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Found 16 results

  1. star1

    Emby Server

    It happened again . I lost my server after doing more cleanup on my desktop . Will, someone please help the stupid on reinstalling the premiere server on w 10 home . Please, also tell me on what NOT to uninstall to avoid this in the future , or provide a Much simpler method on reinstalling. Thank You
  2. star1


    I had to reset my desktop and all of my Emby Premiere stuff came back , including system tray , it seems as though I lost the server . I redownloaded and tried opening also as admin , but it went no where . I tried searching by Host server address and it pops up as page unavailable , at other times connection to the server closes unexpectedly with a system web exception . I would like to wipe install clean and start over , unless there is something different I have to do. Dll's and other system files seem to be were they were before. Thank You
  3. Bonjour à vous... J'ai installé Emby server sur un Raspberry Pi (OS RaspBian). Le serveur fonctionne tres bien. Cependant, lorsque je veux entrer ma clef Emby Premiere, j'ai comme message "Clé Emby Premiere introuvable ou incorrecte" . Le support d'Emby me mentionne que le problème viendrais que mon Pi (le processus Emby) ne peut communiquer avec le serveur d'autorisation ("Connection to https://www.mb3admin.com/admin/service/EmbyPackages.json timed out"). Ma version de Raspbian est la version de base, aucun autre sécurité supplémentaire n'a été installé... Comment faire pour trouver ce qui bloque la communication entre le Pi et le serveur mb3admin ?? Merci d'avance pour votre aide !!
  4. gostaria de saber quando iram me enviar a chave para ativar
  5. Hello, I have Emby Premiere, and I have issues with remotely connecting to my server. I've tested this with my more tech-savvy brother, but no luck so far. We tried everything, which is why I'm finally giving in and opening a thread about it in the hopes of someone helping me out. I've read other threads about this, and the one most closely resembling my case is this one. However, the solution of that case does not look to be relevant in my case because I have no such "VOIP box OOMA". The issue is likely with port forwarding and not with Emby itself because I get an Error if I check the ports on https://www.canyouseeme.org, but I don't know where to start. I will give as much info as I can. My setup is like this: Emby server running on my PC > Ethernet cable to a simple 5 port switch > Ethernet cable to my Router > Ethernet cable to my ISP modem I have opened ports 8096 and 8920 on my Windows Firewall in both the Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules. These are my Outbound Rules: These are my Inbound Rules: I have also port forwarded both the 8096 and 8920 ports on my Router and ISP modem. The "Allow remote connections to this Emby Server." setting is ticked on. So what gives? Any ideas are really welcome 😰
  6. Hello If I have emby premiere on my server, do the devices that connect to the server also have to pay a monthly fee? Local connection devices and external connection devices also have to pay for emby premiere? Thanks
  7. Hi My server system hard disk is damaged. How to delete the Emby Premiere binding? Server cannot be linked now
  8. schogobong

    Replaying HEVC in Emby Theater

    Hi, I have my Emby Server ( set up on a QNAP TS431P and am accessing it via the Emby WebApp (Chrome). I have noticed that some of my H265 content is acting up and lagging. As far as I can tell this has to do with Chrome not supporting the codec. Playing the file via Edge seems to work better but there is still considerable lag. Playing the file on my AppleTV (through Emby) as well as using VLC to play directly from the server (with Windows) both works without any issues or lag. I am assuming that's when the local hardware kicks in as compared to my NAS and/or Chrome restrictions. Is that assumption correct? So I am thinking about getting a Premiere subscription in order to get the Emby desktop applications, assuming that this will my laptop do the "heavy" lifting. Can I expect that this would resolve my issues of having laggy HEVC playback? Please let me know if you need any other information - looking forward to your feedback!
  9. Maybe I am missing something but I am having some issues with the live TV section (I have a premier subscription). I have tried with the Emby App in the official Samsung Store and also with the newest version available on GitHub. I have a Samsung model: UN55MU630DF and the server is running on my NAS device. If I go to either recordings or movies I can rewind and fast forward from the remote. But when in the live TV section, I can't change channels, rewind or fast forward. I do get the bar at the bottom with the record, rewind and play/pause and fast forward buttons and the gear on the right side. So I can highlight the fast forward or rewind icons but nothing happens. And once paused it will start playing again but I can't catch back up to the live broadcast. I don't think it is my TV buffer settings because it works on the android app. Also I can use the casting feature from my phone to the TV and the controls on the phone allow me to fast forward or rewind live TV. But I don't want to have to use my phone as the remote. Did I leave anything out? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Basically, That's about it. Paid for it last night. didn't work thought i would give it a while but today its still telling me to purchase it. I have the receipt. it wont allow me to use the extra features. It hardly syncs with kodi? Is there some thing i'm doing wrong? server version -Version 3.0.5781.4
  11. jasonborn

    Some movies don't play after trailers

    Hi folks, I'm a proud Emby Premiere user Sometimes when I start a movie, the 2 trailers play with no problem at all. After the second trailer, some movies don't start but returns to my movie library overview. Any idea why I can't play some movies ? Kind regards, ps: The.Operative.2019 won't play for example emby server.txt
  12. Alguém já passou pelo problema no Emby no qual ao clicar em um determinado filme ou mídia qualquer ele reproduzir outra mídia totalmente diferente do qual você solicitou, sendo que esaa mídia também se encontra no servidor, porém em pastas distintas , alguém sabe como resolver? Has anyone had the problem in Emby in which when clicking on a particular movie or any media it plays another totally different media that you requested, and that media is also on the server, but in separate folders, does anyone know how to solve?
  13. msgonz

    XBOX One Emby Premiere

    I have i problem with XBox one client. Every time I try to play anything I get this message; Here is what I'm running and I do have premiere; What I'm I doing wrong?? Log.txt
  14. Any chance of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal for Emby Premiere Lifetime License?
  15. Hi everyone, I purchased a lifetime emby premiere key on 13/03/2016 and it was working fine But from today my key is no longer working. I get a "Emby Premiere key is missing or is invalid." error. Is there a limit on entering the key in a emby server? Because I did had to insert it a few time the last week because of reinstalling my docker container. I attached the startup log from my server (running in a docker container on synology). As you can see there are a lot of errors regarding http calls so maybe this is a docker issue (and the topic is in a completely wrong forum, sorry for that) Is there someone who can help me find what's wrong with my key? Thanks, Reggi server-63598081453.txt
  16. Hi there... Just trying the Webclient and works great.... until i try play a show and getting "get emby premiere" and plays for 1 minute etc... Yes I do have Paid version of the Server. Yes it works on internal networking. I have tried both Firefox and Chromecast I have tried to clear all Cache and cookies on browsers. The Weblogin seems to work fine (origianl) ... the new Emby theater weblogin is giving me this issue. Any Suggestions? Am I missing something that i need? Thank you Monkeyslapper
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