on the PC in the browser and on the regular Android app. For me this is the last feature needed to ditch kodi. Thanks anyway for the great effort you all put in Emby. Reg, Web
  12. Hi, I just wanted to offer some help for those having subtitle playback issues on emby firecube tv app. Case: I have 2 firecube tv's with emby app Playing video with subtitle can work for 30 seconds to a few minutes then stops entirely or becomes out of sync. Subtitles work perfectly on s9 android app and computer browser playback Temporary solution: Since I know the subs are ok I figured it must be the playback. I installed VLC player for fire tv Went to Emby settings and enabled "External Video Playback" Tested and confirmed subtitles worked perfect even with skipping back and forth in the video they stayed in sync. Until there's an update it works for now.. I hope that helps someone.
  13. Hello, First thanks for Emby, it's awesome For french and english subtitles on TV shows since Addic7ed is not working that great would it be possible to have a plugin to get subtitles from the site betaseries ? (they also have english subtitles) They have an API : https://www.betaseries.com/api/methodes/subtitles I don't really have the developing skill to work on it, so i'm suggesting it. Thanks
  14. ArthurAttout

    Get TV show ID by name

    I'd like to write a script that calls my Emby server's API. This script should do some stuffs with the subtitles of a specific episode of a given TV show. How can I get the ID of a show based on its name ? Alternatively, is there a way I can browse the local Emby DB for debugging purposes ? Thanks !
  15. How do I make it so subtitles are off by default? I cannot find it in the Android Tv options...
  16. justwondering

    Subtitle text is huge when italic

    .SRT subtitles work fine most of the time (although they still don't respect the system subtitle settings) but they become unusably large when there are formatting tags, like <i> for italics. For example, here are some subtitles from season 4 episode 1 of Paw Patrol: 209 00:10:10,043 --> 00:10:12,010 (Kitty and sheep yelping) 210 00:10:12,012 --> 00:10:14,145 <i> Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma</i>! And here's how line 210 looks on screen: The exclamation point at the end, outside the <i> tags, is the normal text size. If a fix for this is possible that would be awesome. Thanks!
  17. Hey, it'd be great if displaying the bottom on-screen display (OSD, e.g. when moving the mouse) pushed up subtitles such that they are not behind the OSD. That's all
  18. Hi. I have another subtitle related request. There is an option to choose which available subtitle to use (if any) before starting a movie. It would be very nice to be able to change this choice while in movie. I often have multiple subtitles and discover after starting a movie that the one chosen is no good. Currently I have to stop the movie, change subtitle and start it again. The second best option here would be if it at least would be possible to just turn subtitles on or off while in movie. On my LG TV there's a SUBTITLE button that currently does nothing when pressed, it would be the natural choice for these functions. Oh, and apologies if I'm suggesting things that are already there. Haven't found them when searching :-) /Daniel
  19. Not a big issue but recently I got to see a TV series with the help of subtitles. Upon ending of one episode, Emby would correctly play next one but, though subtitles for every episode were the same (media had 3 embedded and one external subtitle), I had to re-select the correct one every time a new episode would start. Could Emby preserve subtitle selection from one episode to another?
  20. Chrome 77.0.3865.120 Some TV shows load external ".ass" subtitles and cannot be played. But the external ".srt" subtitles can be played. ffmpeg-remux-1f16e56e-cd1e-43eb-a6d3-bdc533179379_1.txt embyserver.txt
  21. Hello I finally got my Emby Server up running on Windows Server 2012, but I have a problem with streaming movies and series with subtitles. I stream my content via Chromecast (3rd genereation), but movies and series will only play, if I turn the subtitles off, otherwise I will just get a black TV screen. The subtitles are already incorporated in the MKV files, and also the media are not transcoded, when the subtitles are off. Best Regards
  22. kronflux

    Subtitle issues

    I have my TV shows set up as follows: Show Name > Season X (Year) > S01E01 - Episode Title.mkv When Emby automatically downloads subtitles, I often get the wrong episode's subtitles(or sometimes even a different show) One example after I deleted the SRT files, as well as the subtitles directory in /data then rebooted, is as follows: Gets the correct subtitles Gets the same subtitles as S01E01 Gets the correct subtitles What would be causing this? I've also had instances where some episodes of the TV show Chuck got subtitles for an episode of Arrow. Is the TV show name as a parent folder not good enough? do I actually have to add the show to each filename? and even if that is the case, why would episode 2 get episode 1's subtitles?
  23. What is the criteria to download missing subtitles ?? I have several old series and movies that Emby hasn't downloaded the subtitles for. If I manually search for the subtitles, using the Edit Subtitles option, they are found. So, is there any criteria/age limit on when an item has been added to Emby, after which subtitles are no longer searched for ?? Thanks.
  24. I think I've found a bug in Sync/Convert. When converting media with embedded subtitles: If the user who created the convert job has their playback preference set to Always Play Subtitles The process works properly extracting a valid vtt file. If the user who created the convert job has their playback preference set to Only Forced Subtitles (and I bet anything that in that particular instance wouldn't trigger subtitle display): The process creates a blank vtt file. I've worked around this by creating a dedicated user with Always Play Subtitles, then logging in as that user just to create convert jobs.
  25. xx123

    About chi.ass subtitles

    The "\fad" tag in the ".ass" subtitle cannot be implemented. If I delete PlayResX and PlayResY in "Script Info" If I delete the "\fad" tag My browser : Chrome 77.0.3865.75 My Emby Version : embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-6e16d377-b1bd-40b6-b54a-02a9fb2b8827_1.txt
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